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All I Have Left

Renesmee is all grown up, and is married to Jacob. Living in a small cottage, like her Mom and Dad, with her family nearby, Nessie is very happy. Then something happens to change all this, and it's all Jacob can do to keep his wife safe.


2. Chapter 2 - Family

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Nessie POV

'Ness!' cried Alice, my wonderful aunt, as she danced towards me. None of my family lets me call them by their titles, apart from mom and dad.

Alice hugged me carefully, and then took a step back to scrutinize my outfit. 'You wore that yesterday! Why?' the look on her face was so serious it was comical.

My dad sidestepped her to get to me. 'Leave her alone Alice.' he said. He hugged me too then added 'nightmare again?' i thought in my head my answer, as i suddenly felt really drowsy.

Strange. Usually when i woke up during the night, i was wide awake and raring to go. What was going on?

My mom came up too, to join the hug 'we really need to get to the bottom of this.' she said whilst smoothing my curls away from my face 'It’s affecting your health' moms face became worried like it always did when we spoke of this topic.

My parents then surrendered me to Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle.

Jacob took me in his arms once again, after everyone had said good morning, and we all settled on the sofa. I leant against Jacob, and sighed happily, i really did love my family too much. If there is such a thing.

A few minutes went by, which was filled by random chatter, me and Jacob just sat and listened, content with each other’s company. I suddenly realised that Alice was staring at me. I lifted my head from Jake’s chest and looked at her questionably.

'Why did u wear that dress again Renesmee?' the tone of her voice caught every body's attention. 'It’s really none of your business.' i snapped. A second went by and everyone stared at me, including Jacob.

Jacob POV

I stared at Nessie, whose face was as confused as i felt. She'd just practically bitten Alice’s head off (pardon the pun) for no apparent reason. Nessie continued looking confused then she said in a trembly voice 'I’m sorry Alice, i don't know why i just did that.' she let all of her frustration of the past few months show on her face, and her chocolate brown eyes welled up, and big fat tears spilled over and started streaking down her cheeks. She lifted her hands and covered her face, and started crying her eyes out.

Everyone kept on staring; none of us knew what to do. Nessie must have sensed this, as she scrambled up from my lap, and ran to the bathroom, still breaking her heart. I was wrong though. I heard the door slam, and then i heard her throwing up.

I suddenly noticed that Edward was looking puzzled, more puzzled than the rest of us, then shock and surprise flitted across his face. Then just as quick as this look came, he wiped it from his face, glanced around checking to see if any1 had seen, then he turned to me.

He said in a perfectly smooth voice 'you should go see if Renesmee is ok.' i stood up staring at him. He stared back at me, his eyes telling me that he knew something i didn't. I walked swiftly to the bathroom off the hall, tapped on the door, then swung it open.

My girl was sat on the floor, back against the wall, head tipped back. She stared at me through her gorgeous eyes, dark shadows underneath them. I suddenly notice how awful she looked.

She was still the most beautiful person I’ve ever set eyes on, but she looked awful. But at the same time, there was a sort of glow about her. A sheen of sweat was across her forehead, tears still stained her cheeks, she looked absolutely exhausted, but there was just something about her that was different.

As i stared into her eyes, it suddenly clicked. Like a light being snapped on above my head, like in a cartoon. I knew, i just knew what was wrong. But the thing was it wasn't wrong. It was completely right.

It explained everything; her nightmares, her clothes not fitting her, her crying, her outburst at Alice, her flu-like symptoms, her throwing up just not half a minute ago.

Renesmee, my beautiful Renesmee, blinked, took a breath and started saying 'Jake, i-' she didn't finish though. I crossed the room in two strides and opened my arms. She stopped talking abruptly and collapsed into them. I think she knew i knew. I rubbed her back, and stroked her hair, and i really thought my heart would burst with the amount of love it contained for this unbelievable girl in my arms.