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Morning of Forever

This is my first time submitting anything. This is my idea of how the next morning after Breaking Dawn went down. Using my favorite book series to help me work on my writing skills. Please let me know what you think.


1. Chapter 1

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The sun began to rise on our next day of forever. This night had definitely not been long enough to satiate my thirst for my husband but so soon my daughter would begin to stir from her night of peaceful sleep. I felt Edward’s warm hands run down the length of my arm pulling me from my silent thoughts.

“What I wouldn’t give to hear your thoughts on such a beautiful morning.” he said as he shifted his weight to gather me up into his arms.

“Hmm…that is an interesting thought. What would you be willing to give?” I giggled. His answering kiss honestly took my breath away and I slid my fingers into his silky hair to once again attempt to quench this thirst or should I say hunger for him. As if out of some lingering habit from a lifetime ago Edward pulled away too soon for my liking.

“I think Nessie is waking up.” he whispered and then smiled my favorite crooked grin.

“I suppose it is time to head up to the main house.” I said with an exasperated sigh.

“We have all night.” he reminded me as he slowly released me and slid to the edge of our bed.

“Do you think I could bare to let you go now if that weren’t the case?” I quoted him from my first morning to this new life. We both laughed as we headed toward the monstrosity that was our closet to dress for the day.

After we dressed Edward pulled our daughter from her stirring slumber and we headed toward the main house to gather with the rest of our family. The clouds had now been removed from over our heads and the weightlessness of it was exhilarating. I was sure that even Renessmee could feel the difference in this morning compared to previous mornings as much as Edward and I could. We were almost at the main house before she was fully awake and made her first thoughts of the morning known to Edward and myself by reaching her tiny hands over to my cheek. I curved my face into her little fingers and my mind was filled with a vision of her thirst. We quickened up the pace to the main house to feed Nessie her breakfast and start the day with our family.

Alice and Rose were at the computer starting up a fashion project for Nessie while Esme hummed away upstairs. Of course Jasper and Emmett were fighting it out over an elaborate game of chess. I guess things were back to normal and I was overjoyed with the thought of having some mundane back in our lives. Edward continued on to the fridge with Nessie for her morning meal and I escaped to the living room with my brothers certain that whatever had Alice and Rose’s full attention was something that I had no interest in. “Were is Carlisle and the wolves this morning?”I asked. The house seemed empty without their presence.

“Carlisle went into his office at the hospital for a while this morning and we haven’t had any sign of the wolves this morning.” explained Jasper.

“Hmm that is odd.” was my only response.

Edward returned then with Nessie bundled up in his arms sucking greedily at her breakfast. “So what would you like to do today love?” he asked. I smiled.

“This is all I want to do today!” was my response as I slid into the circle of his only unoccupied arm. His return smile was dazzling. Nessie took the chance of this close proximity to show me Charlie’s face in her thoughts. “Why of course we can go see grandpa today! I’m sure that would over joy Charlie to receive a surprise visit from us.” She smiled at this thought and continued on with her breakfast.

“That does sound like a wonderful idea Nessie, maybe we could call Jacob and invite him along.” Edward exclaimed.

We heard a growl from the kitchen followed by a chiding “Rose” from Esme upstairs. We all laughed at that. It seemed that Rosalie’s growl was a beckoning call for Jacob and he came bounding into the front door without so much as a knock.

“Morning guys!” Jacob said as he came to claim the spot of the sofa on the other side of Edward which was closest to Nessie. He didn’t reach for her and I felt a pang of relief that maybe he was learning his place in Nessie’s life and taking her from the arms of her father or mother would not only show as rude but would not help his case in the understanding department.

Nessie waved and flashed her heart stopping smile at Jacob and turned her attention back to what her uncle’s were doing at the table in front of her. Nothing thrilled Nessie more that new information. She placed her hand to Edward’s face and his answering response was simply a chuckle.

“Go ahead love…I’m sure neither one of them would deny your request.” Edward responded.

“What does she want?” Jacob asked.

“She wants Jasper and Emmett to teach her the game. She is horribly curious to learn and to beat her Uncle Emmett.” Edward responded.

We all laughed at that and of course Emmett scooped her up into his lap to watch the game and learn firsthand how to play. Esme ascended down the stairs then to join our little circle and the only person missing was Carlisle.

“When will Carlisle be home?” I asked again.

“Not too long I am sure” Esme responded. “He has been a little distant from the hospital since the wedding and wanted to play catch up this morning. Alice said there is a storm passing through later tonight so the boys were thinking of a little baseball game.” Esme looked over to Nessie and changed her mind. “Of course the last time we played Nessie had not arrived yet. Do you boys think you could behave enough that Nessie could actually be present?” she asked. “The boys” once again laughed at this. We all knew perfectly well that Renessmee would be safe in the presence of this gang.

“Well this will be a first for me as well.” Jacob said. “Will I be able to play or am I going to be benched for being a newbie?” he asked.

“If you think you can handle it then we could use you dog.” Alice yelled from the other room.

“Excellent!” Jacob yelled.

We all laughed and I smelled for the rain in the air but nothing came to me. This was Alice’s area of expertise so I would leave her to it and simply enjoy the sunshine that was present this morning. It seemed all the more fitting with the atmosphere and my cheerful mood this morning.

We could all hear Carlisle’s Mercedes pulling into the drive and I for one was all the more excited to have the missing member of my family present. Now if only Charlie and Renee both could be here everything would be complete. The later of those names was a worry on my mind that I would not let mar this morning, I had no idea what to do about that situation but that was another worry for another day. Today would be untouched by worries and if it were possible I would keep it just this way.

Guessing that Nessie had picked up on my excitement to have Carlisle home she hopped down from Emmett’s lap and headed to the door to meet her grandpa. She bound into his arms and put her little hands to his face.

“Why hello there my Nessie.” Carlisle responded. “Now that is a welcome home that one could get used to from their only granddaughter!” he laughed.

We all joined in at the sound. This morning was like one from a Hallmark holiday commercial. Looking in from the outside one would almost think this was staged but our happiness was without a doubt ecstatic this morning.

“Hey Bella why don’t you just invite your dad up here today?” Emmett asked. “I mean there is a Gators game on and he hasn’t been up in quite some time. I promise I will be good.”

“That sounds like a great idea Bella.” Edward said as he slid his hand into mine. “Maybe even invite Billy up. Jake?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll call up there in a little while and see what the old man has going on.” Jacob said with excitement in his voice.

“Ok I will give Charlie a call as well.” I responded. I knew it was so unlike me to forget our audience but I could not resist the touch of my beautiful husband in that moment. I kissed him full on the lips with our family all standing around. Emmett cleared his throat and started to laugh.

“Shut up Emmett!” I said.

“What? I didn’t say anything!” he replied with a grin. I just shook my head.

So many worries I could put into play right now but those would all have to wait until tomorrow because for today I was only going to enjoy what we all had fought so hard for in the past few months. I lay my head on my husband’s shoulder as he pulled me even tighter to his side and I joined into the ever present laughter of my family.