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The Day My Heart Died

Bella had every thing going for her-she had a wonderful boyfriend, she was doing well her university studies and most importantly she had a bright and happy future a head of her but when Edward and Bella come home for the holidays to be with their families every thing changes and the one thing that she lived for is taken away. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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1. Chapter 1

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My life was not the most perfect but it was perfect for me. I met my boyfriend, my heart, my soul to be in year 11. I had just moved to Forks after my mother had remarried her new husband Phil who was a miner baseball player and moved around a lot so I moved to the small little town of Forks to live with my dad Charlie Swan the chief of police at Forks. Edward my boyfriend and I never really talked till that one faithful day when I had to walk home when my truck had broken down. Rain was pouring down as always I was walking down a road and looked around- next to me was a stone wall that boarded one of the houses on the main road of Forks; as I walked a silver Volvo pulled up beside me. There in the car was the ever famous Edward Cullen of our small little town and he had a crooked smile that would have even the most virtuous of girls fall to their hidden desires at such a smile. He lent over towards me. "Do you need a lift?"

"Thank you so much," I got into his car and soon we were off.

"I'm Edward by the way. You must be Isabella?"

"Yeah that's me but please call me Bella."

"Bella it's nice to meet you."

Soon we pulled up to Charlie's house I did not even have to tell him were to go because this town was so small everyone new everyone. "Thank you for the ride Edward. See you at school tomorrow?"

"Yeah sure," He smiled and drove away.

It seemed so long ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. A month or so after the first time he had spoken to me he asked me out and I offcourse said yes. Each day I learned more about him- Edward's parents died when he was five and Esme and Carlisle had adopted him as well as Alice who is 17 along with Edward and Emmet who is 18. They also became foster parents to Jasper and Rosalie -both are 18- when they were twelve. Alice is with Jasper and Rosalie is with Emmet. They all became my family in a sense we would always hang out around each other Alice would sometimes randomly wake me up at six o'clock in the morning just to pick out my clothes- I should have never given Alice a key. Esme became something of a mother to me something that I never really had before with my mom because I was always the adult in our relationship. Carlisle became like another father- Carlisle was a doctor down at the hospital and worked a lot but he always found time for his family.

The year went by so fast. I made friends with one of the kids from the La Push reservation, Jacob. He was my dad's best friend's son; Jacob was like a brother to me. I made other friends with Mike, Angela and Jessica.

Soon I reached year 12 and then exams and soon we were out. Edward and I went to collage together and everything was perfect. We were both doing well in our studies Edward was studying to become a doctor and I was studying to become an English teacher.

It had been three years since that rainy afternoon when Edward had picked me up and taken me home. We went back to Forks in the summer holidays that we got off. We drove up the drive way to Charlie's house and there was movement of the curtains in the front room as Charlie must have seen Edward's silver Volvo come up the drive way. The door opened and out came a smiling Charlie. Edward came around and opened my door as he always liked to do and I got out and hugged my dad. Edward came up next to us with my suitcase I thanked him and gave him a peck on the cheek. We stared in to each other's eyes for a moment until I heard my dad coughed we broke away and looked towards him- both of us had a smug smile on but we tried to hide it.

"How about I take your suitcase for you Bells," Charlie said as he picked up my suitcase and took it inside.

I looked to Edward "I guess I better get home Esme is sure to be missing me," He smiled at me with my crooked grin and I had to smile back. "I'm sure Esme would like you and Charlie to come for tea if you like?"

“Yeah sure that would be nice but only if Esme is willing."

“I’ll call you and tell u what she says," I smiled and hugged him. We reluctantly said our goodbyes and Edward headed home.

Soon the phone rang and Edward letting me know that Esme would love us to come for tea and so we went to the Cullen's beautiful mansion and I was once again in the arms of my love.

Edward took me out for the second day of our holiday. We went to the little diner in town for lunch but when I was about to get into the car Edward stoped me. I looked towards him in question then I looked to his hand and there he held a blind fold; I pleaded with my eyes but all he said was, "it's a surprise."

I pouted, "I don't like surprises. You know that." I wined but he just smiled.

"You will like this one." He said urging me with his eyes. I could never win when he looked at me like that- it was so unfair. I gave in and then we were off and about five minutes later we stopped. I heard him get out and come around my side. He helped me out of the car and lead me forward when we stopped I heard his voice, "all right I'll help you take the blind fold off."

As the blind fold fell from my eyes I smiled-this was the place where Edward had picked me up for the first time. My hand travelled the stone wall feeling its texture.

"Why are we here?"

"This was the first place that we ever really saw each other and I think that this place holds a special significance for us both," he said as he knelt down on one knee and opened the small black box in his hand to show a beautiful ring. It had a emerald stone in the middle and around it was small diamonds imbedded in white gold band. It was simply beautiful. I looked up into Edward's emerald eyes, "Bella before you my life were like a moonless night, there were stars but when you came you lit up my sky. I would never be able to even think about what it would be like if I lost you. You are my life, my heart, my soul and I love you so much I cannot tell you in words and I will forever. Isabella Marie Swan will you marry me?” he paused for a moment and added, “Don't worry love the ring was my mothers." He said with a smile. He knew me oh to well.

"Yes, of course I will marry you my love," I said with a smile on my lips. He slipped the ring on to my finger and then his lips were locked with mine. He lifted me up on to the wall and I bent in closer to him deepening our kiss. This was the best day in my whole life I will marry my Edward and we will have forever together just as he said. We broke our kiss and I looked at my ring as his arms wrapped around me lightly, "it's perfect just like you Edward. I love you."

"And I love you my perfect Bella so very much."

I bent down to catch one more kiss when everything changed, when my whole world shifted. When the one thing I lived for was taken away from me. The best day of my life turned into my worst nightmare. From the corner of my eye I saw two cars coming in opposite directions. The car on the other side of the road swerved cashing into the other car; coursing the car to roll right towards us. Everything was so fast; it was not like in the movies when everything slows down.

Not even a second had past as the car slammed into my beloved; pain coursed through my legs but all I cared about was the agonizing pain that crossed my Edward's face. I heard a heart ranching scream and I realised that it was me that was screaming not because I could no longer feel my legs but because I felt a giant hole get ripped into my chest as if my heart was ripped out and only the eco of my heart beat remained. I sobbed over my love begging him to awaken, "Edward!... Please!... please wake up please!... I need you!... please wake up!" yet he still did not wake.

I barely noticed as cars started to stop. Only when I heard the sirens did I realise that my father would be with them and all I could do was cry harder. At the same time I saw though my tears a sleek black Mercedes come to a halt and a pale Carlisle Cullen come out and as he saw me he went even paler and tears came to his eyes but when he saw the bronze haired boy imprisoned between the car and me and the wall he looked like the walking died and stopped dead in his tracks. It looked like if even the slightest of wind he would collapse. Charlie went over to Carlisle and steadied him as his legs gave out from under him. I bent over Edward gripping his beautiful bronze hair and cried even harder.

Tears streamed down my face enough to fill a thousand rivers. I lost all track of time it could have been minutes or hours or even years that I clung to my beloved and sobbed. When they had freed us out of the rec they took my Edward away even though I begged them not to but they still did. I screamed for my Edward but it was like nothing came from my mouth as they put me into the ambulance. Charlie sat next to me holding my hand but it was not the hand that I wanted to hold on to. I wanted my Edward's hand and on one else.

They sedated me as I cried myself to sleep. Not even my dreams could take away my pain because all my dreams held were nightmares of my love. As I was his light, his meteor he was mine and as he crossed my night sky he made everything beautiful, everything perfect but when he crossed over the horizon and left me I was blinded by his light and could not see the stars that had once shined in my sky and now I was alone in the blackness with no light to give me direction. I was completely and utterly alone.

When I awoke from my nightmare expecting to be at home safe in my bed but I found that my nightmare was not such a thing the my mind created in a dream as I saw Charlie, Renee and Alice by my bed side and everything came back and I remembered that my Edward was... that my Edward was... dead. Tears fell down my cheeks once again as I looked down at my hand and there on my finger was the last thing my Edward gave me. Its emerald centre shined like Edward's eyes when he smiled my smile and that made me sob harder.

When I had calmed down enough to talk Carlisle came in. His face still pale with grief for his son and came over to me, "how are you feeling, does anything hurt?" his voice cracked in the middle as he spoke.

"I... I can't feel my legs. What happened?" my voice sounded strange like it had no feeling in it. Like it was more monotone, dead.

"Bella, the bones in your legs got shattered by the impacted of the car. I'm so sorry but you've lost the use of your legs."

I didn’t know what to say but knew that I had to see him just one more time so I pulled all the confidence that I could muster and asked, "can I... can I see him? Please. I... I need to say goodbye... please Carlisle," I pleaded with him. It was true I needed to say good bye, to see him one last time... just one more time.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea Bella."

"Please Carlisle. Please. Just one last time..." He hung his head in defeat and slowly nodded.

"I'll see what I can do."

With that he left and I just felt num. Time just blurred together and soon Carlisle came back with a wheel chair and then we were off down the corridors to the morgue. Carlisle hesitated at the door but only for a moment.

There on the table laid my love, my Edward. Carlisle breathed in a shaky breath and pushed me forward to come up next to my Edward. He pulled back the sheet that covered his son's body. I grabbed his ice cold hand and looked at my loves face. I used as much of my strength as I could and I lifted myself up with my arms to see his face better. I wanted to see his eyes just one more time. Even in death he still held so much love in his eyes as I look into his green orbs. I placed a small kiss on his cold dead lips then lowered myself back into my chair. I held on to my beloved's hand for dear life. I wish that I could go back to before... I wish I could have done something but I know this is not some fairy tale that will always have a happy ending. No this is life, and life is painful, hard and sometimes our happy endings get taken away from us at the worst possible time because this is life and life is unfair.

I sat there for what felt like hours just holding his hand make sure that I remember every detail of his beautiful face his eyes, his lips, his hair, his everything. Carlisle came up next to me and he had something in his hands I looked up to him as he said "these were his mothers and father's wedding rings. I think he would want you to have them."

"Thank you Carlisle. You've been like a father to me," I said as he placed a chain with the two rings on it in my hand. I got the larger ring off the chain and slid the ring on his finger then placed the chain around my neck. "Even in death," I whispered and that was the last time I spoke to anyone. I just shut down, num.

3 years later

Here I sit in my room in Forks I don't think I moved since that day in the morgue. I don't speak , don't eat , the little tube that is stuck in my arm feeds me, I don't feel anything and I don't think I ever will. I gave up college; I gave up life when my life died that day. The Cullen’s come to visit me some times but it's hard for them because they didn’t just loos a brother or a son in that car accident, they lost a sister and a daughter too. I lost a friend, I lost my love; I lost my life, my soul, my heart.

That was the day that my heart died. The day that I died...