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Super Nova

Nessie and Jake's lives are going perfectly after realizing they love each other and getting a happily ever after...or so they think. What happens when their lives start to blow up in their faces, and how will they cope with their diificulties? **Sequel to Full Moon. You really need to read that to understand this story.


1. Prologue: The "C" Word

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Whenever I hear the word "cancer," I think of those daily horoscopes you read in the newspaper. But I'm now remembering that there is another meaning to it, and sometimes that meaning can be deadly. Sam's father passed away from cancer three years ago, and it was hard to bear that one third of my life might die before my own eyes because of osteosarcoma, a malignant tumor in the bone. He shouldn't have to bear with this at the age of six, for goodness sake! Does God really want to this little boy to suffer from cancer now before he can experience everything? I still remember the day he was diagnosed like it was yesterday.

He had been complaining of growing pains, and I didn't think anything of it. But when they hadn't gone away after a few months, I started to worry. Six year olds don't usually have growing pains three months in a row nonstop. So we scheduled an appointment with Carlisle, hoping he could give me some answers so I could understand what was going on. Nothing could prepare me for my worst nightmare.

Carlisle had taken a blood sample from him and did a few other tests. We had to wait a couple weeks, but I just needed to find out what was wrong.

He didn't mind getting shots or all those tests, and he was acting so mature at six. I wish I could take his place; I would do anything for him. I've only known him for a short six years and he already took up a majority of my life. If whatever he was diagnosed with was fatal, I don't know how I would live. Already, without knowing what was wrong, I was having hard times breathing and sleeping at night. I found myself staring at the wall late at night, scared that if I closed my eyes, the nightmares would start. Him lying in the ground, pale white, and cold as snow. Him never being able to sit on a porch swing with his wife and children. Him being wiped from the earth.

Everyone was there for me while I anxiously sat waiting for the test results for weeks. My nails were now non-existent, and I had rings under my eyes, greater so than a vampire does if he does not hunt for several weeks. I was told the results would be available the next day. While one part of me was thrilled I could finally figure out was wrong with a part of my heart, the other was scared to death with what the diagnosis would be.

I sat across from Carlisle, waiting for words to come out of his mouth. My darling was across the room, reading some book above his reading level. Now that Carlisle and I knew he was occupied, he opened his mouth to speak. It seemed like it took hours for the words to come out of his mouth. And I wish they didn't.

"Nessie, Damen has cancer."