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Rain Shadow

What if the Volturi never did decide on letting Nessie live or not? - Nessie must run, leaving everything & everyone she's ever known - it's the only way she thinks the Volturi will stay away from her family & just follow her. But when Nessie hears a stupid rumour while she's on the run about her family being dead all she wants is to forget. She finds the only vampire she's heard of & asks to have her memory erased of any memory she's ever had, including how to be herself, a half human-half vampire... Rated: Everyone. Contains of some coarse language. ONLY 5 REVIES, NAWW, COM' ON GUYS R&R, PLEASE **PUPPY DOG EYES** :)

Well, seeing how i'm new to this awesome site, I'm unsure if this story will even work or if you guys will even think It's good but anyway, here goes nothing... :)

8. Sweet sweet Home

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I was startled wake, opening my eyes to the quiet rumble of the plane motors & people sitting in seats completely bored. I lay across mum & dads legs on the 3 seater side of the plane. My hand rested on my mother’s cheek & she looked down to me with an unreadable expression. I glanced at dad, the same emotionless expression on his features. They both saw what happened in my dream. A tear slipped from the corner of my eye. “Nessie, it’s ok, everything is going to be ok,” Mum said, her hand brushing my hair back from my clammy forehead. I nodded, believing her words. My family & I are together now, nothing bad will happen ever again. “How much longer now,” I whined childishly. “Only twenty minutes, Nessie,” Alice grinned down on me as she leaned over the seat behind us. I laughed at how hyper-pixie-ish she looked. Alice giggled along. “Just close your eyes baby girl, we’ll be home before you know it,” Rose’s sweet voice chimed. I obeyed, closing my eyes & falling back to sleep. Outside the airport it was raining heavily. Taxis were pulled up as close to the shelter as they could get & people clenching their umbrellas tightly so they wouldn’t blow away with the wind. Mum sighed like she expected this weather completely. Dad chuckled. Two hands grabbed my waist & all of a sudden I was on Emmet’s back. He laughed when mum pouted & I rolled my eyes. Rose opened up a pink umbrella & held it over the three of us. “Com’ on, I know we’re the perfect one is,” Alice smiled. I frowned, questioning. What was she talking about? We walked around the parking lot full of different vehicles such as cars, vans, motorbike, etcetera. Dad stopped beside a brilliant black Hummer H4. My mouth popped open like a fish as I stared at the monster. Emmet whistled. Dad slipped his hand under the handle & with the slightest vampire strength he opened the door. One day, he’ll totally have to teach me that! I was completely amazed. I mean, wasn’t the alarm thing supposed to go off? Dad jumped in the driver’s side. “You guys wanna ride?” He smiled wickedly. Mum giggled & ran to the passenger seat. “Could you not pick a car anymore obvious, Dad?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. He winked at me. Esme nodded at me, shrugging. She looked so used to all this. Me, well, I don’t think I’d ever be, but I don’t think I want to, I liked enjoying everything with my family all the time. I slid of Emm’s back, my shoes splashing in a puddle on the pavement. “Will we all fit?” “Unfortunately, no. That’s why mum & dad are taking that car.” Rose pointed to the other car next to the hummer. A silver Aston Martin glimmered in the rain as it just sat there perfectly. Again, I swear my eyes popped straight out of my head. “You’ve gotta be kidding me?!” Carlisle laughed at my expression. “It’s all part of being a Cullen, darling girl.” He said as he & Esme climbed in the piece of art they called a car. I smiled. I was a Cullen. Cullen!!! Renesme Carlie Cullen. “Ladies first, Princess” Jazz murmured; opening the side door for me. I grinned & jumped in. The interior of the car was black; it had eight black leather seats & an awesome stereo/radio. Plus all the other cool car stuff. Jazz jumped into the seat next to me & Emm was on my other side. Even though I was totally squished between them both I honestly couldn’t be more comfortable or happier. The trip to Forks only took an hour but to me it just felt like ten minutes. There wasn’t one awkward silence at all. It was just continuous talking all the way home. We talked about what really happened after I ran. It ended up as the Volturi giving up even before they tried putting up a fight. Renzo… Well, turns out he wasn’t all what he said he was to me. He used to be part of the Volturi but they got rid of him when they realized he was playing with their minds all the time. No one had seen him in centuries, but ever since he toyed with my memory he’d made frequent visits with the Volturi, each time he cut closer to them finally getting him & giving Renzo his final death sentence. Part of me was absolutely infuriated that Renzo had lied to me & taken my memories – even though his gift hadn’t really worked seeing how everything took, I now have gotten them all back. But the other part of me felt sorry for him. He was part of the Volturi, he was one of the once four of the Volturi. Millenniums ago it was only Caius, Marcus, Aro & Renzo – he was there, the very first time, he was their brother & all they did was banish him. Renzo couldn’t help it though, he had no idea how to control his gift – and I doubt if he even knows now – and they got rid of him. It was kinda sad. “You can’t change the past Renesme,” Dad said, looking me in the eye through the rear-view mirror. I nodded, I knew all too well about not being able to change the past. I looked out the window as we turned off onto our old familiar drive. Everything looked just the way i remembered it to be just a little over-grown. The same house stood in the forest of never ending trees. Lights flickered in rooms & blurring bodies spun around to the front door. I couldn’t believe that it was still here, still, the same, still beautiful, and still home!!! “Am I dreaming?” I gasped as I scrambled out behind Jazz; my eyes wide & my smile dumb-founded. Dad chuckled & mum hugged me softly. “Welcome home Nessie,” they both cooed in unison. I smiled at them & the house itself. Childhood memories flashed across my eyes. I saw me as a small toddler in Rose’s arms at the bottom of the stairs. Jake was sitting uncomfortably but still absorbed by something - I thought it was me but wasn’t sure. Rose held a bottle that looked very appealing to me & I knew exactly what it was... blood. Both Jake & Rose were fighting over who was feeding me next. Home! I ran straight up the stairs; taking those two at a time. I was aware of my family following behind me. The house was lighted nicely & it was warm inside. The lounge room was to my right & the garage to my left. As expected, the staircase was in front of me. I ran up those too. The open room with dad’s piano sat there freely & classical looking. Ignoring everything I walked over & sat on the seat next to it. I toyed with the keys but not hard enough for them to play. The slightest layer of dust sat on top. Dad sat next to me. His cold white hands covered mine & together we played a song for the eyes that watched us.