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Choice Of Destiny

Three months after Edward leaving... Bella is a zombie, Victoria attacks her but she is saved by a vampire named Lucas.Lucas gives Bella the options of dying,going to the hospital or being changed by him. 60 years later. Bella and her coven are starting high school in a small town in Alaska. But what happens when they meet with two familiar covens...? Will Bella and Edward reunite? Or maybe it is too late and it´s time to look for new love?


4. Confrontation

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I was parking my car in the parking lot, when I spotted them next to two cars that must have been theirs.

I saw Alice, my former best friend, holding hands with Jasper.

Then I saw Rosalie, beautiful as always, talking to three other female vampires. One of them had strawberry blonde hair and a body with not so many curves, other of them had long black hair that reached to the half of her back and she had a body with more curves than the first one but still not so many. The last one was an electric blonde and was skinny as a toothpick.Then I saw Emmett talking to… Edward. If my heart could beat it would have already come out of my chest.

He was still so beautiful. No, he was even more beautiful.Now, I could see him clearly.Every single detail of his body.My comparision of him as a God when I was human was wrong. He was even more beautiful.The all had become silent as soon as they saw us and were examining us.

I got out of the car and started walking into the school. Lucas leaded us to the schoolyard to a big tree that was there. I didn’t had time yesterday to check the school. It was kinda of beautiful. The schoolyard was big. With allot of trees and picnick tables.We sat under a three and saw the

Cullens and the Gilmore’s sitting on a picnick table a few yards away.

They sat facing us, I could feel every one of them examining me.

Edward was looking at us with a puzzled look, then he gasped making everybody look at them. He just nodded and started to look at the grass. I was wondering what was that when Liz sent me a thought answering my question..”Edward was wondering why he can’t read none of us. Of course he knows about Bryson’s powers. But he was wondering why Bry was using them. I explained to him that we didn’t want them knowing everything about us because we still don’t trust them”

We all nodded and started to get up as the bell rang.

I was heading to my History class when I realized that I had forgotten my History book in the car. I rushed to the car grabbed my book and rushed to class knowing that no matter what I was still going to be late.I didn’t dare to run faster than human speed.

Everybody turned to stare at me when I entered the classroom. Even Emmett. I spotted him smiling at me, that’s how I saw that the only empty seat was next to him.

“Uhm… may I know your name Miss?”

“Isabella”; I answered her question not telling my last name.I would do my best to let the Cullens find out who I was as later as possible.

The teacher looked down to her list looking for my name.

“Oh, yes. Here you are Isabella Swan-Carter”

I heard a gasp coming from where Emmett sat but didn’t dare to look at him.

“Well, Ms.Swan-Carter you may take your seat next to Mr.Cullen”;said the teacher nodding towards Emmett.

I slowly walked and took my seat ignoring Emmett’s shocked look.

There was an awkard silent while Emmett stared at me and I ignored his stare.

“Bella?” asked Emmett with a husky voice. He cleared his troath.

I turned slowly to look at him.

“Hey Emmett, long time”

He stared at me with big wide eyes and smiling. Suddenly reality of what I was hit him.

“Oh My God! Bella! How? When? Who?”; I knew he was asking about my inmortality.

I just smiled at him and told him it was a long story.

“Edward is not going to like this”;muttered Emmett darkly..

I stiffened on my seat and answered with a harsh voice.”He doesn’t have to like it.”

Emmett chuckled and smiled at me.

“You know Bells, I missed you”

“I missed you too, Emmett”

“Soo,they are your new family, huh?”

“Yes, they are my family”; I answered letting the ‘new’ out.

“Do you want me to keep it secret? I mean that you are you? Because you look so different. They will not know that it’s you if I don’t tell them that it’s… you”; he asked confused by his own resolve.

“Yes, you can tell them that it’s me.And tell them that I don’t look like this so they won’t recognize me.”

“Oh no… your sister explained that you all change looks when you enter a new high school”

The bell rang and I stood up. I was going to pick my books when Emmett hugged me lifting my feet from the ground. I hugged him back and hid my face in his shoulder breathing his scent in.

“I really missed you, Bella.”

I looked up to see his face and smiled at him.

“I missed you too, and allot”

“See you later, Bells.”

I smiled at him and left the building.

I saw Edward exiting building two, the building I was heading towards.

He was staring at the ground while he walked. He suddenly looked up smelling my scent. He looked at me with a bewilderd expression.Something told me that he still didn’t knew who I really was. I looked into his face without a trace of a smile and walked into the building.

English, Economy and Spanish passed by swiftly.

As the bell rang indicating the beginning of lunch I froze.

This was the moment, I was going to see the Cullens, and they probably all knew who I was thanks to Emmett.

When I left the classroom I found Bry, Liz and Luke waiting for me outside. Liz had already told them what had happenned.

We headed towards the same tree that we we’re under in the morning.

I lied down and put my head on Lucas lap. He looked down and smiled at me.

“Stop worrying Bella. Everything is going to turn out right”;he started to assured me.

“Guys, they’re coming. And they all know.Most of them are excited. Especially Alice. She missed you Bells.”; informed Liz.

“Oh… crap! I guess they’re better than us keeping the human charade. We don’t have nothing to eat with us.”;exclaimed Liz as she saw the Cullens and Gilmore’s carrying trails of food.

“Don’t worry. I’ll go get something for all of us.said Lucas.

I inmediatly stood up and took his hand. If Luke was going anywhere I would go with him. He smiled and squeezed my hand.

He leaded me the opposite direction from where the Cullens and Gilmore’s were coming.

We entered the cafetaria,we both picked up a trail and filled each with food that we knew we were not going to eat.Lucas paid and gestured for me to follow . He was holding his trail of food with one hand so I took the other hand and squeezed in it.

“You don’t have to be nervous. This school is better than the former one, you know. I mean at least you don’t have a crazy stalker”

We both laughed remembering a boy at the school we went before this one, who was obsessed with me and had followed me everywhere. He even had proposed to me in English class.

When we entered the schoolyard was when I realized how we must look to the Cullens.

We were holding hands and laughing like two idiots.

For them we must had to look like… mates.

Lucas turned to look at me as if thinking the same thing and started laughing. I joined him in with Liz who heard our thoughts. She soon passed the thought to Bryson’s mind because he was soon joining us in our crazy laughter. Lucas and I arrived and handed the trails to Liz who put them on the grass and kept on laughing.

“You guys are such weirdos. I don’t know how you can stand each other”;joked Bryson.

“Oh Come on Bry it’s because they love each other and understand each other”;said Liz making us laugh hysterically.

I then laid down on the grass and started looking at the clouds. I could feel all the eyes of the Cullens and Gilmore’s on me.

“Alice is coming”;whispered Lucas in my ear.

I looked up and saw Alice coming with a big smile on her face.

I stood up and started walking to meet her returning the smile.

Alice started running and hugged me tight like she would never let go.

I was holding her in a tight embrace when I realized she was sobbing.

“Alice? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“Oh Bella! I missed you so much. I tought you were dead!”

“I missed you too. And as you can see I’m not completely dead” I smirked at that last one.

“Bella? Don’t you want to greet the others?”; asked Alice with an unsure tone.

I considered the thought. If I greeted the others well then, then I had to greet Edward too.

“We’ll come with you, Bells”;said Bryson on my right.

I nodded to Alice and took Lucas hand.

We started walking towards the Cullens and Gilmore’s.

“Bells, can you introduce us?”;asked Liz.

“Huh? Why? They already know you guys”I asked confused

“Yes, but as your family.”

“Oh! Sure, I’ll do it”

We reached the Cullens and I smiled at them.

Alice smiled at me and introduced them all as if we didn’t knew each other.

“Hello, my name is Alice Cullen.I don’t know who created me. This is my husband Jasper Hale. He was created by Maria, a southern vampire. These are my brothers and sister, Emmett and Rosalie they’re married, and Edward Cullen, they were created by Carlisle Cullen our father. Our mom Esme was also created by Carlisle.” There it hit me. She was telling all those things so when we introduced ourselfs we would tell who created us. She wanted to know who created me.

“These are our cousins the Denali’s. Tanya,Kate and Irina they were all created by Sasha.”;continued Alice.

Tanya was the strawberry blonde, Kate was the one with electric blonde hair, and Irina was the one with black hair.

I smiled at them and cleared my troath.

I was nervous, Edward was staring at me with a fierce smoldering look that confused me.So I was ignoring him. Or at least trying.

“Hello guys, nice to meet you. My name is Isabella Swan-Carter, but you can call me Bella. My family consists almost as yours. Charles our “dad” is Bryson’s, Lucas’s and our mom’s Christina creator. Bryson is my sister’s Liz husband and creator. And Lucas is my creator.” Edward started to glare at Lucas as soon as the words came out.

“When?”; asked Edward, startling me.

I knew what he meant but I still asked.

“When what?”

“When did he change you?”;hissed Edward.

I was going to answer his question when Lucas interrupted me.

“That’s none of your bussines!”

I turned to look into his eyes and smiled at him.

I put my hand on his cheek and closed my eyes when he closed his.

I felt how he relaxed under my hand and turned to face the Cullens again.

“Oh! How nice you forgot to say that you and your creator are mates too!”:exclaimed Tanya in a voice that I didn’t like at all.

Edward growled at her words and then at Lucas.

He stood up and came to stand a few inches away from me. I froze by his sudden proximity.

Lucas came to stand before me, facing Edward.

Edward growled at him, and Lucas growled back showing his teeth.

“Stop! Luke… please.”;begged Liz.

I grabbed Lucas arm and yanked him away.

“Are you crazy! Do you want to expose us all?”

“I’m sorry Bells, it’s just that I can’t help it. He’s such a… such a- ugh never mind”

That was hen I saw his eyes. They were coal black.

“Luke? When was the last day that you hunted?”

“I don’t know. Two weeks maybe three. I can’t remember.”

“Luke! Are you crazy. You can’t go walking among humans thirsty!”

“I’m sorry. I’ll go hunting in the afternoon”

“No, absolutely no. You’re going hunting now! And I don’t want to hear a word about it”

“But… No! I’m not leaving you behind unprotected”;exclaimed Lucas.

“Unprotected? I’m a vampire, I can take care of myself very well”

We talked in a low voice so I knew the Cullen’s and Gilmore’s weren’t listening.

I glared at him knowing that I was going to win the fight. Even if it terrified me being at the school with the Cullens and Lucas far away I wasn’t that selfish to put the humans and Lucas in danger.

He sighed admitting his defeat, he looked at Bryson and Liz and smiled at hem.

The he turned towards the Cullens and Gilmore’s and gave them a stiff nod.

He then gazed into my eyes with his smoldering green eyes.I placed my hand on his cheek and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay”

He nodded and started walking to the front office.

I then turned to look at the Cullens feeling unprotected without Lucas standing by my side.

I sighed and smiled at them.