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Rain Shadow

What if the Volturi never did decide on letting Nessie live or not? - Nessie must run, leaving everything & everyone she's ever known - it's the only way she thinks the Volturi will stay away from her family & just follow her. But when Nessie hears a stupid rumour while she's on the run about her family being dead all she wants is to forget. She finds the only vampire she's heard of & asks to have her memory erased of any memory she's ever had, including how to be herself, a half human-half vampire... Rated: Everyone. Contains of some coarse language. ONLY 5 REVIES, NAWW, COM' ON GUYS R&R, PLEASE **PUPPY DOG EYES** :)

Well, seeing how i'm new to this awesome site, I'm unsure if this story will even work or if you guys will even think It's good but anyway, here goes nothing... :)

3. School & the perfect new kids

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Once upon a time, there was...

Me. Yeah it wasn't always just me but it is now, now that the truth of not belonging had somehow found me. So my life is pretty interesting & definitely different. It's always full of random things & awesome excitements. But this is my story of not just me but the ones I love & the ones I mightn't.

 It's Friday, December 3rd - Last day of school this week.

 I kept on having the dreams again & every time they just felt so real. They were all different but somehow they were joined. The same people starred in them, I knew all the names of each person like I'd known them forever. Each dream was joined together, some frightening, some happy & loving. The pain hurt in my head near my temples. It was like a headache but it wasn't easy to erase. No medicine would work or anything; just forgetting, which was practically impossible.

Each time i remembered too much I would go crazy. My strength would double dramatically; I'd be able to run kilometres without getting tired or having to stop for water - like being on some weird high or something. The only thing that satisfied me when I was in that state was...... blood. That made me scared & horrified & even more disgusted. Never had I thirsted for blood. Except when I didn't eat enough food, because occasionally it never really eased my appetite, I always wanted more, but not of food. It made me feel horrible; monsterous. No one knows but me, about my ‘other' appetite & I don't plan on anyone else knowing. I wasn't going to tell anybody, no-one at all.

Things weren't normal. Not just now but it started 1 year ago. My body was growing taller & older but not in the normal human way. It was faster. I was starting to look like a teenage fashion model & my body wasn't working like a normal girl my age should. Things stopped & others started.

So, now I was on my way to school.



Right now, it wasn't what I wanted, but I have no choice. I can't wag & I can't fake sick - we have a language test today.  Plus, there's six new kids coming. None of them in my year, but still, the whole school is in that craze of ‘there's a new kid!' stage - why they're starting school here when the year's almost over, I don't know. It's contagious; everybody knows that, although today I honestly can't be bothered to care.

I'd prepared myself for today at school. I've tried really hard just walking around the house in a normal way, trying to play a little clumsy so my new ‘gracefulness' is completely unrecognizable. I think its working. My strength, well, I think I'm just going to have to deal with it, try not to touch things that are easily breakable, like humans.

I'm on the bus & it's an awfully depressing rainy day. My best-friend - Louie - she's at her mums this week so she's not catching my bus, but I'll see her when I get to school. She's the one person I have to keep myself from. The bad thing is that she notices everything. And when I say everything, I mean it. Also, she's smaller than me - much more fragile. I'm going to have to make no contact what-so-ever with her or anybody else.

The bus stopped & everyone jumped up quickly, all wanting to get off. I just rolled my eyes & stayed sitting down until someone was nice enough to stop & let me in front of them.

The school was in its gossip zone.

Running from the rain, I threw on my hoodie & ran to the office. I had two forms to hand in, they were both late. Even though I'm planning on leaving tonight, they don't know that so I couldn't let them suspect anything.

The office lady took my forms & I headed back out.

Puddles of rain were everywhere. Guys thinking they're so cool by jumping in them & making the girls scream when they got wet - typical, huh. Others were huddled up in their little groups, sharing each other's warmth.

I hate days like this; when it's raining my new too-perfect hearing picks up every drop of rain as it hits the pavement. It's like an endless rhythm of drums beating in my head.

My hands were full of the over-due books I needed to hand back in to the library & I also needed to grab that book I saw last time on Creative Arts, so that was my first stop. I had my two morning classes free today, I was going to use them to study for my language exam.

I walked into the library & sat my bag in the bag room, pulling out my wallet which had my library card inside. There were only a couple of students sitting at the computer desks but there was a group in particular who caught my eye - the new kids.

They were all pale - standing out amongst all of us Australians who live on the coast with our sun-kissed skin. They were beautiful, shockingly perfect. Each of their faces symmetrical & absolutely stunning. Each of them had their backs to me, faces tilted towards Ms James (the school's most favourite librarian) as she handed out books of every subject to them. They were definitely new; the school uniform they had looked like they'd just bought them this morning.

I had to consciously remind myself why I was here & I turned away my eyes from staring with a lot more difficulty than I expected.

I slid the over-due books onto the bench, but, with my clumsiness (or maybe it's just really bad luck) one of them fell from my grasp & landed on the carpet with a thud that seemed loud in the quiet library.

"Dammit," I mumbled under my breath & leant down to pick it up, my cheeks flushing pink.

Carefully, I put it back on the counter & turned around, hoping that my clumsiness wasn't noticed.

Unfortunately, to my embarrassment, it was - Ms James & new kids.

"Oh that's right, Sienna, you need that Creative Arts book you asked about the other day," Ms James said in her soft, delicate voice.

I nodded.

"I shall get it for you in just a moment, oh, and I'll grab that painting of yours. You forgot to take it to Ms Kneipp on Thursday." She said.

Ms James turned & spoke to the new kids once more before she hurried off into her office. I waited until she came back out, keeping my eyes from flickering over to the table where they sat.

"Here you go, dear." Ms James handed me my canvas painting & the book i needed. "You'll be in here again this morning?" She asked.

I nodded.

She smiled. "Wonderful, could you do me a favour then?"

I shrugged. "I guess so, what do you need?"

Her eyes shifted over to the new kids who weren't sitting down by the table anymore but stuffing their new books in their bags. Even those boring movements seemed to be graceful.

I could fully see them now.

There were 3 girls & 3 boys. Each of them couples. The rumour of how they were all apparently 'adopted' seemed to be true.

One girl had long wavy blonde hair that flowed all the way down to her waist. She was the 'tall & not too skinny' type - she could easily pass for a runway fashion model. She was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen.

The shortest of the 3 girls had short black hair that was stylishly put into a natural spiky do. She was petite & moved in a way that would make a professional ballerina jealous. Her eyes seemed to drift off accidently distracted by something as I looked.

The last one had curly brown hair. She was pale too & beautiful with curly long brown hair that she had put up in a ponytail. Out of all of them she seemed to be the one who tried to at least look slightly normal in her 'school uniform'.

Out of the guys there was one massive guy. He looked like an extreme weight lifter. His muscles were huge although not unattractively so. He had short curly hair & kept his arm around the blonde girls waist.

The one holding the small girls hand was tall & lean with wide shoulders & blonde curly hair. His teeth were a brilliant white just like his skin. He seemed to be focusing on something very important.

Lastly, the other boy stood by the 'slightly normal girl' with their fingers intertwined. He had curly bronze hair like mine & a muscular body. Each little move he took so did she, they were like magnets.

Every one of them had the same golden topaz eyes.

Ms James stifled a cough & I turned my head away to look at her. I must of been staring.... oops.

"I'm quite busy today so I won't possibly be able to help these lovely new students out this morning. So, seeing how you'll be here i just thought you'd be able to be here in case they needed help or something. You don't mind do you?" She raised a brow.

YES!!! I do mind. Have you not SEEN them? They're all PERFECT! Look at me compared to them, why would they need MY help?!?! "No, Ms James, I don't mind at all. But, I don't even know them." I bit my lip nervously; habit.

Ms James laughed. "No problem, dear. Let me introduce you to them."

I followed Ms James over to them quietly, forgetting about how I was supposed to be careful to walk 'normally' & keep my strength un-noticed.

"Sienna, I'd like you to meet the Cullen's. This is Edward," she pointed to the guy with bronze hair, "Bella," she was the 'slightly normal one' "Alice," she was the small one, "Jasper," he was the one holding Alice's hand, "Emmet," he was the massive muscular guy, "and Rosalie." She gestured towards the blonde one.

I smiled politely & nodded my head. "Hi," I greeted.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you," greeted Emmet, his deep voice somehow charming & eerily familiar.

"Nice to meet you guys too.

"Well, Sienna will be around here this morning, so if you need any help at all just find her, she knows this library better than I do," Ms James smiled proudly. "Good-luck on your first day. Sienna, any major problems let me know." Then she was gone, leaving me behind with the most perfect people I'd ever met & an annoying headache.

"You guys need any help right now?" I asked.

Alice shook her head. "Not now thank-you." She smiled a dazzling smile. I'd felt like I'd seen that before. I shook the thought out of my head.

"Well, er, just let me know if you need help, I'll just be around here, somewhere," I muttered & walked off.

I put my painting & wallet inside my bag. Finding an empty table to sit at I opened my Creative Arts book & began reading. Every minute that ticked by I found my headache losing. I was able to get around it now.

Until I was accompanied at my table by six stunningly gorgeous new kids that made my head buzz with visions.