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Choice Of Destiny

Three months after Edward leaving... Bella is a zombie, Victoria attacks her but she is saved by a vampire named Lucas.Lucas gives Bella the options of dying,going to the hospital or being changed by him. 60 years later. Bella and her coven are starting high school in a small town in Alaska. But what happens when they meet with two familiar covens...? Will Bella and Edward reunite? Or maybe it is too late and it´s time to look for new love?


3. Acceptation

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I stopped breathing as soon as the last words came out of his mouth.

Of course my family knew about my past with the Cullens.

At first I didn’t knew if I should tell them

But as we found out about my power of blocking mentally I started training it and could take it away so Liz could use her powers on me.

One day a memory of them slipped into my mind and Liz saw it. She inmediately ask me what it was and I found myself telling them everything between tearless sobs. They understood and since then know that if I’m locked up in my room is not their fault but the… Cullens fault.

So it is kinda normal that they’re acting like this.

“Bells… what do you want to do?”; Lucas woke me up of my thoughts.

“I… don’t know. I have to think clearly”

“Do you want to go to our place?”; asked Lucas already knowing the answer.

Our place was the top of a mountain a few miles from our house.

“Yes… can we go there?”

He nodded and then turned to stare at me.

“Bells… they know something is going on, they don’t want to leave without us giving them a good reason.”

I sighed. They didn’t want to leave and I was surely not leaving.

A confrontation seemed unavoidable.

The car stopped and I got out. Lucas held my hand and we started running towards the top of the mountain.

We were there in less than five minutes.

Lucas sat down and gestured me to lie down I did so and put my head on his lap.

We sat there looking into each others eyes for hours.

“Bells.. we’ve got to go.”;he said with a sigh.

I nodded and let out a sigh.

We ran back to the car.

As we got there I remembered that my car was still at the school.

“Luke… my car”

“Oh.. I totally forgot about it I’ll call Liz and ask if she drove it back home”

He started dialing while I lent against his black Audi.

“Yes… ok, I don’t know. You know how much she loves that car. I’ll ask her”

He ended the call and turned to stare at me.

“Ehm… Bells, your car is still at the school”

“Ugh, I’ll go get it”

“Do you want me to give you a ride to the school?”;asked Lucas worried.

I shot him a look.”Luke… I’m a vampire I can run there faster than your car. Just go to the house and tell them I went to get my car”

“Ok… take care… Love You Bells”

I smiled at him and started running to the school. I got there in less than ten minutes.

I inmediatly spotted my car, being the only car in the parking lot.

I got in but didn’t start the car. I just sat there for an hour until my phone ringed, I looked up and saw that it was Liz.

“Isabella Marie Swan-Carter! Where the hell are you! You we’re supposed to be here an hour and a half ago!”

“I’m sorry, I’m on my way back to the house. Talk to you there”

I ended the call, started the car and speeded up to my house.

I arrived at the house, and saw all my family waiting for me in the porch. I smiled at them and got out of the car. I started walking to the house in a human pace. Christina started walking or you can name it running to meet me.

She crushed her body against mine in a tight hug.

“Oh… Bella! Sweetheart I was so worried. Honey, how are you feeling? Are you okay? Do you… do you want us to leave?”;exclaimed Christina with a high pitched sobbing voice. It hurted me to see her like that.

“Mom, I’m okay don’t worry. I… don’t want to leave. I’m happy here”.I assured her.We got in the house and sat in the living room.

“Well…then we’ve got a problem”;began Bryson.

“The Cullens don’t want leave. They didn’t believe my story of us not wanting other vampires in our territory”;said Bryson with a worried look on his face,

“Well, if they don’t want to leave well that’s their problem, WE are not leaving because of them”; I said firmly to all of them.

“But Izzie… do you realize that if we stay and they don’t leave you’ll have to see them.Or are you planning to stop going to school?;asked Liz using her favorite nickname of me that I hated. Of course she was the only that used it.

“No… I am going to school.And… I knew this day would came.And I decided that I’m not going to hide from them.I’m not letting them have any kind of power on me”

“That’s my girl! I told you guys, that my babygirl wasn’t going to give in”;said Charles with his voice of proud father. He considered me being his babygirl because of me being the youngest of his “children”.

And of course I didn’t have a problem with that, in fact I was more like daddy’s little girl and I loved it.

“Well, ok I have to inform you Bella, that the Cullens are not alone. I met them as Jasper and Rosalie Hale.Emmet, Alice and Edward Cullen, and three more vampires who appear as their cousins at the school.They call themselves Tanya, Kate and Irina Gilmore”;informed Bryson,

I gasped at this information. Since when were the Cullens accompanied with more vampires?

“They told me that the Gilmore’s we’re here first. The Cullens came here without knowing that the Denali’s we’re here enrolled in high school”;continued Bryson.

“And Bella… Ehm, you’ve got Emmet in your first class,then you will be free for your second,third and fourth class. But you’ve got Alice and Kate in your fifth, Edward, Kate and Lucas in your sixt and me, Liz and Edward in your last.”

I unavoidably cursed, my schedule wasn’t that bad except for the two last hours.

“Ehm, Bryson? Do they know about me? I mean do they know who I am?”

“Well, they know that your name is Isabella but they don’t know your last name… yet.”;answered Bryson.

We had a problem there, I appeared at the school as Isabella Swan-Carter.I didn’t want to take the Swan out so the teachers directed themselves to me as Ms.Swan-Carter.

“And… I’m going to protect you all guys except for Bella from the power of the mind reader.Ok?”;asked Bryson.

“Yep, there’s no problem. It is kinda of freaky to have two people reading your mind. I mean we have enough with the freak of Liz”;said Lucas with a mocking tone.

We all started laughing. Even if Bryson was using his power protecting Lucas, Liz will be capable of reading his thoughts because she would be under the protection too. I would use my powers but still let Liz inside.

That way we all could communicate with each others trough our minds thanks to Liz’s power.

“Well,we’ll see how things turn out. I just want to thank you guys for everything I love you guys.Especially you diplomatic Bryson”

“Oh, come on Bells, you’re my little sister. My job is to protect you.”;said Bryson.

“Yeah Bells you’re the family’s baby!”;added Liz.

“Exactly! Now what about a good game of Twister right now?”;asked Lucas.