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Bella's Fairytale Need's An Ending

This is pretty much Bella's life after breaking dawn. The first scene is her at her father's funeral. This is were most of the story will be based. Most of it though will be flash backs. So yes please enjoy.


1. The Beginning

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Who knew I would be left in this position, hiding behind a tree, as they bury my dad in a big, dark, lifeless hole. But I guess my perfect fairytale had to come to an end sometime. My daughter had grown up into a beautiful young woman now happily married, yes married I caved in.

Renesmee Night.

I had finally given in and let Jacob propose to my daughter. I mean how long could you hold back a werewolf from the love of his life, I felt the same way about Edward. Alice of course said she could put it together in max 3 weeks. O you should have seen her face as she came sprinting home to me arms wide.

“Mum you would never believe what just happened” I felt her heart beat pounding agents my chest.

“What honey, what’s got you so worked up?”

“He proposed to me mum” She shrieked as she pulled away from me. The shock hit me hard. How fast Jacob did it and how come I was feeling sad. I guess I have had feelings for Jacob all along, and I did find that out at the big battle between Victoria and us. But I never thought it would hit me this hard that my Jacob was marrying my daughter.

“That’s amazing honey, how did he do it?” Of course the main thing I wanted to hear is if he respected my daughter, and me enough to do it a traditional way.

“Well” she began. “We were out in the woods doing our normal stroll we do every night just to get away from everyone, when he stopped in this big opening. I hadn’t been there before and was eager to look around. Set right in the centre of this place was a hot spring, with a beautiful water fall. I wanted to so badly just jump in there but Jacob led me in a different direction. We stopped in front of this massive oak tree. And I mean mum this tree was huge” She took in a deep breath and continued.

“Anyway he held my hand and placed it on the tree. ‘Do you feel that’ he asked me. And I did there was a deep humming coming from this tree. ‘Yes’ I told him ‘I do feel it’ I turned to see Jacob getting on one knee. I had no idea what he was doing I thought he dropped something but no he hadn’t. I saw as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. Mum it is beautiful look at it” I did I studied the ring hard it had a small diamond set in the middle of it. The band was made up of silver and marked in the band was little wolves.

“Anyway the speech mum was so cute. He said exactly this ‘Renesmee when you were first born I hated you for nearly killing my Bella, but when I looked into your warm brown eyes, heat started to flood through me, but it was a new kind of heat-not a burning one. It was glowing. Everything inside me came undone. All the lines keeping me to Earth were quickly being cut off. Like when you cut the strings to a bunch of balloons. There was only you holding me down to Earth. I watched as you grew old in the matter of days. But finally your growth spurt stopped for a bit and we got to enjoy you growing up. When you finally reached the age of 6 you looked well grown up, an 18 year old. After that day you stopped growing and we started dating. I love you Renesmee, you are my life. I am asking you will you please take my hand in holy matrimony?’ Mum you should have heard how loud I yelled yes. Mum this is amazing.” I looked at my daughter as a little gleam of light bounced off her eye, she was happy and that’s all I asked for.