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Sweet Punishment

Paul and Jacob are now imprints. But since it's new for them, they can't quite control themselves yet. Paul/Jacob slash.

Unbetae'd. Sorry about any mistakes you may find. This fic was inspired by me own vid!

1. Chapter 1

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Since they imprinted, Paul and Jacob could hardly keep their hands off each other. During the patrols Sam looked at them sideways every moment. But today he lost patience.

"Hey, you two. I know that imprinting is something new for you but when we’re patrolling, only the patrol should matter, understand? Or would you prefer going back to Emily’s place and make some cupcakes for us? "

Paul and Jacob apologize and agree with the alpha leader and hear Jared’s and Embry’s muffled laughter a few steps ahead. Jacob feels ashamed to be disturbing his companions. He thought they were hiding so well ...

After the earful, Jacob turns away from Paul and starts walking up front with a least three steps from distance. In a few more steps they’ll phase and enter into the jungle but before arriving there, Paul starts to speak again.

"This is your fault, y’know..."

Jacob can’t believe what he heard and turns his head to look at him. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Sam gave us the ear full and it’s your entire fault. Who told you to be such a hard little wolf to get in the first place? So now that I have you I can’t control myself ... "
Paul responds while accelerating his steps that separated him from Jacob and stretching his arm trying to give him a love-slap but Jacob shifts at the last minute avoiding contact.

"Stop it. Didn’t you hear Sam? You want to learn how to cook? Is that it? "

"Lower your tone so that doesn’t happen."

Paul answers whispering and Jacob decides to ignore him from now on. If Paul didn’t mind, fine. But he didn’t want to go through the humiliation of having to make cupcakes for Jared and Embry. But Paul being Paul, wasn’t going to leave it at that.

"You know what I was thinking the other day? About your hair when it was longer. I keep imagining how it would be now with all that hair to pull. "

Jacob bites his tongue to avoid saying anything. His cheeks blush a pale shade of red with the comment.

"Your hair was so beautiful, Jake ... It looked so soft. A pity you had to cut it. But I like you better now and you know why? "

Jacob doesn’t ask 'why' but that doesn’t stop Paul from continuing.

"Because before you were cute and sweet. And now you're sexy. You’re sex on legs, Jake. And everybody knows it. When you go to town, all the girls look at you. I've even seen married ladies turn their necks to look at you when you pass them. Not to mention the men ... "

Jacob rolls his eyes and bites his lip to prevent showing a smile.

"I like it and I hate it when I see that. I like it because they can only look while I’m the one who can grab, caress ... and slap. But I hate when I see them flirting with you. It makes my blood boil. "

Jacob thinks about the last people who he’s been with and actually flirted with him and nothing comes to mind. Or Paul was too paranoid or Jacob was light headed.

The forest’s entrance is near and Jacob prepares to phase when he’s prevented by Sam’s voice.

"You two aren’t coming with us today."

"What? Why, Sam? "

"Do you think I didn’t hear all your bullshit? I warned you, Jacob. Return to Emily’s place now. And learn how to bake because we’ll be hungry when we get back."

Jacob looks at Paul hoping he would argue against it, but he just shrugs and accepts the orders.

"Sam, that’s not fair! I was quiet all the way it was Paul who --- "

"Save it, Jacob! I don’t care. Go back. Now. "

"Yeah, let's go back, Jake. Orders are orders. "

Paul didn’t seem a bit upset and Jacob gets angry with him. "Son of a bitch."
He whispers angrily at him when he passed. Paul just smiled at the insult.


"You bastard! Because of you we have to make the damn cookies! Are you happy now? "

"I'm ecstatic. That's what I wanted. "Paul responds by grabbing Jacob with an arm around his waist and pulling him tight against his body.

"What? You did all this bullshit on purpose? And on top of that dragged me with you? " Said Jacob trying to escape from the unwanted hug but not succeeding.

"What fun would it be without you, Jake? Don’t be so naive, baby. You think I did this only to get you angry? "

Paul asks but doesn’t expect for an answer. He kisses Jacob forcefully since the younger wolf kept squirming to get out of his embrace and didn’t accept the kiss. But being stronger, Paul held him with all his strength until he relaxed on his grip.

And Jacob did relax. After struggling some more, the golden wolf went limp in his arms and began returning the kiss.

Paul ends the kiss when the air becomes necessary and observes Jacob. His pupils were dilated with desire and his mouth was half open and panting. The vision goes straight to his shorts and his cock hardens even more.

"Jake ... what you do to me ... " Paul says, and then bites Jacob in the neck who yells at the force inflicted in the bite and grabs Paul by the hair trying to get him away from his skin, but it's useless. Pulling Paul by his hair had the opposite effect and he gets even more excited when he did that.

Jacob knew about his lover’s weak spot. Paul was the kind of guy who loved to have his back clawed and his hair pulled. He said it made his animal side emerge. As for Jacob, he liked to be slapped in the right places but would never admit it aloud.

Paul led Jacob to a big tree to lean on while he went down on his chest and licked one nipple and then the other. Paul knew that Jacob loved when he played with his nipples but now he had no time to give the proper attention the hard nubs deserved because he had another idea. Quickly descending down the defined belly, Paul reaches the short’s button and opens it followed by the zipper. Jacob’s pulsating member jumps out since he never wore any underwear, and Paul starts to lick the head.

“Aaahh, Paul...”

Paul sucks the head and swallows all the pear liquid accumulated there and then proceeds to lick the whole base and balls. When Jacob is completely incoherent, he takes off his shorts causing Jacob to be totally naked in the forest and begins to suck vigorously.

Jacob tries to contain his groans but fails. The hot and wet feeling from Paul’s mouth were too much for him and Jacob feels orgasm approaching.

Paul also feels at the moment his balls shrink ready to spill the hot liquid and stops.

"No. .. don’t stop now, Paul ..."

"Shhh, baby ... I want to try something new ... you up for it? "


Jacob asks barely concentrating in the question.

"Are you up for doing something we never done before?"

Paul seemed too calm and coherent for his liking and Jacob feels angry. While he was dying to come, Paul was there with the world’s greatest serenity ...

"Do whatever you want, Paul! Since I can come this time! "The outburst earns him a slap on the thigh.

"You'll like it! Now turn around ... "

Jacob doesn’t get why he wants him to turn around but doesn’t bother to ask. When he has his back turned, Jacob feels Paul biting his right buttock and clench his teeth with the sensation. Then he bites the left one and begins massaging the fleshy globes. After massaging, Paul admire Jacob’s perfect ass and uses his thumbs to opens his buttocks exposing his throbbing hole.

It’s the first time Paul is so close to the hole that gives him so much pleasure and realizes that Jacob had some hairs there. Not many, which surprised him because he’s a man. Suddenly he thinks if Jacob shaved himself there but decides it’s something for another time.

Without any warning, Jacob feels Paul’s velvety tongue licking his hole and jumps surprised, making him hit his head on the tree trunk.

"Jesus, Paul! Warn me when you do ---- aaahhh "

Paul ignores him and begins to circulate Jacob's anus with the tip of his tongue proceeding to lick him from balls to rim.
Jacob moans wildly with the new sensation. Paul had never done this before and he was loving it. Jacob felt his whole body tremble with pleasure and feared losing his balance, and then decides to hug the tree trunk to have no risk of falling. The position put his ass more level towards Paul’s face who took the opportunity to suck the region since he had better access now.

"Paul ... aaahhh "Jacob groaned feeling pain in his balls and takes one arm from around the tree and begins to masturbate himself wanting to come with Paul licking his ass.

He didn’t need many strokes. With three, his cock exploded and jets of semen hit the tree trunk and accumulate in his hand. Jacob remembered to save as many drops as he could knowing how much Paul liked to lick it clean and then falls to his knees on the grass.

Paul hugs him from behind putting a muscular arm around his chest and nibbles his shoulder giving him time to recover. Jacob feels as if his legs were made of jelly and his heart beating as if trying to leave trough his mouth, but still finds the strength to raise his come filled hand and places it in front Paul’s face. Once he sees it, Paul grasps his wrist tightly and begins to clean his fingers.

The intimate gesture makes Jacob’s breathing fail and he lets out a loud sigh laying his head on Paul's shoulder. After looking Paul licking his come, Jacob remembers he hadn’t come yet.

"Paul, you didn’t ---"

"No, but almost ... You moan like a porn star, Jake. Almost come just hearing you. "

Jacob smiles devilishly turning to kiss him.

"Let me help you ..."

Jacob whispers and points the ground for Paul to lie on. When he’s laying there, he goes straight to the jean’s zipper and opens revealing a large, throbbing member. Paul had a long, thick cock and Jacob salivate seeing him the pre come in the tip. Wasting no time, Jacob engulfs the member deep throating him.

Paul grunts with pleasure and suddenly grabs Jacob by the hair wanting to fuck his mouth but containing as much as possible. Jacob feels his despair and looks up, staring Paul in the eyes with a look of lust, as if Paul's dick was the most delicious candy he had experienced and Paul explodes inside his mouth.

Jacob continues to suck till the last drop. When the dick leaves his mouth, he’s already softening and he continues licking not wanting to miss any drop. Paul lifts his eyes and observes Jacob licking him all over and his dick gives a small jump. If Jacob keep that up, they would never leave this spot. So he puts his hand on his shoulder moving Jacob away from his cock.

Paul sees a pearly drop of semen on Jacob’s lower lip and passes his finger to remove it and Jacob licks it before he could clean it in the grass.

Grunting, Paul kisses him more kindly. "You'll be the death of me, Jake."

"You almost killed me by surprise with the---" Jacob starts but doesn’t finish the sentence ashamed to say aloud what they have just done.

Paul noticed the redness and kissed his cheek and headed toward his ear where he whispered softly: "You liked my tongue up your ass?"

Said Paul knowing it would cause even more redness in the younger wolf’s cheek, but adoring seeing him so.

Jacob knew Paul was doing it on purpose and punches him in the shoulder causing him to fall back laughing.

"We need to go. Emily is waiting for us. "

Jacob rolls his eyes when he remembers what lies ahead. "She will torture us, you know that, right?"

"Yeah, I know. She’ll torture the rebels who give trouble to her mate. But the suffering is worth it. "

Paul says giving Jacob a quick kiss.

"It was worth it, yes. And who knows, it may still be more worthily ... "

Paul looks confused at Jacob using that conspiracy tone. Something’s on his mind. He’s thinking of something and if it was at Sam’s and Emily’s house, he hoped they could forgive him, but he was curious to know what it was. And for those who knew them were aware he didn’t deny Jacob anything. Whatever he wanted to do, they would do it.