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Unbreakable Bond

One day, Carlisle Cullen walks outside to see a baby girl in a basket on his porch. The girl's name is Luna, and her mother has just died, and her father abandoned her. 5 years later, Luna is a hyperactive beautiful girl. She thinks her whole family is normal. But now, Luna has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Slowly, it starts to kill her. Now, the Volturi is on the Cullen's trail after they find out they have been raising a human child. They threaten to kill them all, but they won't on one condition: Edward joins the Volturi, and they kill Luna. Filled with heartbreak, sadness, and happiness, Unbreakable Bond is a beautiful story showing the struggle the Cullens must go through to try and save their beloved human child.


1. Introduction

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The small baby girl is sat down on the doorstep. She lets out a small wail and the man shushes her. He runs away, not even looking back.

The weather is cold. The baby only has a thin blanket on, and she soon begins to shiver. She lets out another wail, tears streaming down her blue eyes. No one comes outside to rescue the small girl. The wind blows more, sending out a low whistle. The baby still cries, wanting some attention.

"I'll be right back," a man says. He turns away from the door and then looks down at the baby.

The man has short blonde hair with a very pale face. He's beautiful. He has golden eyes and wears a white doctor's coat. The man smiles at the baby and picks up the basket that she lays in. He starts to read the note that reads:

I can't take care of her anymore. My wife has died in a car accident, and I don't have the will to go on anymore. I don't know what to do. Please, take my loving daughter, Luna. Take good care of her.

The man sighs and takes the baby inside. "Hey guys!" He yells. Three people walk into the living room and gasp when they see the baby. "This girl, Luna, was left on the doorstep. Her father left her there, and his wife just died."

"Carlisle," a woman with caramel-colored hair says. "What are you thinking?"

"What are we suppose to do?" another girl says. "We can't just pretend she wasn't on the doorstep."

"We understand that, Rose," the older woman says.

"Esme, Rose," Carlisle says. He sighs and gives Luna to Esme.

Rosalie takes her blonde hair and pulls it into a side ponytail. The large man beside her takes her hand and looks at the baby.

"Should we keep him?" the large man asks.

Esme looks at him and sighs. "Emmett, shush." Esme thinks for a moment, and then touches Luna's face. "Should we keep her?"

Carlisle sighs and rubs his head. Behind him, the door opens and four more people walk in. A small girl with a pale face and pointy hair prances over to Luna. She smiles greatly at the girl and takes her into her arms.

"Where did this cute little thing come from?" she asks.

"Alice, she was left on the doorstep," Rosalie says. Alice gasps and moves the baby back and forth, trying to sooth her.

"Oh Carlisle, can we keep her?" she coons.

Carlisle rubs his head once again, feeling like he was being asked to keep a stray puppy. But he knew the dangers of keeping a human child with them. Who knows? One of them could have a psychotic breakdown and go after her. Carlisle looks at Luna. Her bright blue eyes give a smile, bigger then her regular smile. She has pale skin, almost as pale as the others.

"A family of vampires raising a human child?" Edward asks.

"We can make it work," a girl with curly brown hair says. Edward takes her hand and squeezes it.

"Yeah, what Bella said," Rosalie says.

Carlisle doesn't know what to think. Behind him, Jasper, Alice's husband, makes his way towards the baby. He has been doing very well with humans, and doesn't even look like he's in pain anymore. Jasper has gotten use to the Cullens now, but still isn't as attached to them as Alice is.

"Listen," Carlisle says. "How about she stays here for a few nights? When we figure out something to do with her, then we can see from there."

"Why can't we just keep her?" Alice asks. She holds Luna tightly and holds her little fingers.

"Alice!" Carlisle hisses. "We need time to think. Put her upstairs in my office."

Emmett steps up and says, "But we don't have a crib for her."

Carlisle sighs and thinks for a moment. "Put blankets and a pillow in an empty drawer and set her in it. It will have to do for now, I guess."

Alice nods and she and Rosalie take Luna upstairs. Luna soon begins to wail and Alice starts to sooth her.

Carlisle takes a seat on the couch and rubs his hands together. He checks his watch then gets up immediately. He goes to the door and waves to them. "I have to get to the hospital. Take good care of Luna, now."

"Bye!" Esme calls out. She walks into the kitchen and grabs the milk out of the fridge. She pours a small glass and puts it in the microwave. "Bella! Edward! Please come here!"

Bella and Edward walk into the kitchen and smile greatly at Esme. They hold each others hands, and often turn their heads to look at each other.

"Yes?" Edward asks.

"I want you guys to go out and buy some clothes for the young one. And also get some food and diapers, and toys. I have a feeling she will be staying here for a while. Oh, and here is some money." She puts some money in Bella's hand and gives a soft smile.

"Alright," Bella says. "We will be back soon."

Upstairs, Alice and Rosalie make a make-shift bed for Luna. The small baby looks up at them. Her blue eyes sparkle and she smells of cigarettes. Her lips are tiny, a slightly reddish color coming to them. Luna's cheeks are a pinkish color, the rest of her face very pale.

"Poor baby," Rosalie says. "No mother and her father abandoned her."

Alice shakes her head and walks next to Rosalie. Her pointy hair surrounds her pale face, her golden eyes captivating. Her teeth shine white; her whole body is totally perfect. "She is too young to loose her mom."

"Yeah," Rosalie agrees.

Luna begins to cry, tears quickly streaming down her face. She coughs slightly and Rosalie picks her up. She feels Luna's forehead and sighs.

"Does she have a fever?" Alice asks.

"No. She might just have a cold."

Rosalie sets her down and her and Alice both walk out of the large office.

Later on, Bella and Edward come home with baby supplies. They unload the bags quickly and Alice goes upstairs to get Luna. She brings her back downstairs and they put her in warm footy pajamas and give her some warm milk

"Esme," Emmett says. "do you think we can keep her?"

"It's up to Carlisle," Esme says without emotion, clearly wanting to keep the child. "Cross your fingers."