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Winter Solstice

Maggie gets Kidnapped (sort of) meets the man of her dreams, gets married and turned into a Vampire, all before a huge fight with the Volturi and the Romanians and all in about a week. All your favorite Twilight Characters are in this one, though some may take a while to show up. Spoiler, post BD.


2. Chapter 2: Death

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As I woke the next morning and inspected all my apendages to see that they were still attached, I was pleasantly surprised. Drifting downstairs to the smell of breakfast, I found the Vampire infestation was thriving and multiplying. The newest male was a tall blond, he had similar gold eyes that were constantly surveying me. All of his muscles, small though they were and barely noticeable beneathe his blue sweater, were all tensed and lean, refined, one might say.

He was quite handsome, though only the second most attractive man in the room. Come to think of it, there were only two men in the room that I found attractive at all. He walked over and held out his hand to me, then gently kissed mine with the manners of a perfect gentleman. "You must be Maggie."

I nodded, smiling. "And you're Jasper, pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure's all mine," he replied, then gestured to the table. "Breakfast? We all pitched in."

"Thanks," I said nervously, then looked around the room. Edward was leaning against the wall, lounging was a better word I suppose. Alice pranced from the doorway leading back into the living room over to Jasper and kissed him on the cheek. Carlisle was doing dishes a ways away and facing away from me. I ate the omlette slowly, just praying it wasn't poisoned. When the omlette was no longer looking appetizing I walked over to the sink just as Alice and Jasper exited the room together.

"Can I help you?" I asked cheerfully, directing the question at Carlisle.

"Sure." He nodded towards the adjoining side of the sink where the soapy dishes were piling up.

I silently began to rinse and dry the different pots and plates, then stacked them on the counter. "So..." I began nervously. "Vampires..." I bit my lip and then blurted out "That's harsh."

He smiled, and I nearly melted into a puddle right there beside him. "You want to know about Vampires, of course."


"The transformation is very painful, it's the most clear experience we have of our lives. Everything else fades with time, and becomes just a vague memory."

I felt my stomach constrict oddly at the look on his face. He looked so lonely. I looked away, back into the sink and said "You live forever, if you want to, but is there a way you can die?"

"We have to be torn to pieces, and burned."

My eyes shot open wider and I stuttered absentmindedly "Do you- they- the Vampires have to be torn apart, or can they be burned whole?"

"Theoretically, if a Vampire stood willingly in the flames, they would still burn, but there is no way to incapasate one of us."

"You don't sleep?"


"And you feed from animals."

"By choice."

"To be turned...?"

"One would only have to be bitten."

I winced at the thought of being bitten. "Do um-" I began, then laughed and raised one hand to cover my mouth in an attempt to stop. "Do you have fangs?" I managed to get out through my laughter.

"No," Carlisle said with a smile. "Does that dissappoint you?"

"Well, the bite would probably hurt less if you did, not to mention the whole iconic image of Vampires is based on fangs. I must say I feel jipped." He chuckled, and I turned back to the dishes. "Yeah, laugh at me, that's just great," I mumbled, then looked over at him and added "Why are you laughing? You're the so-called-Vampire that has no fangs."

"True, I have no fangs, but-"

"-Don't," Edward called awkwardly from the other side of the room. "Finish that thought, I beg of you."

Carlisle outright laughed, and the perfect sound of it was enough to force a smile onto my face. "I wasn't going to say what -I assume- you thought I was."

"Sure," Edward replied sarcastically, then nodded to us and strode over to the table, where he sat, cracking open a book. Carlisle didn't finish his sentence, but he was still smiling. I admired him silently, biting my lip again. It was as if he was a statue, carved by angels, and kissed by the moon. Like he should be in an art museum, and yet, I knew no sculptor could create something as incredible. He was absolutely perfect, the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. God, he was so out of my league.

"That was very poetic," Edward declared, looking at me.

"What?" I asked, turning to speak with him.

"A statue, carved by angels and kissed by the moon."

"Oh... mind reader... right," I stated, letting my head hang and lifting it to glare at him threateningly. I was tempted to think something about not saying anything, but I just bashfully turned back to the sink and the last of the dishes. When I looked over at Carlisle he spun and fumbled for a towel on the counter to his left.

Edward rolled his eyes then stood, and, making his way for the living room, he said boldly "The lack of self esteem in this room is quite depressing."

Carlisle and I simultaneously looked at each other, than both of us turned away and took a deep breath.

"I have some work to-"

"I think I'll go for a-"

We spoke at the same time, and then stopped, and gazed at each other. I let out a one syllable laugh, and he smiled, then turned and went into the living room. I spun and walked out the door, stepping onto the porch, then across the short lawn and into the trees. Things were so beautiful here, the dense fog hung through the tall pine trees as I walked. The ground was sprittsed with dew that glittered in the dim light.

Taking a deep breath, I jogged a little deeper into the forest, then felt a sudden pressure on my chest. Stopping, I raised my hand and felt my heartbeat, irregularly pounding. As my next breath struggled through my throat I fell to my knees, then forward onto one hand with my other clutching my throat. My lungs labored for air as my world began to dim, first with little spots, and finally plunging into unforgiving darkness.

My chest was forced to inflate what must've been only seconds later, and as I came to I felt a pair of very hot lips on mine. They were sweet, but at the same time musty, like wood burning on a fire. I sighed heavily as I felt something cold touch the back of my neck, and I was lifted onto what felt like a shaggy rug. A shaggy rug that smelt like wet dog.

Next thing I knew, I was slid off the rug and landed in a pair of ice cold arms. Even while I was surrounded by darkness, I pushed my cheek flat against the cool chest and then sank back into a pond of cold water.

My breathing seemed to be returning, seeing as my chest was moving up and down with hypnotic rhythm. But I wasn't breathing, a machine was doing that for me. I opened my eyes slowly and then tried to straighten when I found a skinny, tan, face pressed only inches from mine. His black hair hung in his eyes as he pulled away, then called "Hey Doc! She's awake!"

As the boy ducked away I realized I was in the Cullen house again, and managed to roll my eyes. There was a respirator shoved down my throat, and Carlisle strode quickly over to me, shined a bright light in my eyes, then said "Maggie, do you know where you are?"

I nodded, then looked around. The boy sat on a nearby couch and leaned over the edge, looking at me with morbid fascination.

"You've just experienced septic shock and respiratory failure, Seth Clearwater-" the boy raised his hand proudly "-Just saved your life. Then he said gently "You have to be turned immediately."

My eyes shot open, and I looked around wildly just as Alice skipped into the room and haulted by my bedside. But what was wrong with me?

Carlisle held up one finger, as if to stop me from speaking. "I believe you have Legionnaires Disease, caused by a bacteria called Legionella. Cases are rarely this bad, but in a severe instance such as this, it can be fatal."

No one spoke for a few really long seconds, and I wondered what was with the silence. Then Edward walked down the stairs and came to stand by me. "Who do you want to do it? I'm sure Alice or myself would be capable, but Carlisle has more experience-"

I winced, contemplating the many perky, young, beautiful women he might have sank his teeth into. Experience, that was what they were calling it these days? Edward laughed lightly, then smirked at me. "So? Who's it going to be?"

Well, practice make perfect I guess. Edward nudged Carlisle, who walked over with an apologetic look, then swiftly bent, knocking a few stray strands of long, black hair away from my collar bone, and bit down on the left side of my neck.