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Gravity Won't Let Go

When the Cullens left Forks after the incident on Bella's birthday, she turned to Jacob, but a few months after that, Jacob also pushed away from her after imprinting on her. Due to Bella's nightmares coming back more and more, Charlie sent Bella to live with her mother in Jacksonville. Because of the imprint, Jacob would check on her to make sure she was safe. It's been two years since anyone's seen Bella. What happens when Jacob and Bella reunite?


11. When you're in pain, I can feel it.

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"So, Jacob, tell me what's going on? I know you're thinking of something and it's buggin' the hell out of you, man."

"I don't know. I am crazy for even thinking about this but…"

"What are you even talking about, Jake?" I asked as I turned to look at him, walking down the street of Forks.

"The Cullens…"

"Are they back or something?"

"No, no, it's nothing like that."

"Jake, you are confusing me. What's going on?"

"I… I want to find Alice and Emmett for Bella and bring them back to Bella."


Most of the guys from the pack had been gone a whole day. To be exact, my Sam, Jacob, Embry, and Quil had left. It wasn't exactly a good thing, especially with Paul having the shortest temper in the pack besides me. With me having Sam, I wasn't as bad as Paul. Especially when we all had heard what Jacob wanted to do for Bella. But I knew why Jacob wanted to bring Alice and Emmett here. Jacob was truly in love with Bella.

"What the hell, Jacob?" Paul snapped in anger as he looked over at Jacob, who had his arms crossed over his chest.

"You heard me. You're not Alpha of either pack, so don't even start with me. I imprinted on Bella and she's obviously not happy right –"

"She's probably loathing the idea of being bound to you," Paul remarked with a snicker.

"Don't, Paul."

Hearing Sam's order, Paul obeyed him, and he crossed his arms over his chest. "Why did you even tell us about this, anyway? It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of."

"Well, since Embry joined my pack, I'm asking anyone who wants us to join us to find these two leec- uh, vampires for Bella?" Jacob asked with a raised eyebrow as he looked around each member of both packs.

"Like any one of us would even do –"

"I'll come along," Quil said as he stepped forward.

"And I will too," Sam nodded as he turned to look at me. "And with Leah being Jacob's beta, she's in charge right now."

"We have to follow a girl's commands?"

"Shut it, Jared. Leah knows exactly what she's doing!" Jacob snapped as he shook his head. "She's saved my life too many times to count."

I hadn't told Bella where the guys went. Even Emily didn't know. From what they knew, they just expected they went fishing with Harry and Billy. I wasn't sure what to say or even do if they actually found out. Although, with how far they were, I was pretty positive they knew the guys weren't in La Push or even Washington. Hell, I could feel every stride Sam took. It was like he was a part of me and I find myself smiling.

"What are you grinning at?"

I rolled my eyes at Emily's words. "Nothing, Em. Mind your own business."

"You are my business, sister," she winked as she shoved a tray of brownies. "I know you're starving."

"Are these all mine?" I asked with an eager smile on my face.

Emily just laughed as she nodded her head. "Of course they are."

As I sat down on the stool at the counter in the kitchen, I popped a small piece of a brownie into my mouth, and I looked to my cousin when she went back to cooking. It was really obvious that Embry hadn't told Emily about the imprint and it wasn't my place. Even so, I could see the flushed look on her cheeks, and I could guess that she was thinking about Embry.

"Are you thinking about Embry again?"

I turned my head to see Bella standing in the entrance of the kitchen before she walked into the kitchen.

"Um… no. I have no idea what you are talking about."

I scoffed as I swallowed the rest of the brownie. "Oh, please! You should see your face whenever you see Embry. You're like a lovesick puppy. Have you even told him how you feel?"

"No, I haven't, but he got me the most beautiful flowers the other day. I don't know how he knew, but he got me my favorite flowers. Hippeastrum are so beautiful and do you know what they mean?"

I rolled my eyes before I replied with a sarcastic comment. "No, Em, what do they mean?"

Emily grinned as she turned around to face both Bella and me. "They symbolize pride, splendid beauty, and timidity."

"Isn't that just lovely?" I remarked sarcastically as I crossed my arms over my chest and I set the tray of brownies down on the ground. "Anyway… enough of that since we have more important things to talk about."

"What's more important than Embry getting me my favorite flowers?" Emily pouted as she crossed her arms over her chest after she turned off the stove.

Bella laughed as she sat down on the stool next to me. "Emily, all we're saying… or rather asking is when are you going to tell Embry how you feel?"

Emily leaned back against the counter as she let her arms drop down to her sides. "I don't think that's such a bright idea. I mean, he's younger than me, and I'm not used to dating younger guys."

I shook my head as I slipped out of the stool when I looked at Emily when I walked right up to her. "It hasn't been bothering you from the way that you two flirt together. I mean, it's so obvious to everyone around you two."

"No… no, it's not."

"Um, yes, it is, Emily," Bella said as she moved off the stool and stood next to me with a giggle. "You blush every moment you're around him or when you think about him like right now. Honestly, I think it's pretty cute. From what you've told me, your last boyfriend didn't treat you the way that you should have been treated."

"Yeah, Ryan was pretty much of an asshole," Emily grumbled under her breath.

"You should tell Embry how you feel," I told Emily with a cheesy grin on my face as I walked back to my seat, grabbing another brownie. "After all, the way you two act around each other is driving everyone crazy."

Emily frowned. "What are you talking about?"

Bella shook her head. "You two always have huge smiles on your faces when you are near each other."

Emily scoffed. "Well, um, whatever. So, when are the guys going to come back?"


It had been over fifteen hours. I had honestly lost track of how long I had been gone. With Paul, Leah, Jared, Brady, and the rest of the pack watching over Bella and Emily, things were doing okay. Embry, Sam, and I could feel the loss of our imprints not being here with us but they knew how important this was to me. Bella's happiness was everything to me and I'd do anything. That anything meant finding Alice and Emmett Cullen.

We were in Austin, Texas as we had tracked the Cullens here. I just wanted everything to be okay. I couldn't hurt any of them and I wouldn't. They weren't the ones that had caused Bella pain. No, it had been that damn leech – Edward Cullen. If I ever saw that leech around Bella, I wasn't sure if I would be able to stop her.

"They're near," Embry commented as that vampire stench invaded my nostrils. "I can smell them…"

"Yeah, I can smell them just as well," I said with a nod as I looked around our surroundings.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

Hearing that booming voice behind us, I turned around, and I was looking at the big one. He was like our size and it amazed me that Bella wasn't afraid of him whatsoever. Beside him, there was a blond girl, and she was claimed to be the most beautiful woman in Forks when the Cullens had resided there. Honestly, I didn't see anything special about her in any way.

"Emmett, calm down," she said quietly.

"No, Rosalie," Emmett said as he turned his attention away from her when he turned his attention back to us. "Now, what the hell are you doing here in Texas?"

I sighed, keeping my anger in check because I didn't want to lash out on any of the Cullens where Bella would get royally pissed off at me. Yeah, I wasn't that stupid no matter what the situation was.

"It's about Bella."

I was definitely shocked at the different expressions on both of their faces. With Emmett, he seemed worried, and Rosalie just rolled her eyes.

"Oh? Is she all right?" Emmett asked worriedly as he stepped forward, running a hand along the back of his neck from the obvious tension there.

"Yeah, she's fine." Not like you helped save her or anything. "She's been a wreck. Even the imprint hasn't –"

"Wait, you imprinted on her?" Rosalie asked, her eyes widening. "Since when?"

Sighing heavily, I ran a tired hand through my hair. "Two years ago. It's a really long story."

"Well, we've got all the time in the world. You might as well tell us what's been going on with the klutz herself," Emmett said with a light laugh leaving his lips as he pulled his hand away from his neck, looking at each one of his with a raised eyebrow.

"I guess you're right, but is there somewhere we can talk in private?"

"Yeah, c'mon… our place is nearby."

"Wow, I don't even know what to say."

"And that is a first for her," Emmett said with a laugh as he looked over at Rosalie, who glared at him before he looked back to us. "So, nothing could break you two apart?"

I knew exactly what they meant. "It's kind of complicated."

"Let me explain, Jake."


"Do you two know what an imprint is?" Sam asked them and the two of them shook their heads. "All right. Well, Jake, Embry, and me have imprinted."

"And you haven't?" Rose inquired to Quil.

Quil grinned and he shook his head. "Nope, I get to have mindless sex with whoever and whenever I want to."

Sam laughed. "Anyway… basically, when a wolf imprints, the special someone is all they see. They are what hold us together. Our imprints are all that matters to us, making us wanting to be better if we're not already. They are what hold us to this Earth basically. To make this short, they are our soul mates, but it's a whole lot stronger than that. If the imprint or imprintee tries to deny it, it's emotionally and physically painful."

"That's sounds so –"

"Like a load of crap?" Quil snickered after he interrupted Rosalie.

"Um, no," Rosalie said with a roll of her eyes. "I think that it's quite romantic, actually."

The guys and myself just laughed the slightest by to her words. Of course she would say that. She was a girl.

"So, you imprinted on Bella?"

I nodded my head to Emmett's words. "I did."

"Well, how is she? I –" Emmett sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "I hated not saying goodbye to her but Edward's family."

"Yeah, I swear if that bloodsucker even thinks about coming back into her life, he better think twice," I growled low in my throat as I shook my head.

"He just broke up with her. You're acting like he damaged her or something."

I gripped the pillow beside me and I growled. Embry placed his arm on my shoulder to calm me down for attacking this blond bitch.

"Are you fucking kidding me? He shattered her. All of you fuckin' leeches left her, and if it wasn't for us, Bella would be dead. Obviously you two don't know what it's like to have the one you loved to shatter you!" I spat out angrily as I stood up, shaking my head. "C'mon guys."

"Jake, don't do this," Sam said seriously, knowing he was trying to calm me down, but it was no use.

"Look, you cannot come into MY house, and yell at my wife!" Emmett growled out angrily as he shook his head and he turned to his wife. "And you can't be edging on a werewolf, Rosie."

Rosalie grumbled as she then stalked away out of the living room.

"What exactly happened to Bella if you don't mind me asking?"

"It's a long story," I said as I sat back down, throwing the pillow to the side, and I looked over at him. "But I guess we'll be here a while, won't we?"

Emmett laughed as he nodded. "Yeah. So, what happened to my baby sister?"

Hearing that term of endearment really amazed me. "You really do care about her, don't you?"

"Yes," Emmett said with a grin. "I even accept her for her clumsiness. There's just something about Bella. When she sees us, she doesn't see monsters like we see ourselves. Bella has never seen us as monsters but people."

"Bella does see the good in everyone," I told him as Embry, Quil, and Sam stepped aside. "She's been a wreck. It's the reason why I came to search for you. Well, I came to find that short pixie and you."

Emmett raised an eyebrow. "What… why?"

I sighed heavily as I ran a hand through my dark, short hair. "She misses you two more than the rest of the family," I explained with a deep breath leaving my lips. "Do you think you guys can see her? Hell, she doesn't even know I came to find you two…"

"You are asking me to come back to Forks?"

"Well, what I am asking is for the two of you to spend time with her more often. You need to see her. I can't do it on my own and I need help. I want you two in her life."