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Welcome to Wonderland

> Link if banner is not seen: http://img87.imageshack.us/f/welcometowonderlandbann.png/ Sequel to Bloody Mercy Rated Teen for whatever comes out of Emmett's mouth Major spoilers if you didn't read the first story! Edward is now a vampire with his love as he tries to pretend being human along with the rest of the Cullens. But what happens when the Cullen family has to leave in order to help the Denali clan? How will Edward cope being a newborn vampire? And what happens when Jacob's cousin has a certain liking for our lead role? Secrets are revealed, Love develops, the history that was locked away comes back, and life as a vampire gets harder for poor Edward Masen. Read Welcome to Wonderland Now!

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer except OC's of mine. Story title was inspired by the song "Trip to Wonderland" by Nightcore

1. Chapter 1-Recap and Birthday Gifts

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1356   Review this Chapter

(Edward's POV)
Ah life. Well, I'm not sure if I have a life anymore. My name's Edward Anthony Masen. My parents and I moved from Chicago, leaving my best friends behind, to the boring, wet, depressing town of Forks, Washington.
I used to be human, but then I met the Cullen family. I fell in love with Bella Cullen, who happens to be a vampire along with the rest of the Cullen family. I was attacked by a tracker, when I went to watch a Cullen baseball game, and was turned into a vampire. Oh did I mention I'm best friends with a werewolf? The story on meeting the Cullens has been already told, but this ones just starting...


Bella had gotten the cast taken off the night before prom, and the whole day she felt free. When she was still on her pretend crutches I helped her get to class. One day when I was coming into school late, Emmett became her personal slave. Oh Bella had fun with that.

I closed my car door softly, now I have to be careful to make sure the door wouldn't fall off. The date was June 20th, it was my birthday. I grabbed my keys and unlocked the front door and then entered.

"SUPRISE!" my parents, Edward and Elizabeth, Bella, and Jacob shouted once I got in the house.

"Thanks guys" I said chuckling. My mom gave me a hug, dad put his hand on my shoulder, and then Jacob shook my hand and we hugged sort of. I then put my things from my part time job down on the counter and went straight to the love of my life. Our lips met and her arms wrapped around my neck and I held her waist tight.

We knew that we were kissing for a while because Jake (who was now sitting on the couch) threw a pillow at me and told us to get a room. Bella grinned and went to help my mom in the kitchen.

"You cook Bella?" my dad asked her.

"Yeah, I cooked alot before I started living with the Cullens" she responded. Before she was a vampire and couldn't eat. Bella's lucky, she doesn't have to scarf down crap everyday.

A girl who's hot and can cook. Damn Edward's lucky Jake thought

I growled low enough that only another vampire can hear. Jacob's a great friend, but I wish he'd stop thinking about Bella all the time. Bella had heard my growl and she did a quite smirk. Someone's a bit cocky now. Dad grabbed a football and patted it looking at Jake and I.

"Sure" Jake said standing up. I started following the two outside. Bella came to my side and gave me a small kiss on the lips.

"Win for me" she told me.

"Will do" I replied walking outside.


(Bella's POV)

I started helping Elizabeth finish the potroast she started on before I came to help set up. I started cooking the potatoes and other veggies.

"Thank you for helping me finish the meal Bella"

"It was my pleasure. Like I told Mr. Masen before, I haven't cooked in a really long time"

"You cooked meals by yourself?"

"When I turned eleven I started making dinner after school for my parents and I" I told her the truth.

"No siblings?" Elizabeth asked curiously.

"No. My mother had a miscarriage and the other died as a young baby"

"That's terrible. I'm sorry for prying into your private life." She apologized.

"It's alright. Your my boyfriend's mother, you should know where his girlfriend's coming from. Do you want the vegetables in the sauce for the roast?"

"Yes. Um...Bella?"


"Is it just me, or is Edward very different. I feel like he's changed...he seems different, since the day he ran away when you were in the car crash, he changed...alot"

"Edward seems normal...maybe it's his attitude" I reassured her.

"He's paler too. I'm fretting because I'm afraid that he could be sick." Elizabeth spoke. This woman is smart.

"Not to call you crazy, but he seems normal to me. I think the potroast is ready." I changed the subject. She nodded and started putting the food together (potroast on plate, sauce on plate, vegetables in sauce, etc.)


The boys came in when Elizabeth called for dinner. Jacob's shirt was covered with dirt, Edward Sr. was slightly dirty, and Edward was in between.

Edward gave me a hug and told me, "I won a round for you".

"Great I have mud on me now" I replied sarcastically.

"Ahem, you must have heard me wrong, I won a round for you Bella. Where's my prize?"

"Don't get too cocky because it's your birthday" I told him giggling and then I gave him a short but somewhat intimate kiss.

"Oh god not again" Jacob said picking up another pillow. We broke apart, and we all sat down for dinner. Edward and I had to eat the food. Gross...

"What do you think of the roast Eddiebear?" Elizabeth asked.

"...It's great mom..." Edward responded to his mother. I knew he hated nicknames.

"Why don't you let me call you Eddiebear?" asked a curious smelly Jacob. Edward glared at him.

"I think it's cute" I stated.

"Bella!" my Eddiebear whined.

"Stop whining and eat your food. You'll thank your mom for the nickname later, besides would you rather have Bella call you Edward or Eddiebear during sex?" Edward Sr. spoke. My eyes were wide with shock. Edward was embarressed. Jacob ate his food watching with amusement. Elizabeth slapped her husband's arm. Edward and I didn't speak. We were shocked and embarressed.

"Well?" his dad asked again.

"Honey this isn't really a conversation for the dinner table" Elizabeth said quietly.

"Yes it is, we're all close in a way". Then the door bell rang. Perfect timing. Elizabeth stood up and answered. It was Emmett.

"Em? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Jasper kept beating me at a video game so I came here because I got pissed, and Esme was mad at me."

"Why was Esme mad at you?" I questioned him sternly.

"I got frustrated and ripped up her curtains..." he replied. I shook my head.

"Emmett. We're having a conversation, and these two aren't answering. We're going to need you" Mr. Masen stated. Dear Lord why? Emmett told him to ask away. "What do you think Bella should call Edward during sex? Edward or Eddiebear?"

"YOU BROKE YOUR VIRGINITY!??!? IM SO PROUD OF YOU BELLS!" Emmett said glomping me.

"Emmett. Get the HELL off of me." I sternly told him.

"Um Emmett-" Edward started before Jacob put a finger to his lips and interupted "Don't get in the middle of a sibling fight".


"Why are you proud! We haven't gotten to Frenching yet! Jesus get off of me Emmett!"

"You're pathetic, how could you have not gotten to to French kissing?" Emmett asked.

"You're an idiot you know that right?" I questioned the teddy bear.

"THESE TWO NEED COUPLE COUSENLING PRONTO! Mr. and Mrs. Masen, um... you two go have sex or something, or whatever you do, Jacob you're going to be my assistent! Let's move into the living room so I can start the counseling!"

"Emmett you just told my parents to have sex...what's wrong with you?" Edward asked him like he was grossed out.

"So sex is part of marriage?" Emmett replied and pushed Edward's parents to the stairs. They walked up there confused. He pointed Jake to the living room. Edward started walking to the couch.

"I refuse to do this. This is stupid" I stated.

"Then I'll make you do this" Emmett responded lifting me over his shoulder.


"No way Bella. Now you sit down here next to Edward and help will be along the way"

"You make it sound like a life or death situation" Edward told him.

"Well you two not having sex is killing off children" my older brother told us, even though he knew that we couldn't have children. I rolled my eyes. Emmett sat down and simply said "Now let's begin..."