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Breaking Impulse

Elizabeth, Renesmee, and Ryan are siblings but they have no idea. Elizabeth is Edward's child and Ryan and Renesmee are Isabella's twins – a boy and a girl. During high school, Edward and Bella could not stand each other. Bella was the quiet girl where Edward was popular. While out celebrating her twentieth birthday, Bella got drunk with Edward, and she conceived Edward's children. Elizabeth is Edward's biological child, too, her mother being a former girlfriend of Edward's. What happens when Edward finds out about his twins with Bella?


1. Secrets are bound to come out.

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"You need to tell him. It's been too long, Bells, and don't even try to argue with me. He has every right to know about them, Bella. Besides, now that you're living in the same town as him, you don't think he won't find out?"

I glared at Jasper, who flashed me a mocking smile as he followed me down the aisle in the Wal-Mart as Renesmee and Ryan looked at the brands of cereals that they wanted.

"I… I can't," I mumbled as I looked down into the basket, leaning right against it, and I sighed. "You know how horrible he was. I was such a dork in school and he made my life a living hell, Jazz. For all we know, he might want to take my babies from me. I can't lose them…"

"I don't think that he would do that, from what Emmett's told me. Emmett says that Edward Cullen has matured over the last couple of years."

I groaned at the mention of Edward's older brother, who was dating one of my good friends, Rosalie Hale, who also happened to be Jasper's sister. I had always liked Emmett and he was so good to me. Even though he would look at Ryan and Renesmee a little more curiously each time he would visit Jasper or myself, I was pretty sure he didn't know that they were his nephew and niece. I felt bad for not telling anyone but Jasper… but it was really complicated.

I was twenty-four years old and five years ago on a drunken night, I conceived two beautiful babies. Ryan Mason and Renesmee Carlie Swan Cullen were my pride and joy. Even thought they were mine, I thought it was right for the two of them to get their father's last name, since they really deserved to have an even bigger part of him. Although, when anyone asked what their last name was, they would tell them it was Swan.

"He kicked me out the next morning, Jasper," I said with a huff as I watched my two darlings move towards Jasper and myself with two boxes in their hands, struggling a bit. "What in the world?"

"Mama, can we get these?" Ryan asked with a huge smile on his little face as he looked at me with those green eyes that he inherited from his father.

I laughed and nodded as Jasper grabbed the Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, Captain Crunch, and Fruit Loops from their little hands, placing them into the cart.

When I looked at Ryan and Renesmee, I saw so much of their father in them. Both of them had Edward's bronzed-colored hair although the curl they had going on at the end was inherited from my own father. Renesmee had my chocolate brown eyes and Ryan had his father's beautiful green eyes. They were also both tall for their age. After all, Edward was a little over six feet in height.

"So, are you two excited for tomorrow?"

Renesmee perked up as she looked at me as we walked in the direction of the cash register, smoothing out her pretty top.

"I am, mama, and so is Ryan. It's going to be so much fun going to daycare with Aunt Rose. And she said we have to call her Ms. Hale, cuz she's gonna be our teacher. She said we can bring toys from home, so we won't be sad, and said she might even give us candy, if we are really good!"

"I'm glad, sweetheart," I said with a smile as we got in line.

After we got home, Jasper ploppled down on the couch next to me. We were staying with him until I could get a job and get more settled before getting a place for just me and the twins. Ryan and Renesmee were sitting in front of the television, watching 'Go Diego, Go', and it amazed me how one show could entertain these two. I chuckled slightly as I felt Japer nudge my side.

"Yes, Jazz?"

"Tell him."

I sighed. "You just aren't going to drop it, are you?"

I watched him shake his head and he grasped my hand. "Look, I am just looking out for you, Bella. Can you blame me? I mean, think about it. If he hears it from you and not someone else, it might not be so bad. I just want the three of you happy."

I sighed as I grasped his hand, letting my thumb slide over his knuckles gently. "I know, Jasper. I know. It would be nice to be a family, but I can't imagine that Edward wants anything to do with me."


"Daddy, you're home! Will you play with me?"

I looked at Elizabeth, who was pouting adorably, her dark bronze hair spilling around her face, and I sighed. "Not now, honey – I'm exhausted right now."

I watched her bottom lip tremble and I sighed. The one thing that made me weak was when she cried so I pulled her into my arms, settling her on my knees.

"Daddy, you never play with me anymore," she whined as she looked at me. "You still like me, right?"

It broke my heart to hear her say that because she was my pride and joy. When she had been born, her mother had signed off all parental rights because when Tanya found out she was pregnant with Elizabeth, she was going to get an abortion. After I told my parents, we went to Tanya's, and we made arrangements. I hadn't seen Tanya in the last three years and I was so thankful because Elizabeth's mother was so selfish. It cost me quite a bit of my trust fund to pay off Tanya, but I didn't care. Elizabeth was worth it.

"No, I love you, baby. I just had a long day at the hospital," I said with a sigh.

Between learning things from my father since he was my attending physician at the hospital, my life was a bit crazy. I had already finished four years of college plus two years of medical school, and now, I was starting two years of hands-on experience, learning from the best – my father, Carlisle Cullen. I hated that I didn't have much time for my daughter these days, and I knew she hated it, too. But even though I hated not having time for her, I also felt horrible because helping people was what I did best, too.

"Did Grandpa let you help, and did you save a life today?" she asked with a little smile, wrapping her little arms around my neck as I nodded my head. "Oh, yay Daddy!"

I chuckled at her excitement and I kissed her cheek softly. It still amazed me how well she could speak, often using long adult-like sentences, especially since she was not quite four years old. "I know I haven't been able to spend much time with you lately, baby, but I'll make you breakfast tomorrow morning and I'll take you to daycare before I go to work, instead of Grandma taking you."

Before I knew it, she jumped on me, squealing delightedly, and I laughed. I then played with her, coloring in the new Strawberry Shortcake coloring books I had given her earlier that week.

After a morning of piggy back rides and pancakes, we arrived at daycare. I shook my head as I watched the woman holding the little boy's hand as well as the little girl's. How could anyone have twins? Geesh! That was something I wasn't sure that I could ever handle. I didn't even want to think how she took care of two little rascals like that when my Elizabeth was such a handful. One day when I found the right woman, I would want more, but not at this moment.

"Mommy," the little girl whined as she lifted her face to look at the woman with the hat and the scarf around her neck. "I am going to miss you."

"Renesmee," the woman laughed as she looked at her as we waited for the teacher, "I won't be gone that long. I have an interview later at the hospital and then I'll take you two to the park, okay?"

"Are you going to get on the slide with us this time?"

The woman scoffed as she looked at her son. "No, Ryan. Do you remember what happened last time?"

Ryan grinned. "You broked the slide, mama. No one liked you, mama, right?"

She laughed as she looked at her son. "Right, baby. Do you want all the other mommies mad at your mama?"

"Of course he doesn't!" Renesmee exclaimed, then she clapped her hands as she saw Ms. Hale arrive, and she left her mother to run up to her. "Ms. Hale! Ms. Hale! You're here!"

"Of course I am, sweetheart," Rosalie said as bent down to give the child a hug before unlocking the door. "I'm sorry I'm late. My car wouldn't start this morning but I'm here."

"That's all right."

After running off to put away their coats and scarves along with their lunches, the kids ran back to their mother, and I was in awe. This woman was obviously really good with her kids and I clutched my daughter's hand gently.

"Bye, mama," Renesmee pouted as she was eye level with her mother, who bent down to her children's heights.

"Aw, baby girl, don't be sad."

"I love you, mama," Ryan and Renesmee said with huge smiles, kissing their mother on the cheek, watching their mother straighten up..

As the two children ran to play, Rosalie turned to the woman. "Oh, Bella, you worry too much about those two. Now that you're back in town, you should do something for yourself. You should think about dating."

Bella laughed as she shook her head, a grin tugging at her lips as she fixed her scarf. "Yeah… right, Rose. Anyways, I've got to get going. Make sure these two listen to you."

"I will. After all, I am their godmother."

Before I knew it, the woman was out the door. I then looked at Rosalie and I shook my head. Rose was dating my brother. What a small world that this woman with twins knew my brother's girlfriend, right?

"Edward!" she gushed as she threw her arms around me as Elizabeth went to go put her things away. "I can't believe you're here."

I laughed as she squeezed me too tight and then let go. "So, who was that? How does she know you, anyways?" I asked nonchalantly.

Rosalie laughed. "That's Bella, Edward."

"Yeah, I figured that out when you said her name."

"No, Edward… that's Bella Swan."

My eyes widened as she said the name of the woman I had teased in high school and the same woman I had a one night stand with, the same woman that I kicked out the next morning.

She had disappeared for months.

And now here she was, with twins, no less.

Oh fuck! She had twins! How old were those kids? I scrambled around in my mind, trying to count years and months.

"Rose… are they… mine?" I mumbled as I looked over at the twins, who were playing with my Elizabeth.

Rosalie scoffed as she looked over at me. "Edward, of course they're not yours. Why would you even think that those two were yours? Hell, you two never even slept together…"


"Oh my God!" Rosalie gasped as she let her hand fly to her mouth when she looked over at me, shaking her head when she looked at him. "When? How? Where?"

"Ew… no, I am not telling you those details," I said with a roll of my eyes in her direction.

"Well, you know… you better find out if they are yours. I really don't know. It's a subject that Bella refuses to talk about." Rosalie laughed when she looked over at me. "Then again, if you are the same fool you were in high school, don't you even bother."

I did remember what a jerk I was in high school. As I looked at Renesmee and Ryan, I was amazed at how much they looked like me, especially Renesmee. The more I looked at Renesmee, the more my eyes would drift to my daughter, and I knew that those two looked so much alike, just like Ryan. Then again, maybe I was just thinking they looked alike.

"I need to find out," I mumbled under my breath.

"When you see her, please be nice, Edward. You know how you can be…"

I knew that Rosalie was right. When I did see Bella again, I knew that I had to keep my curiosity of those little ones being mine in check.

"Daddy, what's the matter?" Elizabeth pouted as she tugged at my jeans.

"Um… nothing. Look, I've got to go, or I am going to be late getting to work with Grandpa. I'll be back later to pick you up, okay?"

Elizabeth smiled at me as I kissed her on the cheek and then I ran out like a bat out of hell.


I saw him at Precious Moments, Rosalie's daycare where my two children were, and he had a little girl of his own. I bit my lip because I should have known he'd have a child of his own. I shouldn't feel mad about that, but… I did. That little girl had a father. I felt bad for my two loves because they wanted – no, they needed - a father figure in their life. Sure, Jasper was great and all, but he was more like their uncle.

"Isabella Swan, Dr. Cullen is ready to see you."

Yeah, you heard it right. I had an interview with his father and I blamed that on Alice. She just didn't know how to mind her own business but I couldn't turn down this job. Dr. Cullen was looking for an assistant and Alice had mentioned me him. She worked with his wife, Esme, and had heard about the opening through her. Alice didn't know of my connection with Edward. Although I really didn't want to be involved with Edward's family, I had just moved back to town, and I really needed a job.

"Thank you," I said quietly as I followed the nurse towards Dr. Cullen's office, where he was already waiting for me.

Oh boy, I felt so nervous, but when he smiled at me, I relaxed.

"Isabella, it's so good to see you again. You look wonderful."

I gave him a smile as I reached him and after the nurse shut the door behind him, I placed my hand in his, shaking it softly. I hope he didn't notice how nervous I was right now.

"Don't be nervous."

"Sorry, Dr.-"

"Carlisle, Bella. When we're alone, call me Carlisle," he said with a smile as he looked at me and winked. "When in front of the staff, call me Dr. Cullen."

"Uh, all right," I said with a shy smile on my face as I placed my bag down by my feet. I sat down in the chair across from his desk.

"You know… I was really was surprised when Alice told me that you were interested in being my assistant. I am really glad because I know I can trust you."

"You're very kind, Carlisle, and I'm glad you feel that way because I would really like this opportunity to work with you."


I had found out from one of the nurses, Angela, that my father was interviewing someone to be his personal assistant. I was in the locker room, changing from my street into my scrubs when I thought back to that morning when I kicked Bella to the curb.

I grumbled as I felt the sunlight beaming through the curtains of my window. It had been a long night and I was a bit hung-over from having too much to drink. When I rolled over, I saw that there was a girl right beside me, but I couldn't see who it was since her back was to me, her hair spilling across her shoulders. The one thing I did notice was that we were both naked.

"Oh, fuck me," I groaned as I looked at her when she rolled over, realizing who it was. "B-Bella?"

As her eyes fluttered open, revealing those chocolate, brown eyes, I gasped, stumbling back, slipping out of bed as she jumped at the sight of me.

"W-What happened?"

I laughed harshly as I looked at her. "Well, I'll explain it in a few words. We fucked, Bella."

"You're an asshole."

I sneered at her. "Get the fuck out of here, Bella. You're only good for one thing, anyways, and well… I am not in the mood for that."

"You bastard!" Bella cried out as she slipped out of the bed.

I couldn't help but stare at her because she was gorgeous. I didn't mean to hurt her but I was a damn fool. I couldn't let her know how I felt about her. Once she was dressed, she was out the door, and I groaned, throwing my hands into the air as I stomped off to the bathroom to shower.

"Fuck me, I'm the biggest jerk ever," I groaned as I slammed my locker shut after I put my nametag on, heading out of the locker room to start my early morning.