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Make Believe

Jade(Jacob) dates Edward. Paul dates his sister, Rachel. When the two meet, sparkls fly between them. Jacob instantly dislikes Paul, while Paul feels strongly protective of the rude girl. Paul/Jacob slash.

Girl!Jacob fic! He's not a girl per se, he just pretends to be one as a disguise to protect his family. I'll explain more I promise! Also this fic is unbeta'ed. Sorry about any mistakes you may find.

1. Chapter 1

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His sister Rachel was finally coming home.

After months of being away in the city to study she’s on vacation and is returning back home for two months to stay with the family. Jacob missed his older sister. At least he’ll have the company of one of them because their other sister Rebecca would not join them.
Jacob was waiting for her at the station and looking for the familiar face in the crowd. When he saw Rachel she screamed and ran to hug him. Jacob met her halfway and gave a bear hug lifting her off the ground.
This made some people look strangely at the scene.

How a girl could have the strength to raise another so easily in her arms like that??

Jacob remembers this fact and quickly broadband Rachel on the floor. He straightens his hair and clothes.

"Jac ... I mean, Jade! I can’t believe you're still going with it! "

" Going with what?"

Asks a strange voice before Jacob / Jade could answer. He looks toward the voice and sees for the first time a tall, dark man wearing jeans and a leather jacket and who was constantly behind his sister.

"Ah, Jade here insists on maintaining her looks!"

"What's wrong with her looks?"

Jacob rolls his eyes. The guy had no idea what was going on by the way. His sister must’ve not told him that Jacob dressed like a girl for a few years now to protect them.
When Jacob decided to change his identity his father and sisters were all against the idea, but it was the only way to have peace without being harassed. His father was ashamed to see him dressed as a girl in the beginning but gradually gave way. He understood that his son was trying to protect everyone.
But if Rachel didn’t tell the muscle guy that Jade was actually a boy then this must not be a serious romance.

"There’s nothing wrong with my look! Why? Are you saying there is?"

The guy is surprised by the rudeness but recovers quickly.

"No, I didn’t mean it! And even if I had I would not say it like that because one must not hurt a girl’s heart by saying she's ugly or badly dressed."


From Jacob’s point of view, his sister’s new affair was subtly calling him an ugly girl. Even though he’s not the most popular girl in school he struggled to become more decent looking.

And his sister was having fun judging by the chuckle he heard.

"Won’t you introduce me to your friend, Rachel?"

He emphasizes the word friend.

"Oh yeah, of course! Jade this is my boyfriend Paul. Paul this is my little sister Jade!"

Boyfriend? To spend the holidays with the family? Wonderful.

"Hi, Jade! Nice to meet you."

The guy says giving him two kisses on each cheek. Kisses that Jade doesn’t correspond.

" Hi. So, Rachel ... plans for the holidays?"

"My plan is to not make any plans. I want to do what I please any time I feel like it."

"Well it’s not like we have a lot to do here."

They talk among themselves and Jade ignores Paul as much as he can. He didn’t like him. As they walked to his car, Paul was just behind them carrying the luggage.

"We could go to the La Push beach one of these days! What do you think?"

"Beach? Beach and me? Are you crazy? "

His sister loved to tease him sometimes.

"Why, you don’t like the beach?"

Question Paul trying to join the conversation. Jacob doesn’t like the interruption, nor strives to hide.

"Excuse me but this is a private conversation."

"Jade! Don’t be so rude. He will spend the first days at our home so you better stop being so rude all the time!"

"What? This guy will stay there?"

"Only until the cabin I rented is unoccupied! Then I’ll leave."

"Rachel I can’t believe you will put a stranger in our house! Father will not agree with that! "

"Father already knows! And he’s not a stranger, Jade! He's my boyfriend! "

"Really? For how long? "

They had arrived in the old pickup and Rachel was putting the bags in the trunk while Paul and Jacob were facing each other.

"Time enough for her to invite me to stay a few days in your house. Why, Jade? Are you afraid I’ll rape you in the middle of the night?"

Rape? Jacob shakes his head with the ridiculous image that comes to mind. He imagines Paul going into his room to rape him and when he put his hands between his legs hoping to find a vagina he finds a penis.

"Sorry, I shouldn’t have said it. Don’t be scared, alright?"

"I'm not afraid of you, asshole! If you try something you will regret it!"

It's Paul's turn to roll his eyes. He will have to endure Rachel’s pit bull sister in the following days.

On the first days Jacob didn’t try or cared to be nice with Paul. He felt a dislike at first sight when he met him and didn’t try to be gentle.
Paul was sleeping in Rebbeca’s spare room which is in the middle of the hallway between his room and Rachel’s. Jacob already heard him sneaking in his sister’s room on the fourth night in the house.

This particular night Jacob wanted him wiped off the face of the earth.
Jacob was returning from a date with Edward, who brought him home. He didn’t left him at the house’s door because Jacob was not crazy to risk his father seeing him with a guy and always invented the same excuse that his father was very jealous of his young daughter. So with this he always drop him a safe distance from the house, but to Jacob’s surprise they still could be seen through the window of the house.

And who saw Jacob making out and kissing Edward was Paul.


Once he entered the house with a smile on his face, Jacob went straight to the kitchen for a glass of water. When Paul spoke behind him he jumped frightned.

"Your father knows that you sneak out in the middle of night to go out with boys?"

"Shit! What the hell, Paul! You almost scared me to death!"

Jacob swears spitting the water in his mouth.

"Better me than your father!"

"That's none of your business! And if you tell my father you saw me with Edward, I ---"

"I will not say anything, Jade! But you shouldn’t go out with guys like that in the middle of the night. It's dangerous."

"Dangerous? Man ... I can take care of myself, okay?"

And to prove he could, Jacob gives him a shove so hard while passing through Paul that he has to rely on the table to avoid falling.

"And besides, you should take care of your own life. Imagine what my father would think if he finds out you go to Rachel's room every night, right?"

Jacob said before leaving the kitchen. He wanted to have the last word and let Paul frightened of him but he has a surprise. Instead of being afraid, the reaction he expected, Paul laughs.

"As if he didn’t suspect already! Rachel and I are of legal age and I imagine he knows that his eldest daughter is no longer a virgin. And besides, he knows her. He knows she is a responsible woman and that the time to do stupid things is in the past."

"And you’re saying those things to me? That's what you’re doing?"

"Jade ... you're a seventeen year old girl. You don’t know anything about life yet. If you want to date then do it the right way to avoid getting hurt, okay?"

Paul was trying to be nice, but Jacob didn’t have the patience to be treated as a girl when he wasn’t one. Then rolling of eyes and tapping his foot, Jacob marchs to his room and shuts the door.


Paul was keeping an eye on him since that night. Jacob was more than irritated by his attitude: he wanted to punch his face for the constant surveillance.

When his cell phone rang, Paul nudged Rachel several times to make her see what her little sister was doing but she didn’t even blink twice to her boyfriend’s concerns. She knew about Jacob and Edward. But Paul thought he was some kind of delicate flower apparently.

One day in the middle of dinner, his phone rang and Jacob excused himself to attend. It was Edward and they had a date in the same night. Paul had the audacity to excuse himself from the table and goes to the bathroom and listen the conversation. When Jacob left the room he came across him at the door without even pretending he wasn’t listening behind the door.

"What ..? Paul you were listening to my conversation?"

"Sneaking out again, Jade?"

"It's not your danm business, you idiot! Get out of my room!"

Jacob tries to push him out but instead of leaving, Paul enters in the room fully and closes the door quietly.

"Jade I don’t want to meddle in your life ---"

"Then don’t!"

"Shhh ... not so loud! I don’t want Rachel and your father hearing our fight.”

Paul whispers covering Jacob’s mouth with his hand.

"Fighting is all we do!" Jacob replies, slapping the hand away from his mouth.

"I know that! You're an extremely irritating girl, you know?"

"Bite me."

Rolling his eyes, Paul takes a deep breath and counts to ten.

"Look ... I know you don’t like me. And I don’t know why I bother to give you any advice but the fact is that I worry about you. I don’t know why, but I do."

Jacob didn’t expect a confession and his heart softens a little with the words.

"And that's why I'm watching you, because your sister doesn’t care about you going out.... I don’t get why she herself doesn’t advice you, but I'm asking you: do not sneak out at night. I've seen bad things happen to young girls who go out for parties and end up drugged or raped. And you're a ..."

"A what?"

"An inexperienced girl dazzled by her boyfriend with the big car. So, for your sake, if you leave tonight with this Edward, I'm gonna tell your father."

"What? You can’t do that!"

Jacob almost screams but contains his voice.

"Jade is for your own good."

"I told him I’ll go! I'm not cancelling. And besides it he’ll take me two blocks from here! "

"No, Jade. Cancel it or I’ll tell your father." Paul says firmly. Jacob realizes that trading will be useless by the determined look on his face. But he would not let anyone spoil his night. No fucking way.

So thinking about saving his night, Jacob kicks Paul in the balls making him drop like a potato sack in the floor.

"You gave me no choice, asshole. And if you tell my father I'll make your life hell!"

Jacob opens the door of the room and leaves Paul out on the floor holding his balls and moaning in pain.


They had chosen the beach. It was so dark that the sea was a black cloak and they could only hear the sound of the waves.

They walked barefoot for a long time until Edward suggested they sit to look at the landscape.

Jacob agreed cheerfully. From there they began the caresses and kisses, but Edward stopped when he realized Jacob was distracted.

"What? Not in the mood today? "

"No! Nothing like that! I was just remembering my sister’s asshole boyfriend."

"Oh. How come?"

"He saw me coming home at dawn and is threatening to tell my father."

"Son of a bitch.”

"Yeah, I know."

"Can’t you, you know, try to blackmail him? Find something nasty about him and threaten to tell you sister. That way he'll leave you in peace quickly."

Jacob doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea.

"I don’t know, Edward..."

"Well, think of something to prevent it because how do we go out if he tells him?"-Edward says moving to a kiss that Jacob dodged.

"We could hang out in daylight ..."

"But we do hang out in daylight! Only night is more fun!"

Edward advances again and this time manages to kiss Jacob, who tries to dodge once again because he still wanted to finish the talk but Edward has other ideas. He begins to kiss and his hand descends between his legs to caress him.
Jacob became nervous. Edward didn’t know he was a boy. They never passed the kissing and making out phase and when his hand got higher beneath the skirt he panics.

"No! Stop it, Edward! "

"Come on, Jade! We've been together for two months and we never go beyond kissing and fooling around! It's about time, huh?"

"No, I don’t want like that!"

"Let me fondle your wet pussy ... you'll like it."

Edward says moving his hand under her skirt again and Jacob is desperate.


With a strong push, Jacob drops Edward in the sand and gets up. At the same time he realize he used too much force for a girl.

"Shit, Jade! What’s wrong with you? You’re crazy?"

Edward is furious and pulls Jade by the arm. Jacob was ready for a demonstration of his strength again when a third voice interrupted the couple.

"Leave her alone."

Jacob turns his head so fast he’s afraid of having twisted a muscle. The voice belonged to Paul.

"What are you doing here?"

"Who is this guy? You know him?"

"Y-yes, yes I know him! He’s my sister’s boyfriend."

Edward remembers the conversation a few minutes ago.

" So this is the one threatening to turn you to your father?"

"Edward ..."

Jacob alerts with his voice that to don’t do anything stupid, but Edward pulls Jacob to the side in an attempt to distance themselves from Paul. The sudden gesture was not lost on the dark haired man and their eyes locked even more.

"What are you doing here, man? Are you following her?"

"Stop right now. Don’t try to lecture me with moral and such because the wrong one here is you. Both of you. Why don’t you do it right, man? "

"Do it right? Get lost, man. This is my affair and hers.”

"From my point of view a guy seeking a seventeen years old girl in the middle of the night to bring her to the beach is an irresponsible brat. She’s too young to be here and I from what I saw you just want to take advantage, right?"


"Shut up, Jade! Don’t get in the way. This is a man business."

Edward screams and Jacob almost hit his chin in the floor with the tone he used. For the first time he raises his voice and Jacob feels his blood boil.

"Hey, man. Take it easy, okay?"

"Shut up you too! Who you think you are to pass moral lessons, man? I never touched her! Ask her! We've been together two months and not fucked yet. You'll have to excuse me if I'm a little frustrated with that, alright?"

"I don’t want to know these things, man ... Just go home and let me take Jade back with me."

Paul was gritting his teeth with suppressed anger. Jacob swears he could see a vein pulsing in his neck.

"I took her I’ll get her home. Come on, Jade."

Edward says taking Jacob by the arm again and almost dragging him by the beach.

When they walked a safe distance, Jacob heard some heavy footsteps coming up behind them and before he confirmed what he thought it was, he thought 'this can’t be good'.

He felt before seeing Edward tensing in his side. Then he turned and saw Paul turning him forcefully by the shoulder to face him.

"I believe you thought I was suggesting it. I said I'll take her."

Edward acts without thinking and punches Paul in the face. The dark haired man loses his balance but not enough to fall. Paul cleans the blood coming from the opened wound that in his lower lip and returns the blow.

Jacob watch’s the pathetic scene. Two big guys fighting to see who takes the 'girl' home. A girl who wasn’t even a real one.

"Stop! You’re being ridiculous!"

Jacob shouted catching Edward's arm and trying to remove him when he tries to hit Paul again. He had a strong impression Edward could lose the fight.

"Stay out of it!"

Edward yells pushing Jacob who was already hot blooded and now can’t contain himself anymore. After the push, no matter who it was, even being his boyfriend, would receive the same back.
Jacob then hit his own punch on Edward’s face who it’s so surprised that falls in the sand and looks up wide eyed. Paul is also shocked by the force used in the punch and looks open-mouthed at Jade.
Jacob feels anger to have to pretend to be something he’s not. That was the cause of all his problems. He was used to dress like a girl because he’s doing it for a long time but sometimes he feels revolted for being forced to lie to everyone.

Paul realizes his agitation and involves an arm around Jacob’s waist and begins to guide him toward the house, leaving Edward still lying on the ground.