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Changing Tides

Changing Tides Banner Living a life of perpetual misery, Esme escapes from her abusive husband to find a life worth living. She has no idea that she'll find life in mortal death and love in the arms of an incredibly handsome doctor named Carlisle Cullen.

This story was completed with the help of the biographies provided at http;//www.twilightlexicon.com to ensure that canon is followed Disclaimer: All characters, base plot, twilight series are the property of Stephenie Myers. I've been in love with the books for a while now, and out of sheer interest in the other couples, I decided to write this one on Esme and Carlisle. I do not own the canon characters nor do I take credit for any affiliation with the "TWILIGHT" series. Changing Tides banner created by JokesOnJane.

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

It is a great tragedy when a day you come to expect to be the best moment of your life turns out to be your worst.

On March 1st, Esme Platt went into labour around seven in the morning. Maria quickly told a distraught Frederic to stay in his room and joined Esme in her room with a clean towels, bidding Thomas to quickly boil some water and to summon the doctor. Though Esme was anxious and worried for the birth, Maria seemed excited, and this calmed her a great deal.

The sun was barely rising as the pain intensified. Esme fought contraction after contraction, glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel- the birth of her child- after many long months of waiting. The doctor arrived approximately an hour into contractions along with a midwife. As they waited through the many hours of labour, Maria braided Esme's hair back and comforted her, holding her hand when contractions took hold of her W and offered her reassurance that she too went through it, and Esme would forget it all when she held her little baby.

Ten hours later, Esme was encouraged to push and after a relatively easy birth, the doctor left after a quick exam of the child, leaving the midwife to complete her duties. Esme sobbed with happy relief with a tiny red-faced baby boy was handed to her in a woollen white blanket.

Maria rushed out to tell her son and husband the good news, leaving Esme alone with her baby son for a little while. Esme gave another soft, happy cry when the baby boy began to whimper and then cry, peeking up at her with large blue eyes. Esme's heart felt as if it would snap under all the love and happiness she felt for the small baby boy in her arms.

"Hi, handsome," Esme greeted him adoringly. She gently stroked his pudgy cheek with her finger, admiring his face. "I've been waiting for you, baby boy." He continued to fuss softly, but Esme just rocked him, memorizing his face with the adoring eyes of a mother.

After nursing him, Maria, Thomas and Frederic were allowed in to greet the newest member of their household. Frederic produced another drawn picture, this time of him standing beside a tiny stick figure that he exclaimed was the baby before anyone could ask.

"Whatcha going to call him?" Frederic asked in a loud whisper, peering down at this face. "He's Red. You should call him Red."

All the adults laughed appreciatively but Esme shook her head, smiling at Frederic. "I think I'll call him Nicholas. What do you think?"

Frederic seemed to mull this over before grinning up at Esme and nodding. "I think it's a good name Auntie Esme." Lately, he'd been calling her that and Esme thought it was too sweet to correct it.

"Fine name," praised Thomas, putting an arm around his happily tearing wife.

Maria smiled and leaned into her husband's embrace and put one hand on her own son's shoulder. "I agree. It suits him. He's beautiful, Esme."

Little Nicholas yawned and whimpered again, but snuggled against his mother in his blankets and his eyelids slid closed. Esme couldn't take her eyes off of him, still unwilling to believe that she finally, at last had her family.

Maria wiped her eyes and sighed happily. "Come Frederic. Little Nicholas needs his rest."

Frederic nodded seriously. "Okay." He waved at the baby in the blankets. "Bye Nicholas!" And he scampered off with Thomas behind him to get him washed up for school that day.

Maria smiled at Esme and leaned over awkwardly to hug her friend, careful of the baby in her arms. "Congratulations. He really is beautiful."

Appreciation and love shone in Esme's eyes. "Thank you," Esme whispered, smiling down at the baby in her arms. "For everything. I don't know what I would have done without you and Thomas."

But Esme's miracle did not last long.

It took less than twenty-four hours for it to happen. Esme woke in the middle of the night to hear baby's cries, broken up by soft coughs. Concerned, she rocked him, gently patting his back. The coughing would stop and Nicholas would fall asleep, only to be reawakened by mucous-filled coughs. He threw up once or twice, and in the morning, Esme called the doctor in a panic. How had he gotten sick? He hadn't been outside and there was no draft in her room.

The same man who had arrived to help with the delivery arrived to find Esme and Maria sitting on the bed worriedly watching the small boy cough and cry. He examined him for what felt like ages to Esme, listening to his chest and checking his neck, breathing and pulse. At last, he removed his stethoscope with a sigh.

"I believe he's got an infection of the lungs. I'm very sorry." He looked very sorry too.

Maria and Esme stared at the doctor in horror. Esme was too shocked and terrified to say anything. She was wrapping her baby up again in the warm blankets and holding him close, convinced that the doctor had to be wrong. Nicholas had just been born; he could not be sick already.

Maria asked what Esme was thinking. "What does this mean for Nicholas? He'll get over it, won't he?"

The doctor hesitated. "It is difficult to say. He may... it's a terrible month for a birth. The home is cold; for an infant it's incredibly dangerous. We aren't sure of the causes but infants this young are just so incredibly vulnerable to surrounding illnesses and bacteria."

"So what can we do?" Esme finally managed to ask in a frightened voice, staring at her baby boy who had ceased his coughing for now.

The doctor listed off a variety of remedies they could try, but because he was barely a day old, he advised caution. Before he left, he patted Esme on the arm, truly looking sorry.

"I am very sorry for this news. I know it is hard to hear. It is in my duty, however, to let you know... there is a possibility he will not make it through this. You should prepare yourself and know that this is not your fault. You have done nothing wrong, nor could you have done anything to prevent his illness."

He gave the women one last apologetic look and said goodbye. Esme's tears fell freely into her son's blankets.

What happened next would forever be burned into her mind. Two days later she woke to find her baby still in his blankets, his face grey and lifeless. Esme flew into a terrified panic, screaming out for Maria and Thomas in the morning. Frederic sat sobbing in the doorway when the doctor finally came and his mother and father hugged the shaking, sobbing Esme. After much screaming and resistance, the doctor left having confirmed the worst, leaving everyone sobbing.

Esme refused to let little Nicholas go, clutching him desperately and crying his name out. After much screaming, suddenly, she collapsed onto the bed, baby securely in arms. It was at this point that Maria begged her husband to take the lifeless tiny body from Esme's arms elsewhere. Thomas did so, his face pale and tear-stricken, leaving his wife to tend to Esme who sobbed and shrieked for Nicholas to be returned to her.

It was a terrible day the day that Esme lost her son; the only family she had left in the world. But to Esme, it was like she was living a terrible nightmare and nothing seemed real. Breathing was difficult and every time she closed her eyes to fall into much needed sleep, she would be awakened by terrible images.

For days, she cried, starving herself and suffering insomnia. Maria was left clueless as to how to help, so in the end, she left her to deal with her pain. But for Esme, the pain was an enveloping darkness to which she knew there was no escape. Nicholas had been the only light of hope in her life- and he was gone.

Every breath she took felt like a waste. She sat in her room, wishing to close her eyes and never open them again but to close her eyes was to relive the horror. Sunlight made her nauseous and the dark terrified her. There was no escape for a lost soul, if she even had one anymore. All she felt inside was emptiness.

A week went by, and still, Esme felt no will in life. She didn't care if Charles were to find her; she actually felt some sort of relief in this idea; perhaps he would fulfill his threats and end her life for her. Esme would gladly take this fate; it would be better than living like this.

At the end of the second week, having barely slept, Esme carefully and silently boxed up her things. She dressed herself in a pale blue dress and left her hair down around her pale, thin face. She found a sheet of paper and made a note to Maria and Thomas.

To my only friends-

I am so very sorry for the tragedy I have imposed upon your lives. I wished you no part in my misery. I love you both for the kindness and love you have shown me in these few months that we have known each other. I am even more sorry for the pain I have caused in your son's life. Please tell him I love him and I'm sorry.

Please understand I had no choice. I have no life without my baby now. I have left much behind and yet I have nothing in my old life when I was married.

I gave up because I have nothing left. I am sorry, though I know there is nothing that I can say to make my decision right at all. There is nothing you could have done. It is just time for it come to an end. If I am not meant to have happiness in life than my life is worthless.

I love you both. I am so very sorry.


Tears did not well in her eyes as she left the note on her bed and put on her shoes with steady hands. She left her room in soft, padded steps like a ghost floating down a hall. She glanced in Frederic's room to see his small sleeping form and then turned away before she could wake him to apologize to him personally. She hoped that her decision would not ruin the little boy- he never deserved that.

The house was silent, and it was dark and chilly outside when she left. There was little snow on the ground, but she was sure the temperature was close to zero. She quietly closed the door and started down the path without looking back. The wind chilled her to the bone but she didn't care- it didn't matter, nothing did.

Esme walked lifelessly without thinking to the edge of town, where she knew the town wound down a steep hill to the road that led the traveller farther north. Esme made a sharp turn off the path and up to the rocky cliffs that dropped off into the water below.

The rocks were wet and jagged beneath her shoes as she stepped over them to the edge where she could peer down into the icy waters that smashed violently against the cliff's base.

No one saw her walk there, and no one would see her do this, and this was a small comfort. She had hurt too many people already; leaving a scar on their lives forever. Her long hair whipped in the night air and she took a deep breath in, her empty eyes observing the promising waters below. She felt at peace here. The rocks below her feet were sharp and uncomfortable even under her shoes, but the pain was nothing compared to what she'd been through.

She closed her eyes, thinking of her family. She thought of Olivia and George, of Maria and Thomas and Frederic, and of the face of the baby boy who'd passed away in the middle of the night in her arms. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, smiling slightly as she thought of Nicholas.

And with her baby son the last thing on her mind, Esme Platt threw herself off the cliff