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Try Outs

New Chapter When the jocks at Forks High School start getting on their nerves, the Cullen boys decide it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine. ***Some Eclipse References*** Completed for now, but I may add more if inspiration strikes. I've redone CH 1 par all my reviewers who caught Edward's slipup. Sorry 'bout that.

OK, this is my first one. The timing is kind of tricky, set in the spring of Twilight, but without the whole Bella kidnapping.

6. Chapter 6

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The next day flew, what with the anticipation of another day of try-outs. I picked a few thoughts out of the heads of our fellow players throughout the day, but they weren't at all worried yet. Neither was I. It would be a simple fix.

It had been overcast that day, and during last period it began to rain. I felt Jasper’s mood dampen and heard Emmett start wondering if practice would be canceled, but I didn’t worry too much. It rained at least every other day here, didn’t it? If they canceled practice for anything less than a cataclysmic downpour, they wouldn’t even have a league.

I kissed Bella goodbye after school and headed to the locker rooms. Emmett and Jasper peeled themselves off the wall from where they waited for me, and together we went to change. In deference to the weather, we traded sleeveless T’s for long-sleeved ones, but otherwise kept the shorts. The other boys were dressed similarly, but had hooded sweatshirts knotted around their waists, so we each took one as well.

Cleats were laced up, and we headed out to the parking lot. Coach Jenkins waited, his assistant holding an umbrella above their heads.

“All right,” he called when we’d all assembled around him, “Take it easy on this first one. Just a jog, a warm up.”

I rolled my eyes. Again with the warm ups. The other boys were grabbing one foot at a time, pulling them up behind their backs to stretch out the hamstrings. Emmett and Jasper were mimicking them, but I stood with both feet firmly planted.

“After that you can all take a few minutes, then we’ll see your best time.”

We lined up at the edge of the curb, and I of course, ended up with Mike on one side and my brothers on the other. Coach Jenkins blew his whistle and we started off at a brisk jog. I soon found out why it was called a perimeter, you literally ran around the perimeter of the grounds. Down the drive, turn left away from the school, out and around the football and baseball fields, then back around the school towards your starting point.

Simple enough. We had evened out into a single file line, and somehow I found myself at the tail of it. It didn’t take me long to get frustrated with the pace. I could see Bradley, Justin and Cole at the front, and Mike somewhere in the middle.

‘Easy Edward,’ came Jasper’s thoughts from ahead of me. ‘You’re making me jumpy. You’ll get your jollies.’

When we finally got back to the starting point, we slowed, then stopped, milling around in front of Coach, who was messing with his cell phone, while his assistant fished out a stopwatch from his pocket and set it on his clipboard. The rain was coming down hard now, and we all pulled on our hooded sweatshirts. Most everyone pulled up their hoods, but I couldn’t stand the loss of my peripheral vision. Consequently it wasn’t long before my hair was plastered to the sides of my face, water running in rivulets down my jaw.

“All right boys,” Jenkins called, “Let’s see your best time.”

Once again, we lined up on the curb. I could hear them whispering to one another, something about showing us, leaving us in the proverbial dust.

“On my whistle,” Jenkins yelled.

At the blast we all took off. Naturally, everyone put in a burst of speed, but it wouldn’t carry them past the edge of the football field. I made quick work of the line, dodging in and around the group until I was leading it. ‘Yes,’ I thought. ‘This is where you belong.’ Emmett and Jasper were on my heels, but the rest of the group was starting to drop behind.

This felt so good. Cleats digging into the soft ground, pushing forward, legs pumping. Faster, faster, faster.


I almost stopped, I checked myself so hard.

Slow up,’ Jasper warned.

I made sure to stay with Emmett and Jasper for the rest of the run. Jasper may have been the most impulsive, the most instinctual, but somehow he was also the most careful. He set a pace and I matched it, our legs like pistons, Emmett only slightly behind. We came into the finish a good minute ahead of the others.

“That was incredible time boys,” Coach said joyfully. “You’re averaging about a quarter mile a minute.”

“Thanks coach,” Emmett grinned.

“Take a walk, cool off,” he said. “Then I want you to head in and take a hot shower. Practice is being called. We’ve got some thunder heads rolling in.”

We walked around for a bit while the other boys came in and got their times. As we headed back into the school, we peeled off soaked hoodies, and I grinned to see the shivers rippling over the shoulders in front of me.