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Try Outs

New Chapter When the jocks at Forks High School start getting on their nerves, the Cullen boys decide it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine. ***Some Eclipse References*** Completed for now, but I may add more if inspiration strikes. I've redone CH 1 par all my reviewers who caught Edward's slipup. Sorry 'bout that.

OK, this is my first one. The timing is kind of tricky, set in the spring of Twilight, but without the whole Bella kidnapping.

3. Chapter 3

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Edward’s POV

“There it is,” I said, gesturing to the poster that hung above the water fountain outside the cafeteria.

Emmett, Jasper, and I approached the sign-up sheet with caution. This wasn’t something we did every century. I quickly scanned the names of the boys who had already signed up for the team. Mike’s name jumped out at me and I grinned. This would be fun.

Pulling a pen from my hip pocket I signed my name and passed it to Emmett. He scrawled his own without a second’s hesitation, but Jasper balked when it was his turn.

“I don’t known about this,” he whispered, too low for human ears.

“Too late now,” Emmett grinned. “We’re in this together.”

Frowning at Emmett, he signed his name too. Clapping him on the back, we headed into the cafeteria. Alice, Rosalie, and Bella were waiting at the table with a few trays of food. Sitting down across from them, I waited for the explosion. I knew Alice would be angry, if I could judge anything from Bella’s reaction last night. But to my surprise, she smirked and turned expectantly to Rose, who slid a fifty across the table in her direction.

“She bet me you wouldn’t do it,” Alice thought.

I shook my head. No one in this family ever learned their lesson. You just don’t bet against a girl who can see the future.

“I still can’t believe you’re doing this,” Bella hissed at me.

“Aww, come on Bella,” Emmett whined. “We gotta have a little fun once in a few hundred years.”

“When exactly, was the last time you did anything like this?”

“Well, umm…”

“I used to arm wrestle in bars,” Jasper broke in suddenly.

Alice turned on him. “What!”

“When I… needed to preoccupy myself I went to bars, but I couldn’t ever get drunk off anything. So I started arm wrestling.” He shrugged.

Emmett and I bust out laughing. Jasper was a tall, skinny, slight vampire, and I could just see him surrounded by a circle of huge, tattooed, muscled bikers, all shaking their heads and wondering why they couldn’t take this kid.

“Jasper Hale,” Alice whispered dangerously. She stood up and turned to the cafeteria doors. “Heel!”

Reluctantly Jasper removed himself from the bench and followed Alice from the lunchroom, looking like a whipped puppy. This earned another round of laughs, Bella and Rosalie joining us. Alice definitely had Jasper on a short leash these days. I was surprised though. I wouldn’t have expected that from scholarly Jasper.

“So when does this stupid escapade begin?” Rosalie asked without care.

“First meeting for newbies is on Friday after school,” Emmett answered her.

“And what do you plan to do if it gets sunny,” Bella hissed.

I shrugged. “Haven’t thought that far ahead. I just want to have some fun.”

“What did Carlisle say?” Rosalie asked, looking at her fingernails.

I swallowed. I hadn’t said anything to Carlisle yet, and if I feared anything, it was his disapproval.

“We’re gonna tell him tonight,” Emmett replied, “Since we’ve already signed up.”

A look inside Rosalie’s head proved my suspicions that she didn’t really care, she seemed more worried that she had lost her bet to Alice. Bella still seemed angry though. She was sending me evil eyes. Just then the bell rang signaling the end of lunch, and we all got up to leave.

Just as we stepped out onto the windy lawn, I could feel a few thoughts push their way into my head, and I couldn’t keep from smiling.

‘What the…’ ‘The Cullens?’ ‘They’re trying out!’

Taking Bella by the hand, I waved to Emmett and Rose and headed towards Biology. We were seated long before Bradley, Justin, and Cole got there. I waited patiently for the fit. As soon as they stepped in the door, they started the stare down. I could hear them wondering whether or not to say something.

Mr. Banner put an end to those thoughts when he began his lecture on mitochondria and all the other ridiculous little things that make up the human cell. I sighed, thoroughly bored with the same lessons that never changed.

Keeping my head down, I held Bella’s hand under the desk. I let my thoughts wander, excited about the prospects of the upcoming practice. I could feel Mike sitting behind me, glaring at my back. He didn’t know about the sign up yet, he was just angry about Bella being with me. It made me glow inside, thinking that this girl had chosen me. I smirked; Bradley, Justin, and Cole saw me do it. That made them angrier. T

hey decided quickly that I was going to be ‘told what’s what’ after class. This just made me grin wider, and I sat back to ignore the rest of Mr. Banner’s lecture. The bell rang, and I made sure that Bella and I were out the door quickly.

“Bella, I’ll see you after class, OK?” I said. “Can you make it to gym without me?”

“Of course I can,” she said, frowning, “but what…” She must have seen Justin, Bradley, and Cole approaching behind us, because she frowned even more.

“Edward…” I grabbed her hand and brushed my lips across it.

“Trust me Bella,” I said, dazzling her, as she put it.

“I, I guess. Meet me after gym?”

“Of course.” Shooting a wonderfully dirty look at the boys behind me, she walked off. I smiled, knowing what they would say, and turned to face them.

“Cullen,” Justin said disdainfully.

“Boys,” I said, thoroughly enjoying myself. Hey, I was at least a hundred years older than them.

“So we hear your trying out for the team.”

I said nothing, only raised my eyebrows.

“You shouldn’t even bother,” Cole sneered. “The same eleven boys have been on the team since freshman year, and the only way a newbie gets on the team is if they can push another player out of his spot.”

“Shouldn’t be too hard then,” I replied, turning my back on them.

I was prepared when Bradley grabbed my elbow, and I allowed him to face them.

“Being smart now Cullen?”

I had to admit, I was impressed. It took a lot of guts for anyone at this school to even speak to ‘those weird Cullen kids’ at all, let alone hold a smack down with one on the grounds between classes. I only smiled wider when I felt Emmett’s enormous presence behind me.

“Hey Ed,” he said casually.

Eyes widening, the three boys took a step back from my brother, most likely the largest teen they had ever met in their short lives.

“Remember what we said,” Justin spat out. “You’ll never make it.”

They turned and walked away as if they had never lost their cool, but as Emmett and I burst into loud gales of laughter, they jumped forward and quickened their pace.

“We should get to class,” I finally choked out.

“Probably,” Emmett replied, still laughing.

Punching him on the shoulder, I took off, running a bit too fast so that I wouldn’t be late.