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Twilight - Daybreakers.

Edward and Bella are enjoying a perfect summer together when she finds an old locket with a different girl's face in it, and his initials on the outside. Was Bella really the first? Or just the last in a long line of girls?

- Things will happen in this story which will BLOW YOUR MIND. - This story is rated "B" for " better than anything anyone under the age of 22 will come up with". So be warned, jailbait.

1. Chapter 1

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I remember it like it was yesterday. His yellow eyes, beating down my skin like a small star, exploding every few seconds of it's own volition. A sexy little supernova, making my skin tingle, and my heart flutter like a wounded dove. He had me. I was his and he was mine, a perfect romance, and a perfect set of lives, torn together by happenstance. Nothing existed beyond this moment, but nothing had to. We were as we were and the entire universe was summed up in his eyes. Millions of stars, millions of tiny, flickering lights in a beautiful summer sky. Millions of lives, and millions of people, like tiny ants on God's playing field.

Or so we thought.

*cue, Star Wars theme*

That night, I fell asleep in his arms as I often did. I felt the warmth of his sanguine beauty, and I felt the icy cold of his whitened arms. He would always hold me like this, body leaned up against me so it was as though a rag doll had been placed to a wall. I loved those moments.

But tonight, something was different. I awoke with a start after a strange dream - something about rasberries eating me alive - and ventured inside on a whim. I was compelled, and pulled to a point unlike any other in the house... to a necklace. It was tucked away beneath some old dresses, ruins of a forgotten era beckoning the past with the pull of the future. It had initials on the outside, as those old things often do, carved with some sort of an ink pen. " E.C & J.N, Together For Eternity"

I opened the locket of curiosity as a pang of uncertainty and pain hit my side....what if there was another? A girl much like me....but earlier? What if I was nothing but the next in line, and Edward naught but an immortal womanizer with a bit of an obsession?


It was just that moment I was hit by a strange beam of light. My world went dark in that instant, as my eyes shut for what seemed like an age.

Meanwhile, Edward awakened outside. " What a strange dream", he thought, " and why would a banana split try to consume me? I'm a bloody vampire. Literally speaking" He glanced around, taking in the crisp summer night with his enhanced senses, and whispering things to Bella in the hopes that she would awaken to his soft voice. Realizing this was to no avail, he laid down and laid his arm over her....only to realize... it was JACOB! " Mm, Edward, hold me like that" he intoned, his well muscled chest flexing in the summer heat. "No..." Edward thought, " I told Bella I wasn't gay. I can't break now. " Jacob began to stretch, his pecs glinting with what appeared to be motor oil. " Oh Jesus Christ....but he's so sexy...."

"Jacob...." Edward began to ask, forming the words of what appeared to only be spittle " is that... motor oil on your chest, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Olive oil baby. Only the best for my little Eddie....well, I guess you're not THAT little...hehe"

Edward's heart began beating faster, pounding out of his sparkling chest in the glint of a sunrise. He felt the blood flowing to his lower area, pulling him further and further into the Chippendale dreamboat that was Jacob.

"Well...maybe just one" Edward said, sliding his tongue into Jacob's ear.


Two hours later, Edward was washing himself off, shame falling down his pale body, as he realized something. He hadn't seen Bella that morning. He initially thought she'd been off cooking, or doing other such womanly things. Upon further inspection though, he found that his shirts had neither been ironed, nor his breakfast made. At this point, he began to get worried. And worried was exactly what he should've been.

It was around this point, dear reader, that Bella was beginning to awaken. She found that she was surrounded by some sort of a gel like substance which she could breathe as easily as air. The room around her dark, and filled with what appeared to be livestock, she was strangely at ease, if a bit perturbed. "Where's Edward?" She thought rapidly, " He promised me he wasn't gay". " Oh but he is young one" came a voice, into her own mind. " He truly, truly is."

Bella began to yell, asking everything from who was there to how they were doing this, but to no avail. But it was then, to her very eyes, that the creature emerged...six foot five and coated in lettuce, it was the girl from the locket.