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A Wolf Thing

Paul is a possessive and domineering bastard. And he's sure that Jacob is his. He just needs to convince the young wolf. Paul/Jacob slash.


1. Chapter 1

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Paul couldn’t bear to watch the pathetic spectacle.

Jacob ran after Bella like a lost puppy and didn’t behave according to what he was.

When the leech abandoned the girl he was there, waiting to comfort her. Licking the floor where she passed, with hopes that one day she would look at him like she looked at the leech.

The fool acts like a best friend and she's only thinking about him. The puppy was always ready to wag his tail when the "owner" was sad. How pathetic.

Someone had to show him how ridiculous he was being.


“He didn’t want this!”

“Watch it, little girl.”


Paul hears Sam talking but doesn’t register his request. His anger was rising quickly.

“What did you do to him?”

“What did we do? What did he do? What did he tell you?”

“Nothing! He tells me nothing because he’s scared of you!”

Paul laughs. How could Jacob be scared of his own kind? Of his own family? The slap comes as a surprise. The girl is little and skinny but has fiber and guts. Or maybe she’s plain naïve. She has no idea what a wolf could to do her.

This human girl...with fragile looks...She has Jacob’s heart on her sleeve. She’s trying to take him from them. Only she can’t because he’s theirs. He’s mine.

Paul’s transformation isn’t a surprise for his Pack mates. He’s known for being explosive and not even Sam’s warning made him stop in time. When he realizes what has happened he’s already facing Bella in wolf form. Bella is prey. A dangerous prey that was trying to take something from them and he has to protect it.

At that point Jacob runs up the balcony. He wants to protect Bella from Paul. When he transforms Paul’s a bit surprised. He’s willing to confront him to protect the girl. He must really love her.

Paul jump up and they began to fight while Bella watches from the floor.


“Why did you do that?”

“Do? I was just protecting our land while you chased after her!”

“She’s my friend! What was I supposed to do?”

“You should be on our side! You should be learning what it’s like to be one of us but no… You’d rather crawl after the leech lover!”

“What’s your problem? This is none of your business!”

“Yes it is”

Says Paul getting in his face.

Jacob refuses to show fear and stands his ground, keeping a fixed stare. Paul challenges him with his eyes; staring without blinking. After a while Jacob hears a deep growl coming from Paul and he swallows nervously. Then he feels Paul’s hand closing painfully over his arm while the other hand grabs his head to pull him in for a violent kiss.

He's so surprised that doesn't react and his arms go limp by his sides. He feels Paul’s TONGUE search all corners of his mouth.

His cock begins to harden in his shorts and Jacob gets scared. He raises his hands and pushes at Paul’s chest with force, causing it to break the kiss.

Breathing rapidly, Jacob stares wide-eyed.

“What the hell is this?”

“You’re mine.”


“You heard me. Try to come between me and my prey again and I'll show you your place.”

With that Paul leaves with a smirk on his face.


Paul cynically apologizes to Bella, who notes that he feels anything except regret about the attack.

Jacob is at the door with eyes only for her and they leave to talk. Paul feels his anger returning and Sam notices. He commands to 'control yourself' because they were in Emily's house, not in a hunting area.

Paul takes a several deep breaths before starting to eat the muffins.


“You never get tired of crawling after her?”

Jacob turns quickly towards the voice. After dropping Bella off, Jacob returns back home and is surprised to find Paul in his room, surrounded by darkness.

“She’s my friend and its none of your business! What are you doing in my room?”

“I thought I told you already...”

“Told me what?”

“That you’re mine... Are you calling me a liar?”

“What? Paul, you’re not making any sense. What’s wrong with you these past few days?”

“What’s wrong with me?”— ask Paul a little before moving up next to Jacob at incredible speed. Jacob flinches at the sudden close proximity. The two are breathing the same air and Paul, despite being just a little taller than Jacob, looks like a giant with that stare.

“What’s wrong with me, Jake, is you crawling after the leech lover. Can’t you see she doesn’t want you?”

“Shut up! Leave it alone, Paul! And stay away from her!”— says Jacob pushing Paul hard in the chest again.

“I AM away from her, little wolf. I want nothing to do with her. She only brings problems for everyone... My interest is in you and it alway has been. I wanted to wait for the right moment but I think I’m wrong... I should’ve claimed you from the start. Then we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous talk right now.”

Jacob feels a shudder run through the body. Paul looked at him with so much hunger ...

Nobody’s ever looked at him like this before and it’s a strange feeling. And a scary one.

“Paul, get out of my room. Now. Our conversation is over.”

“You’re right. The talk is over. The best part comes now.”

Paul takes slow steps towards Jacob, so he doesn’t scare him. But he never fails to notice the apprehension in his brown eyes.

As he approaches, Jacob walks backwards and only stops when his back hits the bedroom wall where he is imprisoned. Paul presses against his chest and Jacob feels his heart beating fast...

“Easy. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Paul was not an affectionate guy. His forte was hunting vampires and protecting the land, but he knows if he wants to have Jacob's heart he has to change this. He slowly raises his left hand to Jacob's cheek.

Jacob flinches, waiting for a punch and glances between Paul’s face and hand, noting a disapproving expression on the face of his Pack mate.

His eyes open wide when instead of the punch he feels a caress. Paul barely touches his cheek but he feels an electric shock run down his spine. He expected anything but this...

Paul caresses the smooth skin and passes his thumb over open lips. Jacob’s breathless and static with surprise. Since he was not pushed away - or punched in the face - Paul takes it as a good sign and the hand that once caressed now rests on the back of Jacob’s neck firmly and he presses his lips to Jacob’s.

With Jacob’s mouth already open, Paul pushes his tongue in and let it travel all over, trying to map it and wanting to find out what place would make Jacob shake.

When he licks under Jacob’s own tongue, he gets his answer with a whimper and shiver. He licks at the place several times and then begins to suck on his tongue.

When air became necessary he separates his lips from Jacob who has closed his eyes at some point in the act.

Paul takes the opportunity to grab his neck, as if one grasps prey but he doesn’t bite hard enough to break the skin. He wants to show him who is in control but is surprised when Jacob grabs his hair and pulls hard, trying to move him away from his neck. Paul releases him, so as not to hurt him.

“You want to fight me, little wolf? Want to fight me for dominance?”

“I will not submit to you.”

“Why not? You might even like it...”--- Paul says, with a wink of debauchery, that makes Jacob see red and before he realizes it, he’s all over Paul, hitting him in the jaw. Paul snarls and protects himself for the next blow by grabbing Jacob’s wrist with a hand and the other links around his waist pressing their bodies together. In the groin to groin contact he could feel Jacob’s hard on through his shorts. He was in the same situation.

“Enough of this, Jacob! I can feel you want this too!”

“You’re wrong! I don’t want this!”

“Then what you want? Bella? No...she can’t give you what you need.”

Paul grasps his neck again with teeth and the hand that was holding his waist now slowly travels down until he grabs a handful of round ass and squeezes. Jacob struggles, trying to free himself but Paul doesn’t release him as he starts to undulate his groin creating a delicious friction.

When he feels the tension leaving Jacob’s body, Paul releases the wrist that he was still holding and grabs his ass with both hands pressing and curling against him making Jacob give a sudden groan.

Suddenly the body in his arms goes limp and Paul drags him to the messy bed making him lay on his back. He begins to lick and kiss the area he’d bitten for a few minutes trying to alleviate his teeth marks and he descends slowly towards his chest. He gives special attention to the dark nipples sucking and licking one at a time.

Jacob arches his back from the bed as Paul stimulates his nipples.

“I suppose no one’s ever done this to you before...”

Jacob doesn’t answer. He only closes his eyes and turns his head to the side.

Paul caresses the nipples until they’re hard and wet with saliva and continues its trajectory, descending slowly with kisses and bites. When he reaches the navel he resolves to stick his tongue in and is surprised by Jacob’s leap that almost made them fall out of bed.

“Easy... “

“I want it off...”--- Jacob says opening his old short’s buttons in a hurry. Paul tries to help but receives a slap across the hand and starts to remove his own shorts so they won’t waste more time. He is too damn hard and can’t hold much longer.

When they see each other naked in the same bed, both boys pause and admire the other’s body. Jacob’s eyes widen when he sees the huge erection and looks away while Paul admires the hard body filled with muscles. He did not believe how much Jacob had changed in so little time. He is hard muscle now.

Paul stops resisting temptation and starts to slowly caress Jacob’s knee, his hand climbing over a thick thigh, passing his groin and diverting from the leaking cock.

Jacob was emitting the most delicious moans. Paul felt a sudden jealously of everyone who has had the opportunity to see Jacob and thus closes his teeth moving to lie on top of the younger man making them both moan with the sensation.

Hot, sweaty skin brushes, creating delicious friction. Paul places his hands beside Jacob’s head so as not to put all his weight on him and with his knee he tries to open his legs.


“Relax, Jake...”

Paul tries to calm him with kinder kisses than the last ones. He wants to take already but works to control his instincts. If he forces Jacob now he could lose him forever.

Gradually, Jacob relaxes and Paul can open his legs to better accommodate his body. When he has enough space to lie across Jacob comfortably, Paul presses his groin to Jacob’s causing their cocks rub each other.

Jacob groans out loud at the feeling and Paul growls deep in the chest. He begins to rock back and forth and in a short time makes them both mad with lust. As Jacob comes closer to orgasm, he lets it loose. Clutching Paul’s back he open his legs wider and puts his heels behind his knees to bring them closes.

Paul grabs a thigh and brings it up to loop around his waist. He takes the opportunity to grab an ass cheek and squeezes hard. He starts to move faster. Orgasm is approaching and Paul takes his hand to their dicks taking the two in his palm and jerked them.

Jacob starts to shake with the extra feeling and his balls shrink ready to come. Paul then reaffirms his claim by biting his neck open mouthed one last time. It was just tooth and saliva and an act of pure dominance. Jacob felt a strange feeling mix with shame as he came because of it.

After his balls were empty Jacob lay panting and shaking without control. Paul follows him in orgasm while biting that juicy neck. He squeezes and rubs both cocks with more violence making him groan in pleasure and Jacob hiss with the squeeze.

Paul comes in jets on Jacob’s stomach and chest and then falls away in the small space of the younger wolf’s bed.

After his breathing returns to normal Jacob looks at the ceiling in disbelief at what they had done. It was good. More than good. It was fantastic. Never has he felt an intensity like this before. But this could never happen again.

“That will never happen again.”

Paul turns to look at him supported in one of his elbows and raises an eyebrow.

“Is that what you think, Jacob?”

“It’s what I want.”

“Not gonna happen.”

“What? I’m saying it won’t! What will you do? Force me?”

“I’ll not do any of that! I was angry before because I had done nothing about it ... About us. But now everything’s changed. Now you’re finally mine. And I won’t let you loose out there...”

“Fuck you, Paul! I do not know where you get such bullshit but it's going too far!”

“Do you regret what we did? Feel disgusted?”

“No but...”

Jacob is surprised by his own answer. It’s not what he meant to say but his mouth ran faster than his brain. But if he says ‘yes’ he would be lying... And he felt that lying to Paul would be a huge mistake.

“But what?”

“But...but I like Bella. You know that.”

“Yes I know. But consider this the first step to make you forget her. And I left the proof stamped on your neck so you can think of me while I'm away and she can see who you belong to.”

Jacob places his hand on his neck and he feels neither blood nor broken skin but the bites must have left marks. Jacob feels his face burn with shame. The whole world would see the marks the following day.

Paul has a smile stamped on his face and gets up, picking his shorts up off the floor. He dresses, calm and when he’s ready to go, he can’t resist and goes back to the bed.


He waits a while until Jacob turns his face towards him and he looks on with anger in the eyes.


“Don’t hide the marks.”

And with that he goes out the window of the room.

Jacob stays like that for awhile caressing the marks but sleep dominates him soon.