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to Touch

to Touch is an alternative upon Stephenie Meyer's first installment of the Twilight series. In my adaption, Bella has a unique gift that has become active even in her human years. The Cullen family learns of her gift when Edward tries to drain her on her first day of school. to all who enjoys this story: to Touch will be continued on my website-which is under development. i will release a date to you all when finished. in the mean time, i have posted the prologue of another story that will be on my website. the name of it is, Drowning in Cold. Thank you.

I don't own any of it. Please R&R. I am not a writer. I simply like to do fan fictions.

2. Chapter 1

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September fourteenth, twenty-ten. My name is Isabella Marie Lima-Barnett-Swan. I'm a recently turned fifteen year old Junior level high schooler. I stand at four foot, nine inches; weighing at ninety-seven pounds, petite and curvless wearing size six shoes. I have pallor ivory skin, dull blue eyes, and lank shoulder length black hair.Dark circles from restless nights are under my eyes. I'm a lifeless vessel. A hunk of flesh with no direction in life. Correction, there is one direction. Today, I am being sent to live with my new family, the Swans. My lawyer knows them personally. They're a nice middle aged couple living in my birthtown. Forks, Washington.
I could care less.

Over time I became this obidiant, near silent, strange girl. No one bothers me and I them. A mutual agreement that has left me an outcast. I use my photographic memories of my late parents to play favorite times in my head- or when I'm alone, in a projected illusion. My powers have come a long way. ( No sense in calling them gifts anymore. Gifts save lives. Something I did not do.) I multitask effortlessly with them. A new power unveiled itself on my fourteenth birthday. I now can tranfer whatever I think or hear verbatim onto paper without a writing utensil in hand. I thought it was an illusion at first, but when realized I wasn't creating an illusion I knew it was another power. Another to add to the list. I have control over them all...except for the controling touch. gloves have become a second skin to me. The other children in the orphange whisper about me. Some call me a goody two shoes. I am in a way. I obey what is asked of me just so I don't draw attention to myself. So that I can remain a shadow. Watching and listening. A useful quality. I've grown perceptive to things others are blind to. Escaping into my own world.

I'm in that world now. Sitting in this damn car in the back seat while my lawyer, Thomas Heck and social worker, Susan Dinst, drove me to my new home. We're in a rental car, because they only accompanied me to Forks. They'll leave once I meet my new care takers. No one is talking. Good. I stare straight ahead at the cars ahead of us. A bit anxious, I admit. Cars are not my most favorite way of transportation. I prefer walking, riding my bike, or flying. Sadly, I can't do that now. No ones knows about my powers. I don't plan to share it with anyone either. I don't want to. People are superficial judgmental saps. Only a handful being truly geniune like Henry, Kathleen, and Thomas. I do not date. A few have asked in the past, but I don't want to. They're all so bland and narrow minded. To them the world is black and white. Grey isn't in existence. Foolsh people wasting away their lives on frivilous matter. Patronizing. Back stabbers. I don't want anything to do with them.

"Here it is, Bella. 2203 w. Harrap. This is the Swan residence. Your new home," Susan forced out in a giddy voice. I pushed up my glasses with my middle finger. Thomas saw it from the rear view mirror and chuckled. He pulled into a space in between two already parked cars along the curb. I unbuckled my seat belt, grabbed my backpack, and climbed out the car. Forks is a cold, gloomy place. Under a bluish-grey overcast, muted light trying to break through. Perfect companion to my disposition.
The Swan's house is Colonial styled. It has a dark greay shingled roof with white sidings. From the front of the house I counted nine windows. Each having light grey shutters, and two dark maroon chimneys stuck out from the roof. The lawn was trimmed and hedges eveningly allign. Hanging from the right side wall was a satellite. I'm not a TV junkie. I just enjoy a good program here and there. Lost is my current favorite. The air smelt of freshly trimmed grass. Thomas popped the trunks hood. He carried two of my suitcases and I the remaining two. I'm not really carrying them. My telekinisis is doing the work. As one could suspect with my tiny slender frame, I am not physically strong. It's funny when I use my power to lift heavy objects and watch other's reactions. Susane is my audience now. Her face is priceless. So are her thoughts. Yes, Susane you should hit the gym more often. Ah, not really. I'm only joking with you. Well myself...my head is a strange terrain. If someone were to read it I'd be in an asylum. "Your other things were already sent," Thomas says. "You'll find them in your bedroom, undoubtedly." He knocked on the white painted door. Susane rolled her eyes at his ignorance to the doorbell. She pressed it murmuring about Thomas being an idiot. I make the hanging potted plat on the porch's pillar sway. Dirt sprinkling on her head. She sputtered out some that got in her mouth. Whoopsies.

A Caucasion middle aged woman with a youthful face opened the door. She has a tawny skinned oval shaped face. Large hazel eyes, short button nose, small pouty lips, and wavy chestnut brown shor hair. "Hello there. I'm Renee Swan," she greeted. Her grin stretched, revealing a row of white teeth. From her stance, I know she's excited. "C'mon in. Never know when it'll rain," she laughed at her private joke. I followed the wo adults inside. The foyer led immediately to the living room and a tall staircase, which was wooden like the floors were a polished medium oak color. The foyer's floor was a bit rised. You had to step down to enter the livingroom. Walls painted taupe are decorated by paintings and photos. In the living room sat a tall pale skinned man in a beige recliner. He was watching baseball on a big screen television. "Can I take your coats," Renee offered. I handed her mine but the others didn't. They weren't staying long. "Um do you want to take your gloves off Isabella? " I balled my hands into tight fist at my sides.

"Bella...and no," I declined. Renee smiled warmly at me. She hung my parka onto the golden metal coat hanger and led us to the living room. The man clicked the TV off and smiled, akwardly at us. Not like a wierdo or anything, but like a shy person. His shoulders rose as his chewed on the insides of his cheeks.

"Um...hi. I'm Charlie. Renee's husband," he murmured. I took a seat on the beige golden floral patterned loveseat in fron of the fireplace.

"Bella. Hi," I nodded. Charlie wasn't Caucasion. His feautres spoke of another nationallity. A prominent squarish pale white face, pointed thin nose, and full lips. He has thick dark brown curly hair and a side burn connecting Van Dycke. A medium strong built with a bit of a round stomach, too.

"Are you Italian, too?" he asked. So that's what he is. I nodded my head. Charlie didn't say anything else. Wasn't like I wanted him to. His silence was rather comforting. He didn't put me on the spot. Didn't ask a series of questions. I think I like him. While we did speak, I didn't notice Renee, Susane and Thomas talking amongst themselves.

"She has been through a tramatic experience, Renee," Thomas whispered. "It's made her reserved and silent. Please don't rush her into talking and behaving normally. Doctors suggest the three of you gradually build a relationship." Renee was nodding, accepting papers that Susane handed her.

"We were informed but thank you, Tom. We'll do our best to make her happy," she vowed. Happy? I haven't been that in so long. I think I've forgotten how to be. Charlie got my attention by clearing his voice.

"Would you...um...like to see your new bedroom?" he asked. Anything to get away from those three's "private" conversation. I got to my feet and followed him upstairs.

My bedroom was the third door to the left. Meaning I would have a view of the backyard. Charlie wordlessly carried two of my bags. Curiousity got the better of me. I focused on his thoughts to get a better feed on him. "She's nothing like I expected. So tiny...I figured she was a girl scout before Renee let 'em in. Hope she isn't a party girl. Or worst a girly-girl. I can't take watching those stupid romance shows! " Heh. You have nothing to worry about, buddy. I'm nothing like that. " Renee's pissed about the room's decor. I don't see a problem with it. I think it's teen-ish. " Oh God, what is "teen-ish" ? He opened the white painted door. I got to go ing first. Hope my acting skills will work. I'm a horrible liar. My face is an open book. I took a look around. Wow.

Mocha brown painted walls lined with white boarders at the top and bottom. A single window across from a twin sized bed- it's pushed up against the wall with the entry door. Hard polished medium oak floors with a large magnolia carpet in dark ruby red adorning it. A light honey wooden bedroom set. A subtle curved headboard and ball finials. A rugged navy, green, and crimson patchword quilt, tan sheeting, a navy bedskirt, and three pillows made it. Olive plaided curtains hung from the windows. Beside it was an old rocking chair that clashed with the furniture set, but I liked that. It was a painted ivory but the age gave it an ancient look. Beside the bed was a small bookshelf already housing some of my books and CDs. A wooden desk was against the wall where the closet is and beside it was a six drawer chest. I whirled around to face Charlie. "This is my room?" I whispered. His brow furrowed. "Damn. She hates it. "

"Renee was busy all week. I was left to decorate it. You can change it whenever you want...Sorry," he grimaced. I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my lips. " Charlie I love it. It's my style," I explained. I sat my suitcase and went to sit in the rocking chair. Kathleen had one like this. She would rock me to sleep when I couldn't sleep. Read to me or just sing a lullaby. Her voice wasn't melodious. She sucked. But I loved to hear her sing. I loved her. " Thank you, Charlie," I whispered. "She must miss her parents. Shame a sweet kid had to loose the only people she loved so early." He walked over to me and knelt in front of me. " Bella, we're not here to replace your first parents. Nobody in this world could ever do that.But we can provide you a loving home, too. You don't have to bottle up everything. Come to us whenever you need us," he told me. A faint blush burned his cheeks. "Besides. Renee and I always wanted a kid of our own," he murmured. I smiled up at him. Charlie is a really good man. He ruffled my hair then left.

I can do this. I can live here. "She loved the room? Wow, Charlie actually did a good job? He's never helped me decorate. I had to beg him to do so. Oh, Bella is our daughter! I've got to improve my cooking skills. Oh, I hope I'm a good mother to her." Renee's sweet thoughts warmed my heart. I knew no one was coming up to my room yet, so I used my telekinisis to unpack my bags. I opened the chest drawers and had all my socks,underwear, shirts, and jeans to lay in them. I hung my sweaters on the hangers in the closet and lined my four pairs of shoes on the floors. New record. Six seconds and I'm all done. I floated over to my bookshelf and grabbed Pride and Prejudice. Then flopped onto my bed and read for a while.

At eight, I was in the kitchen helping Renee cook. How Charlie survived with her in charge of his meals is beyond me. She forgot to scale the fish before frying it ! Renee is nice and all, but she could give you food poisoning in a second. By accident, of course. Renee's not a murderer!

Dinner was quite enjoyable. Renee telling me about her job at Forks elementary school. She's a kindergarden teacher. I found it awe inspiring how she thought of each of her students. Whether she knew it or not, working there gave her a natural mother's instinct. Charlie is the police chief in town. He's it mission to keep everyone in town safe. He hates seeing innocent people get hurt, bad guys walking scotch free, and family's torn by deaths. Charlie a bit stern but it's his heart that makes him a good person. By bed time, I've learn many things about the Swans. Charlie is the quiet guy, dependable guy. Renee's the quirky, energetic, sweet woman you can't help but like. The strange duo's marriage worked out perfectly. It's nice to have them in my life. Yet I can't let go of my old parents. Here I lay- one in the morning- replaying old memories of them. Tears running down my face. "I miss you," I whispered. But they can't reply. They never will...