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The Cullen’s are surprised to find out that Bella comes to Forks already knowing about the world of vampires. Not only that, but there is a deep connection to their kind. Will they be able to keep Bella safe when nomads put her into even more danger?
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2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

(Bella's POV)

It felt like it was the last day of the rest of my life, instead of the normal first day of the rest of my life…God, I was even confusing myself with this nonsense. There I was, starting my first day of Forks High School, and all I could think about at the moment was running as fast and as far as I could. This must have meant that I was quite desperate, considering the fact that I was a danger on two feet.

I knew that I had no right to feel this way, especially since I had already made the decision to move in with my dad before everything happened. But somehow, knowing that I no longer had a choice in where I lived just made it that much more frustrating. I think knowing that at any time I could've changed my mind and moved back to Arizona made the thought a little easier, even though I never would.

Charlie was great. He was always respectful of my privacy, which helped greatly, but it seemed sad at the same time. If Renee had still been around, she would have been hounding me for information. Instead, the only other person that I had in my life that I could turn to was Thomas. Though, that was definitely not a bad thing. He knew absolutely everything about me and I, in turn, knew most everything about him.

I was definitely not someone who liked to talk about themselves, and since most of what I knew about Thomas had to remain a secret, I had only so much to talk about with others. My biggest goal in life, when it came to other people, was to try and turn all of the attention away from myself and hoped that it fell on someone else. This was something that seemed downright impossible at times, considering how utterly and completely accident prone I was. My life just seemed to scream: watch the freak show to your left while she attempts to walk on a flat surface while remaining erect.

Knowing that I was living in such a small town and my dad was also the Chief of Police, everyone would have heard about me moving here, in addition to what had happened to my mom and Phil.

I slowly got myself ready for school, choosing an outfit that I hoped would allow me to blend in to the background. I went with my classic skinny jeans, plain fitted top and the warmest hoodie I owned. I had never been one that cared too much about how I was dressed, my only thought had always been about comfort; something that had always annoyed Renee. She would shake her head and mumble something about being too much like Charlie; something I never considered to be the putdown she always intended it to be.

After getting a bite to eat, I made my way to my new school. As soon as I introduced myself to the lady working in the office, all of my worries were confirmed. I was most definitely a topic of interest in this little town. One minute she would look at me with extreme interest and the next she would give me her best look of pity.

For most of the morning I didn't pay much attention to the people around me, I just tried the best that I could to stay as unnoticed as possible. It was during my walk, in between classes that I was suddenly caught by surprise. There I was, walking to my Trigonometry class, when I found myself walking past a very pale, very beautiful guy with honey-colored hair. Although I felt a definite shock of happiness at the possibilities of what I had just seen, I kept walking.

Could it be? Had I really seen what I thought I just saw? Were there really vampires attending Forks High School? His features definitely screamed vampire to me, especially the golden eye color, just like Thomas's.

Realizing that the entire school had lunch at the same time, I figured I would have the chance to see him again. I hoped that maybe there were more of them. I had always felt more comfortable around vampires, or to be precise, I had always been comfortable around vampires I knew to have a more humanitarian way of eating – strictly animal blood.

When it was time for lunch, I ended up walking to the cafeteria alongside a girl who had been in both my Spanish and Trigonometry classes. She seemed overly excited to be seen with me. She was probably hoping that by sitting next to the new girl, she'd be more popular. I knew that I was already been a hot topic of conversation. Add to that the recent murders of my mom and stepfather and I was surprised they didn't hang me up on the wall for display.

Not a single hour of the school day had not gone by without the incessant stares and whispers about the 'new girl'. If I was being honest with myself, I would have said that the only thing that kept me sane so far was the idea that there could actually be a vampire in school. If I found evidence to disprove my theory during lunch, I decided I would have to make excuses and leave early.

As soon as Jessica walked me over to her usual table with some of her friends, I started scanning the cafeteria. Across the room from me, I noticed the blond-haired boy from earlier. He lovingly had his arms around a pretty black-haired pixie of a girl. Next to them was another gorgeous couple, the girl was a beautiful blonde who undoubtedly put any super model to shame and was clearly with the massively large guy who had big dimples and curly, brown hair.

For some reason, both the pixie and the big guy looked familiar to me. I felt like a part of me should know them somehow, or that I had seen them before. I really doubted that I had ever met them, or that they even knew who Thomas was. If he knew of others like him living in the same town as my dad, I'm sure he would have said something.

I pulled out my cell phone and, as discreetly as possible, texted a message to Thomas.


There seems to be 5 golden eyes going to my school.

Did you know anything about this?


It was only a minute later that I got a reply.


Are you sure about that?

I had no idea…Pls be safe!

Call me as soon as you get home from school.


I sent him a reply letting him know that I would call him as soon as I was home and when I looked up, that was when my eyes finally rested on the last person sitting at their table. Just the sight of him made my heartbeat pick up to a point of feeling like I was running. This boy was the most beautiful, most God-like creature I had ever seen. His bronze-colored hair was like none other I had ever seen before. Even though he appeared to be the smallest out of the males at that table, you could still see the strength he held in his body.

My biggest question was what this coven would do to me if they knew what I knew about their world. I was sure they would be very upset, maybe even kill me, given the fact that humans weren't supposed to know the secret. Trying to take Thomas' request at being careful to heart, I decided that I would try and pretend that I knew nothing of their kind. Until I knew more about them it was the only safe choice to go with.

I figured I would play the curious new girl and ask about the beautiful group. I turned to Jessica. "Who are those people across the room?"

It appeared that Jessica didn't even have to look at me to know which table I was talking about. She gave me a smirk I took as her way of saying I would be of no interest to these people, that I shouldn't even get my hopes up at approaching the subject, but she answered me anyway.

From the looks on their faces, I figured they wouldn't be listening to the mundane conversations going on. So I was very surprised when I saw the beautiful bronze-haired boy turn his head in our direction just seconds before Jessica spoke. "They're the Cullen family."

Cullen. I knew that name. That – was the name of that doctor I spoke to on the phone. "Are they by chance related to Dr. Carlisle Cullen?" My mention of his name caused a confused look to come across that bronze-haired boy's face. I could tell I had his full attention then. He was probably wondering what I was going to say.

"Yes, they are. They are Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen's adopted and foster children." I could tell that my knowing the name made Jessica equally as curious as the boy across the cafeteria. "Do you know Dr. Cullen?" she asked.

Unfortunately, the subject of how I knew the name brought up a very painful subject. I blinked away the tears that were quickly forming in my eyes and answered. "Actually, I spoke to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago." Trying to keep myself from crying once again, I took several deep breaths before continuing. "He was with my dad when I had to call and let him know about my mom."

At the mention of my mom, the tears I fought so hard to keep inside fell from my eyes. I turned my head and looked into the compassionate eyes of a girl I had met in an earlier class. Angela gave me a small smile and whispered in my ear. "Would you like a quiet minute alone?" When I nodded at her she continued, "Why don't you come with me? I will show you to your next class. It's early enough that you will have a little bit of time to yourself before class begins."

I was so unbelievably thankful for Angela's kindness. So far, she had been the only person I had met who gave me a sense of wanting to truly be my friend. I got no indication that she was feigning her kindness in the hopes that becoming friends would somehow make her more popular, like it seemed Jessica was doing. I had a feeling that Angela and I could truly be friends.

We both seemed to be easily shy, just wanting to go through the day unnoticed. If I could've guessed I would've assumed that she also hated being the center of attention.

I got up and started walking slowly across the cafeteria with Angela. After I told her my next class was Biology, two things happened simultaneously. I tripped over my own two feet, almost falling to the ground right in front of the Cullen's table, at the same exact time that the dark-haired girl clamped her hands down on top of the bronze-haired boy's shoulders. I looked into his eyes and instantly knew what the problem was when I saw his golden eyes switch to pitch black. He was thirsty, and my little trip was causing this beautiful boy to be pushed right over the edge.

Without even thinking, something I kicked myself over later, I looked at the pixie looking one and whispered as quietly as possible so that Angela, who was only a couple of steps in front of me, hopefully wouldn't be able to hear. I just hoped that my voice could be heard over my frantically beating heart, because at the moment I wasn't sure that was even possible. "Please, don't just sit there. You need to get him out of here now!" I could see the look of shock on the Cullens faces when I continued. "Go, take him hunting so he can relieve the obvious pain he's in right now."

I looked at the beautiful bronze-haired boy feeling completely awful that I was causing him pain. Between the fact that he seemed to be almost vibrating from the restraint he was having to put forth to not attack. And the absolute look of murder on his face. I just couldn't help feeling guilty about causing this.

"I am so very sorry. If it was my scent that triggered this, if I am the one, please have one of your family members let me know and I will try to avoid all contact with you. The last thing I want to do is cause you undue pain."

Everyone at the table was clearly astonished, but I could also see suspicion in the eyes of the blonde girl. The only person that seemed to be happy with my comments was the pixie, who gave me the most amazing smile and whispered, "Thank you."

"No problem," I whispered back, only then realizing what I had just revealed to them. Oh crap!

Angela showed me where our next class was, allowing me some quiet time before our Biology class began. I didn't know how I should be feeling. I was no longer feeling the ache of loss over my mom that I had been feeling when I first started to leave the cafeteria. Now I was worried over what the Cullen family may do to me since they were now obviously aware that I knew their little secret. I was also feeling guilty regarding the obvious pain I put that Cullen boy in just moments ago.

I had seen Thomas struggle a couple of times with his thirst, but I had never seen the extent of pain I witnessed on that boy's face. The amount of control it took for him not to lunge at me was mind blowing, but maybe I was reading more into it than was actually there. I hoped that his pain wasn't that severe. If I really was the cause, no amount of apologies could ever make up for putting him through that.

My Biology teacher, Mr. Banner, said that the only seat left available was located next to Edward Cullen. I wasn't sure which one of the Cullen males that was, but I had a suspicion that it was the bronze-haired one. At least, that's typically how my luck panned out.

Biology class was simple enough; it appeared as though everything we would be studying I had already done in my previous school. That made it like a couple of my other classes: extremely boring.

When class was over, a nice, baby-faced boy named Mike Newton introduced himself to me. When he found out my next class was gym, he decided to show me the way since he had it too.

Gym was easy enough, and that was only because the teacher, Coach Clapp, didn't make me dress up and participate, quickly making him my favorite teacher of the day. However, I knew that fact would be quite different come the next day, when I finally had to participate.

I headed to the office after school ended so that I could turn in the paperwork I had to have signed by all of my teachers, then continued on to my truck. Once I got closer to my truck, I noticed two people standing next to it. I knew right away they both were part of the Cullen family.

The more noticeable of the two was the guy. He was huge. If I could guess, I would say that he was over six and a half feet tall and had more muscles than I had ever seen in my life. By most standards, I would consider him to be a very scary person but one look at his face kept that fear from forming. He had a huge grin and dark, curly hair that made me think of a loving big brother, instead of the terrifying creature I knew he could be capable of being.

The girl with him was the same one who had kept me from getting attacked during lunch. She seemed to have so much energy that it caused her to almost bounce incessantly.

One look at both of them and I felt like I had always known them, and somehow I had a feeling my life was about to change for the better by knowing them. However, I might have just been overly optimistic in that feeling, only time would tell how this would all play out.

"Hi, Bella!I'm Alice Cullen and this big guy here is my brother, Emmett," the little pixie said. "Would you have time so that we can talk?"

"Of course we can. First, though, can you tell me, how is your brother?" I quickly asked.

Emmett seemed clearly surprised by my obvious worry over his brother. "Oh, don't worry about Edward, he'll be okay." It felt like he was trying to make light of it, maybe wondering if I really knew their secret.

"So that was Edward?" I asked, biting my bottom lip as my suspicion from earlier was confirmed. When Alice nodded I continued. "Well, since he obviously left school during lunch, he probably isn't aware yet that I am supposed to sit right next to him in Biology class." That comment caused Emmett's eyes to bulge. "If he wants me to, I can try to work with the office to get transferred into a different class."

"Why would you do that? I would think if anyone needs to rearrange their schedule it should be, Edward." Emmett asked, sounding a bit dumbfounded.

"Well, it's simply, because I don't want to be the cause of anyone's discomfort and if I can keep that from happening, I will. Plus in all fairness, Edward, was in the class first. It only makes sense that I should be the one to transfer."

Alice gave me a big grin. "There is no need for you to transfer classes." She tapped her temple. "I know for a fact that he will be able to handle it perfectly fine, with practice." The way she said that made me believe she truly knew that to be the truth.

"Do you have time to go someplace and talk this afternoon?" she asked, bringing up her original question.

"Well, I guess I do, but would you mind coming over to my house for this talk?" I could tell Alice was not surprised at all by this invitation, but Emmett definitely was. "This way we can have some privacy, but it will also give me a chance to get supper started for Charlie."

"That would be perfect." Alice beamed, "We will meet you at your house in let's say twenty minutes?" When I nodded they turned around and started heading in the opposite direction. I wasn't sure which car was theirs, but I also knew that they didn't need a car to get any place in a hurry.

By the time I got to my house, I could see Alice and Emmett walking out of the woods. At the same time, I saw a black Mercedes pulling up.

Alice made her way to me. "Bella, I hope you don't mind, but our Dad was hoping to talk to you, as well."

It was then that I saw a very beautiful blond man step out of the car. He was better looking than any actor you would ever see in the movies. I was sure that if this was Dr. Cullen, most of the female staff at the hospital probably had a lot of difficulty keeping their minds on their job when he was around.

"I'm assuming that you must be Dr. Cullen," I said as I walked up to him so that I could shake his hand. When he nodded his confirmation I went on. "Please allow me to thank you in person for your help a couple of weeks ago. You have no idea how much your kindness in helping Charlie get down to me so quickly meant to the both of us." At that last comment my voice broke as I tried to keep the tears from coming once again.

Carlisle gives me a friendly smile, "Please call me Carlisle. There is absolutely no need for you to thank me, Bella. I was just thankful that I was able to help facilitate your Dad's traveling so that he could be with you." He gave me a sad look before continuing. "I am very sorry for your loss."

Blinking away more tears that threatened to fall, I led them into the house. "I know our kitchen is small but would you mind if we spoke in there? I need to make sure that supper is ready when Charlie, gets home. I hope you don't mind if I take care of that while we talk."

"Of course," Carlisle said. "Whatever you would be more comfortable with would be fine by us."

They gave me a couple of minutes to get out the ingredients so that I could make chili. Finally, after I started putting the ingredients together, I brought up the subject I knew we were all there to discuss. "So, you're all probably wondering how I know what you are." That comment caused both men to freeze for a second. I figured they were concerned about what I would do with this information so I tried to ease their tension. "I won't tell anybody about you, or at least I should say I wouldn't mention you to any other human. I give you my word."

"May I ask what you think we are and why you think that?" Carlisle asked.

"As soon as I walked into the cafeteria today, I knew that you all were what I have always classified as humanitarian vampires." When none of them said anything, I forged ahead. "To me, the definite giveaway was the golden-colored eyes. I could tell that your brother was overly tempted by my scent due to his eyes instantaneously changing to pitch black."

"Dude, you seriously noticed the eye color change?" Emmett was clearly surprised by my observation.

Since I had finished putting together the ingredients for the chili I walked over to the table, where I could sit in the only vacant seat available next to Alice. The normal chore of cooking dinner was enough to help ease any remaining nerves I had been feeling since lunch this afternoon.

"Yes, I did notice the eye change, but I've seen it before. You have to understand something. I have been around one of your kind all of my life." By the looks on their faces, they were having difficulty believing me. "I'm the only human left in my family who knows the secret of your kind. My mom was the only other family member who knew about vampires, and she's gone now."

I saw a look pass amongst the three of them and wondered what they were thinking. Finally, Carlisle began to speak. "Since you know about our kind, are you aware that the death of your mother and stepfather were at the hands of vampires?"

I was quite shocked by their knowledge of this. "How did you know that my mom and Phil were killed by vampires?" I was starting to get nervous. Were they somehow involved?

Alice looked at me with a kind smile. "Bella, have you ever been around a vampire who has a special gift?" When I nodded that I had, she continued. "You see, I have the ability to see visions from the future and I saw a vision of a woman and her husband being brutally killed by three nomadic vampires."

I was stunned by her revelation, to think someone had seen it. "You saw what happened to them?"

"Yes, I did. Though at the time, I couldn't make sense out of any of it. I didn't know who the humans or vampires were that I was seeing. It wasn't until Carlisle got home the next day and explained what happened to Chief Swan's ex-wife and her new husband that I was able to put it all together." Somehow Alice just seemed so sad when she talked about this. It was as though she knew my mom. "If I had known enough in advance, you have to know that I would have tried to stop it."

I was so touched by her sincerity that tears started to form again. "Thank you for that. You all truly seem to be very kind."

Emmett seemed to think my comments funny. "You say that even knowing that one of us was so tempted by your scent that you yourself could have been accidentally killed?" I could tell he was thinking that I was completely insane.

"I do believe that, very much. I also saw in Edward's face his revulsion at what he was feeling and that if it wasn't an instinctual reaction to my scent, he would never have even dreamt about doing anything remotely close to that."

"That is very true," Carlisle said. "May I ask how it is you know about our world?" When he saw me get nervous, he tried putting me at ease. "Whatever you say to our family will remain within our family. We won't break our confidences with you."

I could tell that he was being completely honest with me, which helped me greatly. "Thomas."

By the look on Carlisle's face I could tell he wasn't expecting that answer. "Your Dad said that Thomas is your mom's adopted brother."

"Yes, that's what he believes, but he never met Thomas until two weeks ago when he came down to Phoenix." I knew that this is where I was going to have to confess my real relationship. "Only the members of my mom's side of the family have ever known the true identity of Thomas."

"Bella, is he a blood relation?" Carlisle seemed very interested by this.

"Yes. He is my Great-Great Grandfather."

"Whoa!" was all Emmett could say.

I went and stirred the chili currently cooking on the stove while they took in what I had just told them. By the time I was done, Carlisle was ready to ask me another question. "Is Thomas still in Phoenix?"

"For the time being he is. He plans on handling the sale of my mother's house for me, and once that's taken care of he plans on moving to Port Angeles." I hoped the house would sell quickly so that it would allow him to move there soon. "Charlie knows that he is moving, he just believes it's more for his health."

Emmett seemed confused. "Why would a human need to move to a rainy place for their health. Don't most people with bad health move to warmer climates?"

"That would normally be true, Emmett, but there are some instances that would suggest that a human not live in a sunny location." Carlisle responded.

I looked at Emmett when I started to explain Thomas's cover story. "You see, Emmett, everybody believes that Thomas has an allergy to the sun. This allowed him a good reason for why he couldn't come outside during daylight hours."

"Wouldn't that be difficult for Thomas? I know I can hardly stand being in a location that we can't freely be outside." Emmett had no idea just how difficult it was on Thomas; it was something that always made me feel guilty.

"Yes, you are correct. It was very difficult for Thomas but he refused to be away from his only living family." I sadly looked at my hands. "That is just another factor I took into consideration when I originally made the decision to move up to Forks to live with my dad. I knew that if I moved up here it would give him enough incentive to move as well. He has sacrificed a lot for my mom and me over the years, it's the least I could do to allow him more time outside."

Carlisle smiled. "That was very thoughtful of you. I know it couldn't have been easy for you to decide to move up here."

"No, it wasn't. I loved the dry, hot air of Phoenix, but I also felt guilty that I have never spent any quality time with Charlie. The closer I get to college, the less likely that time is going to come. If I didn't act now I would probably run out of time, and it is something I didn't want to end up regretting later on in life."

Alice grinned at me in a way that I couldn't tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Something inside of me was telling me I wasn't going to like what she was about to say. She was looking an awful like that Cheshire cat from the story Alice in Wonderland and it was making me nervous. My thoughts were confirmed when I heard the next thing come out of her mouth. "So Bella, do you like shopping?"

Yep, most definitely not a good thing; I could just feel my body tense up at the thought. "No, I typically avoid any type of shopping unless it has to do with a bookstore."

Alice scrunched up her nose at that. "Well, I think that is going to change. I already know that we are going to be the best of friends."

If we became best friends, would that really be a good thing? I really didn't want to make Edward's life miserable. "Won't that be too much for Edward to handle? I really don't like the idea of putting him in pain any time I'm near one of you."

"Don't be silly," Emmett said. "Small fry over here already told you that he would be able to handle it. If there is ever any reason to be concerned, you can be assured that Alice will let us know." Even though Emmett's words were given with one hundred percent confidence, I still wasn't sure. It was going to take more than Emmett's words to make me feel more confident.

"Well, Bella, I would like it very much if we could speak again very soon. Maybe next time you will be able to come over to our house and you can properly meet the rest of my family." Carlisle looked at his two children and said, "I think it would be best if we got going; we don't want to make Charlie confused by our presence."

"Before you go, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Not at all," Carlisle said.

"Well, I was just wondering what you all consider each other. Do you consider yourself a coven?"

The three of them all shared a smile with each other. "No we consider ourselves a family," Alice said in a very chipper tone.

"Oh. Well good, I'm glad. That's how it seemed, but I wasn't sure if you calling, Edward, your brother, was you keeping up pretenses. Or if it's actually what you consider him to be."

Alice and Emmett both gave each other cheesy looks. "Nope. No pretenses whatsoever. We are most definitely a family." Emmet told me.

"Thank you for coming over and being understanding about what I know. I promise, you don't have to worry about anything on my part. I would rather die than give away any information regarding your world; I know what the consequences would be for all of you, in addition to me, if that group from Italy ever found out."

Carlisle said in a warm, compassionate voice. "Very true, we wouldn't want them snooping around over here. Have a good evening, Bella. Though I'm sad for the circumstances that forced you to move here, I have to say that I am very happy to have finally met you," I could completely see just what kind of doctor he would make; anybody who had him would be very lucky.

"Oh, and don't worry, Bella." Alice said. "I am keeping an eye out for those nomad vampires. We don't know what they wanted with your mom and stepdad, but I refuse to let you and your dad be in any kind of danger due to them. You have my word on that." Alice seemed so completely adamant about that fact that I wholeheartedly believed every word.

"Thank you, Alice." When they started walking out of the house I added, "It has been very nice to meet you all. Oh, and thank you again, Carlisle, for the help you provided my dad." And I saw them all get into Carlisle's car and drive away.

Realizing that school had ended a couple of hours ago, I knew that Thomas was probably getting nervous for my phone call. I pulled out my cell phone and called Thomas.

"Bella, thank God, I was really starting to worry. You can't tell me there are others like me and then not call me when you tell me you're going to."

When I heard the panicked tone in his voice I felt awful. I had no intention of worrying him so much. "I'm so sorry, I should have at least sent you a text letting you know that I needed to hold off on my phone call for a little bit. Please tell me you forgive me?"

"Of course I forgive you. I just worry about my family. Please tell me what happened." he asked me. I could hear his voice slowly calming down.

"Well, there is a coven, and, to be exact, they consider themselves a family of vampires who live with the same convictions you do. Three of them came over to my house after school to talk to me."

"Really? They were at your house?" He seemed to take a moment to stop himself from worrying before he started talking again. "I've never met anyone else that lives off the blood of animals. How many of them are there of them?" He seemed really interested in this. For so long he thought he was the only vampire in this world that valued human life. I could hear the relief to know that he wasn't alone.

"There are seven in all, and actually, the head of the family is Dr. Cullen."

"He's an actual doctor? Wait a minute, isn't that the same doctor that helped Charlie get down to Phoenix?" he asked.

"Yes to both of your questions. From everything that Charlie has told me about Carlisle, he's the best doctor the hospital has ever seen." I didn't have to see him at work to believe every single word that Charlie told me about him. I could tell by his compassionate nature that he would be the best.

"So, have you met all of them?" he asked.

"I haven't met Carlisle's wife yet but I saw all of the others today. It appears that they have at least one talented member of their family, a feisty girl who has the ability to see the future. Apparently she saw the attack of Mom and Phil but didn't understand who anybody was to stop the attack until after Carlisle got home from taking Charlie to the airport."

"So, she saw who the nomads were?"

"Yes and she wanted to let me know that she is keeping an eye out for them. She made a promise that they would not be allowed anywhere near me or Charlie." It seemed so strange to automatically trust every single member of that family, but I knew that I would be safe with them around.

"Well, I have to admit that I am grateful to them. Do you think Carlisle would be willing to talk to me on the phone?"

"I'm sure he would be fine with that. I will ask the next time I see them." Just then I heard Charlie's squad car make its way up the driveway. "Thomas, my dad is just getting home. I should probably finish getting supper ready, do you mind if I call you again later? I'll give you all of the details that I know about the Cullen family at that time."

"That's fine. Tell Charlie hello for me?"

"I will. Bye, Thomas." I couldn't wait until he moved closer. Once he arrived, I knew I would feel more settled.

"Bye, Bella."