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Marked by Another

Edward and Bella witness something shocking in the woods. Paul/Jacob slash.

Unbeta'ed. This is a sudden inspiration written in two hours.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella insists dating outdoors. Edward always accepts everything she wants and today was no different. They’re lying in the middle of the flowered field when they hear footsteps coming from a certain distance.

Fearing it was an enemy, Edward pulls Bella up and close to his body. Concentrating to read the mind of person close by, Edward is not surprised when he feels the person is Jacob.

"It’s your dog. Spying on us. Will he ever get tired of running after you? "

"He’s my friend, Edward. Stop it. If he's here it may be something important. I'll talk to him. "

Edward wants to stop her but he knew if he spoke anything it would be worse.

Resigned, he follows her. After walking a few minutes they find Jacob, but he was not alone.

Two huge wolves ran after each other. One he recognized at first sight since the golden fur was already familiar. The other he had to concentrate to remember who it belong too, but then remembered that the silver fur belonged to Paul.

Bella was about to announce their presence when something made her swallow her words.

The wolves were playing. Playing at hunting each other, running and hiding behind trees and bushes.

They looked so carefree creatures that Edward envied them. But what most caught his and Bella’s attention (judging by the sudden tension in her shoulders), was their strange behavior.

When Paul, in a surprising jump fell upon Jacob, (making the golden wolf cry since he fell awkwardly on the floor), apologized by licking his neck until Jacob forgave him remaining perfectly still accepting the wolf’s apology.

Jacob lay on his back totally entrusted to Paul. He lifted his neck offering it and asking for more licks. Paul gave it to him gladly.

Intrigued, Edward nudges Jacob’s mind to read it and is shocked to see only joy and love emanating from his thoughts. And all directed to Paul, not Bella!

Suddenly, Jacob opens his eyes and sniffs the air.
Edward went very deep in his mind and the wolf ended up feeling his presence.

Jacob’s body went tense and he shapeshifts to human again.

Paul remains a wolf, but stops licking. He’s alert looking and smelling around. He growls when vampire scent fills his nostrils. He starts running towards the odor immediately.

Edward feels Paul’s rapid approach and stands in front of Bella to protect her. Within seconds, a massive form appears on its face and is preparing for battle.


Paul goes from side to side snarling and with eyes that wanted to kill something. The only thing that held him back was Jacob who came running after a few seconds.

Jacob was naked and didn’t care for his state of undress. He stood between Paul and Edward putting his hand on the silver wolf's head.

They were communicating mentally.

When Edward tried to read what they said, Paul riled again and Jacob grabbed him with both arms around his silver neck.

"What the hell do you want here, Edward?"

"Me? We were lying in the grass when we heard a noise. I felt it was you and Bella wanted to come talk to you. That was not my idea."


"Hi, Jacob. I thought you wanted to talk to me ... "

"Talk to you?"

"Yes, you didn’t call me anymore. I thought you were avoiding me but had changed your mind and wanted to see me ... Obviously I’m wrong. "

"Yes, you are. I wasn’t following you if that's what you thought. "

Paul calms down enough in Jacob’s arms and shifts to human form. Jacob loses his balance because one second he’s holding a giant animal and the other a guy a few inches taller than him. Paul holds his around the waist before he could fall flat on his face.

"He doesn’t run after you anymore, little girl. He doesn’t need too. It’s too pretentious of you to think he’ll still follow you like a puppy even after --- "

"Paul! Stop it. "

Jacob asks in a firm but gentle tone. Paul swallows his words and stays quiet, leaving Jacob to deal with them his own way.

"Bella, I wasn’t following you but since you’re here we can talk. There’s something you need to know."

"Of course ... We can talk ... "


Jacob announced to Paul and Edward’s disgust. Bella soothes Edward while Jacob goes to Paul grabbing his arm. His turmoil was evident.

"Hey. We'll just talk. I'll tell her. That’s not what you want? "

"You know it is."

"Then why you’re like this?"

"Because I don’t like seeing you two together. Brings me memories of when you did everything for this girl."

"That's past. I’m yours now, remember?"

"Yes. I do. And you better remember it too."

Paul says pushing Jacob until his back hit the nearest tree.

Jacob protected himself from Paul’s rudeness bringing his arms up and pushing his chest knowing that oppose him only got him more excited.

His wrists are secured tightly and placed each side of his body. When the barrier is broken, Paul glued their chests taking a hand to Jacob’s black hair and pulls his head sideways. When the expansion of Jacob's neck is available he repeats the gesture he made while in wolf form, but instead of licking it, he bites the flesh making Jacob scream.
Paul sucks the region to the point of almost drawing blood from it. He stops only when satisfied with the mark. Giving a kiss on the mark in silent apology, Paul steps back from the trembling body and Jacob looks at him with unfocused eyes.

Edward and Bella looked at the spectacle in awe.

Only after remembering the audience Jacob recomposes himself and walks away from both. Bella follows him without a word.

Paul and Edward watched the two walking in the distance. Edward didn’t dare to read the volatile wolf’s mind and ends sitting on a rock nearby.

It would be a few long minutes ...


When they walked a good distance, Jacob stops and turns to Bella.

"I must tell you something."

"You’re right. What the hell just happened, Jake? "Bella asks shyly and taking one small hand up to the neck mark that seemed to hurt a lot. Before she could touch, Jacob takes a step back and strokes the mark.

"That's what we need to talk. You remember the story I told you a while ago about imprinting?

Bella nods.

"So... I told you that when I imprinted on someone, you would know. Now you know ..."

"Are you saying you imprinted on Paul? But he just attacked you! "

Jacob laughs and Bella feels offended. "Did I say something funny?"

"Sorry, is just that ... Paul didn’t attack me, Bella. He just ... he marked me. As a reminder that I belong to him now. Like I would forget it ..."

"Oh. But he seemed so ... violent. Of course, I suspected of two naked guys glued together, but then he was so rude that I thought he was attacking you. And you tried to defend yourself. He’s always like this with you? "

"Not always, Bella. But occasionally he gets territorial and does these things. That's how it works between us. In some less, others more ... But when it comes to love and protect your imprints, the wolves can become very possessive and domineering. "

"Let me guess ... Paul is one of those."

"Yes, he is. But he’s not like that all the time. He has a gentle side as well. He likes to give me presents. He tells me it is a way of him staying with me even when we're not together. Can you believe it? "

"No, it's pretty hard to believe actually. What kind of gifts he gives you? Boxing gloves? "

"He buys all kinds of things that reminds him of me. At the moment I have more bracelets and anklets that my sisters. "

"Oh. This is ... cute. "

Bella admits clearly amused and Jacob smiles at her startled expression.

"You're happy, Jake?"

"Yes, very happy. Like never before. "

"So... that's what matters."

Bella is happy for his friend and takes a hand trying to hug him but aborts the gesture. Jacob shakes his head going up to her and enveloping her in a bear hug.

"Do not be silly, Bella. We can still hug. "

"Good to know."

~ * ~

In the distance, Paul watches Jacob and Bella talking. He’s leaning on a tree with crossed arms.
When Edward decides to break the silence he feels his temper wanting to blow, but controls himself.

"What was that display between you and Jacob?"

"You really don’t know, leech? I need to draw you a picture? "

"I know. You, what you call it here, imprinted, right? "

Paul nods.

"Wow .. I just ... just want to say I feel relieved. Bella and I can finally live our lives in peace without Jacob disturbing her--- " Edward cannot finish his sentence. Paul steps away from the tree turning around to be face to face with Edward. He looks him with cold eyes.

"Relieved? You’re a coward by any chance? Don’t trust your balls? I needed to step in to make you feel secure in your relationship with the girl? Where are your balls, vampire? Are they as dead as the rest of you?"

"I trust in Bella’s love completely. It was Jacob I didn’t trust. "

Paul crosses his arms leaning against a tree again. He starts to laugh with the vampire’s words.

"And you should. Jacob was a temptation to Bella. All those muscles and hot body ... The exact opposite of you. You should fear it. Put yourself in her place ... she had the option of a cold, dead dick, and a warm, alive one pulsating inside of her. And Jake is well endowed in that area."

"Really? It seems to me it doesn’t matter much since he will not make much use of this well-endowed member. "

Paul laughs louder. "You’re correct, leech. But it’s lovely to suck his dick. And he likes mine too. You see it? It's even bigger than Jake's. "

Edward looks at Paul's belly before he could stop himself.
When Paul feels his eyes on his cock he makes a motion to and fro making his balls and cock swing from side to side.

Edward turns his face rolling his eyes. He fell for Paul’s show like a puppet. If Edward was alive his cheeks would be burning. He gets even more embarrassed when he hears Paul’s high laughter.

Luckily, Bella and Jacob were already returning. He no longer needs to embarrass himself in front of him.

Rising rapidly, Edward comes to Bella in three steps announcing their departures. Bella barely says goodbye being pulled away from the werewolves hurriedly.

"He's in a hurry. What you two were talking about?"

"Nothing serious. Did you tell the girl everything? "

"Yes, I told everything. As I said I would. "

"Good. Now, how about we pick up where we left off? "

Paul asks shifting to wolf afterwards. Jacob smiles and also transforms.

/ / The first to arrive at Emily's house wins. The loser will have to wash the other’s underwear for a month. / /

/ / Deal. / /

Jacob cheats and runs out in front. Paul growls and soon reaches him throwing himself on top of the golden wolf. Both come rolling across the grass laughing.

Who looks from afar thinks they’re two happy puppies playing with each other, when in fact they are two boys in love for the first time in their lives.

And the last.