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Jacob is the youngest son of Senator Bill Black. He affected the lives of many families with the construction of a modern mall.
Some of them united and decided to kidnap Jacob to get the needed money to rebuild their homes. The group consists of Sam, Emily, Jared, Embry and Paul. Paul/Jacob slash.

This is my promised gang!member!Paul, rich!boy!Jacob verse I mentioned a while ago.

1. Chapter 1

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On an ordinary day of school, the group awaited the end of the final class of the day, before approaching Jacob. The boy had two bodyguards, which were no match for Paul and Sam, who were pointing guns at them before they could even think of drawing their own.

The driver was pulled out of the car and Sam takes the wheel. Paul sits in the backseat next to Jacob. The boy is wearing his school uniform which consisted of a black suit, a tie and a blue shirt.

The entire outfit was more expensive than the clothes Paul wore to church every Sunday.

The boy remained quiet staring at the gun pointed at him.

"You better cooperate to avoid getting hurt, get it?" said Paul.

Jacob looked at the masked face and nodded.

After a few minutes' drive away, Sam stopped and got out. Meanwhile, Paul took a piece of cloth from his pocket and threw it to the boy.

"Put it on. And put it on right."

Jacob tied the cloth over his eyes and lept up when he feels his face being grabbed roughly by the bandit.

"You put it right? What am I doing?"

"W-what? I don’t know! "

"You’ lying to me?"

"No! I can’t see anything! "

Pleased with his response, Paul released his throat and opens the car door. He pushes Jacob roughly making him fall into the pavement.

"Get up." Paul orders, catching the boy's arm and pulling him to standing position. Then he led Jacob to where Sam was waiting in another car along with Emily and once there, he throws the boy inside without ceremony.

Sam starts the engine and exits at high speed.

After driving for a while, Sam stopped the car and everyone got out. Paul pulled Jacob, but this time Jacob remembered to put his feet out, preventing another fall. Still blindfolded, he was dragged to a house, stumbling along the way several times because the sidewalk wasn’t uniform and had many stones.

Once inside the house, Paul threw him and he prepared to feel the impact from the ground but it never came. He had been thrown on an old couch.

Paul, Sam and Emily took off their masks and smiled at each other for a job well done. Jared and Embry appeared in the room congratulating them. Their attention soon turned to the blindfolded boy sitting on the couch.

"So this is Jacob Black ... He’s bigger than I thought."

"He’s our age, asshole,” said Jared.

"Stop the nonsense you two. Paul, take the boy to the back room. "

"Yes, sir."

Again Jacob was pulled and roughly dragged to a room. Inside, he had his hands tied by a rope and was thrown to a bed that had only a mattress and no sheets. He felt he would be there alone without knowing what was going on.
He decided to ask the man even knowing that he was risking a beating.

"Who are you?"

"Shut up. No questions."

Jacob insisted. "What do you want from me?"

"Are you deaf? I said shut up! "

"How long will you keep me here? Are you going to kill me?"

Paul took a deep breath. Words weren’t working so he decided to speak through force.

He grabbed the boy's neck, squeezing and leaving him breathless. "If you ask any more questions I'll choke you until you faint. Is this what you want? "

Jacob shook his head and Paul released his neck. Breathing deeply, Jacob decided to stay quiet.

For now.



Jacob was left alone for several hours. From the room he could hear the sound of muffled voices and a television. He tried to understand the words but couldn’t couldn’t catch them right.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Jared entered.

"I brought you something to eat. I will leave it here on the table. "

"I can’t go there without seeing."

“Paul is a real sadist. Sam told him to take it off but he left it anyway." Said Jared, going to Jacob to untie the blindfold.

Jacob blinked several times to get used to the light and looked at the boy in front of him. He was still a teenager. Should probably be even younger than him ...



"For taking that off me."

The boy was clearly surprised by the gratitude. "You’re thanking me for what? Those schools teach you to be educated with criminals, too, is that it? "

"I’m thanking you for letting me see. I feel better that way."

"Want to preserve all the details here to tell the police later? Is that it? Don’t bother with it. When this is over we'll be far away from here. "

Jacob pauses. So they had a whole plan orchestrated for him.
Unintentionally he made the boy give him clues. Maybe knowing what they wanted wouldn’t be so hard to find out.


Jacob ate the sandwich and drank the bottle of water Jared left for him. All the while the boy stood there watching him. Jacob was annoyed by the attention.

After finishing it, the boy left and Jacob found himself alone again. But not for long.

Paul entered the room opening the door forcibly and in three strides was in front of Jacob.

Jacob got to see several tattoos on his muscular body; a Virgin Mary, a demonic face and a round tattoo on his arm that drew his attention the most. He found the abstract design beautiful.

"You’ve been asking Jared questions? Didn’t I warn you not to speak?"

"You said I had to be quiet with you. Not with others."

Paul is surprised. He expected Jacob to tremble in fear with his threatening tone but the kid confronted him.

He replied back. Paul felt a little respect for him because of that.

"Are you challenging me?" Paul said, approaching him and grabbing a handful of Jacob’s blue shirt. With the proximity, Jacob narrowed his eyes trying to glimpse the face of his captor and managed to see brown eyes.

When his captor realized his intentions, he got unnerved.

"You’re trying to see my face, playboy?"

Jacob didn’t like what he had been called but decided to keep quiet.

"Lower your eyes when I talk to you! Don’t look at me! "

Their bodies were inches away from sticking and Jacob felt a chill down his spine. He couldn’t see his face, but the body of his captor was very muscular.

He felt ashamed for being attracted to a villain who could kill him. Jacob obeyed him.

"That's more like it. You can be a good boy when you want, can’t you? Or you just answer to authoritative tones? Hmm?"

Without considering the consequences, Jacob acted on impulse and pushed Paul in the chest.

Caught by surprise, his captor released his shirt and took a step back, but then proceeds by taking Jacob by the neck.

He pressed his chest against Jacob’s, pushing him against the wall.

"You really want to do this? Want to fight me? Want to provoke me? Be careful, because you might not like the results."

Jacob's breathing quickened and he felt his cock begin to swell.

When he thought he had signed his death warrant, the bedroom door reopened and Jared entered again. He convinces Paul to let him go. But when he does, he notices the volume in Jacob’s pants.

"What the fuck did you do with him, Paul? Look at this. Apparently he likes to be treated like that."
Paul looks down at his erection but Jacob couldn’t see his reaction because he closed his eyes. He certainly felt disgust and revulsion ...

"What are you doing here, Jared? I told Sam that I could handle this."

"Yeah, you handled it so well we could hear you knocking him against the wall from the other room. I just came in to check that you weren’t killing him. "

"I'm not killing anyone. Let's go, I already gave him the message he deserved."

With one last look, Paul and Jared left and Jacob was alone again.


Jacob’s routine is the same for a few days. One of the boys come and bring a sandwich and water. Jacob eats and they take the remains away.

But as the days passed the more Jacob was uncomfortable with his smell. During his captivity he didn’t shower once. It was way too long and he decided to risk asking Embry, who appeared to be the most peaceful, for a shower.

To his surprise, the boy agreed and took him to the bathroom. But little did Jacob know that looks could be deceiving and that the boy's intentions were far from noble.

Once he was washed and clean, Embry went into the shower and started to harass him. He ran his hands over Jacob’s chest, buttocks and cock where he paid more attention, stroking it to hardness.

Jacob felt disgusted and betrayed by his dick hardening in the hands of a kid like Embry and pushed him away. Embry answered with a punch, but that didn’t make Jacob lower his guard.

He would not let himself be raped without a fight. He’d rather die than be a coward. Embry was a thin little boy and Jacob had weight advantage over him and pushed him again sending him tumbling to the ground.

"Don’t touch me again! Hear me?”

Embry ended up with a bloody nose and a cut lip. He was surprised by his reaction and flew off the room.

Shortly thereafter, Paul entered. Without the mask.

So predictable.
Jacob rolled his eyes at the fury emanating from the tattooed body language.

"What did you do to him?”

"He asked for it."

"What happened here? Do you know where you are, playboy? Have you no concept of danger?"

"Nothing would’ve happened if he kept his hands away from me. If he tries again, I’ll hit him again, got it? "

Paul marveled at the boy’s courage. There he was: naked, wet and bothered and he was still squaring off against Paul. He wasn’t the prissy rich boy Paul thought he was.

"Are you done?"


"The goddamn shower. You finished it?"

Jacob had forgotten his state of nakedness. Feeling exposed, he lept forward to grab a towel putting it around his waist. "Yes, I've finished."

"Good. Now get dressed and go back to the room."

"There aren’t any clothes you could lend me? Mine are smelly and there’s no logic in taking a shower and putting dirty clothes on afterwards.

Audacious. “You want a shower, clean clothes ...what else? You think this is a spa?”

"What about yours? It can be those.” Jacob ignored the previous comment and risked negotiating with the man.

"My clothes? You want to wear my clothes?"

"They seem to be cleaner than mine."

Seem to be. Paul started laughing. Jacob was serious about it. "You're funny, playboy."

"Don’t call me that."


"Playboy. I don’t like it. "

"But it's what you are."

"That’s not true. You know nothing about me. Just because my father is rich doesn’t mean I have imported cars and designer clothes. I'm not like that. At home I only wear shorts and shirts all the time. Playboys aren’t like that."

Paul watched him thinking about what he had just said. Every time he entered this room he discovered something new about the kid.

"What should I call you, then?"

"Call me by my name. Jacob."

"And where's the fun in that? No... I'll call you something else. How about ... Cocksucker ? Or maybe mama's boy? There’s also slut, bitch... "

Jacob listened with disbelief. "Why are you doing this? How long am I gonna have to stay here? Have you already talked to my father? "

"None of your business. You’ll stay here for as long as necessary. "

Jacob saw a gun in Paul’s waistband for the first time. Paul followed his gaze and when he saw him staring at the gun, he lept to threaten him.

"Don’t even think about trying to take this, got it? If you try, I'll beat you'll so hard you won’t recognize your face in the mirror. "

"I don’t care about your threats. I just want to go home. "

"Why? You’re missing mommy?"

"My mother is dead, asshole!"

For the first time Jacob lost control and yelled at one of them. He cursed himself for it being Paul, who appeared to be the most violent of them. He expected to receive a punch for it, but was surprised when nothing happened.

Paul just looked at him and something had softened.

"Go back to the room. I need to tie your hands. "

Jacob was still wet and only had his dirty clothes to wear. He dropped the clean clothes subject and walked into the room. When he passed by his kidnapper, their bodies practically stuck together. The space was small and Jacob saw Paul's eyes glued to his chest while his were fixed on the devilish tattoo.

Jacob sat on the bed near the pillow and awaited orders.

"Give me your hands."

Jacob lifted his hands and one of them was handcuffed. Paul took his handcuffed hand to the guard of the bed and secured the other side there.

"You're leaving me here like this? What if one of the boys try --- "Jacob felt ashamed and didn’t finish the sentence.

"Try to molest you again? Don’t worry. They won’t do anything else. We’re not rapists. “

“Really? Is not what it looks like.”

Paul got angry at the implication that a member of his pack was a fucking rapist and grabbed Jacob by the throat. “Are you afraid of a boy like Embry, bitch? He's harmless. But try to provoke me and you’ll see what I can do with you."

Paul released the boy's throat roughly and felt a little compassion when he stopped to think, putting himself in his place.

He wondered how he would feel about being kidnapped and almost raped by one of them. He would probably have the same reaction.

Or worse.

Embry was in serious trouble. He saw Jacob’s well defined body and thought he could take advantage of him just because he was helpless. But it turned out poorly and he deserved the punches he got.

But looking at whole those muscles covering Jacob’s body he was able to understand the kid’s attraction. Jacob was a very hot daddy's boy.

Only after leaving the room did Paul realize he had shown his face. He mentally cursed himself for his stupidity.


"Sam, have you talked to Embry already?"

"Yes, that brat got a real earful. Don’t worry. He learned his lesson and from now on he’ll keep his hands away from the boy. "


Sam noted an air of concern around Paul. "Something wrong?”

"It's okay. It's nothing important ... "


"Everything is fine, Sam. It's nothing. Don’t worry. "

Sam didn’t feel convinced but let the matter drop. For now.

"I'll be in touch with his father soon. Soon this will end and our reserves will be rebuilt. "

"Do as you see fit. But Sam ... I ended up showing my face to him today. Think this will give us problems?"

Sam got exasperated running his hands through his hair. "It wasn’t ideal and you know it. But now it's done. We’ll all get rid of these ridiculous things, then. If we are to fall, we fall together. “

Paul was grateful for the support and confidence demonstrated by the pack leader.

But deep down, he felt something would go wrong.