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The Cullen’s are surprised to find out that Bella comes to Forks already knowing about the world of vampires. Not only that, but there is a deep connection to their kind. Will they be able to keep Bella safe when nomads put her into even more danger?
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3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

(Alice's POV)

"So, Carlisle, what did you think?" I was eager to find out what his true feelings were about Bella Swan knowing about us.

"I think that Bella Swan is a very special person. She seems to be a very selfless person. I think she must be the only human who would be more worried about the pain her scent is causing one of us instead of her own safety of being near a vampire." I couldn't quite tell if he was bothered by this or in awe.

Emmett didn't hesitate to let us know his opinion in this matter. "I think she's amazing. I feel like I have always known her and hope that she is going to be around a lot." He pursed his lips before adding, "Is Edward really going to be okay with her around?"

I remembered my first vision of Edward and Bella earlier during lunch, right before she walked by us. If Emmett had asked that question during lunch my answer would have been different. I still cringed at the vision of Edward attacking Bella right their in the middle of the cafeteria, but thankfully that never happened. I think between me somewhat restraining him and Bella's shocking words to take Edward hunting immediately was enough to shock him into submission.

The rest of the afternoon I tried seeing the potential danger Bella would be in with Edward around, and everything that I saw showed him able to handle the pain. He would actually learn to deal with the constant burn in his throat so that he could spend time with her. I had a feeling that they were going to have a very special relationship, and I didn't need a vision to predict that. I could tell that they were going to be each others mates, even though I don't think either one of them had any idea of that quite yet. I looked up at the back of Emmett's head and answered, "From everything that I have seen so far, we have nothing to worry about. Edward is going to acclimate himself to her scent and they will one day be good friends."

"Cool." He responded, "I wouldn't want to have to kill my brother. But if he hurt Bella, I think I would have to. There's just something about that girl that makes me want to protect her."

"I quite agree with you there. It almost feels like I have some kind of internal link to her now." I didn't understand but I hoped to eventually.

"Same here, though I have always kind of felt that same connection to Chief Swan as well. I've never understood it but I just kind of accept it for what it is." Emmett said quietly.

"How strange," Carlisle said. "Will you please let me know if you break that mystery? I'm very interested to find out why that would happen."

My vampire father, the perpetual student of all things unexplainable. I really enjoyed Carlisle's fascination with this stuff. "Oh you don't have to worry about that Carlisle; I'm sure if either one of us can figure it out, we will most definitely let you in on the secret."

"Thank you."

We were pulling up to the house and I could see that we were going to have a family meeting. "It appears we'll be sharing our new found information with the family. They are already making their way to the dining room."

After we went inside, I situated myself on Jasper's lap. Rosalie's voice started grating on my nerves. "We have to leave, don't we?" I guess hoping that she could care one tiny iota about why Bella would know about us would keep her from being her normal self. She always has been a glass half-empty type and only thinks about what this may mean for her: a self-righteous, self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish bitch. If I had the time, I would be trying to come up with more adjectives pertaining to my annoying sister right now. But unfortunately that would have to wait.

Edward must have been paying attention to my mental tirade at Rosalie because he smirked at me. I'm sure he was thinking of additional words I could use. I'll have to check with him later – when we were done with our family meeting, that is.

Carlisle kept his calm when he answered Rosalie's question. "No Rosalie, we have no need to move away."

Rosalie cut him off before he could say anything else, "But she knows our secret! If we're staying, does that mean we are going to get rid of the annoying little human?"

"NO!" Emmett, Edward and I all exclaimed. I had to admit that I was happy by Edward's reaction.

"Rosalie, there is absolutely no need to have to get rid of anybody. Yes, Bella knows all about us, but it's because she has known about our kind her entire life. She has never, nor will she ever reveal that secret. It's not only for the safety of herself that she keeps the secret so closely guarded – It's also for the vampire population. She knows the danger everyone will be in if the Volturi ever found out about her." All I could do was cringe at the thought of them coming after her.

Esme put her hand into Carlisle's. "Carlisle, sweetheart, how is it possible that Bella has known about our kind her entire life? Who would have told her? And if she knows, does that mean that Chief Swan knows as well?"

"Well, you see, the adopted uncle she was with the night of her mother and stepfather's brutal deaths' isn't really her adopted uncle. It's only a cover story for who he really is and Chief Swan only knows the cover story, he has no knowledge of our kind."

Carlisle must have accidentally let his thoughts get ahead of him; because before he had a chance to say anything more, Edward was blurting, "He's her Great-Great Grandfather?"

"Yes, on her mother's side. The family secret is very heavily guarded, so much that Charlie had never met Thomas until he went to Phoenix. Charlie truly believes that his ex-mother-in-law had adopted him only a couple of years before she passed away – well after the time in which Charlie ever spent time with her." Before Edward could ask another question, Carlisle must have said something to him mentally because Edward allowed Carlisle to proceed. "We didn't get the full history on how Thomas became a vampire, but we do know that he follows the same diet we do. In fact, that's another reason why Bella had willingly decided to move up to Forks. She was hoping to give Thomas an excuse to get out of Phoenix, to a more weather friendly environment so he can be outdoors during the day. According to Bella, he is only staying in Phoenix right now so that he can help with the selling of her home. Once that is completed, he plans on moving to Port Angeles to be closer to Bella."

Emmett added his two cents regarding that, "It sounds like Bella is extremely close to Thomas. You can tell that she misses him a lot. I felt so bad for her when she talked about him; you could see the sadness on her face."

I smiled at Emmett, "She did look sad, but even before we got on the subject, you could tell she felt guilty about what Edward went through during lunch."

He looked surprised. "What does she have to feel guilty about? I'm the one who should feel guilty. I'm the one that almost lost control when she got within reach of me. I could have killed her."

"Yeah well, that's Bella for you." Emmett smirked, "She was very concerned. She wanted us to let you know that you are apparently supposed to sit next to each other during Biology class. She also said that if you want her to transfer out of that class, just let her know and she will try to arrange it. She doesn't want you to have to feel the pain of thirst every time you're near her." This was when his smirk turned more into a snarl, "And let me warn you now, my dear brother; if you hurt even one hair on her head, you will answer to me. I feel very protective of her and I wouldn't even think twice about killing you."

Esme was clearly startled by Emmett's remarks, but Edward didn't even flinch, "I wouldn't expect anything less for something like that. Though, I hope it never comes to that."

"Emmett, what is with you? Why on earth would you even care what happens to a human?" Rosalie seemed appalled.

Carlisle answered for Emmett, "Well it seems that since we moved here, Emmett has felt the same protectiveness for Charlie that he now has for Bella." When Carlisle looked at me he added, "In fact Alice feels the same need to protect Bella. We aren't sure why this would be but I think I'm going to try and research this a little bit."

"Alice honey, are these feelings due to the vision that you had?" Jasper asked trying to understand where I was coming from with this.

"I don't think it was just the vision I had, it feels like more than that. I think I would feel the same apin and loss I felt when I saw what happened to Bella's mom if anything happened to her. In fact, having met her now, I think that feeling of loss would be a thousand times worse; which is why I told her I'm going to keep an eye on the nomads." I could just feel the hatred for them start to get the better of me. I looked at Jasper who understood what I needed and help calm me down. To show him my thanks I kissed him on his cheek.

"So what do we do next?" Esme asked.

"Well, the next time we meet I think we will have Bella come over here." Looking over at Edward, "That is, of course, if you were okay with that Edward?"

"Oh, he will be." I could tell that Edward wasn't too sure, "Don't worry, Edward. I have seen that you are going to slowly work up your resistance. You have to trust me when I say that you can do this. And in the long run, you will be so much happier if you can."

Still not sounding sure of himself, he gave me his most pathetic look, "Any suggestions on what I can do to make this easier?"

I rolled my eyes at his overly dramatic expression, "You need to acclimate yourself. I would suggest you slowly increase your resistance. If you want, one of us could call Bella and ask if we could borrow an article of clothing to begin with. That way you're exposed to her scent without her being within reach."

When he nodded his assent, I got my cell phone out and proceeded to call her home number. Within a couple of rings, I heard Bella pick up the other line. "Hello."

"Hi Bella. It's Alice Cullen. I hope I'm not interrupting you."

"You're not interrupting anything, I was just putting some cornbread into the oven. What do you need?" She asked, clearly happy to talk to me. It made me smile.

"Well, you see, we just had a family meeting and we were discussing things that we could do to help Edward get acclimated to your scent."

"Oh really? Any ideas?"

I knew everyone in my family was able to hear every word Bella said on the phone, but I just grinned when I saw the dazed look on Edward's face. I think it was more then just her scent that affected him. "As a matter of fact, we think that if we slowly expose him to your scent, it would help him out. Would you by chance have a sweatshirt or something that you have recently worn that we could have?"

"Yes, of course. Actually, if you want you can use the sweatshirt I've worn all day today. Did you want me to bring it to school tomorrow, or did you want it sooner than that?" Ah, good question. I would think the sooner the better. Otherwise Edward may have to stay home from school even longer; and believe me, if we had to endure the torture of school, so did he.

"Actually, if you don't mind, I think either Emmett or I will come by in the next little bit to get it. We can use some kind of excuse of passing on our class notes to you for an upcoming test."

"Sure, that's fine Alice, but I don't have any classes with either of you."

"No problem, we can just say we are bringing our brother's notes. After all, Edward and you do have a class together." Edward rolled his eyes at me, trying to make me believe that he could care less about what was going on, but I knew better.

Looking ahead to see what Charlie's reaction would be to Emmett or myself coming over tonight, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Charlie's reaction to Emmet. Unfortunately, Bella had no clue what I was doing and she asked, "What?"

"Oh, it's nothing Bella. I was just looking ahead to see if it would be better for Emmett or myself to come by." Laughing again, I explained. "It looks like his reaction to Emmet stopping by would be a bad thing. One look at the big bad Emmett Cullen coming by to offer class notes to his little girl is going to make your Dad have second thoughts about you going to a public school that consists of the opposite sex and seriously consider putting you into a convent."

When I finished explaining my story, I could hear Bella groan while most of my family started laughing at what I had just told her. Well, at least most of the family found that funny. Edward, on the other hand, seemed a little upset. 'What's wrong Edward? Are you jealous?' I thought at him when his eyes stopped on mine I could see the indignation on his face. I just grinned at him. It was most definitely going to be fun teasing Edward about Bella Swan, I couldn't wait.

"Well then, I guess it would be best if you come over, Alice. I would really like to avoid anything that would get Charlie upset with me so soon after moving in with him." From the sound of her voice, my best guess would be that she was embarrassed right now.

"I completely understand. Don't worry; I will try to be there after you're both done with supper."

"That sounds great. Oh, wait, Alice?"

"Yes?" I asked curious at what she was going to ask.

"Well, when you left I spoke to Thomas and explained how I met your family today. He was a bit scared for my welfare but after I explained that you follow the same diet that he does, and that Carlisle is a doctor, he was very intrigued. In fact, he wanted me to find out if it would be okay for him to call Carlisle sometime?" Bella seemed really nervous about our reaction, like we would say no.

"Of course! Carlisle, or in fact anyone of us would be more than – willing to talk to Thomas. Just give him our phone number." I looked at Carlisle to make sure it was okay with him.

"Thank you, Alice. You have no idea how guilty I feel that I am all he has left in this world. I feel like I hold him back from what he could be." I could hear the tears in her voice. Bella probably didn't understand how devoted we could be to our family; she had absolutely no reason to feel guilty about his devotion. Bella truly was a selfless creature, only worried about the happiness of others.

After a few seconds, Bella seemed to find better control of her voice. "I am so glad that he will have the ability to get to know others like him. Others like him who also have the same convictions for human life that he has."

"We're just happy that we can be here for both you and Thomas. Please give him our phone number and tell him to give us a call whenever he wants to."

"Thank you, Alice. Oh. Do you mind if I talk to Edward for a minute?"

I grinned at a surprised Edward, "Of course not, Bella."

Edward took the phone from me, "Hello."

"Hi Edward, are you doing okay?" She asked him.

Edward sighed, "I'm fine Bella, don't worry about me. I'm just sorry that I almost lost control earlier today."

"Don't worry about it Edward, I completely understand. Actually that's what I was hoping to talk to you about."

"Okay." Edward said, probably wondering where this conversation was going.

"Alice and Emmett made it sound like you were eventually going to be okay with me being within breathing distance, but I wanted to let you know that for now if you need me to transfer or come up with an excuse to skip class to make it easier just let me know. You could have Alice or someone pass me a message and I will take care of whatever it is on my side."

Edward's mouth seemed to be stuck in an open position, causing Emmett to chuckle. After a minute of no response from Edward, we could hear Bella on the other line, "Um, Edward? Are you still there?"

I slapped his arm to get his attention. "What? Oh sorry, Bella. I'm just a little surprised by your willingness to try and accommodate my weakness."

"Well, I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must be feeling, and I hate knowing that I'm doing that to somebody. So please let me know if it's getting to be too much for you and I will make excuses to be out of class. Okay? Will you do that for me?" She was practically begging him to go along with her plan.

"Yes of course, Bella. Though I could just skip class if it came down to it. I have been through high school quite a few times, I would hate for you to miss out on something new."

Bella laughed, "Oh I already learned all of this material in the AP Biology class I was taking in Phoenix. I think it may be a while before we get to something new." When Bella mentioned AP classes both Carlisle and Edward seemed to be impressed by that.

"Well then, let's just take it day-by-day. Okay?"

"Okay. Well, I better go. Can you please tell Alice that I'll see her in a little bit?"

"Yes, I will tell her." He looked at me to make sure that I got the message.

"Bye Edward."

"Goodbye Bella."

'See Edward, you have to admit that Bella is one very amazing, selfless young woman.' When he quietly nodded his agreement I added, 'Don't worry Edward, you'll get a handle on your thirst.'

"I hope so." Edward said softly.

Esme, being the ever loving mother, could see the pain that Edward was in and went over to him to put a loving arm around his shoulder. "Please don't worry so much, Edward. Your family knows that you will be able to get through this; even if you don't quite believe that yet. What you need to do is realize that you are stronger than you think you are." She put her hand on his chin to force him to look at her, "The rest of your family knows you are capable of handling anything – even this. And the sooner you believe in yourself, the sooner you will be able to find the strength to get through this."

"Your mother's right son; you are the only one here who doubts your abilities." Carlisle added to Esme's comments.

Edward looked at all of us and must have decided that it was a good time to bring up something. "Actually, there is something else that I think you should all know when it comes to Bella Swan."

Carlisle looked a little confused, "What is that, Edward?"

"Well, before she walked past us at lunch, I noticed something very different about Bella Swan." Carlisle must have asked him to elaborate on that, because he looked over at Carlisle and continued, "I can't hear any of her thoughts."

"Are you serious?" Jasper asked him, quite stunned.

"Yes. I tried reading Bella's mind while she was talking to Jessica, but could not hear anything other than her actual voice when she was responding to something Jessica was saying."

"That is so cool, but at the same time so unfair." Emmett said in astonishment, "I wonder if she can show me how she does that, I'd love to have you out of my mind for once. Then maybe I could beat you in a fair fight."

Edward smirked. "I don't think that would even help you out Emmett, I'm too fast for you regardless."

Carlisle looked very serious. "I can see that ability actually putting Bella at more risk of our kind."

"Why would you say that, dear?" Esme asked, looking quite concerned.

"Well, if she can block her mind from someone like Edward, can you imagine what that could mean to other vampires abilities? Just imagine if Aro hears about a human who can block her mind from a mind reader the likes of Edward – this could make her quite the novelty. I believe he would want to transform her so that he can add her to his collection of gifted vampires."

"Over my dead body! He will never come near Bella!" I growled, and was not surprised to hear my brothers agreeing with me.

(Bella's POV)

"That was great, Bells. Thank you for making supper." Charlie said while patting his full stomach. "Do you mind if I go watch the basketball game starting in the next few minutes?"

"Go ahead Dad. Once I finish up here I'm probably just going to head to my room so that I can work on homework." I figured that it would probably be best to warn him about the company coming. "I hope you don't mind, but someone is supposed to be stopping by long enough to loan me their class notes so that I'm prepared for a test coming up."

"That's fine. Who is being kind enough to lend you their notes? Don't they need them?" He asked, but I couldn't quite tell if he was suspicious or just trying to make small talk.

"I met Alice Cullen after school today and told her what classes I have. When she heard I have a class with her brother she offered me the use of his notes. I plan on just copying them tonight so that I can give them back in the morning. I don't plan on keeping them." There, I think I did that convincingly enough. I was going to have to practice on my excuses, something I never had to worry about in Phoenix because Renee was always in on it.

"That was very nice of Alice, but I hope her brother doesn't mind. Won't he need his own notes for studying?" Charlie didn't seem to be suspicious about it, so I hope everything continued to go well when Alice got here.

"From what Alice says, Edward doesn't need them, but I will only have them for tonight. It's not like I'm going to keep them forever." Charlie just shrugged, letting me know that he was going to drop it.

Just when I was finishing up in the kitchen, someone knocked at the front door. Knowing who it was, I made my way to the door and opened it to a smiling Alice. "Hi, Bella."

"Hi Alice, won't you come in?" After she walked in she followed me into the kitchen so that we can have a little more privacy. Though, I don't imagine Charlie really paying any attention to anything other than the game, I didn't want to take any chances.

Keeping up pretenses, Alice handed me a notebook, "Here is Edward's Biology notebook. Feel free to copy any class notes that you need, he doesn't mind."

I rolled my eyes at our little play acting. "Thank you, Alice. I really appreciate it. Tell Edward I will have this back to him tomorrow." I picked up the bag holding my sweatshirt in it and handed it to Alice. I quietly said, "Please let me know when you need a new item."

It looked like Alice's eyes were glazing over, so I wasn't sure if I was just boring her or if this was an indication of her looking ahead. Finally, after a minute her eyes became reanimated and she looked at me with a frustrated sigh. "I can see these little tops," she said while scrunching up her nose at the bag carrying my favorite hoodie, "is a daily habit of yours."

"Yes. Though I can see how upset you are at the idea; I am someone who is more into dressing for comfort than what's fashionable. I have always dressed that way, and have no desire to change it." I was starting to get annoyed by the snobbish look on her face.

Eventually, she smiled. "Oh, I can tell you with a one-hundred percent guarantee that your dressing habits are most certainly going to change." Tapping a finger to her temple, she gave me an evil grin. "I've already seen it happen, so you might as well get accustomed to the idea. But until that time comes, I think it would be a good idea if we swap your tops each day after school. You provide us with the hoodie you have worn all day and we will give you the one from the day before. That way he always has a fresh scent to help accustom him to you faster."

"That sounds fine, though I hardly see how my dressing habits will change. But I'm too tired to argue that point with you right now." I also didn't think I would have much luck in doing so anyways. I could tell that she was a force of nature and she would terrorize me until I gave in – Or until I have Thomas put a stop to her fashion changing ways; I really hope he gets here soon.

We slowly made our way back to the entry way at the same time it must have been a commercial, because Charlie was getting up from the couch. "Is the game over already, Dad?"

"No, I just thought I would get another beer during the commercials." He looked at Alice and gave her an awkward smile.

"Dad, this is Alice Cullen. Alice, this is my dad, Charlie."

"It's so nice to meet you Chief Swan, my Dad always talks very highly of you." Alice said while shaking his hand.

Charlie seemed embarrassed and his cheeks got a hint of pink to them due to her little compliment. "Please, call me Charlie." He looked at me for a second, probably trying to regain his composure. "So, Bella here says that you were going to bring over some class notes for her?"

"Yes," and before I knew if she was going through a very detailed explanation. "I heard that Bella had a class with my brother and I wanted to make sure that she didn't feel behind in any way. I know what it can be like to start a new school in the middle of the year, and I wanted to try to make her feel as comfortable as possible. So when I got home, I let Edward know that Bella here was in his Biology class, you see he had gotten ill during lunch, so he had no way of knowing that there was a new student in his class. I asked him if he would mind lending her his notes for a night and he seemed more then happy to help out."

"Well, that was very nice of you and your brother." Charlie said a bit awkwardly. I could tell that he was really hoping I would adjust easily to a new school, but at the moment his embarrassment over Alice's kind words were still flustering him. "Do you by chance have any classes with Bella?"

Alice frowned, "Unfortunately no, I don't. I'm hoping we will be able to spend time together outside of school. I would love to include her on one of my shopping trips someday." When Alice saw me cringe, she just gave me a knowing smile that just irritated me more than anything. I really hope Thomas gets up here quickly.

"Thank you again, Alice."

"You're very welcome, Bella. Though, I should probably be going. I promised to pick up something for my brother, to help him get better." I couldn't help but look at the bag in her hand when she mentioned that. "I'll see you tomorrow Bella. Bye."

"Bye, Alice, thank you again. Tell Edward I hope to have the chance to meet him – when he feels better, that is." I turned around to see Charlie giving me a hopeful look. When I realized that the game was back on, I knew exactly what he was hoping for. "I'll go get you a new beer Dad, go back to the game."

When I came back in with his drink, I got the ever distracted male reply. "Thanks, Bells."

"No problem. I'm going to head upstairs to my room and get started on my homework. Let me know if you need anything else." All I got was a nod from Charlie, which didn't exactly tell me whether or not he really heard me or was just hoping that if he agreed with me that he would have silence again. Shaking my head, I made my way back up to my room with Edward's notebook.