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Bound to You

The Cullen's have left Forks after Bella's eighteenth birthday because Edward wanted to protect her. They left her in harm's way, where Victoria found her all alone. Victoria left her for dead, but Victoria actually turned Isabella Swan into a blood-thirsty vampire. Since she hasn't been seen in years, everyone assumes she is dead, but when Jake sees Bella, he imprints and nearly loses himself. What will happen between the vampire and the werewolf, especially since Bella can't remember Jake?


4. Strawberries and freesia never smelled so bad.

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"We killed her, Bella," he told me, and I was so glad that my suspicions of Victoria being dead had finally been put to rest.

"Good," I said simply as I looked at him. "You really are going to come to Chicago?"

He nodded his head as he looked at me. "Yes, but before we do, you need to see the pack."

I gulped as I stared at Jacob, and I watched him grab my hand again. It was nice the way his hot hand felt in my cold one. It was a feeling that I never felt before, and I really liked the feeling I felt in my body being so close to him.

"We're already here, Jake."

I turned my head to the sound of a male voice where seven other people stood, either behind him or next to him.

"Hi, Bella. I'm Sam Uley."


Damn it to hell… what were they doing here? What was Sam even doing here? I really hoped that none of the guys retaliated on her or all hell was lost. The only people from the pack that Bella had ever met were Quil, Embry, and well – me. I wasn't sure what Sam was going to say to her and I glanced to Paul, giving him a warning look that if he tried something, there would be damage to be pay.

"I'm sorry," Bella began as she glanced to Sam, who stepped forward, while the rest of the guys and Leah stayed back from where they were. "I don't remember you if we met."

"I know, Bella," Sam stated as he stood next to me. I let go of Bella's hands, taking a step to the side. "I know you don't know me that well but I… I've been thinking. I hear that you are moving to Chicago?"

As Bella nodded her head, it was like she really didn't want to move from the look in her eyes. "Yes, my family and I are leaving shortly, actually."

"I see," Sam said, as he slid a hand over the back of his neck, looking at her. "Do you want to leave, Bella?"

"Not really, but I can't risk my father coming to see," Bella answered as she looked at Sam.


I didn't know what it was but Sam made me feel comfortable, almost like Jacob did. I didn't even know any of these people. I had family and friends here in Forks, though, and I couldn't risk it - no, not by a long shot. It was way too dangerous for me, especially since I had no idea what he even looked like.

"Yeah, that would be way too dangerous," Sam said to me as he placed his hand underneath his chin like he was in deep thought. "How long have you been a vampire?"

I felt like I was under surveillance by his questions. "Almost two years."

"Hm," Sam said more to himself than to me. "And your urges to drink blood – can you control your… uh, thirst?"

I nodded my head as I glanced to him. "Yes. I usually feed off somewhere other than Washington."

"And where do you go?"

I looked over to the guy behind Sam, who seemed to be pissed off. I guess he didn't like vampires.

"Alaska," I said as I raked a hand through my hair. "The coven I am with – we go to their home, which is Denali, Alaska. They've helped me survive the way they do."

"And those leeches you call the Cullens."


"What, Embry, it's the truth," Paul scowled as he looked over at me.

"Everyone, go back to the reservation," Sam ordered as he turned to look at me when the guys except Jacob began to leave. "I normally wouldn't do this, but you could move to the reservation."

"I don't think so," I said rather quickly as I slid my hand into my dark hair, looking at him with a compassionate smile. "I really appreciate it. You're a werewolf and I'm a vampire. With me being a vampire, my life will be in danger at all cost."

Sam nodded his head. "That may be the justice of it, but you're very important to Jacob here."

I looked at Jacob, who smiled at me, and I bit my lip, my eyes looking over to him. I should be upset that I was being invited to live with these wolves, but it was so out of the question.

"Bella, think about it. It would also be nice to have another female on the reservation," Sam admitted with a shrug. "And maybe it's about time that we work with the good vampires…"

"Sam, are you sure that is a wise thing to do?"

Sam laughed. "No, Jacob, it's not wise at all, but what can anyone do about it? I really don't think that Bella is a danger to you or me. I wouldn't want her near the humans, though…"

I felt upset at his choice of words, but from what Kate had told me, the werewolves were here to protect the humans from monsters like myself. "I'll think about it."

"Good. I hate to do this, but Jacob needs to come with us. He can meet you back here tomorrow. Is noon okay with you, Bella?"


After we left Bella in the meadow, I looked at Jacob as we walked through the meadow, and I sighed. I hadn't thought that it was going to go that well, and from what I observed from Bella, she didn't seem like a huge threat, but she was still a cold-blooded leech.

"So, when you left, Emily came up with an idea," I said with a sigh as I looked at Jacob before I looked straight ahead with a serious look on my face.

"My, my, you are just full of ideas today, aren't you?"

I rolled my eyes at his smart comment. "Whatever. Anyways, what if you bring her to the house tomorrow? I wouldn't even suggest Bella being in the same house as Emily, but you know how Emily can be when she doesn't get her way."

"I'll try," Jacob said with a shrug of his shoulders as he looked over to me. "I want to keep Paul away from her, Sam. I don't trust him, especially with his hot temper."

I nodded. "Yeah… I think that if I send him away for a few days, he'll be fine."

Paul had the worst temper out of all the werewolves in the pack. With a simple glare in his direction, he would phase instantly, and it made me worried for my sister. If he even hurt Jacob's sister, there would be damage to be pay. I knew that Jacob would protect anyone that mattered to him, especially my family and his imprint, Bella.


I sighed as I looked at Kate after telling her what was going on. I was so very grateful that the others weren't back right now, because I didn't need them giving me a lecture about my safety. I honestly wasn't sure if I could even do that. Could I really live on the reservation, though? Maybe I should just stay here in Seattle? It would be the smartest thing, and the house was pretty big.

"Bella," Kate said with a shake of her head, looking at me. "That's the stupidest thing you could do."

"I know I can't, but Jacob – he's a part of my past. I just can't leave him."

Kate raised an eyebrow in my direction. "So, you remember?"

"Well, no, but –"

"Bella, you can't do this!" Kate said, with a growl leaving her lips. "Besides the wolves, you cause the shift of other wolves. I don't want that to be on you."

"W-What if they moved here? The house is really big, and you know damn well that this would be wasted money," I said, with a sigh leaving my lips as I gripped her forearm. "Jacob was a huge part of my life from what the journal entries say."

Kate looked at me hesitantly, and she sat down on the edge of the couch where I was sitting. "I want to meet them. After all, it's only fair since you really are persistent about staying here."

"Well, I am supposed to meet Jacob tomorrow. I could talk to the leader of the pack about it," I told Kate, who nodded approvingly, and she placed a hand on my shoulder. "I just worry about you. Can you blame me? You're like my daughter, Isabella Swan."


So, I was going to try this once again. I was sitting on a patch of grass in the meadow, pulling weeds out of the ground with my strength. I was lounging around, waiting for Bella. Every, single time I would see her, my heart would speed up against my chest, and I was almost positive she could hear it. I wasn't even embarrassed about how she made me feel. I wanted her to know that, even though she was a vampire.

I had gone to Charlie and Renee's house last night when the two of them had went to dinner. I knew I shouldn't, but I had snagged a few of Bella's personal items from her room like a few photo albums and a few more memorabilia's.


Oh man, the way that she said my name was so erotic, and I flashed her a warm smile. I watched her take a seat across from me and I smiled at her.

"I'm glad you could come. I made sure that no one was going to interrupt us this time," I told her as I placed my hand on her covered shoulder by the cloth of her shirt.

"I went to your parents' house last night," I told her with a sheepish grin on my face as I looked into her eyes. "Oh, one thing you should know is that your parents were divorced when you were human."

"Really?" she asked with interest, as she noticed the bag between my legs. "What's that?"

"Well, I brought some pictures that I thought you might want to see, and a few mementos, Bella."

When she smiled, it made my heart beat a little faster, and it made me smile just the slightest. I was so happy that I made her smile. Was that so selfish of me? Nah, no, it wasn't selfish at all.

"So, how did my parents get back together, since you say they were divorced?"

"It was because of you, Bella," I began, as I watched her open the photo album, looking over at me with a warm smile on her face. "When you disappeared, it brought them closer. I know it would have made you very happy."

"I am glad that they have gotten back together. I only want the best for them."

"That's them," I told her as I pointed to the picture of her parents and her when she was just born.

"Jacob, you'll tell me anything I want to know?" she asked me with concern in her eyes.

"Of course I will. Is there anything specifically you want to know?"

"How did we meet?" she asked with interest in her eyes.

"Well, your father and my father are actually pretty good friends. We've known each other for a while. We made mud pies when we were children," I told her, as my face lit up with the memory.

"That's cute," Bella said, with a nod of her head. "So, I talked to Kate, and she really doesn't like the idea of me living on the reservation. Honestly, I don't blame her. I may have known you, but I don't want to cause anyone to shift because of my presence."

"So, you're leaving?" I asked, as I felt my heart speed up with me being scared of losing Bella all over again. "And you aren't going to come back?"

"Well, there's my home in Seattle, Jacob," Bella concluded as she looked at me. "It's really big since the Denali's like big things."

I raised an eyebrow as I looked over at her, and I had to admit that I would go anywhere she would go. Although, the pack – I wasn't so sure about. Even if they didn't move to Seattle, I sure in hell would, and they wouldn't be able to stop me, no matter what. I had imprinted on Bella. Even though she was a vampire, I felt the need to protect her.

"You would have to talk to Sam," I said, as I watched her put the photo album back in the bag.

"Could we… go and see him?"

"Yes, let's go. Sam has a girlfriend, though, and she's human. Can you handle that?"

As I watched her nod her head, we headed towards Sam and Emily's house on the reservation. Sam did offer to invite Bella to the reservation, so I knew it wouldn't be any surprise. Besides, the guys would be able to smell Bella once she was on the reservation.