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Try Outs

New Chapter When the jocks at Forks High School start getting on their nerves, the Cullen boys decide it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine. ***Some Eclipse References*** Completed for now, but I may add more if inspiration strikes. I've redone CH 1 par all my reviewers who caught Edward's slipup. Sorry 'bout that.

OK, this is my first one. The timing is kind of tricky, set in the spring of Twilight, but without the whole Bella kidnapping.

1. Chapter 1

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With only two minutes left until the bell rang to signal the start of Biology, Bella still hadn’t shown. I was beginning to get nervous. Bella was never late, and her oh-so-human fragility combined with her lovable clumsiness left the situation far to ‘open-to-interpretation’ for my liking. Annoyed that I couldn’t search for her mind directly, I eased through the tangled webs around me until I felt the familiar presence of another.

Of course, I couldn't talk to her telepathically, but Alice's gift, combined with Jasper's was a help. I was sure that he could feel the anxiety radiating off me, and by deciding now to ask Alice between periods if she knew where Bella was, she saw it in a vision.

I felt her focus shift, and I knew that she had seen my question.

I waited, albeit impatiently, for her reply. Even though she was too far away for me to see her visions, I knew she was looking for Bella.

‘She’s coming,’ Alice thought, ‘but she’s going to be late.’

I sighed aloud with relief. Jasper would feel my thanks, and project it to Alice. It was a complicated system, but it worked.

Alice didn’t respond, but broke the connection just as the bell screamed in my hypersensitive ears. Bella was late.

“Alright class,” Mr. Banner called, “take out your notes and open your books to page…”

He never got to finish because the door blew open, the ever-present wind and rain of Forks blowing in, bringing Bella with them. I smiled as her scent was carried to me, wet and annoyed, but nothing too serious.

“You’re late Miss Swan,” Mr. Banner complained in a voice that almost whined. “I’m afraid I’ll see you in detention this afternoon.”

“But Mr. Banner…” she started to protest.

“Please take your seat,” he said, waving his hand impatiently.

As Bella blushed and came to sit next to me, I browsed through Mr. Banner’s thoughts. I felt that the detention seemed harsh for Bella’s first offense, though I may have been a little biased. The usually mundane Banner was quite agitated, overly occupied with the absences of three other students; Bradley, Justin, and Cole, a trio of inconsequential, unintelligent jocks, who I hadn’t even missed before Bella had emerged.

“What’s wrong beautiful?” I whispered, turning to Bella when I realized that she was growing angrier, not calming down.

“When I finally found a parking space,” she began vehemently, “I had to walk all the way over here in the pouring rain, then I got stuck in the hall with all those stupid boys! Apparently baseball players get to have meetings during class and block up the halls!”

“Easy Bella, you’re spitting nails.” I commented, taking her hand in mine. I could hear her heartbeat quicken as I stroked her palm with my thumb, but she was calming down. “Anyway, I thought you liked baseball.” I pulled on a pouty face, feigning hurt feelings.

“I love watching you play,” she said, leaning against me. “I love watching you do anything.”

“Okay, now that we’re paying attention,” Banner cut in, “let’s turn to page…”

Once again he was interrupted by the door crashing open, and the loud, boisterous arrival of the last three missing students.

“Boys,” he said above their laughing and high-fives, “you’re late.”

“Stick ’em,” Bella muttered angrily.

“Is that them?” I asked quietly. She nodded and I turned my gaze back to the offenders.

“Do you have a pass?” Banner asked them impatiently.

“Umm, no. Sorry Mr. B,” Cole answered him, in a voice that wasn’t apologetic. “We don’t.”

“Well then, I’ll see you in deten…”

“But Mr. B,” Cole broke in, “we had a meeting. Mandatory. Ask coach!”

“Very well,” Mr. Banner said, biting off each word. He had been slighted more today than he ever had before in this class, and it showed. I could feel the anger rolling off him in waves. He was pissed. “Sit down.”

I quickly perused Justin, Brad, and Cole’s thoughts, which centered on the upcoming try-outs. They managed to keep them at the front of their minds for the entire period, though I noticed that the mound of homework assigned by Mr. Banner had several other people fuming, including Bella.

Discreetly writing at super-speed, and having known the answers from previous classes exactly like this one, I finished in minutes.

“Want me to do yours,” I asked Bella quietly, as Mr. Banner cruised the aisles between desks, looking for cheaters. It wouldn’t hurt, since Bella knew the answers already too from another class. I usually made her do all the work from her other classes, and all the tests and quizzes. “I’m getting pretty good at your scrawl.”

“No thanks,” she said, to upset to laugh at my slur against her penmanship. “I’ll need something to do in detention.

“Ohh, do you want me to come with you,” I asked in a whiny voice, finally earning the smile that I loved with all my being.

“No, I’d be even more mad at them if they got you stuck in detention too,” she laughed, sending a dark look at the boys in the corner.

The bell rang, and I quickly scooped mine and Bella’s books together. I waited as she moved carefully across the room, not wanting to draw any more unwanted attention today. We grabbed our jackets and headed out the door. I turned up my collar against the biting wind, and pulled up Bella’s hood with my free hand.

I dropped Bella off at the gym, kissing her on the forehead before I left. I hoped it would cheer her up, and I got my wish. The light in her eyes came back, and I waited until she was inside before heading off to my last class.

As I turned a corner, I suddenly heard a vicious snarl in my head. I swiftly ducked out a door and headed across the lawn.

‘Jasper,’ I thought. Great.

Rounding a building, I saw him, his hands on either side of Alice’s face. A bunch of jocks stood a ways off, looking nervous.

“I’m fine, really,” Alice said.

“What happened?” I asked, apprehensive.

“Idiots tossing a baseball around, and one of them decided he couldn’t catch it,” Jasper spat out, handing me the ball he had been holding.

‘I’m okay honest,’ Alice thought. ‘I just didn’t see it coming. He’s a little shook up.’ She nodded at Jasper, to whom she said, “Calm down, it was an accident. You know how these humans are.”

A swift glance in Jasper’s head revealed tension and anger. I turned to toss back the baseball back to the boys who still stood there stupidly, wondering what to do.

‘Softly,’ Alice warned.

The lightest toss slapped the ball into one of their palms, which the unlucky receiver shook in pain. I grinned.

“Uh, sorry,” another boy called.

I ignored them, turning back to Alice and Jasper. “Come on, let’s cut,” I suggested. “This is getting out of hand.”

We headed to the Volvo, Jasper and Alice climbing into the back, and me into the driver’s seat. I turned the key back and turned on the CD’s, Linkin Park.

“Where’s Bella,” Alice asked aloud behind me.

“In class, she has a detention after school.”

“Why,” Jasper asked, sounding interested.

I quickly regaled them in the whole jock vs. detention tale, then Jasper told me the full baseball to the head story, and by the time we were done, school was over and kids were flooding out the doors into the parking lot.

I got out of the car, broadcasting my intentions to Alice, letting her know to wait for me. I crossed the lawn a little quicker than I should of, earning second glances from a few kids. I saw Bella heading towards Bio, and I ran to catch up. Slipping up next to her, I took her hand in mine and felt her jump with surprise.

“Sure you don’t want me to stay,” I asked.

“No, I’ll be fine. You can come over later though and give me support when Charlie gets home.”

“I’ll be there,” I promised. “It can’t be too bad.”

Bella smiled wryly and squeezed my hand before slipping through the door. I smiled at the wood, then turned around and headed back to the car. I climbed back into the Volvo thinking hard. Emmett and Rosalie were there, Emmett up front with me, and Rosalie behind him.

Emmett cocked an eyebrow at me, wondering what was up. Jasper and I retold our tales to him quickly. I started the engine and pulled out into the line of cars.

Catching Emmett's eye, I flicked my gaze towards Jasper in the back seat and raised an eyebrow. Emmett shrugged. He didn't have anything to tell me. I sighed.

“Jasper,” he said then. “You okay? Edward thinks you’re wound a little tight.”

My fist connected with the side of his head. I should have known he would say it out loud. Emmett was laughing off my punch, but Jasper was quiet. Maybe it was better if this was out in the open.

“What’s wrong, bro?” Emmett asked, serious again.

“Edward,” Jasper said quietly, “do you ever feel like there are thoughts in your head that aren’t yours?”

I hesitated, slowing down to turn a corner. Jasper had never gone this deep with me before, or any of us for all I knew.

“Yeah. Yeah I do.”

“I can feel other feelings inside me,” he explained, “all those human emotions. I’m usually okay. It’s just… right now there are a lot of guys at school who are extra hyped up. The energy and competitiveness in them is doubled, and I’m getting it all bottled up inside me. It’s putting me on edge.”

Emmett busted up laughing. Everyone in the car looked at him in surprise, even Rosalie, who had been filing her nails disinterestedly.

“Testosterone, man!” he exclaimed. “It’s all those jocks. The baseball try outs are coming up this week, and they’re all getting horny for their game.”

This earned laughs from the backseat, but I was thinking as I pulled into our drive. Throwing the car in park, I asked Emmett and Jasper to wait in the car with me. The girls looked back at us questioningly, but kept going. My brothers looked at me and waited.

“This baseball thing is getting out of hand,” I said.

“Got that right,” Emmett snorted.

“I’m getting an idea,” I confessed. As I started to explain it, my brothers became more and more excited.

“I love it!” Emmett declared, grinning wickedly.

I looked back at Jasper. He looked slightly skeptical.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” he asked.

“Hey,” I smiled, “we can do our worst! Come on, let’s go hunting.”

Together we jumped from the car and ran to the house.