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Drowning in Cold

Salvatorio Lafayette Swan is a seventeen-year old high school Junior. He is an honor's student with a 4.o GPA. Teachers describe him as being tremendously talented, organized and your ideal well rounded kid. Students describe him to be quiet-except when singing, chilvarous, unique, and a loner. His family considers him to be a perfect son. Not a troublemaker; he's kind, responsible and passionate. Salvatorio L. Swan is a seventeen-year old born hermaphrodite. Son of an abusive alcoholic and bipolar. Adopted son of his uncle; Forks Police Chief, and his ex-wife, a kindergarden teacher. Step-son of a Minor-League baseball player. Salvatorio L. Swan, lead singer of Lorelei's Soliloquy alt. rock band. Edward Cullen. Youngest member of the mysterious and immaculate Cullen/Hale family. Edward Cullen. Salvatorio's first real friend....

This story will later appear on my up incoming website. Here is a taste of it for all of you nice folks out there who liked to Touch. Disclaimer: I own nothing but the new plot.

1. Prologue

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September 13, 1994, in the crowded hospital of Mercy Hospital in Chicago, Illinois Maddelena Swan-age 24-laid in the maternity ward. Doctors surrounded her. Dressed in teal plastic scrubs with matching stretchable caps and face masks. They encouraged her to push. Push with all her strength; no matter how she screamed or whimpered that she couldn't. It took twenty minutes but the time was worth it. September 13, 1994 at 3:13 pm. a baby was born. It's cries filling the room. The doctors detached the wailing infant from it's umbilical cord and passed it to a nurse. She cleaned the baby. Her eyes studying the pasty pinkish, wrinkly, semi-bald child. Her eyes lowering to determine the sex.
She stopped. Frozen momentarily for she was shocked. Having been on the job for as little as two months, she'd never seen one such as this child. It's unusual appearing genitalia baffled the woman. She beckoned her superior to her side which caught the attention of the doctor. He removed his mask and stared at the child. His piercing gilded orbs studying the child. His lips forming into a four syllabled word. The word met the ears of Maddelena. A weak snicker leaving her lips. "That bastard,"she murmured, wearily,"planted a freak inside me." He eyelids fluttered shut as fatigue washed over her. The doctor-who now held the whimpering infant-glanced at the uncaring woman over his shoulder. He returned his attention to the little one in his arms with pity.
How unfortunate, he thought, a mother to speak so illy about her own child. At least he will have a chance at a better life with another family. Father in heaven, hear me. I know not what your plans are for this small infant, but I beseech thee to have mercy upon. Let your holy and devine blood anoint him; from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Give him a sound heart and mind to guide him on his path. You see how my heart goes to him. How I would love to provide him with a loving home but cannot. Please. Please send him someone who can.
The good doctor laid the infant in the provided hospital crib. His right index finger softly caressed the child's chubby cheek. He smiled when the litttle one seemed to snuggle close to him. Desperate for the love it's mother did not give.
"Dr. McCraine?"whispered the Head Nurse. "What do we put for it's gender?"
He answered her with a soft smile. His melodious deep, kindly soft spoken voice answered her. "Run tests. Nurse Saul. However, I believe it shall be male. While the genitals are clearly abnormal, it bears more appearance to a male's sex rather than female. Discuss with the Dr. Troce of this and have him to speak with adoptive parents. This is a life long condition that must be handle with an open mind and most importantly, a loving heart."
Nurse Saule nodded her head. She glanced at the child who opened his little eyes. She gasped and smiled down at him. "So handsome,"she cooed. Dr. McCraine nodded, chuckling. "It seems he is definitely unique. I've rarely delivered a child with heterochromia,"he stated, once again caressing his cheek. "Won't you be the envy of many, little one?"