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Past Comes to Future

Bella has a horrible secret. Will the player Edward bring it out of her or is it too much for her to handle?

This story is also posted on fanfiction.net on my account so don't freak out if you see it. Email me from both accounts if you don't believe me so that there is no misconception.

1. Chapter 1

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I don't understand how all the nerds want to be a somebody. In truth, nerds are like everyone else, but they are put down by the "snobs" of this world. Of course, now I know that.

I, Isabella Marie Swan, am not afraid of being on the bottom of some high school list. Sure people will tease me about it, but I am a girl who tries her best to endure things and keep myself strong for my sake.

I'm no typical teenager. I'm practically raising my family from ashes. I have a little sister, Kiara, and she means the whole world to me. Then, there is my dad. Me and my sis moved here to Forks almost a year ago after my mom's terrible death. He hasn't ever gotten over her and from then on, it was just glum days without noticing he had children living here.

I blame myself for my mom's death. It's a little hard to tell Kaylie why mommy passed away so young. Renee was fun, loving, and a little on the crazy side in a good way. No one as lovable should ever leave the world. My dad and I are the only ones that knew what happened besides the police investigators, but we decided to keep that private. You see, I feel like I practically killed my own mom.

My dad keeps saying it's not my fault, but the way he looks at me every day tells me otherwise.

Crying interrupted my thoughts. Kiara. I went upstairs to the room. Kiara was only three years old and usually when she cries, it means she had a nightmare. Kiara looks nothing like me at all. She has Renee's light brown hair, while I have Charlie's dark brown hair; I have pale midnight skin, while Kiara is beautifully sun tanned.

People, teens in particular, would hate to share things, but when realization hits, you want everything to do with the that person.

"What's wrong, baby," I asked picking her up from the bed. Her eyes were a little puffy from crying and it hurt every time I saw her pain, even if it was as simple as a nightmare.

"I had a bad dream," she whined. I wiped away the tear that came out of her eye and rubbed her back. I looked at the clock. Five thirty in the morning.

"How about a little SpongeBob to cheer you up?" I tickled her in the stomach. She squealed with delight and I took that as a yes. I turned to the re-run of SpongeBob the Movie and went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Let's see, let's see. Mini chocolate chip pancakes for Kaylie, omelet and bacon for dad, and waffles with strawberries for me.

Just as I was sliding everything onto the plates, Charlie came in with a giggling Kiara.

"Good morning, dad." I smiled at him and set the food on the table.

"Morning, Bella. Look sissy made you pancakes Kara." Of course, we all had nicknames for each other. I was Bells, Kiara was Kara(my dad's nickname) or Arie(my nickname for her), and Charlie was the typical dad and daddy.

"Hey, Bells, your going to get transferred to another doctor today, just for a heads up," Charlie said with a mouthful of eggs. After school, I work as an assistant at the hospital. I wanted to be a pediatrician when I grew up and plus Arie went there for day care.

"Why?" I mean I liked working with Dr. Textler. She was a girl adult that I can talk to when I needed help with something.

"Well you've been working with her for a couple of months now, and the staff wants her to have another assistant," he said. Another assistant? Then who will I be with? Charlie saw the worried look on my face and continued.

"You're going to be working with Dr. Cullen. They've been saying that he needs an assistant since he's so busy helping around the hospital. I don't know what kind of work your doing exactly, but I guess you'll find out today," He finished and started to clean off his dishes.

Great. I had to work with Dr. Cullen, the guy we are lucky to have here since he is so brilliant. I've been told that he was nothing like Edward, his son, but more like Alice, his daughter, with a great personality.

I started getting ready for school, picking out what color I should wear. Like many schools, we had to wear uniform. The tops were yellow, black, white, and navy blue collared shirts. Undershirts had to be school colors too. Bottoms were absolutely no blue jeans, but you can still wear black and white jeans if you wanted. Khakis were most recommended, but no one here really likes wearing it.

"Sissy, you shouwd wear these," Kiara pointed to some white pants that I never even dreamt of wearing, but to make her happy, I would wear it. Arie ended up picking my whole entire outfit. I had to admit, girl had some good taste.

"No, no, no, leave it not button at top bwella," she scolded. Sheesh, for a three year old, she is really commanding. I was wearing white jeans and my black DCs; I had a white undershirt on with a button up collared yellow shirt, along with a belt just under my breasts. The top buttons that were undone made me feel a little uncomfortable. I was showing a little of my cleavage. In the past I wouldn't have cared, but now I do.

"So why are you making me dress like this," I questioned as I put on her sunshine carebear shirt and blue jeans.

"Becwause I met this guy and he says he likes you," she said timidly.

"Oh yeah, what's his name?"

"Edward," She said. I stopped. Edward, the player? No, that can't be true. I hate guys like him and he would never get to me, no matter how good looking he is. I have a tendency to stay away from guys like him now. Something really tragic can happen if you went out with one of those types of guys.

"Ok, were all ready. Let's go." I picked her up and headed towards the car. With the money Renee gave Charlie, he bought me a Highlander Toyota Hybrid. He was going to give me a old, red Chevy truck, but it wouldn't be good for Kiara's safety.

I drove up to the hospital and dropped off Kiara before heading to school. When I got to school, the parking lot was packed. Ugh. Now it was going to be hard to find a parking spot. I found one that was a long walk to the school, but hey, I was getting my exercise. I pulled on my jacket and walked slowly. If I went fast at all, I would slip. That would be no good when my pants look like I crapped in it.

"BOO!" Angela jumped out from behind her car.

"Holy Shit, Angela! What the hell was that for," I demanded.

"Just wanted to greet my best friend in the whole world," she answered sweetly. I may take that from Arie, but nowhere in hell what I take that from her.

"Angela, that's not funny. Stop laughing," I commanded.

"Ok your royal highness, chill." She slapped me on the shoulder, " so what's up with the outfit?"

"Kiara forced me to where it," I said.

"Don't you think that it's a little ironic that your three year old sister dresses you?"

"No, it was only for today." Just as we walked in, the head cheerleader, Lauren Mallory tripped me.

"Whoops, my bad." She turned around and strutted away.

"Are you ok," Angela asked, glaring at the back of the bitch. I nodded. During these times, I was glad to have Angela as a friend. Unlike other people, she cared about me. That's the cool part about her.

"Are you ok?" Alice and Rosalie ran up to me.

"Yes, I'm kind of used to it already," I reassured them. Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale were also one of my best friends. They were like Angela and me except a lot more popular.

The first couple of classes went by fast, therefore, now I had to suffer lunch. I don't get why some people are so cruel. Even though I've experienced being at the top of everyone, I didn't know how to answer that question. I spotted Angela being pushed around in the lunch line. Before I could remember who I was, part of my old instincts kicked in. I walked up to Jessica and her 'players' that followed her around because of sex. That included the arrogant Edward Cullen, Tyler Crowly, Mike Newton, and whole lot of others.

"Girl you better back off," I growled at her.

"Or else what, Swan, you'll get your dad after me?" So much anger built up and it went into the hard slap I gave her.

"Bitch, shut up, just because you're a rich whore, doesn't mean you have to pick on others. The only thing you can pick on is the small dicks that pleasure you every night," I yelled. Jessica ran away, crying like that baby she is, with a huge red mark attached to her face.

I grabbed Angela, making sure she was ok. "The skank didn't hurt you, did she?" She just shook her head and smiled. Once we were sitting down and eating, we made small talk.

"Geez, Bella, you didn't have to go that far. Now the whole school knows the other side of your personality."

"Well, I'm not going to stand around and act like nothing was happening," I said.

"It's ok, people as deficient as her don't even know what they are doing until it comes back and bites them in the ass." Angela was correct on that. The warning bell rang and we departed ways. Ugh, even though I loved Biology, I couldn't stand the fact that Edward Cullen was my partner. Yes, the freak that had a lovely sister. I wonder where he got his huge ego from.

"You know Lauren is going to get you back from hurting one of her girls, right." I ignored the velvet voice that was making conversation with me. "Ok go ahead and ignore me and by the way, I where large size condoms unlike the rest."

"Yeah, keep taking those steroids and they will finally blow up. You will be a girl again. Whoohoo," I said sarcastically.

"You know what Swan, some day you're going to be wanting me," He put his nose up in the air. Yep, there's nothing wrong about that. Maybe he was born a chick.

"Just to tell you, I hope you will die along with your sanity," I told him and then started paying attention to what the teacher was saying.

"Bwella, look look, it's Bwella," Kiara exclaimed, running towards me. I lifted her up in the air and gave her a hug.

"How is my little Arie," I asked in a baby voice.

"Goodie, Dwotor Cullen took care of me to-day," She said pointing to a man with blond her and hazel eyes. I walked over to him. So this is who I had to work for. Man, Alice's dad was hot. Stop it, Bella that's gross.

"Stop checking out my dad, would you." Edward went to stand right next to Dr. Cullen.

"Hey son, ahh you must be Isabella Swan?" He raised an eyebrow up. I nodded, holding out my hand.

"Little Miss Kiara wouldn't stop talking about you. She really looks up to you," He told me. I heard Edward snort and Dr. Cullen eyed him.

"Sorry about Edward," he apologized.

"Don't worry Dr. Cullen, I've gotten used to it," I replied.

"Please, call me Carlisle. Shall we get started?" I nodded and put Kiara down.

Carlisle had me work with Edward all day. Apparently Edward loved children too, but I don't think that that was the truth at all. He had us filling out some paper work and periodically, I would help Angela with feeding the babies in the daycare. Did I tell you that Angela worked with me? She was a babysitter part time and the kids adored her.

Working with Edward got really annoying. He liked to tap his pen every second and to top it off, he snorted a lot.

"Would you stop that," I shouted. I know he's my boss's son, but I just couldn't control myself anymore. "Just because you think you are a ringmaster, it doesn't mean you have the right to annoy me to death."

"Seriously, Bella, who uses those words. You should stop being a smart ass and stop using words like sanity or ringmaster." He retorted. Was there something wrong with him? Yes, yes there was. I looked up at the clock and decided it was time to leave. I quickly thanked Angela and went home. I didn't want any more crap going on today.

After dinner, I went to sleep with Kiara at my side.

Now that I think about it, this was a really bad idea to start of the week.