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No Matter What They Say

Jasper can't take it anymore. He has tried to deny it, and for far too long. He has fallen for someone. And it is not someone you expect. Edward/Jasper

I AM A COMPLETE EDWARD/BELLA SUPPORTER! But I do love the thought of Edward and Jasper being together. I believe they would make an amazing couple. Don't you agree?! Disclaimer: I own my love for Edward and Jasper. But Stephenie owns them and the twilight saga.

2. Show Me

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Jasper started and looked up at him.

“How?” he asked. Edward shrugged. Jasper felt something slip between his fingers. He looked down.

Edward was holding his hand. He wasn't so relaxed anymore. Jasper's heart hurt.

“Like that,” Edward whispered. Jasper looked around, afraid of someone walking into the room and seeing them. Edward squeezed his hand.

“No one is home,” he assured. Jasper nodded, feeling ashamed.

He loved the feel of their hands together, and that terrified him. He had always been so sure of himself. He had always known who he was. He had always wanted to become a soldier. After he had served he was to come home and raise a family. It had been his plan all along.

Why was Edward messing it all up?!

Edward's hand was about the same size as Jasper's. It was odd to him. All the hands he had ever held were much smaller than his own. And even though Edward's hand was soft, it was not as soft as a woman's. He thought about the differences, but had to push them aside after a moment. He was beginning to drown in his own thoughts.

He liked it. He would leave it at that.

They left their hands together for so long. After a while, they relaxed. Jasper kept his mind as blank as possible, listening to Edward breathing. It was the only thing that could keep him from his tangled thoughts.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Edward's thumb stroked his hand softly, and Jasper tensed. Edward wasn't discouraged by his reaction. He kept comforting him.

Soon enough, Jasper's body relaxed again. Edward chuckled and Jasper opened an eyed to look at him. The entire couch was shaking with his laughter. Jasper didn't get the joke.

Edward laughed even harder when he saw his expression. Nope, Jasper didn't get it. But he laughed, too.

When their laughter died, Edward took his hand back. Jasper felt his eyebrows shoot up. Edward shook his hand as if it was hurting.

“You made my hand sweaty,” he explained, still chuckling. Jasper smiled. His hand was sweaty, too. He wiped it on his jeans.

Edward turned his head to the window behind them. The sky was darkening, day turning into twilight, giving the sky a purple glow.

“It's getting late,” Edward stated.”You should head home.” Jasper nodded. His mother would be in a frenzy already. He sighed and reluctantly pushed himself off of the couch.

Ow. His muscles were stiff from sitting in the same position for so long. He stretched, reaching his arms above his head, closing his eyes.

When he opened them again, Edward was watching him. He smiled. Edward stood and walked to the door. Jasper followed.

He hesitated at the door, not wanting to leave. Edward held it open for him and the chilly dusk air made him shiver. But he still stood there, looking into those green eyes. He wasn't sure what to do, what to say. He had held his hand, spent an entire afternoon just sitting next to him to enjoy his presence.

Suddenly Edward was very close. He was an inch or two shorter than Jasper was, but it made little difference. It was odd to have someone he liked so close to his height. He usually liked short girls.

He was baffled by the urge to move his head forward, towards Edward's. He didn't think his hands were shaking from the cold now. Edward tilted his head down, but looked up through his lashes. One side of his mouth turned up.

“See you tomorrow, Jazz,” he said. Jasper just nodded. Edward stepped back, and Jasper stepped out the door in a daze.

As the door closed between them, they both needed something to hold themselves up.