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Bound to You

The Cullen's have left Forks after Bella's eighteenth birthday because Edward wanted to protect her. They left her in harm's way, where Victoria found her all alone. Victoria left her for dead, but Victoria actually turned Isabella Swan into a blood-thirsty vampire. Since she hasn't been seen in years, everyone assumes she is dead, but when Jake sees Bella, he imprints and nearly loses himself. What will happen between the vampire and the werewolf, especially since Bella can't remember Jake?


7. You make my heart beat so fast.

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I'm here, Jacob," she whispered as she placed her hand in mine where she helped me up to my feet. "How about I tend your wounds inside?"

"All right, but don't eat me," I joked in her direction as the rest of the pack watched her help me inside, admiring her vampire strength to help me steady with my burning and aching shoulder.

"I wouldn't dare," she winked at me as she shut the door behind us, shutting everyone out to give us some time. "I'm sorry."

Bella raised an eyebrow as she led me up the stairs to the bathroom. "For what?"

"Imprinting on you, Bella?" I sighed as I inhaled a deep breath and I frowned. "I never meant to ruin your life, but it was something I had no control over."


After getting the medical supplies from Kate, who gave me a worried look, I quickly walked away from him towards the kitchen where I had left Jake. When I saw Jacob, he was eating a bag of tortilla chips with some dip, and I rolled my eyes. Kate had been right that werewolves had massive appetites. I hadn't even been gone for five minutes and he was eating?

"You're hungry or something?" I teased with a willing smile as I sat down beside him, setting the first aid kit down on the table where I gave him a glance over, cringing slightly to the oozing blood from his right shoulder, and I shook my head.

"Food helps the pain," he shrugged as he slid his hand back into the bag, sliding a chip into his mouth, not even noticing the blood oozing from the wound.

I opened the kit, taking the Neosporin out after I cleaned up his wound. It was a little hard for me to not attack him because it had been a while since I had been this close. Although, I felt like I didn't want to hurt him in any way whatsoever. He was Jacob. Sure, he had imprinted on me, but he was supposed to be my best friend. I hated that I couldn't remember much of my past, but what could I do?

"Do you even know what you're doing, Bells?" he asked with a raised eyebrow as he slid his hand back into the bag of potato chips. "I mean, for all I know, you could fuck me up, and then –"

"Oh, shut it. I'm not stupid, Jake," I growled playfully as I applied the Neosporin over the jagged cut and shook my head. "I don't like Paul more than ever."

"Yeah… you're not his favorite person, either…"

I rolled my eyes as I shook my head and looked at him, noticing that smile on his face. I looked away from those pearly whites when I applied the bandage on his arm. Goodness. It wasn't until now that I realized just how much it was affecting me to see him hurt and by his own kind.

"Do you guys do this a lot?" I asked carefully as I stared over at his face and sighed. "I don't like seeing you hurt, Jacob. It makes me throb."

Jacob grabbed my hand and he looked at me. "I heal pretty quickly, Bells. I don't want you to worry too much about me. I'm a werewolf, and we're a lot stronger than vampires…"

"Not newborn vampires, though," I told him with a roll of my eyes. "You're not that strong."

As I stood up, I was taken aback when he pushed me against the wall, and I gulped at his strength because there was a crack in the wall. Kate wouldn't be happy at the sight.

"And you were saying?" he asked as he let his hands rest along my hips, grinning like a boy that just got some candy from the candy shop.


I was still reeling from my anger about what had happened about a week ago. Paul had really pissed me off and I had just healed from the torn flesh that he had caused. If anyone should be pissed, it should be me. After all, he had imprinted on my damn sister. Rachel didn't even give any care in the world that I had been hurt. It was times like these that I missed Rebecca, but she had married that surfer dude.

I glared at her as she walked into the kitchen and I removed the bandage from my shoulder and I tossed it into the trash can. My plans for the day were to move my things out of here and go to Seattle. It was just Bella since the Denali vampires had already left, and honestly, I didn't like Bella being alone.


"Don't, Rachel. I'm really not in the mood. The next time you need someone to talk to me, don't even fucking come to me. It's always Paul over me, which is fucked up. I'm your brother!" I spat angrily at her, holding my anger in check, and I glared at her. "Your little boyfriend attacked your brother because I imprinted on a damn vampire… my Bella. Just stay the fuck away from me…"

"But Jacob, I –"

"Rachel, I needed you, but you took Paul's side. I was fucking injured. I had to call Bella over here where the one place she doesn't want to come," I glared at her, grabbing my bag of Doritos, shaking my head. "Don't try to justify yourself this time. It's going to be Paul no matter what, and I don't want to deal with that shit…"

"You don't understand, Jake."

"I understand perfectly," I said as I looked over at her. "And I'm leaving tonight. I can't stay in La Push around you or Paul, Rachel. And you wonder why I prefer talking to Rebecca over you since you've returned…"

"Jake, that's not fair!" Rachel huffed as she stared at me.

"Oh, please, enlighten me," I said with a growl as I opened my bag of chips, shaking my head. "You're selfish… it's no wonder why you and Paul are perfect for each other!"

"What the hell do you think you're doing, talking to her like that?"

Just fucking great! It's Paul to the rescue! I couldn't even have a damn argument without this bastard parading in my family's home like he owned the damn place!

"Paul," Rachel frowned.

"No, Rachel, he needs to respect you if I have anything to say about it," Paul said with a growl, crossing his arms over his chest, glaring right at me. "I don't care if you two are related. That doesn't give you a right to talk to her like she's some child…"

"Oh, fuck you, Paul!" I growled as I shook my head in complete disgust. "You have no right, especially the way you went off on Bella. Besides, I'm moving to Seattle just like the rest of the wolves. You two can have a merry fucking life together…!"

"Jacob, don't do this," Rachel sobbed as she stepped forward.

"I'll do whatever I want as long as you treat your family differently than this fucking asshole, Rach!"

With that, I stormed off to my bedroom to pack. I couldn't – no, I wouldn't be around those two for much longer.


I hated seeing my baby brother upset and angry, but I knew it was my fault that I hadn't done anything. Paul was the only one that had the bad temper out of all the wolves. It was why Jacob and Paul were so alike. I knew if Jacob knew I was thinking that, he wouldn't be the happiest.

"Rachel," Paul sighed as he looked over at me, stepping forward, but I took a step backwards. "I'm sorry, but –"

"He's my fucking brother. I had no idea that the vampire you hated was his imprinted! Are you mad?"

"Rach, baby, you don't understand," Paul groaned as he ran a hand over the back of his neck. "Vampires are our enemies. They kill -"

"No… Bella's different, Paul. Damnit, you really need to stop this. I'm not playing. Jake's my brother, and I really don't appreciate you doing this just because his imprint is a vampire."

"But Rachel –"

"No, Paul, I am dead serious. I am not going to lose my brother because of your vendetta over vampires. I mean, do you even know what you did?"

Paul's eyes softened as he sighed. "I… I never meant to hurt him, Rach. You have to believe me. I am not some cruel monster."

"Well… show him that. You need to be nice to Bella. Do you even have the slightest clue what would happen to you if you laid a hand on Bella?"

As I looked at my boyfriend, I could see the hurt in his eyes, and he knew I was right. "Maybe I should –"

Paul growled low in his throat when there was a knock at the door, and I raised an eyebrow. My, my, he sure was testy these days – that was for sure.

"Jacob, are you home?"

I heard Bella's voice and I glared at him with a shake of my head. "Don't, Paul. I swear if you even do anything, you will not be one happy werewolf."


I had felt his anger for about twenty minutes, but I couldn't see Jacob until I fed. I never ever wanted to risk myself for going to La Push where there were humans, especially with Rachel back in town. I was so angry at her for letting Paul do what he did. Well, she wasn't there, but she hadn't said or done anything to Paul.


"Yeah, uh – hey Rachel. Is Jake here?"

Of course he was here. I could feel the way his anger boiled.

"He's upstairs, Bella. Look –"

"No, I'm not in the mood to hear your shenanigans, Rachel," I said as I glanced to Paul and I shook my head when I walked inside. "Anyways… I am going to go see him. I don't want either of you two bothering us or I swear to God… well, you haven't even seen what I am capable of."

"Bitch, if you hurt her, I swear I'll –"

"You better watch it, Paul. Jake's probably listening to you," I said with a shake of my head. "And I won't kill, Rachel. You just don't understand that I don't kill humans but no… you are too damn stubborn."

Before either of them had a chance, I walked down the hallway towards Jacob's room, and I knocked on the door. I opened the door without letting him open it and I saw him on the bed surrounded by his clothes.

"Poor baby," I frowned as I shut the door beside him and I looked about his room where I noticed most of the packed boxes with his things. "He's really coming."

Jacob stirred a little bit, fluttering his eyes open, and he offered me that lazy smile of his. "I didn't know you were coming by, Bells."

I crawled in the bed beside him, offering a smile, sliding my hand over his bare chest, and I sighed. "I felt your anger, Jacob. I don't like it when you're angry. What happened?"

"Rachel and I had a huge fight about Paul… just the usual," he sighed as he buried his face into the crook of my neck, placing a soft kiss there. "I can't stand being here, Bella. I just – can't."

"Okay, okay. Well, you got most of your things packed, right? We could leave now if you'd like."

Jacob sighed as he pulled back to look at me, and for a moment, he looked like a hurt little boy. "Bella, it hurts."

"What does?"

Jacob paused as he looked at me, a frown coming across his face. "All the times I needed Rachel, she's never been there, and the one time I needed – no, I wanted her to back me up, she didn't. It's always Paul and I am so sick and tired of it. I am her damn brother. I really don't care if she's his imprint… It just hurts, you know?"

"I know, Jake, and I'll do anything," I whispered as I slid my cold hand to his warm cheek, cupping it gently. "She doesn't see what I see, and that's such a caring man."

"You're amazing, Bells," he sighed as he slid his fingers through my dark hair, my golden eyes staring into his dark brown eyes. "Thank you for being here with me."

"Where else would I be?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know but thank you. Can you just lay here with me, Bella?"

"Of course," I told him as I moved to lay more against him, laying right beside him. "Oh yeah, I am so glad that you're going to have a bigger bed in Seattle. How do you sleep on this?"

Jacob just laughed. "Honestly, I wish I could answer that because I don't even know, Bella."

As I watched Jacob close his eyes from exhaustion, I smiled down at him, and I bit myself. Could I really handle being his? Vampires and werewolves were known to hate each other but he had imprinted on me. Jacob was so good to me and I couldn't see where our relationship would lead. I wasn't sure what I would do if Jake hurt me the same way Edward did, but I had a feeling that Jacob wouldn't let any harm come to me. After all, as Jacob said, I was bound to him.