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Breaking Impulse

Elizabeth, Renesmee, and Ryan are siblings but they have no idea. Elizabeth is Edward's child and Ryan and Renesmee are Isabella's twins – a boy and a girl. During high school, Edward and Bella could not stand each other. Bella was the quiet girl where Edward was popular. While out celebrating her twentieth birthday, Bella got drunk with Edward, and she conceived Edward's children. Elizabeth is Edward's biological child, too, her mother being a former girlfriend of Edward's. What happens when Edward finds out about his twins with Bella?


3. It's time to make a decision.

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"She likes Dora and her brother likes Diego. But… I think he likes boy dollies, Daddy…"

I laughed softly as she nodded. "All right. If we can't find a suitable Diego doll, we can get him a G.I. Joe or something."

Before she had a chance to say anything, I heard the tinkle of the bell announcing the arrival of a new customer, and I instinctively turned my head. There they were, with their mother. Bella was helping Renesmee and Ryan take off their coats before getting into the line.

I just… couldn't get away from her. Honestly, though, that didn't seem to bother me one bit. I think I was looking forward to re-acquainting myself with Bella Swan.


I wanted to die out of mortification. Yeah, that's it. That's exactly what I wanted to do. After I had removed Nessie and Ryan's jackets, my cheeks flushed when I saw Edward sitting there with his daughter. He was not staring at his daughter.


He was staring at me. I didn't know why, either. I just wanted to hide somewhere. I couldn't take my kids away after they had begged to go to McDonalds. Besides, the more energy they burnt off in the play area with the balls, the more sleep I would get for my first day as Carlisle's assistant.

"Hi, Miss Bella!"

I turned to find the source of that sweet greeting, and I saw Edward's daughter, so I smiled down at her. I remembered that her name was Elizabeth. I couldn't help but wonder where her mother was. As curious as I was about the situation, it was none of my business, and my priority was getting my two devils their Mighty Kids Meals. Ryan liked the double cheeseburger, French fries, and apple juice. Nessie, on the other hand, liked the six piece chicken nuggets with French friends and fruit punch.

"Hello, Elizabeth," I said as I tucked my children's coats over my right arm to hold them, while flashing her a little smile.

"I didn't know you guys were coming here!" she said excitedly, looking at Nessie and Ryan.

"Yeah, me neither," I said with a smile as I looked down at her. "Well, you should get back to your father."

When she nodded her head and walked away, I pushed my two little devils forward, and I ordered their food. I got myself some nuggets and each one of us one of those delicious apple pies. I could see Nessie staring thoughtfully at Elizabeth and I frowned. This uncomfortable situation was becoming even more awkward. I was so grateful when our order came up.

"C'mon, my little devils."

"Mommy, we're not devils," Renesmee said with a giggle as she followed behind me.

"Yeah, sure you aren't," I mumbled under my breath as we slid into the booth right behind Edward's since that's where Renesmee and Ryan chose to sit.

I slid into the booth across from my two little devils – er, uh, children, - placing the food in front of them. I opened up the barbecue sauce for Renesmee, watching her dip her nugget into the sauce. It was amazing what kinds of food appealed to children these days but I wasn't complaining.

"So, what did you two do in class today with Aunt Rose?" I asked as I opened up the honey mustard and the barbecue sauce for my chicken.

"She read us a… no, two stories," Ryan said around a mouthful of French fries. He grinned, showing off all the food in his mouth.

"Ryan," I scolded with a raised eyebrow. "I told you to not talk with your mouth full."

"Sorry, mama, but she read us two stories… one with a wolf and pigs and –"

"Are you talking about The Three Little Pigs, sweetie?"

"Yes!" Ryan exclaimed with a huge smile on his face. "Den she read us about Thomas and his friends too."

I laughed as I put their straws into their cups. "What else?"

"We got to draw pictures, mama," Renesmee said with a grin on her face. "I'll show you mine later, okay?"

I smiled at both my children. I knew they really enjoyed spending time with their godmother and I was really glad that I had moved back to Forks. It was really hard being away from my family. I hadn't yet stopped by to see Charlie because there had been some strained relations last time we parted. I just wasn't sure how he would react now that I was back. Since Forks was a small town, I was pretty sure that he was just giving me the time he knew I needed.

"I can't wait to see it," I said as I idly looked out the window.

"Mama, where's our party gonna be at?"

I laughed as I gave my daughter a look. "Honestly, sweetheart, I'm not sure. Jasper said we could have it at his house but I don't know."

Ryan shrugged his little shoulders. "I don't care where it's at, but I don't want some stupid Barbie party. I like Diego, mama. Let's have a Diego party."

"Hmph… I like Dora," my daughter over-ruled him. "Let's have a Dora party. More kids like Dora than Diego."

"Don't," I warned them, knowing that was the beginning of their constant argument as to who was better - Diego or Dora. "I will take you home."

Ryan and Renesmee were about to protest when Elizabeth approached our table. It amazed me just how much she looked like her father but I couldn't help but wonder where her mother was. Although, I honestly didn't care because Edward was my past. He was the guy who kicked me out the night Ryan and Renesmee were conceived. He was an asshole then and I was sure he was the same conceited jerk now.

"Miss Bella, can Ry-Ry and Nessie play with me?"

Ryan's name was Ry-Ry to Elizabeth and I had to admit that it was adorable. I saw Ryan blush at the nickname and I grinned. I realized that Ryan and Nessie had totally devoured their kids meals when they looked at me.

"Mommy, can we play for a li'l while?"

"Sure. But when I say it's time to go, that's it," I said using my 'stern mother' voice.

They nodded their heads and the three of them ran over to the area with the tubes and the colorful balls. I got up and accidently bumped into Edward, who was walking by. I awkwardly bit my lip.

"Sorry," I said under my breath as I was putting all the trash on one plate, hoping he would not stop walking.

"Bella, could we talk?"

I looked at him like he was crazy but before I could say anything, I heard a familiarly mocking voice.

"Hey, Bella!" Jasper exclaimed with a wide smile on his face as he walked over to me. "Are you two on a date?" he asked, giving Edward a sly smirk.

"No, Jasper, we're not on a date," I said with a groan as I shot him a glare while Edward looked down at the floor.

"Then, what are you both doing here?" Jasper asked with a skeptical raised eyebrow. "Wait a minute… is this one of those play dates or something?"

"Could you be more wrong?" I growled low in my throat as I shot him my 'you-need-to-shut-up' look.

"Well, I am going to go watch Elizabeth." Edward gave us both a confused look as he walked over to the play area.

When Edward was out of earshot, I punched Jasper in his chest, causing him to whine.

"Ow, Bella! What the fuck was that for?"

"Are you serious? Those questions – what the hell was that about?"

"Aw, come on. I was just having a little bit of fun. Besides, it's a good ice breaker to set the stage for you to tell him the truth. When do you think you're going to do that, anyways?"

"Um… does 'never' sound like a good time ?" I asked with a roll of my eyes. "I honestly don't know when, if ever, I will, though. He hurt me pretty badly and it was so obvious that I meant nothing to him. From his words, I was just a good 'fuck' that happened to be around when he was horny."

Jasper sighed as he slid into the booth, setting his tray down before he shook his head. "You guys got drunk and had sex. I am sure that he didn't mean that."

"Why are you always siding with that asshole?"

"I'm not," Jasper said defensively as he looked over at me before popping a fry into his mouth. "I mean, I don't like what he did to you, Bella, but does he even know the real reason you are avoiding him? I hate this whole secrecy thing… a lot, but he's not stupid. Look at his daughter and Renesmee. They look…a lot alike. Questions are going to occur to him too, soon."

I frowned as I sighed and I bit down on my lower lip. "They don't look that much alike…"

"Ha, right, and I'm Clint Eastwood," he said with a roll of his eyes. "Elizabeth and Renesmee could be twins… only Renesmee's at least a year older than her. I hate to pressure you, but Bella –"

"I know, I know, Jazz," I grumbled, sipping my drink through the straw. "But I really hate you right now."

"No, you don't," Jasper said with a grin as he looked over at me and he pushed my chin up. "I am just making you see that you need to do the right thing. Those are his kids, and he needs to take some responsibility for them. You know that."

"Whatever," I huffed as I stole one of his fries. "I'll do it soon. Speaking of things people 'need' to do... When are you and Alice going to get together?"

Jasper looked baffled when he heard my question. "Uh, what was that?"

I laughed. "Wow, you really are clueless, aren't you?"

"No, I am one of the smartest guys you know. After all, I am going for my bachelor degree still," Jasper said with a huge smile, throwing a French fry at my nose, laughing softly as he made a direct hit. "I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, but Alice Cullen is not interested in me."

"You really are blind, Jasper."

"What do you mean by that, Bella? I don't understand," Jasper said with confusion written across his face.

"You never understand when it comes to girls, relationships, or Alice Cullen," I snickered as I threw the French fry he previously threw at me back at him. "You need to open your eyes, Jasper."

"My eyes are open!" Jasper whined as he leaned back against the booth, shaking his head. "What are you not telling me, Bella?"

I sighed as I shook my head. "There's nothing to tell. So, why were you here at, like, the right time?"

"Um –"

"Jasper," I scolded like he was my child and I raised an eyebrow.

"I kind of followed you and –"

I was baffled by his confession. "You followed me? What are you – my personal stalker or something?"

"Well, you were talking to Alice, and –"

"You seriously need a life," I said with a shake of my head as I looked back towards the play area where Edward was with the children.

I knew that Jasper was right, I should tell Edward the truth about the twins, but it was hard, especially knowing that he had a daughter of his own. I didn't want to ruin that little girl's life, but then again, she might enjoy having siblings. From what I observed when I dropped off Renesmee and Ryan at Rose's school, it seemed pretty obvious that Elizabeth didn't see Edward a lot, probably because of his work schedule.

Ah, hell, who the hell was I even kidding? I had no right to keep Ryan and Renesmee from their father even if I felt that Edward didn't deserve that title. I wanted Edward to suffer for everything he had done to me, but then again… I was not God. No, I was far from that, but was it so wrong to make him suffer again?


I was a complete mess today and that was my own fault. I kept thinking about the fact that Bella was going to be working with my father. Because that little of nugget of information was so off-putting, I hadn't gotten the best of sleep, either. How could I when I knew that Bella would be there working right beside me on a constant and daily basis? Yeah, no, I was a mess, and I had to get myself together.

"Edward," my father clapped me on the back, flashing me a warm smile. "I am surprised to see you here so early."

I chuckled. If he only knew why I was here a hour earlier than usual, he would only call me crazy. I had hung around Rosalie's daycare, purportedly making sure Elizabeth was all settled, but even that didn't work out. Rosalie's brother, Jasper, had dropped the twins at the day care. This just was not my day, was it? I knew without a doubt that I didn't deserve to see Bella or even those two kids but I couldn't help it.

I couldn't help but wonder if there was a chance that Bella would tell me that those two were my children. If they were would she keep them away from me? I honestly didn't think I was a bad father. Most parents hired nannies and whatnot but not me. No way could I ever even do that. Goodness, even mere thought of not seeing Elizabeth's happy face every single day or not hearing her little voice – yeah, I didn't even want to even think about it.

"Yeah, I had some errands to run this morning," I said with a shrug, looking around the hallways to see if Bella was nearby. "I, uh – where is Bella?"

"Oh, she should be here –" he started, then his smile widened. "Ah, there you are, Isabella."

"Carlisle, good morning," Bella said with a small smile as she looked at my father before turning to me. "Edward."

Carlisle's eyes glanced at the cardboard tray in her hand. "What's that you've got there?"

"Well, I talked to Alice last night, and she told me how you two like your coffee," Bella shrugged her shoulders as she carefully handed my father and me each a plastic container.

"Thank you, Bella," I said with a small smile, taking a sip of the cinnamon coffee that had a taste of mint in it. "Wow, this is really good."

"Yeah… you and Jasper drink the same type of coffee, so it was easy," she told me as she threw away the tray after grabbing her own coffee.

The more I looked at Bella, the more ashamed of myself I felt, but there was nothing that I could really do about it right now except to try and make Bella see that I was not the same ass that she knew five years ago. I wanted to make things right, especially with the twins' birthday coming up. I knew Elizabeth was really looking forward to their party. I didn't know if I had any connection to the twins, but I felt bad that I was so out of the loop, considering that Bella and I had gone to school together. My fault, I know, but still...

"Bella, since I have a few surgeries to do today, Edward's going to show you the ropes. Is that okay with you?" Carlisle asked her as he cradled his coffee against his chest, taking a slow sip of it, savoring every taste.

Bella's eyes widened but she nodded her head. "Yeah, th-that's fine with me, Dr. Cullen."

"Great, Isabella. Thanks for the coffee."

Before we knew it, my father had left us alone, and I looked at her. I knew I had to be professional about this since I wanted to stay on her good side. Was that even possible?


I groaned low in my throat as I turned my head to see Dr. Andrew Baker. I was having a good morning when Bella came and now I had to see him? Yeah, the doctor was old-fashioned. When I say old-fashioned, well, let's just say he wasn't going to enjoy taking orders from Bella. Yeah… that was really going to go over big.

"Dr. Baker, what can I do for you this morning?" I asked as I stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Boy, you're going to be running around with me today since your father's doing back-to-back surgeries," Dr. Baker snickered as his gaze followed over to Bella. "And this is not the time to see your girlfriend right now."

I rolled my eyes as I stared at him as a smile tugged at my lips. "She's not my girlfriend, Dr. Baker. She's Carlisle's personal assistant."

"Wait… his what?" he asked as his eyes widened in surprise. "I thought that was just something he was thinking about I didn't know he was actually getting one."


"It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Baker. Carlisle's said such good things about you. It would be such an –"

"Whatever," he said as he grabbed my arm. "C'mon, you're with me."

"No can do. I have strict orders by my attending that I am to work with Isabella Swan today, Dr. Baker. It's such a disappointment, too. I was really looking forward to having you telling me what to do for the next twelve hours," I said with a huge grin on my face and I took a sip of my coffee before turning back to Bella. "Ready?"

Bella slowly nodded her head as she looked over at me. "Uh – yeah, sure thing, Edward."

Dr. Baker sneered at Bella and I casually led her away from him.

"You might want to stay clear of him. He's really old fashioned, and doesn't like to have to ask a "woman" for information. I think he's one of the charter members of the "good ol' boys" club, because he seems to think the hospitals should be staffed entirely by men."

Bella nodded her head and I led her to the Nurse's Station where Kate Denali, a second year nurse, smiled at me before handing me a folder.

"Hello, Edward," Kate said, looking first at me and then at Bella. "You must be Bella, right? Carlisle's been looking for an assistant for a while."

Bella smiled lightly. "Yeah, I'm lucky his daughter, Alice, told me about it. I think this is going to work out well for me."

"Oh, you know Alice? That's very cool." Kate winked as she coyly looked first at Bella, then at me. Turning back to Bella, she said, "You're in very good hands here, Bella. Edward's going to be a great doctor just like his father."

I felt my cheeks redden and I shook my head. "Well, I'll see you later, Kate. We're going to take a look at Embry Call to see how he's doing this morning."

"Enjoy yourself, Edward, and it was a pleasure meeting you, Bella," Kate said as she turned her back to us to continue filing the folders that were left out.

I raised my eyebrow as I looked at Embry, who was grinning from ear to ear as he was putting his moves on one of the nurses. He had had surgery on his ankle a few days ago, but here he was, still trying to get a date, and I couldn't blame him.

Emily grinned as she shook her head. "No, Embry. I'm really not interested in that."

"Aw, shucks. You seemed to be interested in fast cars and high speed races too."

Emily giggled. "Nah, that would be my cousin, Leah. I could set you two up if you'd like?"

"Um, no, isn't she with that Sam guy?"

"Oh… yeah, that's right."

Embry grinned brightly as he shook his head. "Do I make you nervous, Nurse Emily?"

To save her from being embarrassed, I walked into the room with Bella right behind me. "Embry, what's going on here? Are you harassing the nurses again?"

Embry grinned when he saw the smile on his face. "She liked every minute of it, man. I mean, look at her blushing, and –"

"I've got to go," Emily mumbled as she headed out the door.

"Call me!" Embry shouted towards her and he then saw Bella. "Why, hello there. What's your name?"

"Embry," I scolded. "This is not a place where you can pick up girls."

"Ah, so she's taken?"

Bella laughed softly and it was really refreshing.

"Embry, how are you feeling today?" I asked him as I tried to change the subject.

"Peachy – just fuckin' peachy, Dr. Cullen," Embry groaned as he let his head fall back against the pillow. "When do I get to go home to my family and friends?"

"Well, I am going to run some procedures and tests with my father's assistant here to help me. If you're doing good, you might be able to go home in a few days, but you have to stay in bed to elevate your leg, all right?"

Embry nodded his head. "I'll do anything to get out of here."