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Enduring Love

Story Banner Edward leaves more then just Bella behind during New Moon. Unbeknownst to Edward, he leaves Bella pregnant and in more danger then he could have ever dreamed possible. Now three years later a reunion is possible, will they finally be a family or will a new danger stop that from ever happening. Story Banner by Pixiefanpire


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Having heard Edward's last words, I was really starting to feel hopeful. I really felt that it would only be a matter of time before Bella, Renesmee and Masen were reunited with the rest of their family. I had to believe it, though I could only imagine what was going through Edward's mind right now. To think that in just this conversation, his entire world had changed. In just the last little bit he found out that he was a father of twins. Something that, due to his reaction, was clearly something he never even dreamed was possible. Though when you think about it, how could I blame him for that; it really did seem farfetched if you looked at it from his perspective. Then to add to that shock, he had to hear about the love of his life almost dying due to both a terminal illness and the plans of a sadistic vampire.

I wanted to give them time to take this all in, but I also wanted to answer any other questions they may have. I could only imagine that they had hundreds. "Do any of you have any more questions pertaining to what I've told you all so far?"

"Did Bella receive all of her cancer treatments in Washington?" Carlisle asked, probably wanting some more background information about Bella's illness. Though I could see that he was probably wondering why we would have come all of this way to Minnesota for a follow-up appointment.

"Yes, all of Bella's treatments took place at the hospital in Forks."

"But I'm assuming that Bella had to come here for medical reasons, right?" Alice asked, sounding a bit confused and worried at the same time. "Why couldn't it have been taken care of back in Forks?"

"The doctor Bella was seeing ended up accepting a position at the Mayo Clinic, and she was quite adamant about staying under her care. Bella made special arrangements to continue her care at the Mayo for all of her follow-up appointments." Though I've been told it's not too uncommon for a patient to follow a doctor when something like this occurs, it was Bella's reaction that was most puzzling to me. I knew that Bella still kept some things private, and this was one of those things that she continued to keep us in the dark about. Though I understood her need for some privacy, it just tended to make me nervous about her wellbeing. "Somehow Dr. Lawson is the only other doctor other than you, Carlisle, that Bella has ever been able to truly trust. She has refused to even think of seeing somebody else."

"Dr. Melinda Lawson?" Carlisle asked me. When I nodded he smiled. "I've never met her personally but everything I have heard about her is that she is a very good doctor. I can understand why Bella would feel the way that she does. I'm just glad she found a doctor she trusts so much."

"How has Bella been feeling?" Esme asked, with a hint of motherly worry that reminded me of my own mother.

"She feels great; she hasn't had a single illness since before her last chemo treatment."


"Yes Jasper?" I asked.

"I know you may think that I'm being selfish to ask this question, but do you know if Bella has ever been able to forgive me for what I did the night of her birthday?" he asked me in a voice that sounded pained.

"What are you talking about Jasper? Why on earth would she need to forgive you?"

Jasper seemed a bit started by my questions. "I thought you knew the events of her eighteenth birthday? I tried to attack her when all she did wrong was accidentally give herself a paper cut. I'm a monster, and she has every right in the world to hate me for what I did."

I looked at Alice and rolled my eyes. I swear Bella fell in with the right crowd; they all had the habit of blaming themselves for something that was not their fault. "Is he being serious?" Alice just shrugged her shoulders at me. "You know what? Why on earth would you all leave Bella when she is exactly like you guys is beyond me. She fits in so well with you all; it's just ridiculous. Every single one of you, including Bella, has this uncanny ability to blame your selves for things that are completely out of your control." When I noticed Jasper getting ready to say something to me I just looked at him. "Jasper, you didn't do anything wrong."

"What do you mean, I did nothing wrong? I tried to attack her," he said in a very exasperated tone. He was clearly still beating himself up for what had happened that night.

"And you honestly think that Bella would blame you for something like that? It was out of your control, how else were you supposed to react?"

Jasper hissed at me. "Well, for one, I could have been more like the other members in my family and have found enough self-control to stop myself."

"Wait a minute." It was all starting to make sense to me, "Are you telling me that Bella realized what the issue actually was that day, when the rest of you didn't?" I knew my voice must have sounded quite rude and I scolded myself for it. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound rude, but I would have thought that if Bella could put two and two together, you know with her being human and all the rest of you with your extreme intelligence, you would have realized the truth." But maybe that was the problem. Maybe the answer was too obvious. Maybe it took someone like Bella, a person who was so extraordinarily perceptive, to figure out most things that others would never have even dreamt of as a possibility.

"What was obvious to Bella regarding that night?" Carlisle asked.

"Can I ask you all to remember back to that moment? The moment Bella accidentally gave herself a paper cut while opening the gift. What was your first reaction to what you smelled?" I really hoped that they all would be completely honest with me.

Esme was the first to answer. "I hate to admit this but I was mortified with myself that night. In that instant I felt an uncontrollable urge, a strong desire for Bella's blood. I mean I love Bella like she is my own daughter, but I felt this deep seeded need that I had to have some for myself. It took everything that is within me to resist." I could see the guilt on Esme's face when she confessed this.

"Was it pretty much like this for the rest of you as well?" I asked the rest of them. All but Carlisle nodded their head at me. "I'm sure Carlisle is the only one trained enough to not even be phased by the smell of human blood, am I right?" Again everyone nodded.

I looked at Edward. "Was Bella correct when she told me that her blood called to you one-hundred times stronger than any other blood you have come across in your life?" When he nodded, I looked at all of them. "Okay. So imagine what that was like for Jasper. Not only did Jasper have to deal with his own feelings of need, but he also had to deal with the feelings coming off of Esme, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie in addition to the even stronger feelings coming off Edward in that split second. If you ask me, I think Jasper's reaction was unavoidable. I don't think there is a vampire on this planet, and I'm including Carlisle in that group, who would be able to withstand a temptation like that." I gave one more look towards Jasper's face on the TV. "Jasper, Bella never has, and she never will, blame you for the events of that night. So when you see her again please do me a favor and don't piss her off by bringing it up. It's only going to make her feel guilty, which will in response make you all feel guilty that she feels guilty." I sighed, "Like I said before, Bella is just like all of you, so in the end no one will ever get over the guilt. If you could finally find it within you to forgive yourself, it would do us all a world of good. Okay? Do you think you can do that?"

Jasper was shocked and then gave me a small smile. "I never thought of it that way before; I always considered my weakness for blood to be one of my biggest flaws."

Carlisle smiled. "What Bella came up with makes perfect sense. Bella really is a truly extraordinary person."

I grinned. "I would have to agree with you on that." I looked over to Jasper. "So, have we cleared that whole guilt issue up yet? Are you done feeling guilty for something you have no reason to feel guilty over?"

Alice grinned at me. "Yes, I think we most definitely have cleared that up finally."

While I waited to see if anyone else had any questions, my cell phone began to ring. When I checked to see who it was, I wasn't overly surprised to see Jacob's name on the caller id. "Do you mind if I take this really quick; it's Jacob?"

Carlisle answered, "We don't mind at all."

I smiled at Carlisle, hoping that he knew I was silently giving my thanks to him for this, and answered my phone. "Hi Jake."

"Hi." Something in his tone made me a bit wary; with just that one word I could hear the stress in his voice which only got worse with his next question. "Are you still with the Cullen family?"

"Yes I am; what's wrong, Jake? Did you pick up another trail?" His stressed out tone was starting to get me anxious.

"Have you had a chance to ask them about Forks yet?" he asked.

"No, I'm sorry Jake, I hadn't gotten to that question yet. Did you want me to ask them right now?" I could guess that the people in this room with me could probably hear every word Jake said, but I wasn't sure if the others on the computer would be able to hear.

"Actually would you mind putting me on speaker phone so that I can talk to them?"

I looked over at Carlisle in time for him to point at the conference style phone they had in their room. "Angela, why don't you call Jacob back using this phone. Once we get him on the line, we can conference in the rest of the family. That may make things easier."

"Did you hear that, Jake?"

"Yeah, that sounds fine. I'll wait for your call." With that Jacob hung up.

"Thank you for being accommodating, Carlisle." I walked over to the conference style speaker phone and started to dial Jacob's number. Once we got all parties affected on the phone, I gave Jacob the go ahead.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I need to ask you all a couple of questions, if you don't mind." Jake said, sounding very formal.

Carlisle spoke for his family, "You're not interrupting, Jacob. How may we help you?"

"I know you've gotten a lot tossed at you tonight. A lot has happened over the last three years. I also know may need some time, but I need to know something first. My pack needs to know how to proceed." I could tell he was acting as spokesperson for the pack right now. He didn't normally talk this formal.

"Ask us anything you need to, Jacob." Carlisle spoke as calmly as he could. I think it was partly to keep the rest of his family's emotions in check, but I couldn't be sure.

Jacob took a deep breath, probably trying to keep an easy tone to his voice, but he couldn't fool me. I could hear the stress in his voice, and it was making me worry. "I need to ask you whether or not any of your family have been in the area recently?"

Even though Carlisle probably already knew the answer to that question, he still looked to each of his family members for confirmation before answering. "No, I'm sorry Jacob; none of our family has been back. The closest any of us have come is Seattle, and that was last spring."

"Crap!" Jacob said in a frustrated sigh, and I could feel tension make its way back into the room. "Do you know if any of your acquaintances may have been in the area for one reason or another? Bella mentioned once that you have extended family living in Alaska. Could any of them have come down for some reason?"

"Not that I am aware of, but I can certainly call them and ask if you would like," Carlisle responded.

"That would be great," Jacob said in a disappointed tone.

Esme spoke at this point and I could hear concern in her voice. "If it's not one of our family members, do you and your pack have any ideas about who this may be?"

"Honestly, we're not sure." He seemed to pause for a moment, probably trying to figure out how much he should tell the Cullens. Eventually he must have come up with a decision because he went on. "I hope you don't mind, but after you left, when we discovered the presence of those nomads Victoria and Laurent in the area, we started patrolling the entire town. That means going onto your territory as well. We had no intention of breaking the treaty, but we wanted to keep as many people safe as possible."

Carlisle stopped him. "That is completely understandable, Jacob. We won't begrudge you for doing what is best for everyone in the area. We understand that there was a threat and we weren't there to help patrol for you. You have my permission to patrol on our side of the treaty line whenever you need to in our absence. Though when we are in the area we may need to work out a schedule so that our family isn't accidentally attacked."

"Thank you for your understanding." Jacob said. "We first picked up the scent shortly after Angela, Bella and the children left. We are concerned because the scent was within the general vicinity of Bella's home. Given the events in the past, we always monitor her home very closely. With this latest scent being so close, we have decided to stay on high alert until we find out what is going on.

"I'm assuming that you have picked up another fresh trail then?" Carlisle asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. Whenever Seth and I begin a new patrol we always start out at the home of our imprint and reconnect from there, but since Angela has basically been living with Bella the last couple of months we both started out there." I cringed at Jacob's explanation, knowing how the rest of the Cullens were going to misconstrue what Jacob just said. I didn't have to wait more than a second to see it all play out.

"Wait a minute," Edward said in a strained voice. When I looked over at the TV, I could see panic on his face. "Why on earth would both you and Seth be at Bella's house to start off with your patrol? Are you saying that Seth imprinted on Bella?" I could see the panic in his eyes at the mention of imprinting. I really couldn't see his reaction getting any better when he found out who Seth had imprinted on.

Jacob stumbled over his words. "Huh? What? Ang, didn't you tell them everything yet?"

I sighed, my own frustration peaking, the current situation. "No Jake, I didn't get into Seth's imprinting yet." Even though I could feel the curious stares from all of the Cullens slowly burning into me, my focus was only on Edward. "I'm sorry, Edward, but I didn't want to tell you this part yet. I had hoped to give you a little bit more time getting used to the idea of having a family."

"What is it Angela? Please just tell me. I'm starting to get very nervous over here," Edward practically begged.

"Okay," I said, while I tried to figure out the best way to begin. I really hoped that I explained this calmly enough. If I didn't do this correctly, I could very easily set off a ticking time bomb. "Let me start with this: Do you remember when I mentioned that when a wolf imprints on their true soul-mate, the wolf becomes whatever the other person needs?" When Edward nodded again, I gained the courage to continue. "The only time that relationship would ever change is if the object of that imprint wants it to change. If the object of that imprint falls in love with them then, and only then, would the wolf's feelings truly become more than just a protector, friend or brother."

"Okay, so what kind of relationship does Bella have with Seth?" Edward asked, obviously coming to the wrong conclusion.

"To Bella, Seth will only ever be her loveable step-brother. It's Renesmee that Seth imprinted on." I could feel the tension in the room grow by leaps and bounds within this revelation. When I saw Edward's jaw clench, showing signs of his anger, I quickly said, "Seth only wants Nessie to be a happy, loved and a carefree little girl. He loves her like an uncle right now, nothing even remotely inappropriate. Only if Renesmee's feelings change when she is full-grown will Seth's feelings change to a more romantic love. Right now that is the furthest thing from his mind." I decided to add another little tidbit. "Plus, you don't honestly think that Bella would allow Seth anywhere near Nessie if she thought things were in any way inappropriate do you?"

It took him a couple minutes to calm down enough to speak, but I could tell the worst of his anger was either gone or hidden for the moment. "No. I guess not. It just feels weird to know that the two year-old little girl I just found out about already has a soul-mate." He shook his head. "It's going to take a little bit of time to get use to this."

Jacob took that moment to speak again. "Edward, you have my word that there is nothing inappropriate in any way about Seth's relationship with Nessie." Pausing for only a second, Jacob continued, "I would know it if they were."

"How would you know?" Alice asked.

"When we are in our wolf form, we share thoughts with the rest of the pack. That's how we are able to communicate with each other, but the downside of it is that all of your thoughts and feelings are on display with the rest of them. It can be quite bothersome, and for our imprints, very embarrassing."

I nodded and grumbled, "Tell me about it." I could feel my cheeks grow warm with a fresh wave of embarrassment. Some of his pack members loved to give me a hard time about what they had seen.

Emmett found that little fact funny because he started laughing – that was until Jacob changed subjects. "I'm assuming Angela told you all about Bella's cancer?"

Edward answered in a pained voice, "Yes."

"Well, when the twins were only two months old, after I imprinted on Angela, Bella named Angela and I their godparents. She made us promise that if anything happened to her that we would raise Masen and Nessie for her. Bella also made us promise that we would continue our search for you and the rest of the Cullen family so that you would have the ability to be a part of their lives." When Edward looked at me, I nodded my agreement to what Jake was saying. "I will tell you that I love those two children as if they were my own. If I heard even one inappropriate thought come from Seth in regards to Nessie I would very happily strangle him."

After a couple minutes of silence, Jacob said, "I should tell you that the entire pack, minus Seth's stubborn older sister Leah, are absolutely, positively in love with your children. They just have this ability to draw everyone to them. We would all gladly sacrifice our own lives to protect Masen and Renesmee."

Alice looked over at me and asked, "Why does Leah feel differently?"

Not wanting to answer this question, I was very glad when Jacob answered for me. "Leah's story is very complicated. Regardless of all the good she hears about your family, she will always blame you for what has happened to her."

"What happened to her?" Alice asked again, this time sounding very impatient.

"When you all came back to Forks, it triggered the wolf gene, but it wasn't until around the time that Bella moved here that Sam Uley phased into a wolf for the first time. Prior to Sam phasing, he and Leah had been madly in love with each other; everyone believed that they would be together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately Leah's cousin, Emily, came to visit her. When Sam saw Emily, he imprinted on her, instantly removing all romantic love he ever had for Leah. Leah was devastated. Then even after you left, the remaining threat of vampires in the area caused Leah to be the first ever girl to phase into a wolf. So not only has she lost the love of her life, she is now part of the pack, and anytime she is in wolf form the same time as Sam she hears all of his thoughts of love about Emily."

"Oh, that poor girl," Esme said in such a gentle voice. "It's no wonder that she dislikes us so much. I'm assuming that this dislike also passes on to Bella and the children?"

"Yes," was all that Jacob could say. He had tried for three years now to change Leah's feelings on this matter, but we had accepted that that day would never come.

"Jake, honey, what were you saying earlier before we got sidetracked with the imprinting stories?" I wanted to get us all back on track so we could figure out what is going on in Forks. I really hoped this was just a nomad vampire in the area, and that they would be moving on for good really quick. I didn't want to hear about another threat coming after Bella and the kids. They didn't deserve this.

"Well, like I was saying earlier, when Seth and I started our patrol tonight, we first headed straight to Bella's house and immediately noticed a fresh trail. We followed the trail right to the living room window outside her home." I could hear Edward snarl in anger at this. "We checked inside but found no trace of vampire in the house. But we immediately informed Sam about what we found. When he found out that Angela had made contact with your family, he asked me to call and speak to you about this, to find out if you knew who it may be. As soon as I'm done here, Seth and I are heading back out to follow the rest of the trail."

Carlisle stood up and took his cell phone out of his pocket. "I will go into the other room real quick and try to contact Tanya and her family. See if they have been in the area recently, or if they know of anybody else who may have come around. I will be right back." He then left and walked into the bedroom. He was probably trying to keep Edward from over-hearing too much at this point. I could already see he was practically shaking with anxiety over this latest development.

I saw Jasper put his hand on Edward's shoulder, probably in hopes of calming him down. It seemed to help because finally Edward was calm enough to speak again. "Jacob?"

"Yes, Edward," Jacob said quietly. I was pretty proud of Jacob for not losing his cool so far. He thought of Bella like a sister, and he didn't like the fact the Bella was so hurt by Edward abandoning her. If he could, he would act like most brothers and beat the living tar out of Edward, but that wouldn't exactly be possible considering what Edward was.

"If you don't mind, I would like to take this time to thank you and the rest of the pack for your willingness to protect Bella and my children over the last few years. I know it couldn't have been an easy decision knowing that Bella was pregnant with my children, but I want you to know I will forever be indebted to you for what you did. If you ever need anything, I hope you won't hesitate in asking."

Being Jacob, his only response was. "Sure, sure."

Carlisle walked back out to the living area and started to speak. "I just got off the phone with Tanya and according to her, no one in their family has ventured anywhere near Washington since the beginning of summer. Even then, they were there for a couple of hours before they headed back home."

"Thank you for checking. I guess we will continue to have around the clock patrols until we find out something more," Jake answered in a determined voice. "Do you mind if I ask you a question?" I could tell from his tone that he was shifting into protective best friend mode, and he wanted to ask some questions about Bella.

"Of course you can, Jacob," Esme said sweetly.

"Now that you all know about Bella, the children and everything else that has happened since you abandoned her, are you going to make it right? What I mean is, are you going to come back into her life again and stay? Because if not, I would suggest that you all just stay away from her while she is in Minnesota. I don't know if I can handle seeing her go through all of that pain again if you show up only to leave her behind. It almost ruined her last time; actually it probably would have if she hadn't had the pregnancy and children to worry about." His voice was taking on an angry edge, probably brought on by the memory of Bella during that time. I couldn't bear the thought that she could be brought down to that deep depression again, but I really didn't think they would do that again. It appeared that they were all greatly affected by their leaving Bella. I really hoped it wasn't wishful thinking on my part, but it appeared that they were as affected as Bella was over the last three years.

Edward's voice practically croaked when he answered, "Jacob, you have no idea how much I regret my actions on that awful day. I was conceited enough to think that our leaving would protect her. I thought that she would be able to move on after time. According to Angela is something Bella is incapable of doing." Edward only took a break for a moment before continuing, "If Bella can in any way find it in her to forgive me for my atrocities against her and our children, I want nothing more than to take care of all of them for the rest of time."

Alice seemed surprised. "Edward, are you saying that if Bella still wants you to, that you would actually change her?"

Before Edward could even answer Alice's question, Jacob blurted, "Uh, that's not exactly necessary."

They all seemed confused by Jacob's response; it was Carlisle that inquired about it. "What do you mean, it's not exactly necessary?"

"Well, I guess you could say that Bella is a very resourceful person. She has a backup plan on how to be changed into a vampire if you all don't show up in her life again."

I could tell Jacob was a bit uncomfortable with discussing this part, so when it was taking him a while to explain further, I decided that I would explain it for him. "Jake, it is okay, I'll explain this part. You probably need to get back to your patrols. Can you please call me back when you're done so that I know you're still safe?" I was always nervous when he was on patrol; it was probably much like anyone who was in love with a Police Officer or some other job that could put the person in danger. At least Jake had the ability to heal quickly from most things that is.

"Are you sure, Ang?"

"Yes, I'm positive. Please be careful."

"I will. Love ya, Ang."

"I love you too, bye."


When I got off the phone, I turned to the Cullen family. I could tell that I was starting to get extremely tired, but I really wanted to finish this, so I started to explain. "There were a few things that I left out when talking about the theory Bella had in regards to the children's vampire side coming out."

"What may that be?" Carlisle questioned.

"Well, Bella really did come up with that theory on her own she's just gotten more information since then. It was actually around the end of her chemo treatments that she says that she met a vampire along with her half-vampire children."

Rosalie looked incredulous. "You mean there's others just like them?"

"I'm assuming that the mother had been human when she became pregnant with her children?" Carlisle asked.


"When did she get changed into a vampire?"

"Around the time that her son turned eighteen."

"Do you mean that her son was the one who changed her?" Edward asked, amazed.

"Yes. It appears that when the vampire gene activates, they go through some form of transformation." It seemed that when I said transformation everyone got a worried look on their face. "Though physically they retain their human coloring in addition to their need for sleep, it's the rest of them that changes to be more like a vampires."

"In what way does this change happen? Do they go through a normal vampire transformation?" Carlisle asked me, but when I looked at him confused, he elaborated. "Do they go through the same burning process other vampires go through during their transformation?"

"Oh, that. No. It's more like a normal growth spurt for a child; a transition that happens while they sleep." I could see the relief in their eyes at the thought of knowing that they, the children, didn't have to go through the excruciating pain that others have gone through. "Bella was told that when the vampire gene takes effect, both Renesmee and Masen will become stronger. Their senses will become more like yours, and they will be able to live off blood if they so chose."

"So that means that their teeth will become more like ours?" Edward asked carefully.

"Yes, that is the one of the only physical changes that really takes place. According to Bella, their physical bodies will also become more durable but not quite as indestructible as yours."

"Then I'm assuming from all that you have just explained that they will both become venomous?" Carlisle inquired.

"According to that woman, only Masen will become venomous as only males have this trait."

"Which is how he was able to change his mother?" Alice asked me, which I confirmed with a slight nod. "Do we know for a fact that this is how all of the half-vampires react? Couldn't it have only been those two that reacted that way?"

"I would say yes, if that vampire had not been able to confirm that they had found that to be true due to the others just like them they had met during their lives. Apparently there is a vampire in South America that impregnates the local woman in hopes of creating a master race. It appears that all of the females are non-venomous while the sole male is. Bella was also told that this vampire is quite angry that his son does not want to join him in his little experiment, so he will keep trying until he is able to have another son to follow in his footsteps."

"Amazing, yet appalling all at the same time," was all Carlisle could say.

"That's for sure," Alice said in a huff. Then she looked at me and noticed me yawning. "Oh Angela, I'm so sorry, we are keeping you from being able to get any sleep."

I looked at my watch and realized I had been here for over four hours, much later then I had originally planned. "That's okay, I figured that if I could help in any way to bring you all back into Bella's life, a night without sleep would be worth it. I just hope I'm coherent enough to be able to work on Bella's birthday gift with Nessie and Masen. The homemade gifts from her kids are the only presents Bella will accept; she absolutely hates receiving store bought gifts."

Edward chuckled. "I see she hasn't changed a bit, has she?"

"Nope." I grinned at him.

"What were you going to make?" Esme asked, intrigued.

"Oh nothing too spectacular. I was planning on having Nessie and Masen add their handprints to a long-sleeved black shirt that I bought for Bella. It's actually something I did for her last year too. She absolutely loved it, which to me was a definite plus." I wasn't about to mention the fact that after she received this shirt she went out and bought a man's shirt so that she could have one made for Edward as well. She put that shirt, in addition to other items she wanted to keep safe, into a special keepsake box that she was making for him. Her biggest hope was that she would be able to give it to him some day. "Considering the fact that children grow so quickly, I thought it could be a yearly tradition that I could do for her. I went out earlier tonight and bought some fabric paint in addition to some plastic that I can put on the tables so that we don't ruin anything. Believe me, I know that both Nessie and Masen will also want to include more than just their handprints to the shirt. They love trying to be artistic; they call it being like Mommy." Edward grinned at that. "You know, if you want to you can join me."

"Yay," Alice cheered. "That sounds like so much fun; in fact, I could decorate my own little gift for Bella as well." I could only imagine what she could mean by that and figured that whatever it is it wouldn't necessarily be what Bella would have in mind as a homemade gift.

"Well, you're all welcome to join us. I can give you all a call later to let you know when." I looked at the three on the TV. "I do mean all of you are invited. I don't know how long it would take to get here, but you're more than welcome to be included." I didn't want to force them, but I thought I could see interest in all of their eyes.

"Won't Bella be upset?" Edward asked.

"It's possible, but I don't see her holding a grudge too long about this." I was more than willing to risk her anger, and I knew that if I had been in a similar situation, she would do the same for me.

"Then I think you can count on all of us being there," Jasper said.

"Well, then if you don't mind, I think I will head back to my room and attempt to get at least a little bit of sleep. I can already tell that it's going to be a jam-packed day, and I want to be at full attention."

Before I left, Esme brought me into a hug and whispered, "Thank you so much for all you have done for Bella these last few years. You have no idea how much this means to all of us."

"I couldn't have done anything less." I looked at the rest of them. "I'll see you all later," I said before walking out the door.