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Dream Turned Nightmare

Bella ‘awakens’ from her transformation… only to find she doesn’t remember a thing, but when the past comes crashing down, will it all become too much to handle?


1. Chapter 1

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Stupid, stupid people, I thought angrily from upstairs in my bed, why did they have to whisper so loudly?

Wait a sec, whispering loudly?

I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. CD’s galore on one side of the room, a massive sound system pushed against another, black leather sofa and a river. Hold on. A river?

Oh, that was outside. What I assumed was the back wall was made entirely of glass. You could see a mountain range stretching for miles and the river I once thought was inside flowing swiftly through it. This was a pretty cool room.

But where was it, this room? And who belonged to those voices? I was pretty sure I was dreaming, since I didn’t know the answer. I ran my hand along the covers of the bed. It definitely felt real, not how I would have imagined anything in any dream. But something was different. I could see and hear and feel so many things. But, I had nothing to compare this strange reality too. I felt empty, as if I had forgotten a part of me. But who was me? I realized didn’t know and that scared my more than the thought that I was currently in a house with people I didn’t even remember, people I didn’t know.

I racked my brain, searching for something, anything, to prove this wasn’t a dream or even that it was, just so I would know. I couldn’t find anything. All I got was big, blank, nothingness.

And why wouldn’t those people downstairs shut up? It was driving me insane.

I stood up in one blindingly fast movement.

“Wow” I couldn’t help exclaiming. That was fast.

The voices downstairs stopped abruptly. It was almost as if they could hear me! I chuckled softly at the thought and went downstairs to see who these unknown people were. It was strange, but I felt no sense of fear in doing so.

I reached the bottom of a large, curved staircase and found myself in an enormous room; long, white walls that were the outside of the house, a piano, plush white carpet, and, turning around looking through a doorway, a table. A table around which sat seven, indescribably beautiful people. So beautiful that I felt my jaw drop in astonishment.

“Bella?” one of them asked hesitantly, but not in a way that one would usually ask, it was almost as if he was awed by me! Afraid I wasn’t real.

“Bella” I repeated slowly. Was that it? Was that my name?

Suddenly, it all came crashing down on me.

I sunk to my knees, hands clutching at the thick white carpet, millions of images shooting across my mind. Colours, sounds, words, visions.

The pain. Oh gosh, the pain! I remembered it so clearly now, it was almost as if I was re-living it. Three days of unendurable pain.

Fire, heat, Charlie, love, Edward, pain, marriage, Cullen’s, Forks; random words flitted through my head at a speed so fast I didn’t even register half of them.

Words continued to rush around my conscious, this time joined with vivid pictures and sounds.

A face with golden eyes, bronze hair, pale skin – almost white – and a look of worry swam in front of my eyes.

“I’m so sorry Bella” the face seemed to say, but it faded away before I could pull it back.

I felt my legs giving way under my body and I dropped to the floor, not even noticing the frantic, worried voices around me. I couldn’t breathe. I was sure I was going to die.

Cold arms encircled me and lifted me up from the ground. I struggled to keep hold of the carpet, the stable surface that was anchoring me to the present. The cold, strong arms just held me tighter and I gave up, sinking into the darkness that had been threatening to take me over.

I lifted my head up from the comfy pillow on which it lay. Words no longer flashed across my mind. Instead, all I saw was a still photograph of a memory. That of the seven beautiful people sitting around the table… and one word.


I sat bolt upright in bed and swung my legs over the side, noticing as I did that my clothes were changed.

I was a vampire. It all clicked. The pain, the beauty of those people, the heightened senses, the speed. Well almost all. I still didn’t know who I was though; all I had was a name. Bella. No memories, no sense of time or place, just ‘Bella’.

Despite this one flaw, I put my hand over my heart in relief to finally have found the answer… and almost jumped a mile. As it was, I leaped out of bed and backed against the glass wall of the bedroom.

I listened closely to make sure I hadn’t imagined it, but I could hear it alright. The soft, thu-thump, thu-thump of my still beating heart.