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Sweet Punishment

Paul and Jacob are now imprints. But since it's new for them, they can't quite control themselves yet. Paul/Jacob slash.

Unbetae'd. Sorry about any mistakes you may find. This fic was inspired by me own vid!

2. Chapter 2

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When they reached Sam’s and Emily’s house, they just entered without knocking or announcing because the door was open as usual. Emily was in the kitchen preparing sweets and snacks for the wolf pack and when she saw them, she yelped surprised.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Sam? "

"We should, but he sent us back to help you ..."

"Help me? With what? "

Jacob sighed resignedly. "With whatever you need."

Emily started to laugh when she understood the reason. Jacob rolls his eyes feeling ashamed.
"You’re grounded, boys? What have you been up to? "

"Nothing serious, Emily! I swear. " Jacob runs to answer before Paul, who didn’t mince words and neither feel ashamed to spit what’s on his mind.

"Really? So Sam sent you home, grounded, because of nothing? Yeah, right… If you don’t want to tell me, fine. Sam tells me later anyway! Now since you’re here, I can go to town and do some shopping! "

"What? Go to town? But we came here to help you ... "

"And I count on it! You finish the cookies while I go shopping. It's simple, kids. Just follow this recipe here!" Says Emily showing her recipes notebook for both to see. They seemed more desperate as she spoke.

"But Emily, I can’t cook!"

"If you follow the recipe, Jacob, everything will be fine." Responds Emily already taking of her apron.

"But ... Wouldn’t be better to wait until you come back?"

"No, no, no ... I don’t know how long I’ll take, Jacob. I haven’t got to town because I'm always busy with you. You guys eat too much, you know? And I have no time left for me. So now that I have two assistants, I’ll go. Bye! "

Emily says hurriedly getting Sam’s car keys. Paul and Jacob looked in her direction till the car was out of sight.

"Well, Jake ... We better get started or we’ll never finish this."

"Paul, I have no idea what to do here. My sisters who cook at home, especially Rachel ... "

"Yeah, Rachel makes delicious dishes ..."

Jacob closed his eyes when he heard Paul mentioning his sister. It comes to his mind the proximity both shared and he’s suddenly overwhelmed with jealousy. He thought his sister and Paul would imprint at some point.

"Shut up, Paul."

Paul is surprised at the rudeness. "What have I done?"

"Shut up and come help me." Jacob responds sharply. He goes into Emily’s kitchen and grabs her apron tying it behind his back. The thing was pink and frilly but he decides to ignore it. He felt ridiculous.

Getting the cookbook Emily left on the table, he begins to read the ingredients and asks Paul to take them and place all next to each other on the table. That done, he grabs a bowl and puts flour, egg, milk, sugar and mix everything.
While stirring, Jacob drops the still-too-soft mix on the table and curses himself.

"I think it needs more flour there, Jake ..."

"You think? Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Paul. "

Paul just rolls his eyes already familiar with Jacob’s hot temper. Both had a strong personality and at some point Sam asked, as soon as they imprinted, how they would live together if they seemed to want to kill each other most days and Paul simply replied:

'Jacob calms me down. When I’m angry, I’m angry because of him, not with him. He soothes the wolf inside me. He completes me. '
'What about Jacob? "
'Jacob was lost. He wanted to care and protect Bella when in fact it was he who needed to be cared for and protected. And the person doing it for him is me. I'll take care of him, Sam. He’s mine to protect and love. I'll never hurt him that way. '

His answer satisfied the alpha leader who ended the matter by giving him a slap on the back and wishing them luck.

Paul returns to the present when the object of his thoughts curses him saying he’s not doing anything to help. Sighing, Paul surrenders and puts his hand to good use.


After putting the cookies in the oven. Jacob yanks the ridiculous apron off and sits at the table to rest. In half an hour they would be ready and he feels bored, not wanting to sit there watching the clock and counting the seconds.

So he gets up and walks up to Paul, who’s drinking a glass of water and resting his body against the kitchen sink and raises an eyebrow when he sees Jacob’s mischievous look. Jacob smiles and bites his lower lip using all his charms to incite Paul’s inner wolf.

Paul feels his intentions and his inner wolf jumps with joy ready to play. Jacob emits soft wolf wines and Paul answered in kind, both communicating as if they were in their other form.

Jacob puts his arm around Paul's neck and nudges his cheek with the tip of his nose. Paul responds by licking his neck and lips. Jacob places the tip of his tongue out teasing Paul who licks the tip several times in a gesture that asked him to play as well. After teasing him a bit, Jacob grant his wishes and licks him fully. They kiss only with their tongues until the game become more serious and they begin to feel their cocks harden.

They still had some time so Paul takes them to Sam’s and Emily’s bedroom. He feels guilty for invading their privacy but the excitement speaks louder and he ignores the feeling.

When the fondling gets more serious, and they’re already off their shorts, Jacob stops and steps out of his arms. Paul gets impatient but doesn’t comment and just watches as Jacob took something that was at Emily’s bedside table and hides it heading towards the bathroom.

"Wait here. I have a surprise for you. "

"Okay, baby. I’ll wait… " Paul feels anxious. When Jacob was in playful mood he was irresistible. He sits on Sam and Emily’s bed because he felt strange standing there, not knowing what to do and expect. His ear is tuned to the bathroom trying to hear some sound but Jacob was very quiet.

When he was about to stand up and glue his ear to the door, the same opens. Jacob leaves the bathroom and Paul’s eyes widen with what he saw: Jacob was wearing Emily’s panties.

"Jesus ..." Paul is without words. Jacob found some pink panties emblazoned with jaguar pints. Not quite a thong, it was more like a tight boxer for girls but even so it was very sensual. The rubber band had delicate white laces and had two ties, one with a lighter tone of pink and the other darker. The ties were elevated on Jacob’s protuberance, which was hardening fast with the penetrating gaze.
Paul fantasized about seeing Jacob like this but never really thought he would see it for real. He was petrified and couldn’t form words to speak nor move from his spot. When some time passed, Jacob began to support the weight from one leg to the other feeling exposed.

"Will you stay there all day? We don’t have much time, Paul! Won’t you do anything? "

“I-I’m... “

"You what? Can’t talk? That’s a first. You always have an answer for everything. Come here ... " Jacob summons him with a finger and Paul obeys finally moving from his spot.


"Do you like it?" Asks Jacob giving a full turn and Paul’s eyes almost jump from its sockets when he has his back turned and Jacob’s ass is visible and it seems even fleshier with the jaguar tissue covering it.

"Yes, I like it ..." responds Paul grabbing a buttock and squeezing tightly. Then he pulls Jacob to him by the same buttock making their chests collide.

"You're so hot, Jake ... And crazy too.”

"What, you thought you were the only pervert and crazy in this relationship? Then you’re wrong, babe. I'm as crazy for you as you are for me ...”

"Really? And to think you wasted two years chasing that skinny girl, hn? "

Paul sometimes had trouble believing that he and Jacob were actually imprinted after all the bullshit Jacob did for Bella. Sometimes he felt insecure feeling he wouldn’t be good enough for the younger wolf.

"Will you really talk about her with me dressed like this for you, Paul? What do you think? That I'm using these panties and thinking of giving it to her as a gift later?"

Paul knew he was making fun of his meaningless insecurity and slaps a buttock. Jacob pretends it hurts and pouts and Paul took the opportunity to bite his lip.

The bite turns into a kiss and before they realized they were standing against the wall rubbing each other frantically. Paul settled between Jacob’s legs rubbing their cocks creating a delicious friction. Jacob moaned with pleasure clutching his shoulders. When he brought a hand up to the panties with intent to remove it, Paul stopped him and knelt staying in front of the huge erection drawn into the ounce fabric. Then he began to suck Jacob’s cock over the piece of cloth wetting the fabric with saliva.

"Ahhh, yes, babe ... suck me ... "

Paul takes two fingers to the panties elastic around the waist and lowered enough so that his cock was free and licked the head and precum but stopping the suction.

Jacob then grabs him by the neck pulling him violently up and claims his mouth. Their tongues battle for dominance going in and out of each other’s mouth. Paul loved these games. He loved Jacob made him fight for dominance and loved when Jacob surrendered and submitted to him.

He felt the moment he surrendered when his tongue stopped pushing hard against his on and went limp and soft just accepting his assaults. Paul began to fuck his mouth sticking his tongue as far as it could go.

Jacob begins to moan softly into his mouth making Paul mad with lust. He grabs Jacob’s ass and elevates him up taking him by surprise, but he quickly recovers and entwines his legs around the silver wolf’s waist.

"Paul. Aaah ... W- we don’t have much time ... Here, take this ...”

Jacob says raising a hand and only just now Paul realized he was holding a plastic recipient.

"What's that?"

“It's body oil. Found in the bathroom. Use it in me ...”

Jacob lowers his legs and stands up as Paul opens the lid and let slip the fragrant oil in two of his fingers.
Jacob turns his back and hopes Paul does the rest and jumps slightly when he feels a big hand coming into the panties elastic. "Take this damn thing already, Paul. Can’t fuck with me using it..."

"Shhh ... Be patient. I want you to wear this as long as you can. And I can prepare you with this ... "
And to prove so, he puts his whole hand inside his panties and rubs his fingers slowly in the middle of Jacob’s buttocks that arches in pleasure and tilts his ass towards the hand. Paul continues the slow pace, moving increasingly slow fingers into Jacob’s asshole.

Jacob groans softly and monitors the movements of Paul’s hand. Paul then inserts a digit into his asshole going in and out several times, until he puts his finger in full. Then he puts the second and third opening then wide to stretch the passage.

“Come on, Paul. I’m prepared enough. Take me ...”

"Patience, cub ... I don’t want to hurt you."

"I don’t care if it hurts ..."

“But I do, Jake ..." Paul responds by removing the three fingers to Jacob’s disappointment. Paul spills oil on his cock and finally lowers the pink panties down thick thighs. Jacob raises his right leg to hurry him up. Then he opens his legs as far as they go and feels Paul grabbing his hips. Without warning, Paul enters at once making him moan with pain and pleasure.

"That's what you wanted?"

"Y-yes! That’s it…”

Paul fucks in a rapid pace, with quick, short thrusts, trying to find Jacob’s prostate. After a while looking, he's sure found it feel when Jacob's body shake and shiver and he lets out a loud moan almost screaming with delight.

“Ah ... ah ... That’s it, Paul ... Faster ...”

Paul keeps thrusting in the same place and is rewarded by louder groans. Each groan and grunt increased his lust fogged brain even more and he tightens his grip in Jacob’s hips leaving his fingers marked into brown skin.
"Oh, you feel so good, Jake ..."

“Aaaah, Paul... stronger...”

Paul obeys and Jacob screams with pleasure feeling orgasm approaching. When Paul touched his dick he comes with only two thrusts, spurting hot semen on the wall and shouting Paul’s name.

Upon feeling Jacob’s anal muscles tighten even more on his erection, Paul didn’t resist anymore and thrusted hard spilling his hot liquid inside of Jacob.

Both end up kneeling on the floor trying to catch their breaths. After a few minutes, Jacob remembers where they are and widens his eyes when he sees his semen now decorating the wall.

"My God ... We have to clean up this mess." He says standing up dizzied and with trembling legs but managing to get into the bathroom where he picks up toilet paper.
After cleaning the wall, he throws the paper into the trash and look at the panties. No way he could leave it there or put it in the laundry basket because it was clean when he found it. And just looking at it was clear someone used because it has drops of semen inside. So in desperation, Jacob decides to put the piece into his short’s pocket and pray Emily doesn’t notice it was gone.

"Jake, how long those devil cookies should be in the oven?" Ask Paul dressing his shorts without paying attention to Jacob’s nervousness.

"Huh ... half an hour, why? "

"I think it's been more or less that."

"What! Then go see, you idiot! I need to do everything?"

"Wow... calm down, Jake ...”

"It's easy for you to say, Paul! You’re the pack’s second in command and Sam’s right arm, then it is obvious if he’s going to scold someone it will be the newbie who was afraid of him before knowing he was a werewolf, right?"
"Stop that." Paul said firmly stopping Jacob's nervous words. "This punishment today was child's play, Jake. If it was something serious I would have never let you get in, you understand? You’re my mate. My pack mate and especially my bed mate, and I'll always protect you, do hear me?”

Jacob answered 'yes' with his head becoming more comfortable with Paul’s firmness and feeling uncomfortable at the same time. He wasn’t yet fully accustomed to this possessive and protective side of Paul.

Paul feels his discomfort and softens his voice hugging Jacob around the waist. "Look at me, Jake ..."

Jacob obeys looking at him shyly and Paul feels himself melt with the puppy dog expression and kisses his on the nose. "I love you, baby ..."

"I love you too ..." Jacob responds returning the kiss. "... but your pet names suck." He says making Paul smile.


"Look what horrible cookies our cooks from the day made!" Said Jared looking at the cookies. Jacob took them out of the oven just before they passed the point and turned up his nose when he saw that they had flowed out of the forms making them stay bent and look unappetizing.

"What matters is the taste, not the appearance! If they taste good is what counts."

"Then let’s prove it!"

Jared and Embry were the first to pick up the cookies and bite them fearing the worse but were surprised with the result. They were kind of good.

"Of course they’re good. Were made with love. "Paul said sarcastically. Jacob looks at him from the corner of his eye and would poke him but that would call their attention so he did nothing.

Sam and Emily prove them next and are surprised. They are delicious. "Boys, you have talent. I think I'll ask you to cook for me more often. "

Jacob feels heat on his cheeks and smile nervously while Paul responds with his usual sarcastic way.

"It was a pleasure to help you, Emily. Whenever you need just call us. "