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No Matter What They Say

Jasper can't take it anymore. He has tried to deny it, and for far too long. He has fallen for someone. And it is not someone you expect. Edward/Jasper

I AM A COMPLETE EDWARD/BELLA SUPPORTER! But I do love the thought of Edward and Jasper being together. I believe they would make an amazing couple. Don't you agree?! Disclaimer: I own my love for Edward and Jasper. But Stephenie owns them and the twilight saga.

1. This is Forbidden

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Edward was leaning against the brick wall leading to the front office of Forks High. Jessica was going on and on about some band coming to Seattle, leaning forward onto him, batting her eyes and licking her lips.

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. She knew he wasn't attracted to women. He got the feeling she thought she was the exception.

Respectively, he watched her, keeping his eyes locked with hers even when he heard someone else approach his little group. He made sure his expression showed only polite interest.

He prayed his eyes weren't so obvious as they felt, that no one noticed the way he balled his fist or the tightening of his muscles. He heard the newcomer laugh, punching Emmett on the arm and conversing with everyone else. He and Edward had class together next.

Finally, Jessica's long rant was over and the bell was going to ring soon. They needed to leave. He turned toward Emmett who was still laughing and talking with Jasper, and ignored the quickening of his heartbeat. He smiled at them and bade Emmett goodbye, turning away from them both, walking with Jessica to Trigonometry. He could feel Jasper walking close behind.

What was Jessica saying? She was looking at him like she was expecting a reply. Edward nodded a tiny bit, unsure. That seemed to satisfy her. She smiled and rambled on. Edward made sure he seemed interested until they reached the door of Mr. Varner's room – just in time. The bell rang immediately as they entered.

They took their usual seats. The third row in the front. Edward was usually in the middle, Jessica on his left, Jasper on his right. Mr. Varner was busy writing problems on the board. Edward prepared himself for the boredom. Forks High didn't offer AP classes, and he could easily understand the work. Others lagged behind. Maybe someone will ask him to help them. It wouldn't be unusual.

He could practically feel the mental turmoil coming from beside him. Instinctively, he turned to face the source.

Jasper sat at a bit of an awkward angle in his seat, twisting his hands and cracking his knuckles. Edward's eyebrows pulled together.

“Jasper?” he asked quietly. Could he hear how softly he said his name, so tenderly? Jasper looked up at him, eyes widening, looking guarded. This confused Edward for he had never given Jasper a reason to distrust him, and Jasper had never seemed bothered by Edward's choice in partners.
But now Jasper leaned away from Edward as if he was holding a weapon and threatening to hurt him. Edward was sure he looked hurt.

After a moment, though, Jasper relaxed. He still look wary and scared, but the crazed look in his eyes dulled to...sadness?

He was hurting?

“What's wrong?” Edward asked, automatically holding his hands up as if showing he had no intention of hurting him.

“Nothing.” Obviously a lie. Forgetting his manners, Edward rolled his eyes and looked seriously in his direction. “Well . . . ,” he began. He gathered himself. The odd expressions vanished, replaced by his determined face. “I need to talk to you.”

Edward leaned forward, waiting for Jasper to talk, but he shook his head and held a hand up.

“Not here,” he said. Edward nodded, leaning back into his seat.

“Come by right after school,” he said. He wondered if the 'right' should have been added. “After school,” he corrected. Then, he realized he sounded like an idiot and shut his mouth, fixing his eyes on Mr. Varner as he began to speak, ignoring the drop in his stomach, the race of his heart.

Jasper was so scared.

He climbed in to his truck – big and white and it still smelled faintly of sun. Usually, it was a sanctuary. But now he was just as scared.

His hands trembled on the way down the roads, going crazy from confusion. He didn't understand the sudden rush of feeling that had overcome him. It radiated from Edward whenever he was near. It made him uncomfortable at first. Edward liked men, not women, and Jasper was scared of being drawn towards him. But he was.

Jasper hated the hallways of his school now. He experimented whenever he waked through them. He would stare at the boys, waiting to feel the same emotion that came whenever Edward was around. But they never came, and Jasper was so confused.

He was attracted to women, not men! But he couldn't ignored it when Edward brought his last boyfriend to meet them. His jealousy practically knocked him off his own feet. But he had studied the boy, and felt a bit of what he was feeling before. This was different, though, because there was nothing on Jasper's end. He was not attracted to him, but the boy was attracted to Jasper.

Was that what he felt? Attraction coming from Edward?

Was that what he felt? Attraction for Edward?

Here was his chance to find out. He pulled into Edward's driveway, next to his Volvo. His heart was beating so loud . . . he was almost sure Edward could hear it from inside. When he knocked at the door, the beat matched his heartbeat.

When the door opened, Jasper's heart almost stopped.

Edward had been in the process of changing clothes. His shirt was half buttoned, showing off his chest.

“Come on in,” he said, buttoning the last few buttons. He stepped back and let Jasper in. Jasper couldn't calm himself. He felt like running.

“Don't worry,” Edward told him, as if he knew exactly what Jasper had been thinking. “There is nothing you can tell me that would make me judge you.”

This calmed Jasper . . . a little. He sat, afraid his knees would give out.

“Well?” Edward asked, sitting next to him. There was some sort of electricity between them. They were a good distance apart on the couch, but the air was charged.

“I don't know what to think!” It all came out in a rush. “I don't like men. Really, I don't. I look at them wherever I go, and I can't imagine myself with them. But, with you . . . .” Jasper trailed off, holding back troubled, embarrassed tears. He was afraid to look up.

The couch moved. He could feel Edward relaxing.

He looked up. Edward was smiling, leaning back into the couch, his arms stretched out in a comfortable way. How confusing.


Edward's smile stretched up more on one side. His green eyes shined, and his muscles were easily visible under his light button-up shirt.

“With me?” he asked.

“With you . . . ,” Jasper began, “it's so different.” Edward moved himself closer. They were now sitting side by side.

“Different how?” Edward's voice was soft. Jasper shook his head, unsure how to explain it.

“I think I might like you. Romantically, Edward.”

“You want to find out?”