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Unbreakable Bond

One day, Carlisle Cullen walks outside to see a baby girl in a basket on his porch. The girl's name is Luna, and her mother has just died, and her father abandoned her. 5 years later, Luna is a hyperactive beautiful girl. She thinks her whole family is normal. But now, Luna has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Slowly, it starts to kill her. Now, the Volturi is on the Cullen's trail after they find out they have been raising a human child. They threaten to kill them all, but they won't on one condition: Edward joins the Volturi, and they kill Luna. Filled with heartbreak, sadness, and happiness, Unbreakable Bond is a beautiful story showing the struggle the Cullens must go through to try and save their beloved human child.


2. Sickness

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Chapter One

Rain pounds on the rooftop and thunder booms. The sky is pitched black. Lightning trickles down on its skinny legs, making awful cracking sounds. The wind makes the trees move back and forth, scraping the side of the house. Trash flies around, garbage cans get flipped over. The storm doesn't seem to want to leave.

Inside the large mansions, little candles are lighting up the room. A clock on the wall says that its one in the morning. The whole family sits near the warmth of the bright fire and each of them is reading something. Classical music plays in the background, making the room not so silent and awkward. The lights flicker on and off and the radio comes in and out of its station. A small whooshing sound comes from outside, making some of them look up at the ceiling. Everyone is silent.

Except for one.

Luna, their beautiful human child, comes bounding down the stairs. Her small feet make loud thuds and she skips the last two stairs. She runs to Esme and wipes a tear from her face. "Mommy, when will the storm stop?" She asks in her sweet voice.

"Hopefully soon," Esme says. She rubs the small girl's back and gives a soft smile. Esme's hair is tucked behind her neck, her caramel hair shining beneath the candles. "Did the storm wake you?"

"No, I actually haven't been able to sleep," Luna says.

Esme kisses her on the head lightly. "It's alright. Why don't you grab some toys and we can put a movie in for you to watch? How about Sleeping Beauty?"

"Okay, thanks, Mommy." Luna runs upstairs, her black hair following behind her. Her hair is wavy and pitch black. It falls just under her shoulders, and her bangs go down to her eyebrows, and then swoop a little to her left eye. Her bright blue eyes light up her pale face. Luna isn't as beautiful as the rest of her family, but so close.

Carlisle stands up and walks over to the movie case that sits beside the T.V. that they got when Luna turned one. The move case has grown extensively because of Luna's need to watch movies all the time. It contains almost every princess movie available, lots of Disney movies, and a few romantic movies that Alice begged to get.

Luna comes back downstairs with her plush horse, dog, cat, and a small box of blocks. She everything up and puts a blanket down. Her black hair gets in her face and she tucks it behind her ears neatly. Luna's blue nightgown goes down to her knees. When she first got it had gone down to her ankles, but she still refuses to get rid of it. Her blue fuzzy slippers sit beside her and she builds a small house for her stuffed animals.

"Daddy?" Luna asks.

Carlisle turns around and sits in front of her. "Yes, baby?"

"Can I sleep in your room tonight again?" Luna has gotten into the phase of sleeping in her parent's room. And it's the same reason as any other scared child. There is a monster in her closet.

Carlisle takes Luna's hand and pats it. "I told you," he says. "It's just your robe that makes the outline of the monster. Your imagination is playing tricks on you."

"Like when Emmett plays tricks on Bella?" Luna asks in a sweet voice.

Emmett bursts out into laughter, and then puts his hand over his mouth. He composes himself and clears his throat. "Sorry," he says.

"I think we can talk about that later," Edward says. He play punches Emmett's arm.

"Why don't we just work this out now?" Emmett asks. He jumps up and puts his fists up.

Raising an eyebrow, Edward jumps up also. He and Emmett tackle each other, knocking over a small table. Carlisle sits up and breaks them apart. Edward and Emmett laugh and sit back down. Luna lets out a small cute giggle.

Outside, thunder booms and Luna lets out a small shriek. Esme picks her up and soothes her. "It's alright," she says. Esme hands Luna one of her stuffed animals and then sets her back down.

"The storm is really picking up," Alice says. Her pixie like body saunters over to the window. Her delicate fingers touch the windowsill, her body leaning in as she tries to see outside. "Hopefully that means it will be done quicker." Alice walks gracefully over to Jasper, who leans against the doorway.

"Let's hope," he says with a light smile. He swings his arms around Alice's waist and kisses her on the head.

Outside, the thunder continues to boom. Lightning crackles outside, and the wind becomes faster, sending out a low whistle. But inside, the classical music is gone, being replaced by Luna's movie. She lets out small laughs at the right moments, and sings along with almost every song.

After a while, Luna lies down on her blanket and quickly falls asleep. Carlisle gets up and picks up the young girl. He takes her favorite stuffed animal -the horse- and brings her upstairs. Luna's room is white and filled with many stuffed animals. A Barbie house sits in one corner, and in the corner across from it holds a bookshelf. Her bed has a blue bed sheet on it, along with a blue pillow, and many princess blankets. Luna's stuffed animals lie all over the ground and on top of her bed. Carlisle takes each of them off carefully and sets them on the floor.

"Goodnight, Daddy," Luna says sleepily.

Carlisle kisses her on the head. "Goodnight, darling," he says. He tucks her in her bed and shuts off the light. Faint music plays in the background, a whole disk of lullabies. Carlisle closes the door and starts to make his way downstairs.

"Did she fall asleep okay up there?" Esme asks.

Carlisle nods and sits down in his chair. "I don't know why she hasn't been able to fall asleep lately."

When Luna was about two, she fell asleep so easily at night. Mostly because she wore herself out during the day. And she has kept up that routine until now. She wears herself out during the day, but just can't fall asleep at night. She blames it on the monster in her closet, but Carlisle thinks its something medial.

"Maybe it's just a phase?" Esme guesses, not knowing exactly what kids go through for phases.

Later in the morning, the sun tries to peak out behind the clouds. It's a damp Monday morning. Tree branches swoop down to the ground with large puddles around them. The clouds hang low, letting in small sunlight. The wind has died down; the trees don't brush up against the side of the house anymore.

Esme cooks in the kitchen, the sweet smell going around the house. She hums while she cooks breakfast for Luna. She bakes pancakes and sausage, and pours a glass of orange juice for her. Carlisle comes in and gives Esme a kiss on the head. She smiles and continues to cook. "Is Luna up yet?"

Carlisle looks in the living room, but doesn't see her. "Not yet. I'll go get her." He starts up the stairs and peaks into Luna's room.

Luna lies in bed, her hair covering her face. She doesn't move when Carlisle walks in. Her blankets are everywhere, and so are her pillows. The music is off.

"Luna?" Carlisle says. He shakes her slightly.

Luna wakes up and groans. "Huh?" She looks up at Carlisle. Her eyes have bags under them.

"Time for school. E-Mommy is getting your outfit ready." Carlisle pulls the sheets off of Luna and helps her up. But she just slumps back onto her bed. "Sweetheart, I know you're tired, but you need to go to school."

Luna sighs and gets up. She looks pale and tired. When she gets up, her she drags her legs weakly. Luna walks downstairs and into the kitchen. Esme sets her breakfast on the table, and Luna just picks at it. She eats small bites and drinks all of her orange juice right away. Esme brushes out Luna's hair as she eats.

"Luna, eat," Esme says. She feels Luna's forehead to see if she is warm. Nope.

"My tummy hurts," Luna says while rubbing her stomach. She pushes her plate aside and Esme puts her hair in a braid.

"I'll get you some Tylenol, sweetie." Esme grabs the pill bottle and takes one out. She gets a glass of water and hands both to Luna.

After Luna gets dressed, Esme kisses her head and Carlisle leads her to the car. Luna climbs into her car seat in the back. Carlisle buckles her in, then gets in the driver seat. He starts to drive slowly out of woods. It smells of rain and moss the whole ride out to the city.

Luna looks out her window and puts a hand on her stomach. Her stomach had been hurting all morning, and the Tylenol wasn't helping. She felt tired and groggy; she could feel the bags forming under her eyes. Luna's face wasn't its usual pale. It was very pale. Almost as pale as everybody else in her family.

Carlisle drops Luna off at her kindergarten class then drove to the hospital. The day went by slowly. Forks was never really a place where people got hurt. Only the usual small injury came in every other die. And they had a few people with cancer in the hospital.

Throughout the day, the weather went from foggy, to windy and rainy, to just a light drizzle. Forks was always a rainy town. And that was good for the Cullens, exactly what they need.

Around noon, Carlisle sits at the front desk. He talks with some of the nurses and some of the doctors. They crack jokes and laugh. Then, the phone rings and Carlisle answers it. It's Luna's kindergarten teacher.

"Dr. Cullen?" The woman says.

"Yes?" Carlisle says. He toys with a pen next to him.

"You're daughter, Luna, is feeling awfully sick. She is complaining of a stomach ache, and has a bloody nose. Do you want to pick her up?"

"My wife, Esme, will come pick her up, okay?"

"Alright." The woman hangs up, and Carlisle texts Esme.

Carlisle's head spins a little bit. Luna rarely is ever sick, and when she is, it is never this serious. Usually just a small cold and a tiny fever. She is such a healthy child most of the time.

Esme picks up Luna at her kindergarten class. Luna sits in the back seat and sleeps the whole way home. When Esme goes in the back to unbuckle her, Luna barely wakes up. She carries her inside and up to the bathroom. Esme starts the warm bath water and undresses Luna. She sets her in and starts to run the dry blood off of her face. When she reaches for her back, she finds bruises going up it.

"Alice!" Esme calls.

Alice comes into the bathroom and sits next to Esme. "What do you need?" she asks in her perfect voice.

"Look at the bruises going up her back." Alice looks at Luna's back and gasps. She touches them and asks Luna if they hurt.

Luna answers, "No."

Esme leaves Alice in the bathroom to look after Luna. She calls Carlisle and prays that he will answer. When he does, Esme sighs in relief. "Should I bring Luna in?"

"Why would you need to?" he asks in a gentle voice.

"She has bruises going up her back and she is very tired. I'm worried, Carlisle."

Esme sits in the kitchen, and soon, Edward and Jasper walk in. They wave to her, but she doesn't wave back. It seems to take a while for Carlisle to answer her on the other line.

"You better bring her in," Carlisle answers finally.

At the hospital, Luna sits on the cold bed. She toys with her hair and asks Esme several questions. Carlisle walks into the room, fully dressed in his uniform for work.

"Daddy!" Luna cries out. She gives him a great hug and smiles.

"Hi, Luna. I'm just doing a little check-up on you, okay?" Carlisle explains. He gives a sweet and gentle smile to Luna. He takes his stethoscope off around his neck. He holds it up to Luna's chest. "Take a few deep breaths." Luna obeys him. Carlisle then moves it to her back. He lifts up her shirt, gasping at the bruises.

"Look at my marks!" Luna exclaims. She laughs and squirms around.

Carlisle touches the bruises, never seeing so many on someone's back before. They run up her spine, all a dark black and blue. They start at the bottom of her spine, working its way up to the beginning of her skinny neck. They are in the shape of a four leaf clover.

"And they don't hurt?" Carlisle asks. Luna shakes her head no. Carlisle touches them, feeling the tiny lumps on them. "Esme, talk to me outside."

Carlisle and Esme walk outside of the room. He sighs and looks in on Luna, who sits quietly on the table. His thoughts are wild, thinking of what could be wrong with his little girl. Carlisle rubs his forehead and says, "I think we should get a professional to look at her."

"Is something seriously wrong with her?" Esme asks worriedly. Her golden eyes are frantic.

"Some patients have come in with something close to the bruises Luna has. It might be cancer related."

Esme covers her mouth and looks at the young girl. She looks so different now from when she was younger. More tired looking and sickly.

"What do we do? Will she die?" The questions pour out of Esme's mouth.

"Well, we will have to have a professional look at her," Carlisle answers. "Depending on what is wrong with her, I'm sure she will live through this."

Dr. James Dean looks at Luna. Her black hair is pulled back into a high ponytail now to let the doctor look at her back better. She wears a white hospital gown, decorated with blue dots. Her skinny arms move around, trying to grab Dr. James Dean's stethoscope. Her mouth moves rapidly, asking or saying anything that comes to her mind.

Dr. James Dean looks at her back, quickly determining what he needs to do. "I will have to take a blood test. And depending on the results, she may have to undergo a bone marrow biopsy." He leaves the room, quickly returning with a few nurses.

The nurses smile at Luna, acting so sweetly. They take out the needle. One of them keeps it hidden from Luna, not wanting to scare her. The other two attempt to distract her with a stuffed animal dog. Luna smiles at it and starts to play with it. The nurse holding the needle takes it out and sticks it with her.

Luna shrieks in pain. "Ow!" She immediately starts to sob and drops the plush dog on the ground.

"We will have to try again," the nurse says. "I missed the spot. Mind holding her down?"

Carlisle and Esme grasp her shoulders. Luna tries to squeeze her way off the table, but it is no use. The nurse sticks her with the needle again, and Luna howls.

"Mommy!" Luna screams.

Esme kisses Luna on the head. "It's alright sweetie. It's all over."

Dr. James Dean nods at them and takes the blood. "We should find out the results in just a couple of hours. You can leave and come back, or wait in the waiting room. You're choice."