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Choice Of Destiny

Three months after Edward leaving... Bella is a zombie, Victoria attacks her but she is saved by a vampire named Lucas.Lucas gives Bella the options of dying,going to the hospital or being changed by him. 60 years later. Bella and her coven are starting high school in a small town in Alaska. But what happens when they meet with two familiar covens...? Will Bella and Edward reunite? Or maybe it is too late and it´s time to look for new love?


2. Surprise

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“Bella! It’s time for school! Are you ready? We’re leaving in 7 minutes!” I heard Liz saying from downstairs.

I got up from my couch and went to the bathroom. Today was the first day of school at our new school in Alaska.

I looked in the bathroom mirror and started thinking how I wanted to look for this year.

One of my sister’s power was to change her look and others’s looks too.

So everytime we started a new school we’d choose a new look and she would change our looks.

I went downstairs where she was already changing Lucas’s look.

She gave him blond hair and green eyes.

She had already changed herself into a beautiful brunette with long hair that reached her waist and warm brown eyes.

Bryson was also changed with his hair black and his eyes a dark brown leaving me as the only one left to be changed.

“Soo, Bella what look should we give you?” said Liz with a mocking tone.

“Anything but blonde, please!”; I said joking along with her.

“What about a sort of reddish hair and deep blue eyes?; offered Lucas.

I inmediately turned to look at not only my creator, but also my brother,confident and best friend. I couldn’t help but smile. He always seemed to know what I wanted even if I didn’t even knew it.

But of course that was influenced by his power.

His power was to know what decision is the best for someone.

“Yes! That sounds perfect!”

They all laughed at my sudden outburst.

“Well, then red hair with deep blue eyes!”; stated Liz.

I felt a little warm as her power worked on me. She handed me a mirror for me to examinate my new look.

My hair was a red not so ruby but more orange-ish and reached to my waist with wavy curls and my eyes we’re a deep blue with golden stripes around them keeping the traces of my diet.

“Allright! You all look great but you’re going to be late for your first day of school”; said Christina as she entered the room.

“Except for you Bella, the school just called to say that you have the first two hours free so you can go later”;informed Christina

“What! That’s hardly fair, why can’t we go at the same hour she does”; exclaimed Bryson.

“Because you are not in her class! So grab your stuff and leave for school! Your late!; exclaimed Christina in such a Mom-ish way.

A hour and a half later she was telling me to leave too so I gave her a hug and took on my Blue Porsche to school.

As I got there I headed immediately to the administration building.

I smiled at the receptionist and told her my name.She handed me a map,my schedule and a slip to each teacher to sign. I smiled at her and thanked her for everything. I then headed to building five where I had Economy.

I was late. Exactly as Christina had predicted I would.

25 heads turned towards me as soon as I entered the classroom.

I ignored the ogling stares of the boys and the jealous glares of the girls and headed directly to the teacher.

He signed my slip and showed me a seat where I could sit at the very end of the room. I liked it.

The class went by quickly.

As I got out and headed to building 2 I smelled a vampire but it wasn’t none of my family’s scent. But as soon as it came it dissapeared.

So I just ignored it thinking that my family would have probably already smelled it and I hadn’t heard anything from them so it was probably nothing serious so I just kept walking to my Spanish class.

Spanish went exactly as Economy.

I was exiting the classroom when my phone ringed, recognizing the ringtone I knew it was Lucas.

“Hey, Luke I’m heading to the cafetaria, wait for me”; I said before he could even say anything.

“No! Bella! Don’t go there, meet me in the parking lot! Right now,Don’t you dare going near that building!”;said Lucas almost screaming.

That really got me worried, what had happenend in the last hours that I wasn’t with my family?

I inmeaditly started looking for my family, having the power of knowing where and what someone was doing by only thinking on that person. I only had to think on that person and I would have a sort of vision that showed me what that person was doing and with who.I would even know what that person was thinking if I tried hard.

I looked for Lucas and saw him in the parking lot with Liz.

So I started looking for Bryson to find out that I couldn’t see him.

He was using his shield against me.Bryson had the ability to block pchsycally and mentally. I could only block mentally.But why was he using his power on me? I decided to go to the parking lot to find some answers in Lucas and Liz. As I got there Lucas grabbed me by my arm and pushed me in the car, Liz closed the door. And told me everything would be ok trough my mind. Her other power was to read, manipulate and plant thoughts.

I looked up when the car started. Lucas looked one time at Liz who nodded and then took off.

I turned around to look at her only to see that she was gone. I inmeaditly started looking for her but couldn’t find her so that meant that Bryson had already pulled her under his power.

I groaned in exasperation. Not knowing made me anxious.

“Bella? I need to tell you something. Do you think you can handle it?” said Lucas with a tortured expression on his face.
I gulped wondering what could be so serious.

`Bella, the Cullens are here. In Alaska. They`re enrolled in our own high school`