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Rain Shadow

What if the Volturi never did decide on letting Nessie live or not? - Nessie must run, leaving everything & everyone she's ever known - it's the only way she thinks the Volturi will stay away from her family & just follow her. But when Nessie hears a stupid rumour while she's on the run about her family being dead all she wants is to forget. She finds the only vampire she's heard of & asks to have her memory erased of any memory she's ever had, including how to be herself, a half human-half vampire... Rated: Everyone. Contains of some coarse language. ONLY 5 REVIES, NAWW, COM' ON GUYS R&R, PLEASE **PUPPY DOG EYES** :)

Well, seeing how i'm new to this awesome site, I'm unsure if this story will even work or if you guys will even think It's good but anyway, here goes nothing... :)

5. Home

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Eventually it all came to a stand still. The visions, the pain, it all froze - leaving me sprawled across the forest floor, covered in dirt & sweat. When I opened my eyes everything was dark with only the faintest shimmer of the moon shining through the trees. Had it really been that long?!?! I can't believe I was out for such a long time, it's never taken that long before. I pushed myself off the ground, moaning when my shin protested. On my leg was one massive scratch which bled dark red blood. Underneath my fingernails were more blood - did I scratch myself or something? Ignoring the stupid cut, I stood up & brushed all the dirt off my clothes. My ipod, phone, wallet & journal - the only accessory things I couldn't live without - had fallen out of my bag. But where the hell was my bag? Picking my stuff up & shoving them in my pockets, not caring about my stupid school bag, I was going to turn & run home but I heard the snap of stick somewhere behind me. I stopped mid-stride, frozen in place. They were still here, their presence radiated around me along with their sweet scent. Turning around slowly, I came face to face with my long lost family, the Cullen's. All of them! My whole family! My real family! Mum was closest to me & dad was next to her holding her hand. Beside them was Jazz & Alice along with Rose & Emm who had my bag slung over his shoulder with a huge grin on his face. Esme & Carlisle stood by mum & dad. Each of them held a smile on their beautiful faces. They all looked exactly the same. I smiled & ran to mum. She caught me up in her arms & I wrapped my arms around her. Tears slid down my cheeks & onto her jumper. She smelt exactly the same as i remembered & she felt the same as the last time I touched her. Her cold skin didn’t worry me at all. It felt good to be in her arms once again in such a long time. “I love you mummy.” I whispered through the tears of both happiness & sadness. I didn’t know what else to say. It was just important that she know. “I love you Renesme,” she said in that perfectly instrumental voice that sounded in my memories. Her arms got looser around me & she let me go & put me back on my feet. I knew it was very difficult for her to make that one little move & share me. I looked to my daddy. He was smiling widely with his perfect god-like face shining at me. “I missed you so, so, so much dad,” I sobbed & he opened his arms for a hug. I cuddled into his chest & he kissed me on both cheeks & my forehead. Another couple of tears fell down my cheeks. “I missed you too Nessie.” He whispered in his musical voice that no man could ever create. I stepped over to Jasper at the same time he & Alice reached for me. Alice scooped me up in her little arms & I buried my face between her neck & shoulder. I was crying once again & my tears stained on her pink silk shirt. “Renesme Carlie Cullen, welcome back my beautiful girl, I missed you so much.” Alice cooed in my ear. I nodded in agreement. Jazz’s cool arms wound around us both & I felt happy & loved all of a sudden. I broke my head away from Alice’s beautiful inhuman scent to look at Jasper. “Hey, uncle Jazz,” I murmured & kissed him on the cheek as he smiled. “Hello my lovely niece,” Jazz said in a formal yet wonderful way. I giggled at the sound of me being his niece... their niece. Someone came from behind me & tickled me around my ribs. I laughed as Emm tickled me & picked me up & threw me into a tight bear hug. “Nessie, Nessie, Nessie, I’ve waited so long for this day to come.” He said in his booming voice. I chuckled against his shirt & rolled my eyes invisibly to everyone else but me. “Yeah, yeah, yeah... I love you too Uncle Emm, you big, big softy.” I muffled into his T-shirt & everyone laughed quietly. I pretended to mess up his hair with my hand & then someone’s cool lips pecked me on both cheeks. Emm put me down from his huge embrace & into another pair of cold arms. Rose kissed me on both cheeks again. “It’s so good to see you baby girl,” Rose mumbled into my hair. She was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen & I was stunned for a moment too long before i could speak again. “It’s good to see you too Aunty Rose,” I looked into her topaz eyes after she put me down. As I hugged every vampire in my family I realized none of them had changed one bit. They were all the same. Each one of them had a different scent to them but they were all sweet & icy, but they still had another fragrance that wasn’t the same. Grandpa opened his arms to me & I walked right into his embrace. “Hey Gramps, how’s it going?” I muffled into his shirt but he still heard me with perfect clarity. “Everything is more than perfect now your here my Renesme,” he spoke clearly & his voice rang in my ears like an un-forgetful melody. I still thought I was dreaming. Here I was surrounded by my family of angels & there was me half-asleep & clumsy. Dad laughed from my thoughts. “Half-asleep & clumsy, sounds just like your mother,” Dad joked. “Heyy,” mum budged dad in the ribs playfully but it turned out being a hug full of love between the both of them. I let go with difficulty from Gramps & turned to Grandma. Her arms opened & i slid into them. Her hands ran through my hair softly in a slow rhythm I recognized from a long time ago. The coldness of her skin didn’t send goose-bumps along my arms, although it felt good, like home.