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Enduring Love

Story Banner Edward leaves more then just Bella behind during New Moon. Unbeknownst to Edward, he leaves Bella pregnant and in more danger then he could have ever dreamed possible. Now three years later a reunion is possible, will they finally be a family or will a new danger stop that from ever happening. Story Banner by Pixiefanpire


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

(Emmett POV)

For the longest time, after Angela left our suite, all we did was sit. Everyone else was probably trying to process everything we had heard tonight. I, on the other hand – well I was trying to rein in the rage that I was feeling towards the idiot on the TV.

Apparently, Eddie not only had sex with Bella, he lied to her and left her pregnant and in danger. A few years ago, I would have celebrated Edward finally getting laid, but now, looking at the big picture, his actions and words were inexcusable.

I was really trying to come up with a feasible excuse as to why Edward would have ever said or done any of those things. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't come up with anything. Nothing seemed right. Because in the end, all he did was break the heart of the only woman he has and will ever love. Not only did he leave Bella behind, but he left her pregnant with his children.

I can't image how Bella must have felt when we left. She had given herself to Edward in the most intimate way two people could share. We all knew that she loved Edward with everything that was within her, but by handling it the way he had, he basically just threw it all back in her face.

Eddie had a lot of explaining to do, and God help him if he didn't answer our questions.

"So what are you waiting for?" I asked him.

Edward was either not listening to me, or he was trying to ignore me. From here, it was hard to tell, but I was determined to get his attention one way or another.

"Hey, idiot! I asked you a question. What are you waiting for?"

"Emmett, don't." I could tell from the look on Esme's face that she wanted me to take it easy, but I wasn't going to stop. Knowing Esme, she would want to give Edward time to reflect. Unfortunately for Edward, I was done waiting – he would answer.

"Why not, Esme? Don't I have a right to know what his plans are now? I can tell you for a fact that I have no intention of abandoning Bella or those children. Even if I have to beg for her forgiveness, I will do just that to be in her life again." Not being comfortable with the previous choice to leave Bella, I had wanted to stick around, but Carlisle and Esme thought it was important to go along with what Edward thought best. "If I knew back then what I know now, there is no way in hell any of you could have gotten me to agree to his asinine demands.

"It was bad enough hearing what that idiot over there said to Bella in the woods. But to find out about everything she's gone through during the last three years, just to survive." Images of what that must have been like for Bella just kept running through my head. "Edward, do you have any idea just how lucky you are?"

"Yes," he whispered softly.

"Really? Because I don't think you do. You obviously didn't realize what you had while you were with her. You not only found your mate, but you were given even more."

I looked at my beautiful wife, Rosie, and could feel my heart break for her. If I could have done anything to make it possible for her to have a child, I would have done it in a heartbeat. I loved her so much…and as her husband, her mate…well it tore me to pieces, knowing that I would never be able to give her the thing she desired most in this world.

"Do you realize the gift you have been given? A gift most of us would give almost anything to have?"

I looked at my mother Esme and knew the pain she went through over the loss of her own baby boy while she was still human. If she could have had a baby of her own I know that she would have been one hell of a mother.

"To be a vampire and have the ability to create a new life with your mate has got to be one of the greatest miracles any of us could have hoped for. And what did you do, Edward? You abandoned her." Edward's eyes had an angry gleam to them. Oh, he was most definitely listening now. "And I realize you didn't know that she was pregnant, but once again, in your usual way, you decided that you knew what was best for her. You decided that Bella's wants were inconsequential to what you believed she needed. You never trusted her to tell you how she really felt. Now, we find out all you succeeded in doing was missing the events of the last three years. Of possibly losing everything you hold dear. And all of this happened because you're a know-it-all vampire, who thinks that because you have this talent of reading the minds of others, you would know what is best for the one person whose mind you can't read.

"Do you realize that if you hadn't been so high and mighty, you could have been there to protect her from Laurent, Victoria and her army of newborns? You could have been there by her side when she was diagnosed with that awful disease. You could have changed her as soon as the children were born. Instead, you were gone, and she had to go through all of that without you."

Esme put up her hand to stop me. "Edward, dear, we know that at the time you believed you were doing what was best for Bella. But we have learned differently in the last few hours."

The look of pain on Edward's face was severe. "I don't know how I will ever make this right." He spoke so quietly that without superior hearing, no one would have heard him. "How will I ever get any of them to trust me after what I did?"

"For starters, you need to realize that this is an opportunity that you can't walk away from. You love Bella. We all know that. And deep down I think Bella knows that too, but right now you are going to have to be willing to prove that to her. It may take time, and Lord knows that there is a part of me that hopes that Bella's stubborn side makes you work for it, but I have enough faith to believe that eventually, you will be successful. The first step in making this right is to come to Rochester." Esme said, while trying to sooth her oldest, yet youngest of children.

Esme looked at the screen and actually smiled. "Bella loves you, Edward. She loves you very much, and if you're looking for proof of that love, all you have to do is look at the painting behind you. She'll forgive you. The strength of her love for you is enduring, much like the name of that painting."

Alice smirked. "I agree with Esme. I hope Bella makes you work for it."

Carlisle took that moment to finally put our family meeting to a close. He probably knew that all we would accomplish, at this point, was to accuse Edward of more wrongdoing.

"Considering what we have found out, can I assume correctly that the three of you will be joining us?" Carlisle asked the family members still at home. When my wife and the other two nodded their agreement, Carlisle said his goodbyes and shut everything down.

It felt like time was going especially slowly. I knew it was probably another hour or two before they all got here, but I was getting extremely antsy to see Bella. I needed to see that she was okay. Noticing that it was finally going on seven in the morning, I decided that now would be the only opportunity to try and get a glimpse of her. It was time to take a page out of Edward's book; it was time to be stalker-Emmett, and who better to take on this little trip than my handy-dandy, trusty sidekick, Alice.

"Hey, Alice, how would you like to join me on a little field trip?"

Alice gave me the biggest smile I had seen on her face in a long while. "That sounds like a wonderful plan."

I figured the best chance to get a look at her was to hide somewhere in the lobby. While we were in the elevator, I could tell that Alice was concentrating on something. It was once we were finally in the lobby that Alice said anything.

"I don't see our future being disrupted at all if we stay in the lobby."

"Where do you think we should look?" I didn't want to take any chances, especially considering how long it had been since Alice had a vision including Bella.

"I'm not sure yet, but give me a minute." Alice headed over to the front desk. "Excuse me, sir."

When the young man behind the front desk gave her a worshipping look, she asked her question. "I was wondering, what options does the hotel offer for guests who need to get to the hospital?"

"Our guests have a few options to choose from. We, of course, offer a shuttle service several times a day for those who don't feel like walking. If somebody would like to walk, they can either walk outside, or they can go through the underground tunnel, which will take them straight there."

Alice's eyes got that glazed over look on her face for just a split second before she grinned.

"How do we get to the underground tunnel?"

"All you need to do is take the elevator down to the basement level and follow the signs to the tunnel."

"Thank you."

We made our way down to the basement and waited around a corner that would keep Bella from seeing us. We would have to be careful when she did show up; we didn't want to blow our cover, but we wanted to see her. I could tell that Alice was just as excited as I was.

We watched person after person make their way to the underground walkway, probably heading to the hospital for their own check-ups, meetings or to visit patients currently staying in the hospital. Finally, I started to notice a very familiar scent. I looked over at Alice and we both grinned when we heard the ding of the elevator.

It appeared that there was a group of people in the elevator, so though we could smell Bella it took us a few minutes before we finally got a glimpse of her. She was even prettier than I remembered her being. She was actually wearing some kind of a green dress. In all the time I had spent with her in the past, I had only seen her in a dress once and that was for prom. Even though I thought of her as a sister, she looked amazing; from the smile on Alice's face, I could tell that she approved as well.

She looked healthy, which was definitely something I had wanted to make sure of, but there was something else about her as well. She seemed to carry herself differently than she had before. She no longer watched the ground when she walked; she seemed to hold her head high with a new confidence that was quite attractive on her. Whatever she'd gone through or accomplished over the years, she had finally gained some self-confidence. I just hoped that with this self-confidence she didn't take it too easy on Edward.

"She's gorgeous," Alice whispered. "But have you noticed, even though her scent is the same, that there is something different about it? It's not tempting like it was before."

Now that she mentioned it, there was something different about her scent. The essence of her scent was still the same; I could definitely still smell the strawberries and freesia that she always seemed to smell like, but the instant burn in my throat was gone.

"You're right. Though she smells the same, she doesn't make me feel thirsty like she used to."

Alice nodded. "I wonder if this has anything to do with the pregnancy, the cancer or the treatments that she went through. There is definitely no burn."

"We should ask Carlisle about it when we get back to the room," I said, while watching Bella move further away from us. "But right now I just want to follow her a little bit more, do you mind?"

"Nope, I don't mind at all."

I wanted to get as close to her as I could, but it was only a minute later that I could tell that this was not possible. Alice and I both quickly got out of her line of sight when we saw her stop and start to turn her head back toward where we stood just seconds before.

"I think she senses our presence," I whispered to Alice. When she nodded we decided to just stay where we were.

"Let's go back to the suite and wait for the others to get here."

Now that I had confirmed that Bella looked well, I was getting even more excited to meet Renesmee and Masen. "Do you think that the children will like us?" I didn't like the fact that I felt so unsure, but at the moment I was extremely nervous that they wouldn't like me. It would have broken my heart if they didn't like me in some way.

"Oh, Emmett, don't worry so much. They will love you. You know you already have one hurdle taken care of in the fact that Bella always had a soft spot for you. If Angela was right, you won't have to worry about anything." Alice's smile was so bright that I couldn't help but feel better about it.

"What time do you see the others getting here?"

"They should be here within the next hour." That's when I noticed an evil grin come over her face. When she saw me staring at her, the grin got even larger.

"What did you see?" I couldn't keep the humor out of my tone.

"Oh, not much. Just the fact that Edward is going to be quite jealous of the two of us."

"And why might Edward be jealous?"

"He'll be jealous because we got to do something this morning that he hasn't had the chance to do in a very long time." When I just stared at her, waiting for her to go on, she rolled her eyes at my slowness. "We got to see Bella."

"Oh!" She had a point there, which made it all the more fun when you thought about it. "Well good. I'm glad that we got to see her first." To me, it kind of seemed like payback for part of the crap we had to put up with since we had last seen Bella.

When we got into the elevator, I suddenly got an idea that I hoped would just be one more thing that I got to hold over Eddie boy. I proceeded to push the button for every single floor on the way back to our suite.

"Emmett, what are you doing?" Alice seemed a bit annoyed at my antics so far, but I had a feeling that her annoyance would go away as soon as she realized what I was trying to do.

"Sister of mine, you need to have a little faith." When the elevator opened up to the first floor, I stuck my head out and sniffed the air. When I could tell that Bella hadn't come from this floor, I stuck my head back into the elevator so that we could go to the next level.

"I'm trying to see if I can pinpoint the location of Bella's room." I grinned at Alice. "I thought that if we can find her room, we can hear if Angela and the children are up and about."

Alice started dancing around the elevator. "Oh, that's absolutely perfect."

I nodded and stuck my head out on the second floor. When I was satisfied that Bella's room wasn't on this floor either, we traveled up to the next floor.

"Even if we don't see them, if we could hear their voices before him, you know that it would just irritate him." We followed the same pattern at each floor until we discovered Bella's scent. She was on the fifth floor, just two floors below our own, and from what we could tell, she was located on the opposite side of the building from us. When we got to the last room in that hallway, we could tell that this was where Bella's scent ended.

"This has got to be her room," Alice whispered.

Luckily the room was around the corner, so we wouldn't be noticed right away if we just stood out there for a few minutes. We both tilted our heads towards the door, and when we heard giggles, we just looked at each other and grinned.

"Angee! Angee! Come find me."

"Oh no, where could Masen have gone? I hope I can find him."

We could hear little giggles from the other side of the room. It sounded like Angela was closer to the door.

"Nessie, do you know where your brother is?"

You know, I really liked the nickname Nessie; I hoped she'd be okay with me calling her that. It seemed sweet for a little girl, not stuffy and long like her real name.

"Tack him," Nessie answered, laughing due to the excitement of the game they were playing.

"So, you want to track him down like Seth and Jacob would?"

"YAY!" Renesmee squealed.

"Okay, Nessie, lead the way. What should we do first to try and track your brother?"

"Get on hands and knees." We could hear someone taking deep breaths, but I couldn't be sure what she was doing.

"You want us to try and use our noses to follow Masen's trail?" Nessie must have nodded in agreement because instead of her answering we could hear Angela again. "I think that's a wonderful idea. Let's follow our noses"


We stood there for a few minutes as we listened to Angela and our niece search for Masen. Every once in a while we would hear a giggle on the other side of the room. Clearly, Masen was having fun trying to hide but kept giving away his location.

Finally, we heard a little girl's voice sing-song out. "Found you!"

"Come on, let's go tell Carlisle and Esme what we have learned so far this morning."

When we got back to the suite, we noticed an eager looking Esme and Carlisle sitting on the couch talking to one another. When they looked at us, we could see the overwhelming excitement of today's possibilities.

"Where did you go?" Esme asked eagerly.

Alice literally bounced over to them, bringing an even bigger smile to their faces. Wanting to have my own fun, I decided to play it up.

"We were assigned a special covert mission, a mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before," I spouted off with such an overly dramatic flair that they just laughed at me. "In the end, I was glad that the force was with us."

It was then that our suite door opened up and Edward came into the room, closely followed by Jasper and my beautiful wife.

"Okay, Captain Kirk, or are you Obi Wan Kenobi? Do you realize that you have used lines from both Star Trek and Star Wars in your little story?" After laughing for a second, Jasper asked, "What kind of mission did you go on this time, young Skywalker?" He was getting caught up in our giddy behavior.

"It was a very dangerous mission indeed. We went in search of a rare yet beautiful brunette, who just so happened to be on her way to her doctor's appointment this morning."

It was then that Edward must have seen the image of Bella in our minds because he came to a complete stand still. Trying to ignore Edward, Alice went and sat next to Esme, to take over the telling of our story.

"We wanted to see Bella, so we waited for her to make her way to the underground walkway to the hospital," Alice told them, gripping even harder onto Esme's hand. "Oh, Esme, she is absolutely gorgeous."

Wanting to see how Edward would react, I was disappointed that there was still no response out of him. Turning back to Carlisle and Esme, I decided it was time for me to give my own two cents.

"I'm sure she is only saying that because Bella was dressed more stylishly than she had ever dressed when we lived in Forks."

Alice stuck her tongue out at me.

"I dare say that Bella would have looked lovely regardless of what type of clothing she was wearing," Esme said smoothly.

"You should see her Esme, it wasn't just the dress that she wore, though the Kelly green wrap dress she was wearing was very becoming on her, it was her whole essence." Esme's eyes brightened at Alice's words. "Bella seemed to have gained the self-confidence to walk with her head held high. She finally seemed to have a true sense of self-worth, something she never seemed to possess when we were around her previously." Alice stopped long enough to look at Edward.

"Edward?" Alice said.

Edward finally focused his eyes on Alice, showing us that he was paying attention.

"I don't think you will be able to handle Bella. Something tells me that her new found self-confidence is going to make her too hot for you to handle. You won't know what hit you when the time comes."

I laughed loudly as I drew Rosalie into my arms. "I have to agree half-pint." I looked at Edward. "Eddie, I sure hope you're man enough to handle her, because she's not only gorgeous, but I would have to admit that she is by far the sexiest human I have ever come in contact with."

Edward only seemed to swallow loudly at both our verbal description and the image in our minds of his beloved Bella.

Esme was trying to get our attention back to our story, and when Alice finally caught on, she directed her attention to Carlisle.

"Carlisle, there was something new that we noticed about Bella that we weren't sure about."

"What do you mean, Alice?"

"It's her scent. It's changed somehow," I added before Alice went into further detail.

"She still smells like herself – that combination of strawberries and freesia she always had before – but the burn that we would usually feel in our throats wasn't there. If I had to compare it to something, I would probably have to say that it was like coming in contact with one of our kind."

"Really? There was no pull from her blood?"

"No. None at all. Do you think this would have been caused from the pregnancy, her cancer or even the treatments that she underwent?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, because she is most definitely human; she still had a heartbeat, so we could tell for a fact that she had not become one of us."

"I really don't know what could have changed. I've been around cancer survivors, both before and after they have undergone cancer treatments, but their blood was still appealing." He seemed to speculate about it for a while. "Maybe it does have something to do with the fact that she carried half-vampire children. It's most definitely something that I will have to research more before I can say for certain."

"What else did you do this morning while you were gone? You were both out for quite a while considering the fact that it's sunny outside." I could tell that Esme just wanted to find out as much as possible.

"Well, Emmett here wanted to see if we could locate Bella's room, so we got into the elevator and tried to track down what floor she was on." She looked at Edward. "We found their room and listened in on Angela and Renesmee playing hide and go seek with Masen. It was absolutely adorable to hear."

Edward seemed in awe. Both Alice and I looked at each other disappointed that we weren't getting an Edwardesque fit in reaction to our stories.

Alice burst out in giggles. "You know what, Edward? Your reaction is greatly anticlimactic about all of this. You are completely disappointing Emmett and I with your calmness. We totally expected you to be all… well, Edward about this."

"Sorry to disappoint the two of you, but right now, I'm so happy to have any new insight into their lives that I don't mind that it's coming second-hand." Edward grinned.

In all honesty, Edward seemed almost serene about the whole thing. I found it to be highly disconcerting because knowing him, it would be unavoidable that at some point in all of this his head would come out of the clouds and be replaced with the somber and guilt-ridden Edward. I just hoped that when that time came, Bella would, hopefully, be around and willing to snap his sorry ass out of it.

"When do you think we will all have the chance to meet the kids?" Rosalie asked me. I could see the anticipation in her eyes.

"I don't know, babe. I would imagine that it would be during Bella's absence from the hotel." I looked over to Carlisle. "How long does something like this typically take?"

"That all depends on what the doctor wants. Bella's doctor has a reputation of being very thorough with her patients. I would think that Dr. Lawson would have Bella undergo a physical and some blood work in addition to something along the lines of a body scan. Considering how busy the hospital has a tendency to be, I can imagine that she will be gone most of the day."

"I hope everything goes alright for her today. I would hate to think of the possibility of her cancer coming back." Esme said.

"I know dear. None of us want to see Bella get sick, but there is always the possibility of the cancer coming back again."

"But, Carlisle, Angela said that they gave her a hysterectomy, that they removed all of that from her body. How could she have a relapse?" Alice seemed confused but considering the fact that neither Alice nor I had ever really studied medicine, it wasn't surprising that we wouldn't know as much as the rest of them when it came to things like this.

"I would never claim to be a cancer specialist, so I don't have the pertinent information available off the top of my head, but it's not uncommon for the patient to become sick with a different form of cancer."

Either in reaction to Carlisle's words or thoughts, a look of utter determination appeared on Edward's face.

"I won't allow that!"

"And how exactly do you plan on stopping it? Are you actually saying that you would change her so she wouldn't have to go through that disease again? You would change her so that she wouldn't have to go through that disease again?" I had to admit that I was a bit surprised to hear my wife's questions. Though I never agreed with Rosalie's usual animosity towards Bella, I always accept her own opinion about things. But I could see by the look on Rosalie's face that something had changed. I no longer saw that need, the desire for her to hate Bella. If I had to venture a guess, I would say that she was about to become Bella's advocate. I was so happy about this change I almost did a little happy dance.

For a while, none of us thought Edward was going to answer Rosalie's questions. All he did was pace the living room floor. Finally he stopped and turned to look at all of us.

"If I could go back to that awful day and take back everything I said, everything I did to hurt Bella, I would. I would give anything to have been there when Bella was pregnant with our children.

"I would have protected Bella from all of the outside dangers that threatened to take her life and when she was diagnosed with cancer…" Edward's voice cracked at the mention of Bella's disease "…when she was diagnosed with cancer, I would have promised to change her the instant our children were born. I would have done whatever it was that she wanted. Just the thought that my children could have lost the only parent they had ever known." Edward shook his head, as if to clear his head. "I can't even begin to imagine what would have happened if she hadn't made it. Even though I know that she had a contingency plan set-up with Angela and Jacob, it wouldn't have been the same."

"Lighten up, bro. You're here now, which is the important thing…and even though a huge part of me is still wants to tear you limb from limb, I know I can't. Bella, quite simply, wouldn't approve, and she is the last person I would want to get mad at me. She could ban me from spending time with your kids." I wasn't about to risk the opportunity of playing Uncle Emmett.

"I got it," Alice called out to the room, while she walked over to the conference phone we had used earlier.


"The phone is about to ring and I'm going to answer it," Alice explained, and sure enough, at that moment, the phone began to ring.


"Hello. Is this the Cullens' room?"

"Hi, Angela. This is Alice."


"Are you still okay with us all getting together today?"

"Though I'm a bit nervous about doing this behind Bella's back, I would like to still meet up with you all. How would you prefer to handle this?"

I could tell by Angela's tone that she was really nervous about how today was going to go. But before she could go on, we heard a little voice in the background.

"Angee…Birthday Mommy. Birthday Mommy!"

The look on every face in our suite was enraptured by the little voice.

"I know, Masen. Don't worry we'll get started on your mommy's birthday gift shortly. I just need to finish this phone call. Okay?"


"Thank you, Masen. Why don't you go play with your sister for just a few more minutes?" We could hear little feet running as he made his way to another part of their room.

"I'm sorry about that."

"No worries. I think we would have more room if you brought the kids up here to our room."

"I don't know."

"Don't worry, Angela. It will work out great. In fact, it may be best if we meet up here. This would be one way of insuring that Bella doesn't come back early and get the shock of her life by seeing us hanging around."

"Well, I guess you have a point." She was quiet for a moment, probably trying to weigh the pros and cons to this new set of plans. "What time would you like us to come up to your room?"

"How about you just come up when you're ready? That way there is no pressure to be here by a certain time."

"Okay. Well I, guess we'll see you all shortly. Bye."