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Rain Shadow

What if the Volturi never did decide on letting Nessie live or not? - Nessie must run, leaving everything & everyone she's ever known - it's the only way she thinks the Volturi will stay away from her family & just follow her. But when Nessie hears a stupid rumour while she's on the run about her family being dead all she wants is to forget. She finds the only vampire she's heard of & asks to have her memory erased of any memory she's ever had, including how to be herself, a half human-half vampire... Rated: Everyone. Contains of some coarse language. ONLY 5 REVIES, NAWW, COM' ON GUYS R&R, PLEASE **PUPPY DOG EYES** :)

Well, seeing how i'm new to this awesome site, I'm unsure if this story will even work or if you guys will even think It's good but anyway, here goes nothing... :)

11. Jacob.

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J.POV I watched her, the way she moved around the forest, so elegantly & graceful that it would put any pro ballerina to shame. Her controlled breathing was the only indicator that told me she knew someone was following her. But, as the wind blew, her scent filtered over to me. There was no trace of fear, just curiousness. It was strange that she wasn’t afraid & that made me curious as well. It’d been so long since I’d seen Nessie. When I heard dad talking to Charlie about the phone call from Bella this morning my attention sparked to high as I listened along to their conversation & when I heard Nessie’s name & that she was here, I couldn’t control myself. I went to find her during patrol & ended up catching her lovely scent. Now I was here. She was older now too, about fifteen and wow, she was so beautiful. My body ached to go touch her, to stare into those beautiful deep green eyes & move my lips to hers. She was driving me crazy & I wasn’t even in a 50m radius of her. It was insane but utterly amazing at the same time. Her head turned & I jumped behind a tree as fast & silently as I could. My ‘native’ tanned skin definitely doesn’t blend in with the greenery of the Olympic Peninsula. When I heard her sigh & turn around I got out of my hiding place. She was walking with her back to me again. As she moved she hummed a song I faintly recognized as the on her father composed for her when she was born. I hadn’t heard it for fourteen years, since the day I last saw them, last saw her. “Come out, come out, where ever your are…” she chimed playfully. Hearing her voice made me feel all warm & fuzzy which made me smile. I hid behind another tree before she could turn around. “Com’ on, I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf.” Her words were teasing but her voice gentle. I froze. She knew it was me. I waited to see if she’d give up & keep walking but there was just our breathing. She didn’t speak anymore. I could almost picture her scrunched up nose from impatience & delicate hands resting on her hips. I kept on questioning myself: should I talk to her? – What would I say… hi?! What if she doesn’t remember me? I shrugged mentally. If she couldn’t remember who I was then I’d do anything I could to help her remember. Hesitantly, I stepped out from behind the large tree & looked at her. She just stood there looking at me; her expression at first was surprised but quickly changed to joy. Her rosy-red lips went up in a smile; those dreamy green eyes sparkled as she looked at me. I smiled back & her cheeks blushed the colour of a pink rose petal, my mind knowing they’d feel just the same. Inside me glowed, just looking at her made me forget who I was, my name, my brothers, everything. It was all her. This gorgeous girl who I’d been in love with since the first time I laid eyes on her fifteen years ago. Everything about her had me awestruck. “Jake,” she whispered ever so lightly. Slowly, she stepped closer to me as if she was afraid I’d somehow disappear. “Hello Nessie,” I replied, my voice sounding all husky. I walked towards her to & she ran into my arms. Nessie’s arms locked around my neck, just as mine wrapped around her waist. Her touch had my stomach doing excited little flips. “I’ve missed you so much Jake, it’s insane!” She said breathlessly. I laughed. “Nessie, insane is an understatement.” I whispered in her ear. I could feel her smile. She hugged me tighter & I closed my eyes, memorising this wonderful reunion between us, never wanting to forget anything when I’m with her, especially now. Her hold on me loosened & her face was directly in front of mine. I went completely still. She just looked at me, her eyes taking in every angle, every curve of my face. I didn’t know what she was looking for but her grin became impossibly wider. She planted a sweet little kiss on my cheek. My cheek practically burned where her lips touched me, the way I was feeling becoming obvious in my expression. Nervously, she bit her bottom lip – it just looked so sexy – as she ran her fingers through the hair at the back of my neck. It made me tremble, but in a good way. My eyes locked intently with hers. Carefully, giving her a chance to pull away, I leant my head down to hers. I'd never done this before so i was hesitant at first but she only got closer. Stretching up on her tip-toes & not once taking her eyes away from mine her lips touched mine softly, like a feather. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode. Her luscious lips were smiling as she brought them back from mine, only millimetres away. I held her in my arms, never planning on letting go. I needed her. I pushed my lips down to hers with a sudden urge I had no name for. Her hands held around my neck, refusing to break. I picked her up off the ground, so I didn’t have to bend down so far, and her legs wrapped around my waist as my hands slid down her spine to her hips, making her shiver in temptation. Her hands tightened around me but it didn’t hurt, all I wanted was for her to hold me tighter. She sighed & her warm breath ventured down my throat. Everything she was doing just drove me more & more crazy. Her hands ran through my hair, drawing circles & swirls at the back of my neck unconsciously. We both stopped for the shortest second of breath but the next thing I knew was her again. Her lips moving with mine in a more needful way. It was amazing. She pulled away to breath but my lips never left her skin. I planted a trail of kisses along her jaw & down her neck & across her collarbone. Her head flopped back & a moan escaped her sweet lips quietly in pleasure. Hearing that, I couldn’t keep in the growl that grumbled deep from my chest. Her warm fingers brushed my cheek, bringing my lips back to hers. I kissed her gently, passionately but the feeling of lust still held inside us. We pulled back the slightest, our noses still touching. “You have no idea how happy I am to see you,” I murmured. She laughed; it was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. “Sorry I kept you waiting for so long,” she smirked. “I would wait forever for you if I knew you’d someday come back to me,” I whispered in her ear. “I will never make you wait again. I promise to never leave you, Jake.” She promised, her eyes holding mine with total seriousness. I just nodded & put her softly back down to the ground. She took my hand in hers as we walked, not having anywhere to go or anywhere to be. Time right now couldn’t bother us. “Nessie,” I paused, unable to speak when she stared at me with her gorgeous eyes. “I thought you wouldn’t be able to remember?” I made it a question. Her lips went into a thin line before she answered. “I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t remember, Jake. My memory did get… taken, I guess, but after the years I got it back. Turns out, mum & dad & the rest of them use to watch me, so they always kept me safe even though I never knew they were there. “Remembering came with a price though. Just a thought about you or my family sent pain through my head like it would just explode or something. Eventually, my body sort of healed itself. Enduring the pain worked instead of giving up. Now, all I needed was to drink blood – seeing how it’s key to my nature – and I don’t know how but everything’s all better. Alice hasn’t seen any complications in my future.” She finished. I took in her words one by one. Relief flooded through me when she said everything is ok. I didn’t care if Bella hid from me that she was watching Nessie, knew she was alright. The only thing that matters is that she’s here. “So, Alice can see you now?” I asked. Alice had never been able to see Nessie before. She nodded. “Soon enough Ali’s visions got used to me. She can see you too now.” I stopped walking & Nessie stepped in front of me, looking up to see my expression. “She can see me? So, she can see my pack too?” I glanced down at her, frowning. I didn’t know what to think of that. I always thought it was cool they couldn’t find any of our weaknesses. A grin spread across her face. Her hand went to touch my chest, it relaxed me a little but all she did was make my heart beat fasten. “Yes, she can see you & your pack.” Her eyes watched me, brows pulled in a worried frown. In an instant, all I wanted was to take that emotion off her face; I didn’t want her worrying about me, although it was kind of fascinating how she’d actually be worried about me. “Interesting. I never expected that.” I said. She laughed. “Life is full of surprises, Jake.” “Like you,” I whispered. She giggled. We began walking again. The beauty of the forest which surrounded us was nothing compared to how she looked.