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Dream Turned Nightmare

Bella ‘awakens’ from her transformation… only to find she doesn’t remember a thing, but when the past comes crashing down, will it all become too much to handle?


2. Chapter 2

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I needed no memories to know that this wasn’t normal. Vampires were part of the un-dead; they weren’t supposed to have heart beats. They drank blood, they were insanely beautiful, they didn’t need to breathe… they didn’t have heart beats.

The door to the room crashed open with a force so strong that it was actually ripped of its hinges. My head snapped up to stare in horror as the same vampire who was in my vision – the one with the bronze hair – stood framed in the doorway.

His eyes locked on mine and it took me more than a few seconds to realize that my chest was heaving due to my hyperventilating. I tried to slow my breathing down… it didn’t work. And on top of that, my heart was beating even more wildly, threatening to jump out of my throat at any moment.

“Wh-w-who are you?” I asked shakily.

The vampire stared at me in disbelief.

“Bella. I…don’t you remember? Edward. I’m Edward”. With every word he spoke, he took a slow step forward. His face showed confusion, sadness, desperation.

“I don’t know. I can’t remember. I… I am a vampire, right?” I asked shakily.

“That’s what I thought, but…” He stopped speaking and stopped breathing. The only sound that filled the room was my everlasting heart beat. The one I wasn’t supposed to have.

I stopped breathing too, so we could hear it better, but instantly felt light headed.

“Oh-oh” I whispered and collapsed to the floor.

Edward rushed over to me lifted me up, placing me gently on the bed again.

“Bella? Bella, what happened?” His golden eyes bore into mine with such intensity that I had to look away.

“I think I forgot to breathe” What was happening? I thought. First I have a beating heart, and the next thing I know, I need to breathe?

“Forgot to bre-?” and to my surprise he laughed. He literally threw his head back and laughed.

“What?” I asked, slightly agitated. I may have no memories but I still had common sense, and that should not have made anyone laugh.

“Oh Bella,” he sighed, “You haven’t changed a bit”. He gently stroked my cheek with his thumb. I was out of his reach in a flash.

I was breathing heavily again, my back pressed against the glass wall of what I assumed had to be his room. What I had felt when he touched me made no sense. He was cold, freezing cold – but that I expected from a vampire (not that I should have been able to feel that at all) – what was unexplainable was that when he touched me, I felt something much akin to a jolt of electricity run through me. It was so intense that I had to escape. How could I feel something like that with a person I knew nothing about?

I stared, wide eyes in horror, as another series of images flashed through my mind; a kiss, a ring, a white dress, a church, a crooked smile… and two words. I do.

“We’re married.” I whispered in astonishment.

“Well isn’t it nice of you to remember” he teased, slowly approaching me, a smile in his eyes.

“No!” I screamed. It sounded hysterical in my own ears

He stopped mid step and cocked his head to the side, evaluating me curiously.

“Not remember”. I said to him, wanting him so desperately to understand. “I don’t. I can’t. I… I…”

“You what Bella?” he said, suddenly by my side and taking my hand from where it was placed over my beating heart.

“Stay back” I commanded, pushing him when he didn’t move straight away.

To say he looked shocked would be an understatement. What he looked was much, much more than just shocked. Try shocked, worried and hurt.

“What do you mean Bella?” his voice conveying desperation with every syllable.

“I don’t remember” I whispered, tearing my eyes away from his, “anything. It’s like I’ve lost a part of me… and I won’t be able to get it back”

If I were human my eyes would be swimming with tears, as it was, I curled into a ball on the ground, my cheek resting against the cool glass of wall, my body shaking uncontrollably from the force of my dry sobs.

I vaguely registered Edward leaving after a while, but I didn’t mind, I needed time to be alone, I was thankful for him giving me some space. I really needed to think. That’s what I thought he was doing, giving me space, but as soon as I sighed in relief, someone else walked into the room.

She gracefully strode across the room and sat down in front of me. I picked my head up and looked her up and down. Even sitting down she was quite short. She too had golden eyes, but unlike Edward, she had short, spiky, black hair.

“I was like this too you know.” She said softly, gently pushing the hair from my eyes.

“Like what?” my voice sounded hoarse, but not in a way that it hurt to hear, it was actually quite nice.

“When I was changed, I didn’t remember anything. I didn’t even know I was a vampire for the first few days!” she exclaimed, still in her quite, angelic tone.

I was too distraught to respond. I wanted to sleep so badly and my head was starting to throb.

“Stress headache”.

“What?” I mumbled through the dull pain.

“You have a stress headache. Take some deep breathes. It will go away soon. Trust me.”

I did as she said, slowly breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth.

Very slowly, the pounding in my head went away and I was finally able to sit up straight as opposed to being slumped against the glass.

“I’m Alice. Alice Cullen.” She answered my question before I even asked.

“Oh. Ah, hi. I’m… Bella?” I was uncertain about even that fact and wanted her desperately to tell me if I was actually ‘Bella’.

“Yes. You’re Bella.” Suddenly, her eyes went blank and she froze into place. Forgetting my own worries for an instant I waved my hand in front of her face.

“Alice? Alice. Snap out of it.” No response. “Alice? Are you ok?”

“Sorry. I just…” she stopped short and evaluated me critically. She heaved a big sigh. “Let me take you downstairs. We have a lot of explaining to do.” I guessed she was referring to the other people who had been sitting around the table. “And we’ll answer all of your questions, don’t worry.” She lifted me up and grabbed my hand, pulling me gently along the corridor and down the stairs.

We reached the bottom and she sat me down on one of the sofas positioned in the room. She sat down next to me and softly called out to ‘everyone’.

They all walked in gracefully, positioning themselves strategically on the lounges and around the room. First to enter were a big, burly guy with dark curly hair and a curvy blond. He sat on the love seat and draped his arm around the pretty blond who stared at me with a fierce intensity. The two slightly older people walked in next and stood off to the side, holding hands and smiling reassuringly at me. The mother and father, I thought. Finally, the last two people that made up this strange family, entered. The honey blond came and stood next to Alice, placing a hand on her shoulder.

I sucked in my breath as the last one went to sit on the single chair across from the sofa on which I sat. He was looking directly into my eyes, causing my heart to beat at a speed too fast not to attract the notice of a bunch of vampires with super sensitive hearing.

I could tell what was coming and I knew it would probably take all night. I wasn’t looking forward to it, and I couldn’t use sleep as an excuse to postpone it. I sighed. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to fill the hole inside of me, like I knew they would.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the father opened his mouth to speak.