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What if Jacob never imprinted on Renesmee? What if it was Alice instead of Bella who was the new kid? What if Jacob falls in love with Alice's new best friend? What happens when Maria, Jasper's former vampire love, returns and Isn't too happy that Jasper is dating Alice, a human? In Aylah, Alice's best friend's point of veiw.

PREFACE The day I bumped into Alice wasn't all that different than any other day but if she hadn't been in that hallway, or if I hadn't got out of gym class late, I can't imagine where I would be right now. Probably at the mall with Jessica instead of on my way to rescue my best friend from a lethal vampire.

1. Chapter 1: New kid.

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"Hey! Watch where your going!" I snapped. As my stuff jumped out of my hands and I stumbled backwards. I wasn't usually that rude but I had just come from gym where I had been forced to endure the most painful volleyball game ever. She mumbled something like an apology and began gathering her stuff. And that was when I realized that this girl was completely unfamiliar to me. I remembered hearing something about a new kid though I couldn't remember what they said her name was, It started with an M "Your the new kid." I stated as she stood up to face me, "um... Maria, Mariah, Mar-" she cut off my incessant guessing with a small laugh

"Alice!" she said offering her hand. I took it and shook it lightly

"Nice to meet you Alice. I'm Aylah." I replied picking up my books from the floor. I bet she doesn't know anyone. "Do you have anywhere to sit for lunch?"

"No, not really" she replied looking down, embarrassed.

"Well, you can sit with us! Jessica, Angela, Mike and I! Mike is the one you hit in gym." I said with a small smile. She nodded

"Actually, That would be great!" she replied quickly. I smiled and we made our way to the lunchroom.

In the lunch line I babbled away about anyone and everyone in the school while she pretended to listen. I'll admit, I do talk a lot, but it's a habit, I can't stop. During lunch she was pretty quiet until Jessica began to talk about what was 'Fashionable' than she perked right up. I actually don't care all that much but Jess does so I contribute as well as I can to the conversation. Alice suddenly gasped and everyone at the table fell silent.

"Who are they?" she asked awestruck staring out the window. We all turned to see what she was talking about. The Cullens. The table all murmured in understanding and than resumed their conversations.

"Oh!" I responded. "Those are the Cullens." She stared at him in awe. " The huge one, with the black hair is Emmett," I introduced him as he walked in, "And that's Rosalie, they're together." I said ominously grinning at Angela.

" Together? Like together, together?" She asked shocked. She looked at me confused and I winked at her. Than Edward came in with his arms wrapped around Bella "Edward and Bella," she had a shocked expression on her face, she must think that their brother and sister. "Don't freak out, their adopted." I reassured her with a small smile. Than Jasper walked in and a look of longing came over her. I rolled my eyes. He's not even all that great-looking, I mean, sure he's cute but I'm not really into blondes.

"Who's he?" She asked eying him up and down.

"That's Jasper Hale, he and Rosalie are twins.

"Who's he with?" She asked and I could tell she wanted me to say no-one.

"No-one, sadly nobody here is worthy." I replied sarcastically. She continued to stare so I decided to humor her. "You should hear his voice! You would melt!" I told her. She stared at the Cullens for a second more before returning to her food, but I could tell her thoughts were about 20 yards away. She confirmed my thought by turning back to glace at the Cullen table.

We spent the next ten minutes discussing the Cullens, I was just about to change the subject when the bell rang and I realized that our table was empty.

"What class do you have next?" I asked her, hoping it was math.

"Biology." she replied. Damn!

"I have math, hold on I'll give you my number." I pulled a piece of paper out of my backpack, scrawled my number on the back and handed it to her. She looked at it for a second.

"Um...Aylah?" she continued looking at the paper.

"Ya?" I responded

"You might want to keep this, I think it's your math homework." she handed it back to me. Shit. It was. I grabbed a blank sheet of paper and rewrote my number on it.

"Here, text me, we should go shopping or something." I liked her, despite her new-found obsession with the Cullens. They always kind of bothered me. And they all smelt bad, they must use something in their house because their smell just faintly burned my nose.

"Okay, cool." she shoved the paper into the pocket of her jeans as she stood up. I stood up and strode towards the door.

"See you later!" I replied while walking out of the cafeteria.


I reached the parking lot just in time to watch Alice drive away in a yellow Porsche. It was a nice car but it was too flashy for my taste. I had an 80's VW convertible bug that constantly had the top up due to the sucky weather here in forks.

I got in my car and set off to pick up the little ones from school. On the way home I listened to Chaia, who's in the 8th grade, babble on and on about her best friend, Kenneth, while Dara, the quieter of my younger sisters just sat in the back, reading a book. We pulled into the driveway and the kids jumped out and ran inside. I sighed as I spotted Dara's backpack on my backseat. I grabbed it, brought it inside, set it on the counter and walked into the living room just as Dara was running out of her room.

"Aylah! Have you seen my-" I cut her off.

"Counter." and I smiled at her. Was there a cuter 5th grader In the world?

I walked to the counter, sat on a stool and pulled out my math homework. It wasn't due until Friday but might as well get ahead right?

I was at problem 15 when the phone rang. I set down my pencil and pulled my phone out of my pocket.


"Aylah?" an excited voice chirped on the other end.

"This is Alice, right? Alice Brandon?" I confirmed.

"Ya, and my dad and I are having dinner with Billy and Jacob, some family friends down in La-Push, and I'm afraid that I'll be hopelessly bored. Wanna come?"

"Hold on, I have to ask my mom." I moved the phone away from my face.

"Hey mom?" I called out "Can I have dinner with a friend?"

"Sure." I heard her voice reply from the living room. "Be back by eight!" EIGHT?


"Okay, nine." better.

"Thanks!" I put the phone back to my face "I can go."

"Great! See you in 20!" and the line cut off.

"Wow." I said to myself as I walked up the stairs. I really wish I had asked what I was supposed to wear.