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Her Eyes, Like Diamonds

I have your hand in marriage but I'll never have your heart.

AU New Moon, B/E, J/B-onesided. One-shot. Complete.


1. Her Eyes, Like Diamonds

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She’s never been good at dancing, and neither have I, but in each other’s arms I think we’ll be just fine.

The music is a string quartet; soft, flowing. Like her dress. I wish we’d broken tradition and I’d gotten a look at it before the big day. I hadn’t been prepared, my mouth falling open as she started to walk down the aisle. God, she looked gorgeous. I can’t even explain it right. The dress, all fitted and white and flowing at the hem, like material in water. Hair loose, but with one blue jewel pin holding back that lock of hair I love to wipe off her face. The piece of hair that has determinedly now come out of its pin; the piece I sweep back behind her ear before my mouth morphs into a big grin. I try to catch her eye, but she’s too busy thinking to herself. I know that look. It’s the I’m-about-to-break-into-a-million-pieces look.

Her jewel eyes are lowered, and finally, as the drawn out notes of the quartet begin to quicken, I admit defeat.

Her eyes are like diamonds; only fire can truly break them. Only when she lets her guilt, her fiery anger, consume her, do her walls break down. She’s angry at herself. Even though she’s been told a million times it wasn’t her fault she fell in love. It wasn’t her fault she got hurt.

He hurt her. He left. Like she was hanging on by a string, and he cut it clean in half. A clean break. I remember what people said that night. ‘Oh, well, he was her first love, dear, but she’ll get over it.’

First love, only love. At eighteen you don’t know a lot, but then about some things you’re absolutely sure. And she was sure they’d be together forever.

Her body is pressed against mine as we slowly turn on the spot. I don’t think she’s smiling, and to me the violin sounds ominous as it begins the ascension to its crescendo.

I was the obvious next choice. I helped her to get out of bed and open her curtains in the morning. I was the best friend. The foolishly, hopelessly in love best friend. But her eyes, her diamond eyes, have only a gaze for one. And he’s not here.

The crescendo fades, leaving the solitary violin and it’s A string to conduct our slow dance.

Her body shifts, and she turns to face me. Her brown eyes are swimming with unshed tears, and she gives me a tentative smile. I know she loves me. I know she’ll love me through sickness, health, hard times and good. Perhaps it won’t be as strong or as fierce or as passionate as their love, but it will be enough. I don’t get angry when I catch her staring at out the window longingly, or when I hear her speak his name in her sleep. I know how much it aches to love a person who can’t reciprocate the feeling.

I have your hand in marriage but I’ll never have your heart

She’s never been good at dancing, and neither have I, but in each other’s arms I think we’ll be just fine.