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Tulips Bloom to See Your Beauty, Boo

It's been years since Renesmee Cullen, Jacob Black, Seth Clearwater, Chimalis Evenson, and their children were in Forks. They've moved around a lot ever since the Volturi incident. Now they're moving again. To Lima, Ohio. Nessie and Jacob's daughter Belle and her brother Billy go to McKinley High while Seth and Chi-chi's children, besides Joanni, go to Carmel High. Belle joins Glee, while Billy joins the football team. Seth and Chi-chi's daughter Joanni joins the Glee club also. All three imprint (Hint: Belle's imprint wears skinny jeans, Joanni's can't walk, and Billy's imprint is a black diva). The boys (and girl) they imprint on are all in Glee. Belle's imprint isn't even fully human! What happens when her life-long companion and Cullen-Black family matchmaker, Kara, turns out to be the ghost of her imprint's mother?


2. II: Defying Gravity

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Chapter II: Defying Gravity

POV: Mr. Shue

I was walking to the auditorium when Sue stopped me in my tracks.

"What do you think your doing, William?" Sue asked.

"Going to the auditorium for Belle's audition?" I replied.

"Don't you think that only after one day of going to McKinley high, she would just throw away any chance of her fitting in? What would possibly be going through that brain behind that nest of dead animals you call hair of yours?"

"My kids asked Belle to audition, and she said yes. She‘s doing this on her own free will" I said.

"Your right. Why do I even care? I tried to get rid of that brute 16 years ago, thinking I was rid of her for good" she then became wide-eyed, and quickly said, "See ya, Curly-Q"

As she speedwalked off, I shrugged, and continued to the auditorium.

When I got to the choir room, everyone was present. Kurt was gazing affectionately at Belle, with Mercedes waving her hand across his face. As I watched, I thought back on how he told me about his life changing experience.


I was teaching second period Spanish at the time I started noticing something wrong with Kurt.

"What is the word "kaleidoscope" in Spanish? Umm, Kurt!"

He was staring up into space when I called on him.



"What is the word "kaleidoscope" in Spanish?" I repeated, bedeviled.

"Oh, um...caleidoscopio?" he replied.

"Yes, Kurt, that is correct" I replied.

When class ended, I called Kurt to my desk.

"Yes, Mr. Shue?" Kurt asked, fidgeting feverishly.

"Did something happen? Because you always pay attention"

"I...I...can't tell you" Kurt stammered.

"You can tell me anything, Kurt. You know that"

Kurt paused, and said, "I'm in love"

"Wow, that's great Kurt. Who is he?"

He surprised me by his answer.

"It's not a guy, more like a...gal. Belle Black"


An uproarious, but still delicate, voice brought me back to the present.

"Hi, I am Belle Black, and I will be singing Angel of Music from The Phantom of the Opera"

So, that was the girl who stole Kurt's heart. I wanted to get to know her, see what makes her so special in Kurt's eyes, but I had to treat her as I would any other student. The questions can wait until later.

"Okay, lets see what you can do!"

As Brad went over to the piano, she said perkily, "Don't worry, I made an instrumental CD last night" Brad's eyes rolled, annoyed.

After she hit play, Belle took a deep breath and sang;

Father once spoke of an angel

I used to dream he'd appear

Now as I sing, I can sense him

And I know he's here

Here in this room he calls me softly

Somewhere inside hiding

Somehow I know he's always with me

He, the unseen genius

Angel of Music

Guide and guardian

Grant to me your glory

Angel of Music

Hide no longer

Secret and strange angel

He's with me, even now

My hands turn cold

All around me

My face, then, turns white

It frightens me

Everyone was in awe. Even Rachel. Belle's voice was exceptional, satiny, and able to climb up more than 24 notes. Her voice has equal strength of Mercedes, if not more. We all clapped, even Rachel. But you could always tell when Rachel is envious; it's in her eyes. I looked up at Kurt. He was obviously under a love spell. Metaphorically, of course. I felt as if Kurt didn't tell me exactly everything.

POV: Kurt

Oh. My. God, I thought as Belle came toward me.

"Kurt, would you come with me? I need to tell you something very important." She asked flirtatiously. I was getting palm sweats.

"S-s-sure" I stammered.

She took my hand, an electricity radiating into me, and lead me into the hallway. I wondered when I would tell her about me. I had a memory of that night I discovered what my mother really was.


All I could think about was her. Belle Black. When she stood up for me, I felt like she had some kind of hold on my heart, like it would be forever in her grasp. When I came home that night, I was twirling around the living room like I was mentally-challenged. I only noticed my father observing me when I was finally dizzy and fell on the couch.

"Uh...hi, Dad" I said inelegantly.

He was standing there, trying not to laugh.

The next thing I knew, I was telling him everything. He did not react like I thought he would.

"Son, your mother went through same thing when she was about your age. She looked into my eyes and knew that I was the one she would love until the day she died. That's exactly what happened when you saw that Belle girl. Your kind usually cross with humans, but I guess you're the exception-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you mean by, ‘your kind'?"

"You'll find out right about...now"

Then, I felt a sharp pain on my back and fell to the ground. I was unconscious for what seemed like hours. When I regained consciousness, I got up, and I looked in the nearest reflective thing.

I saw a strange version of myself. My cheeks were crimson, while my skin was bright lactescent. My whole body was a disco ball in the room's lighting. My turquoise eyes were brighter. But what stood out the most was the tawny fairy wings on my back.

"Your mother was a pixie before you, and now you are one" my dad said as he puts a ring on my pointer finger. The golden butterfly on it fluttered its wings as if it were a real one.


Belle's angelic, yet loud voice brought me back to the present.

"Kurt, I made a little mash-up of two songs that would sound good together, and I want to sing it for you. Listen closely, because I really mean what I‘m singing. I really, really, really do"

Then, she took a deep breath and sang;

Never met a man

Quite like you

Doing all he can

Making my dreams come true

Too late for second-guessing

Too late to go back to sleep

It's time to trust my instincts

Close my eyes: and leap!

You're strong and you're smart

You've taken my heart

And I give you the rest of me too

It's time to try

Defying gravity

I think I'll try

Defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

You're the perfect man for me

I love you I do

Mm I love ya

I'm through accepting limits

cause someone says they're so

Some things I cannot change

But till I try, I'll never know!

I'm here when you call

you've got it all

And confidence like I never knew

You're the perfect man for me

I love you I do

You've got the charm

You simply disarm me every time

As long as you drive

I'm along for the ride

Your way

You said it before

There won't be a door

that's closed to us

Putting all my trust in you

Cause you, you'll always be true, Oh

I'm defying gravity

I think I'll try

Defying gravity

You're the perfect man for me

I love you I do

I'd sooner buy

Defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

I think I'll try

Defying gravity

You're the perfect man for me

I love you I do

You're the perfect man for me

I love you I do


After the song, she looked in my eyes and asked, "So? If you don‘t feel the same way, I would totally understa-"

I went over to her, kissed her gentle, full lips, muttering, "Of course I do. How could I not?" between kisses. When we kissed, it felt as if I was soaring. Like I was...defying gravity. Pun intended.

After a few seconds, she pulled away, nervous.

"What's wrong, my jewel?"

She said the next words as if it would eventually bring me to my death.

"I'm part werewolf"