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to Touch

to Touch is an alternative upon Stephenie Meyer's first installment of the Twilight series. In my adaption, Bella has a unique gift that has become active even in her human years. The Cullen family learns of her gift when Edward tries to drain her on her first day of school. to all who enjoys this story: to Touch will be continued on my website-which is under development. i will release a date to you all when finished. in the mean time, i have posted the prologue of another story that will be on my website. the name of it is, Drowning in Cold. Thank you.

I don't own any of it. Please R&R. I am not a writer. I simply like to do fan fictions.

1. preface

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My name is Isabella Marie Lima. I was born September 13, 1995 to a seventeen year old high schooler named Samira Lima. She gave me up before I could see and hasn't been in my life ever since. Luckily, I was adopted by a nice couple shortly after. Henry and Kathleen Barnett. Originally, we were all from Forks, Washington, but we moved to Carson City, NV. I grew up in a loving home. We weren't rich. Just average go lucky people. Well, they were. I wasn't.

When I was young I displayed unnatural "gifts". At two, obejects floated around me. At three, I would levitate and sometimes fly around the house. At four, I could hear other people's thoughts. At four and a half, I could implant thoughts into other people's heads. At five, I could communicate to others mentally. At six, I could project illusions. At seven came the most unbelievable "gift". Whomever I touched- be it person or animal- I could gain control of. Imangine become a life sized marionette and I your puppeteer. That is what you'd become. My toy.

Henry was wary of me. Kathleen, too. However, a maternal urge to protect me out shined her fear. For five years she helped me perfect control over my "gifts". I was homeschool so not to draw attention. Henry bought me a dog to use as a guinea pig. By twelve, I was in control of all my "gifts" except one. My controlling touch. My parents bought me gloves so I could be normal, but let's face it. A girl wearing leather gloves year round, 24/7 is wierd. I didn't have friends. None of the kids in our apartment building liked me. They bullied me, sometimes. Whenever I was out playing on the property's playground, they'd harass me. It got so bad until I couldn't go anywhere without my parents. So I did the only thing that brought me comfort. Reading. My homeschooling already advanced my learning schools. My shunning only broadened it. Henry and Kathleen worried about me. They thought my antisocialness was unhealthy. The more I withdrew into myself, the more worried they got. Then came an idea. Movie night. Henry, Kathleen, and I would go to the movies every Friday night after dinner at Pizza Hut. These outings brought me out of my shell. I was having so much fun ! Until one Friday evening.
Some big event was happening in town. Traffic was pretty hetic. I wanted to postpone the annual nightings, but my parents wouldn't listen. We were driving to movies, listening to Katy Perry on the radio. Kathleen and I sang off key while Henry laughed. His former hesitance around me was long forgotten. He was my daddy and I their little girl.

We had the rightaway. The light signaled for us to make our turn. We were the only ones in the lane. Henry made his turn just when these drunken teens decided to speed through traffice in the lane going north- they coming south. Henry didn't have time to swivel out of their way. Their truck slammed head first into our little car just when Katy sang, " Have you ever been so lost?" I covered eyes with my hands waiting for the impact. I heard metal screeching, glass breaking, airbags deploy, and gurgled screams. I waited. Waited to feel pain. Something. My mind thought that maybe God had mercy on me and spared me from the torturous pain. I went quickly. But I didn't.

I uncovered my eyes. My vision a bit blurry. I rubbed my eyes and reopened them. Before me was a sparking, transparent white mist. I reached out and touched it's cool surface. So beautiful- like china. I opened my mouth then gagged from breathing in debried rust and salt smelling air. I looked around- the sparkling mist dissipating. I unbuckled myself, calling my parents. I leaned forward and screamed at the sight of their dead bodies. Henry's head twisted in an odd direction. Bone poking through the flesh of his bloodied neck. Kathleen had a jagged long piece of glass lodged in her throat. I cried shaking them. Peering into their vacant minds. I pulled off my left glove from my hand and touched them. Nothing happened. They were dead. And I was alone.

I inherited a substantial sum of money from their life insurance and was placed into an orphange. My appointed attorney refused to allow anyone to adopt me before he looked over their background. He wanted me to go to a home that would love me, not think of me as a bonus check. The night after their funeral I reopened the accident's scence in a projected illusion- alone in my appointed bedroom. I was saved by another "gift" I never knew I had. A "gift" that could have saved my parents, too. A force field.

I laid in my bed, crying that night. I lost the only people I could call my family. I was alone in the world. And I was lost.