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Rain Shadow

What if the Volturi never did decide on letting Nessie live or not? - Nessie must run, leaving everything & everyone she's ever known - it's the only way she thinks the Volturi will stay away from her family & just follow her. But when Nessie hears a stupid rumour while she's on the run about her family being dead all she wants is to forget. She finds the only vampire she's heard of & asks to have her memory erased of any memory she's ever had, including how to be herself, a half human-half vampire... Rated: Everyone. Contains of some coarse language. ONLY 5 REVIES, NAWW, COM' ON GUYS R&R, PLEASE **PUPPY DOG EYES** :)

Well, seeing how i'm new to this awesome site, I'm unsure if this story will even work or if you guys will even think It's good but anyway, here goes nothing... :)

9. PS3 games & spaghetti Bologneise

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The last piano cord was the only thing filling the silence around us, although it wasn’t awkward. The golden eyes on me made me want to look up, so I did. Most of the obvious emotion in their eyes was shock but they also seemed used to it. From their angel-like faces & the expressions they held, I felt warmth & happiness. The only thing I could come up with was a smile & unfortunately for my mum’s genes i couldn’t help from blushing. I coughed; a reflex reaction from being embarrassed with their frozen smiling statues that only showed they were real from their twinkling eyes. Emm was first to jump out of his surprise. “Oh, you’re amazing,” He sped through the air, picked me up off the seat & cuddled me proudly. “You got that right,” Jazz nodded up & down, still in a daze. I giggled & then blushed a lot more. My face felt heated & I hid it away, leaning into Emm’s shoulder. His cool skin wiped it all away. Alice laughed, along with mum. “You’re just like your mother Renesme,” she complimented enthusiastically. I felt a shiver of surprise & something... different? “You know for the first time in my life, I actually feel good about that,” I admitted softly. I was so full of warmth that I could jump up & down & just yell with joy. Dad heard my thought. “I feel the exact same way,” dad agreed with me. I giggled... again. “So, who’s in what room?” I wondered randomly, looking up to Esme – she was the mum of the house, right. “Umm, well i guess we’ve just moved back, so none of the old rooms belong to the same people.” She thought aloud. “First person in the room get’s it,” Ali called, already half-way up the stairs with Jazz right on her heels. Everyone was up, after her, all blurring up the stairs in streams of colours. In a flash, so fast I hardly felt it, I was back on the piano seat & dad had skipped pretty much everyone climbing the stairs. Not even an entire second had past. I couldn’t even get up & join the ‘room hunting’ because here I sat staring after them – well where they were anyway – in a big bubble of warmth that just wouldn’t let me move. “No, I got it first!” “No you didn’t, I did!” “Guys, chill!” My favourite Aunts and Uncles yelled at each other. I wasn’t the only one that laughed but I got up quickly & bolted up the stairs. I reached the second story & their bickering stopped. Ali seemed to be in the middle of it & she broke out of it as soon as she saw me. “I can’t wait to show you your room,” Ali squealed. I raised my brow. “I didn’t think I was fast enough,” I pointed out. “No silly, you weren’t but you’re getting your dad’s old room anyway, it has the best view & Rose, Esme & I have already got all your things that you brought & everything else set up in there. Oh. By the way, we’re going shopping tomorrow to buy you a full wardrobe of the latest winter fashion!” She said excitedly. We were headed up the next set of stairs onto the third story. My room was at the end of the hall & the smallest. But when I say small i mean seriously big –for me it was anyway – because it was the smallest out of every bed-room in the house which meant the other’s rooms were massive. She giggled happily. I knew Ali liked this stuff, ever since I was born she’d bought clothes & done up my room all the time. Now we reached a closed white door with a silver door handle. Ali clutched the door handle & pushed it open. She immediately clapped her hands over my eyes & stepped through with me in front of her. The room smelt wonderful. Frangipani’s & hibiscus scented air blew around me. The carpet felt fluffy on my bare feet & I really wanted to see my new room. “Ok, ready?” Ali asked with a squeal & jumped up & down. I giggled. “Yes,” I replied in a voice a little softer than a yell. Her hands trailed off my face & left the room in front of me. Whoa. My room had the walls painted a glossy white & had a shelf of books taking a whole wall. In fact only two walls were white. One was just a huge window giving a perfect view of the river & the Olympic mountain’s looked so much closer. A bed was leaning against the glass window & had a beautiful aqua blue blanket over it with flowers & another metallic material stitched over it. There was a glittery canopy hanging over the bed too. Sitting on the bunch of pillows was something I remembered. It was a teddy bear that Charlie had given me on my first Christmas. I never had the chance to name him but he was still the same fluffy white bear in my memory. Like Alice had said, my cupboard was empty apart from the couple of clothes I’ brought with me. It was massive! You couldn’t really call it a cupboard though, more like a walk-in wardrobe almost as big as my room itself. A part of me was excited to see it filled with awesome designer clothes but the other part of me dreaded the fact that I’d be dragged around a shopping mall from dusk to dawn. A desk was near the wardrobe door & it had an Imac computer sitting on top with photo’s & stationary. “Alice it’s brilliant, I adore it,” I spoke wide-eyed & flopped onto my bed. “We’re glad you like it dear,” Esme’s voice was close to me. I didn’t even jump with the sound of her voice. I must’ve been already used to it, and that made me feel comfortable. “How can she not like it mum, we made it,” Rose chimed gladly. I giggled. “I couldn’t agree more,” I agreed with them simply. My first night at home Emmet, Carlisle, Esme & Rose insisted on cooking me dinner. I let them do what they wanted to cook me & watched them order around in the kitchen. I sat on the bench smiling at them. I never thought that because they’d hardly ever cooked anything in their lives that they wouldn’t be so knowledgeable about it. To me it was quite funny watching them frown at the instructions on how to cook whatever the recipe told them. They never asked me for my help & i never offered it, in fact I was just enjoying myself too much to think twice about offering. “Does it smell good to you baby?” Emm asked me, pointing to the pasta he was cooking on the stove. I took a whiff & it was definitely delicious. The smell of spaghetti bolognaise filled my nostrils. “You bet it does,” I grin. He smiles at himself & walks/blurs his way up to where I sit, his face in front of mine. I grin wider & wrap my arms around him. His strong, muscly arms envelope me as he drags me off the bench easily. He held me in his arms like a baby & walked out of the kitchen to the dining room. Emm sat me down in a seat at the table that, when I was little, I remember it as being my seat. In seconds Jazz & Alice were sitting at the table with me. “So Ness, what do you wanna do after dinner? Watch me kick Emm’s ass on the PS3?” Jazz asked eagerly. I chuckle. “Yeah of course I will. But don’t I get to play too?” I raise my brows. “Yeah definitely, I want the chance to show my favourite little niece just who’s the best at playing 'Tokyo Drift'.” Jazz answered more than excited. I shake my head. “You are so on!” “What’s the bet?” Dad asks as he & mum stroll through & take a seat at the table even though they weren’t gonna eat. “I think our bro here just took a bet with Nessie, already.” Emm comes back in with Rose on his heels. After flogging Jazz’s ass twice in two races & then Dad once, I was beginning to become quite tired. I sorta tied against Emm but he still thinks he won, just because i had the motorbike & he had the monster truck. I was lying on mum’s lap with a soft blankie over me & dad’s arms around the both of us. I felt so at home & so together there was just no way to explain it properly. Emm had my legs across his knees & was ‘pretend’ snoring his head off & it made me smile. Jazz was still racing Rose – their fingers never stopped moving on the controls. I didn’t want to go to sleep but the more I held my eyes open the more energy it stole from me. My first night & I was already annoyed of being the only one in my family to sleep… great. I gave in & drifted off to the feel of my dad’s finger playing with the ringlets in my hair, my mum rubbing my back & my uncle’s hand resting on my shin.