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Playing Games

Jacob has to pay a dare. Paul/Jacob slash.


1. Chapter 1

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Jacob lost in a silly game. A ridiculous game to begin with.

Who had the bright idea to play this shit?

Ah of course. Jared.

It started with a meeting between the pack members that lasted into the night


Jared, Embry and Paul had brought drink hidden in their backpacks. Drink which
remained a secret until Sam quit the meeting. Then they pulled bottle after
bottle of vodka and whiskey of their backpacks.

At first Sam did not want to participate by always being the most responsible
of them but was convinced because of the insistence of three of his companions.

Despite having an immune system that allows a rapid recovery the high dose
of alcohol they are drinking still left them with their tongues looser than

Jacob was the least drunk. At one point Embry noted that he was the only one
quiet in a corner.

Hey, Jake! You’re not having fun?”

“ Leave him alone! He must be drowning his sorrows because of Swan!”

If you start crying your heart out I swear I’ll puke on you, man”

Says Paul. Everyone laughs like fools of a joke that wasn’t that funny.

I’m fine, guys. I'm drinking too in case you didn’t notice.”

“ It can be but you're not in the spirit of the thing. Your head is
always away. Elsewhere.”

What Paul meant to say was that his head is always tuning Bella.

“ And what is the 'spirit' of it all? We're just getting drunk...”

“ Not at all! We are celebrating!”

“Celebrating what, Jared?”

“Celebrating our victory against the leech fuckers!”

And everyone howls to the sky.

Yeah. The drink is going straight to the head.

"Hey, Jake! You didn’t howl with us! You're boring, man ...”

"Maybe he needs a challenge to let go ..."

Jared gives the idea of playing a game. It was some Truth or Dare game where
you tell the truth or you pay a dare. Literally.

Sam was suffering the most with the questions. The boys had no mercy and asked
kinds of absurd things about his sex life with Emily. Jacob didn’t know
if the redness of his face was due to drink or embarrassment.

As for Jacob, most of the questions were about Bella of course.

At one point the bottle fell on Paul and Jacob decides to be more daring.

“Paul. Truth or dare; Have you ever kissed a boy?”

Silence takes over.

Paul stared at Jacob without blinking. The stare was leaving Jacob uncomfortable.

"Now this is unexpected. Why, are you offering, Jacob? "

"It’s only a question. I'm not offering anything. Answer or pay
the price. "

“ Alright. I choose truth. The answer is no.”

The answer is what everyone expected but Jacob feels disappointed in any way.

A few rounds later, the bottle falls on Jacob. And who would question him
was none other than Paul. He feels anxious with the happiness stamped on his

" Okay, all of you be quiet because I really want to know the answer
to this one!"

Paul even made a show of clearing his throat and sat up straight.

"Jacob. Truth or Dare: Have you ever felt like being fucked by a man?"

Embry gasps the drink off his mouth. Jared’s with his chin almost
touching the floor and even Sam who was more mature than all has eyes more
wide open
than usual.

Jacob didn’t know what to do. He’s holding a bottle of vodka and
did not know whether he drank to hide his embarrassment or throw it in Paul’s
face. What kind of shitty question is that, anyway? How would he respond?

And if he lies ... would his pack members read the truth from his mind trough
the mental link?

Jacob wanted to throw Paul’s 'Why, Paul? Are you Offering?’ on
his face but Jacob feared he answered positively.

Before he could think straight Jacobs spits a-- "I choose dare."

And from there on the night turns to hell.


A week had passed since the stupid game. Jacob was already thinking that his
friends had forgotten about the stupid dare they chose him to pay.

That until a mysterious box arrived in his house.

His father had received a box for him. When asked what could be his father
said he had no idea.

He carried it to his room where he opened with a knife. The first thing that
caught his attention was a white envelope.

When he open it a simple text message that said

‘Wear this. We will come by later to check if you paid what you
own us.’

And suddenly drowned on him that the dare came to bite him in the ass.

Jacob runs to close the bedroom door. If his father saw the contents how could
he explain this? How to say you received a package full of these things?

Shit, shit, shit! I don’t want to wear these things...”

Walking from one side to another, Jacob looked at the contents of the box as
something that was dangerous and could to jump and try to kill him.

He stayed like that a very long time and only realized that when he noticed
it was dark outside his window.

“Danm it! Better get this over with then ... "

Jacob grabs the box and carries it to the bathroom. Soon his companions arrive.


It didn’t take long. While he put the last piece (and there were many),
the trio arrived at his house and his father took them to his room.

"He's there a long time. I don’t know if he’s sleeping
because it is very quiet since he carried a box that arrived for him today
... “

Jacob hears his father talking to them and also hears a muffled chuckle.

"Don’t worry, Mr. Black. We’ll not take long. "

Jacob hears the door opening and closing. He takes a deep breath to calm down
but is in vain.

Jaaaaaaaaake! Where are you? You didn’t think we would forget our little
game, did you?”

That sounded like Jared.

C’mon, Jake... You chose dare and now you have to pay ... You have
no idea how long we're waiting until it arrived....”

Everybody starts laughing.

C’mon, Jake. Just show up and let’s get this over with...”

Jacob takes a deep breath and opens bathroom’s door.

With head straight up and with arms wide open he says:

" So that's what you wanted?"

Jared let’s a high loud laugh loose.

"Dude! I thought you’re were not going through with it "

Jacob doesn’t respond as to not give then more fuel to the jokes.
He just rolls his eyes and closes his face. He actually thinks it could be
... They could have made him wear makeup, wig and a giant heels.

While everyone laughed Jacob was able to identify who had more fun even when
not looking at them. Sam and Paul were the most serious although he expected
that Sam would be more discreet. But not Paul ... Paul should be rolling on
the floor at his expense.

"That's right, folks ... Jacob has already fulfilled his part. The
game is over. Let's go. "

Jacob sighs relieved upon hearing Sam. The guys wanted to stay longer and even
asked him to do a spin but Sam pulled them through the door.

"Paul, you’re not coming?"

Jacob hadn’t realized that Paul was still standing in the same place
since he arrived. He was acting strangely. He hasn’t opened his mouth
to make fun and didn’t laugh. Jacob frowns and looks toward the older
wolf and his eyes open wide with what he sees in them.

"Paul? Let Jacob in peace ... The game is over. Let's go. "

"I’m coming... go ahead I’ll catch you guys later..."

Sam is reluctant to leave them alone but ends up leaving. He wanted to take
the still laughing like crazy and uncontrollable Jared and Embry out of his

When they were finally alone Paul to gets back to that strange looking contest
and Jacob explodes.

What, Paul? What are you looking at, danmit? Won’t you laugh or make
stupid jokes too? You wanted to be alone to say your personal shit? I'm telling
you now that I don’t have patience to endure any more ----- "

“ Shut up, Jake.”

Jacob opens and closes his mouth with the interruption. Paul starts to walk
slowly toward him. Jacob gasps. He didn’t understand what was Paul’s

Paul walks over and comes face to face with Jacob. Their chests were stuck,
or rather, Paul's shirt was pasted to Jacob’s black corset.

Slowly Paul lifts one of his hands and starts to finger tip the neckline of
the corset. His touch was so soft that tickled and Jacob felt a shiver up the

Suddenly Paul is out of the trance and he’s bending a finger in the
corset’s neckline and then he’s pulling it out until their bodies
pasted even more closer.

“ Paul what are you doing?”

Paul doesn’t answer. Just continues to stare at his clothes.

"Paul stop that. I want to take off these ridiculous clothes ... "


"No? Why would I keep wearing it? And since when you tell me what to
do? "

Paul doesn’t respond. He just smiles cynically and pulls Jacob by
the neck until his lips are crushed to his. Jacob eyes widens comically when
he feels dry, hot lips pressing into his mouth.

His first reaction was to push Paul hard in the chest to remove him. Then
he walked to the opposite corner of his small room to stay as far away as possible
from him.

"What the hell was that, Paul?"

I really need to explain what was that? You’re that innocent, Jacob?"

"Shut up, asshole! Of course I know! I asked why you did it!"

That? You can’t even say the word? This is called a kiss, Jake. What
could have been much better if you hadn’t pushed me."

" What? What is wrong with you? Why did you do it? And in the game
you said you never kissed a boy before! "

"Why? You still ask? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Now about
the game ... I lied about that."

Jacob doesn’t believe his ears. He didn’t know Paul liked men and
much less would have that reaction when he saw him dressed like that! The strangest
thing was that Jacob wasn’t that averse of the idea ...

Jacob has no chance to clear her mind. Paul took advantage of his distraction
to grab a handful of his hair and pulls him for a violent kiss.

This time Jacob was with his mouth open and the silver wolf put his tongue
inside. Paul takes it all the way to his throat and Jacob almost chokes with
it. Paul was devouring his mouth.

With one hand free, Paul takes him by the leather corset covered waist and
start stroking. He strokes from hip and descends until he finds a fleshy ass
cheek that he squeezes with gusto.

Jacob doesn’t react to Paul’s advances and he notices. He ends
the violent kiss and looks at the Jacob’s face.

“ Jake, I want you...”

“ Since when, Paul?”

I don’t know...Since you started to run after the Swan girl I guess…”

“ You know I care about her. So why are you doing this?”

Because I can’t resist you dressed like that...You’re driving
me insane...”

Paul grabs the other ass cheek and presses hard against Jacob. Their cocks
are rubbing and Jacob is ashamed to have an erection.

"I'll take off these ridiculous clothes!"


"Paul, let go! I like the Bella! Don’t you understand? "

I do understand! But while you’re here, caring about her, she’s
there, rubbing herself with the damn leech! So why can’t you do it
too? Come on... It's just sex. I can feel you want too. "

Just sex. Paul makes it sound so simple but Jacob feels it wasn’t
so simple.

Paul begins to kiss and nibble his neck and Jacob feels himself melting with
all the attention. He was tired of being rejected and Paul was getting to reach
his goal pretty quickly.

The silver wolf starts puts a hand on his thick thigh and elevates one to
circle around his waist. He caresses the skin covered by black pantyhose and
lets out a groan of appreciation.

" You're so sexy dressed like that ... I never imagined ... "

Jacob realized he was enjoying the attention and Paul’s words were
leaving him very, very excited and decides to surrender to the sensations.
Jacob starts
a kiss for the first time and Paul is surprised but cheers up even more with
the sudden excitement.

After hitting the furniture and stumbling on clothes in the floor they fall
they reach Jacob’s unmade bed who sits on it while Paul stands in front
of him. From this angle he waist level and for the first time he notices the
volume tending the shorts.

“ Wanna suck me?”

Paul asks but doesn’t wait for an answer. He opens his short’s
zipper and pulls his hard and throbbing member out. Jacob had never done this
before and feels insecure. Paul and reassures him saying he could go slow and
just take care not to use teeth.

Jacob holds the long and thick member with a gloved hand and Paul likes the
feeling. Leading the member to his mouth, Jacob gives a experimental lick at
the base and licks the white liquid accumulated in it. He expects to be disgusting
but it’s just a salty taste in a thick liquid texture. He licks repeatedly,
circling his tongue around the head to lick the entire member length and throbbing
veins. When he feels confident enough he devours the member and begins sucking

Jacob wanted to know if Paul was enjoying and looks up to see his face.
When the silver wolf catches his eyes he can’t contain a moan of pleasure.
Paul grabs a handful of hair and indicates Jacob to go faster. Jacob meets
him and begins to suck heartily.

When he was almost coming, Paul takes his cock out and tells him to lay on
all fours. Jacob was not sure if wanted to go till the end ...

“ Relax, Jake...you going to like this...”

Paul begins to massage his tense muscles and Jacob slowly relaxes. When was
relatively calmer Paul put his thumb on his panties lace to move it a little
but not completely removing it. Then Jacob felt cold air hit his ass crack.
He flinched with the feel of warm and wet touch in his entry. Paul was licking
his hole and it was the most pleasant thing he had ever felt on his life.

“ Ahhh God...”

After licking for a few minutes he introduced a wet finger on his entrance.
And then two, three. Jacob feels pain with the invasion on his virgin ass
without lubricant, but as the wolves were able to cure quickly he doesn’t
care about the pain.

When Paul thought he was prepared enough, he removed the three fingers and
Jacob moaned in disappointment.

" Sit down, Jake. I want to fuck looking at you. "

Jacob had his arms and legs made of gelatin and immediately tried turn around
but with little success. Paul loses patience and turns his with brute strength
and tears the panties from his body. Jacob’s cock bobbed up and down
with the force the piece was taken from his body and he secretly loves Paul’s

Jacob expects him to remove the rest of his clothes with the same ferocity
but he makes no mention of removing the rest of the costume. Paul sits back
leaning against the bed guard and taps his lap indicating that Jacob should
sit on it.

C’mon babe; I want you to ride me.”

Jacob feels his cheeks burning again and obeys slowly. Paul holds his member
with one hand and when Jacob sits on his lap he guides his pulsing cock until
it slowly enters past the ring of muscle.

Jacob feels as if being torn apart when the cock head pass through his tight
asshole. When Paul is already balls deep within him he waits a while until
Jacob gets used to the invasion. So when can’t take anymore he starts
to slowly thrust.

Jacob feels only pain and wants Paul to come already to end this torture. He
got carried away by the sudden lust and didn’t think about making anal
sex so soon, but with Paul he should not be surprised. He always wants everything

Paul begins to help him and grabs his ass helping Jacob go faster. Jacob has
to handle with both hands in the bed’s guard to attain a support to facilitate
and assist with the ups and downs but his thighs were burning from the effort.

“ Paul...aaaah...my legs...my legs are burning...I need to move...”

Jacob releases the bed’s guard and rests his knees either side of Paul
who opens his legs up to an impossible angle and begins to massage the inner
thigh muscles but Jacob feels too vulnerable from the exposure. From this angle
Paul could see his cock in and out of his ass. Jacob gets even more hard watching
the reaction he was causing in the older wolf and trembles with pleasure when
Paul changes the thrust’s angle and hits his prostate.

“ Aaaahh!! Do it again...”

Paul obeys and continues thrusting in the same spot making Jacob scream of
pleasure. At this point the pain was a dim memory.

Jacob felt heavenly. His nerves were screaming and his body was with uncontrollable
pleasure spasms.

" Oh Jake ... you have no idea what you look like now ..."

"As a whore?"

Paul grunts of pleasure beginning to thrust more quickly.

"You like that, Jake? Would you like to be my whore? "

Jacob grunts in response but he’s too horny to be offended by the
words. The words were leaving him even more excited.

When Paul was getting close to orgasm he finally takes Jacob’s rejected
and strokes one, two, three times and Jacob comes in hot jets of semen on his
hands and chest . With Jacob’s ass contractions Paul follows him and
comes screaming to the ceiling.

Paul falls away and takes Jacob with him. Both boys were breathing frantically.
Jacob feels sweaty and sticky with come and wants to get rid of pieces of leather,
stockings and garter belt but has no strength to move yet.

The only thing he could do is think. Think about how much sex with Paul was
wonderful. Never had enjoyed with such intensity before and think it was a
man who gave him this ...

“ Jake...”

“ Hmmm...”

“ Can I asky you something?”

“ Hm... ask away...”

Don’t throw your clothes away."

Jacob turns his head to face him but Paul is still looking at the ceiling.

" Why not? I thought it was just a one-night stand ... "

"And it is ... but you never know when you might have a relapse."

Said Paul turned to face Jacob. He had a satisfied smile on his face that Jacob
identified as the 'Paul well fucked look' and feels confident.

“ Maybe. But if you ask me to wear makeup and wig I'll give you a
punch in the face. "

Paul's high laugh when he hears it but does not deny he would never do such
a request.