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Gravity Won't Let Go

When the Cullens left Forks after the incident on Bella's birthday, she turned to Jacob, but a few months after that, Jacob also pushed away from her after imprinting on her. Due to Bella's nightmares coming back more and more, Charlie sent Bella to live with her mother in Jacksonville. Because of the imprint, Jacob would check on her to make sure she was safe. It's been two years since anyone's seen Bella. What happens when Jacob and Bella reunite?


3. When we're together, it doesn't hurt anymore.

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"Oh! I love it when you get all bossy on me."

I sputtered water out of my mouth when I heard Sam's words and the next thing I saw was Leah slapping the back of his head before walking to the cabinet.

"Are they always like that?"

I heard Charlie's question when he helped Sue sit down, who just laughed. "Charlie, this is only the beginning. It's going to be an eventful dinner."

"Has Bella forgiven Jacob?"

I rolled my eyes at Charlie's question and I sighed. Geez, this was going to be a long ass night, and we all hadn't even sat down to eat.


This was one hell of a guest list, that much was for sure. We were all in the dining room of the house at the large table. Charlie and Sue were sitting next to each other. Next to Charlie, it was me, then Jacob, and then Billy. On Sue's side, it was Leah and Sam. Everyone was eating their food, Jacob, Leah, and Sam having the most portions, which I had to admit was quite odd.

Over the last year when I left, I had been in pain, and there would be days when the pain would be so intense that I couldn't breathe. It would be the days Leah would be with me and she would calm me down. I didn't know what it was, though. When Jacob stepped in the house, the pain instantly went away, and I didn't know what the hell that was about. Just having Jake so close made me feel better and I found myself smiling. What the hell was the matter with me, anyways?

Who was I even kidding? Staying mad at Jacob was the last thing on my mind. I was really glad that he was here at dinner. Jake was my best friend and he was the only one that ever made me feel better. Then again, Jacob had been the one that told me to leave, so maybe he didn't want to be around me. What if Billy had forced Jake to come to dinner when he didn't want to?

"So, Bella," Charlie began, causing everyone who had been eating to look up. "I was talking to Sue, and well, you know how serious we are about each other…"

"Uh huh, what's going on?"

"Well, I've asked her to move in, but –"

"That's great, Dad."

Charlie smiled. I loved that Sue was able to make my father so happy. It had been a long time since he'd been happy.

"Well, we want to get a new place, and –"

"You want a place to yourself… I see."

"I know this isn't the perfect time, especially in front of your friends, but –"

"Bella, you can move in with me," Leah piped in, flashing me a huge smile, and I swore I saw Jacob smiling too. "I mean, my mother here is moving out, and the house is actually ours."

I was definitely in shock as I looked at Leah, who was smiling over at me. Holy shit, she was serious about me moving in? I really didn't think that this was going to happen since we had only known each other for a year.

"I wouldn't want to impose."

"Please," Leah said, practically begging, shaking her head. "If you're not there, this guy beside me is going to stalk me constantly, and I can't have that."

"Like that will stop me, Lee-Lee."

"What did I tell you about calling me that?"

Sam just grinned at Leah, digging into his food, lifting his gaze to meet mine. "Bella, if you can cook, I'll be coming over for more than just to see Leah."


I was a nervous wreck. It hadn't been this bad since I had last seen Bella, but it had sure been painful. I had written Bella a few letters when she had first moved away, but she had never answered me. Because of that, I stopped writing to her, but I couldn't help but to watch her.

"You'd better knock when you come over. From what Leah tells me, you just barge right in."

I snickered at Bella's words because that was so true. Ever since Leah and Sam had imprinted on each other, Sam never knocked, not even once. It wasn't like it was embarrassing for them to see each other naked, but it was hilarious when Sam would walk into her room with a huge grin on his face, followed by a shouting Leah.

"Next time, I'll sort him out," Leah growled as she glared at Sam before turning her attention to her lasagna, moaning in response to the taste. "The only thing I can cook is a mean apple and cherry pie."

"And it's the best that I've ever tasted," Sam said with a huge grin on his face as he glanced at Leah before looking back down at his half filled plate.

"Anyways, Bella, are you going to attend college down here?" Sue asked with interest as she took a nibble of her bread. "I don't even know what you like."

"Well," Bella drawled out as she looked down at her plate while biting down on her lower lip. "I am going to college, but not until next year. I am going to go to college for either my cooking skills or perhaps my writing."

"Well, wherever you choose, I think you'll do great," Charlie answered, nodding in my direction.

I didn't even know my best friend, well, my imprint to be truthful. I knew I had to tell Bella about everything, especially since I didn't want to stay away from her. Leah, Sam, and my father had been giving me that look that I needed to, but now wasn't the right time. I wouldn't even know where to start to be honest. I would have to talk to Jared, since he had to talk to Kim about it too. Sure, he was all googly-eyed when it came to her, but he was my best bet right now.

"Hey, Bella, have you seen Jacob's car? You know – the one that he named 'Rabbit'?" Leah asked, snickering as she looked away from Bella back to her food.

"You finished HER?" Bella asked in surprise as she looked over at me, causing me to nod my head. "When did you finish it, Jacob?"

"Yeah, I did. I finished it a couple of weeks ago," I told her, trying to remain calm, especially when she said my name that sounded even more beautiful coming from her lips. "I actually drove her here…"

And then, she was out of her seat, pulling me with her, and it was like we hadn't had that fight. "I'm sorry, Charlie, Sue, everyone, I need to see it."

I knew that Charlie was going to say something, but Bella had already dragged me out through the door.


So, when Bella and Jacob left the table, my mother being the sneaky woman that she was, took Charlie out through the backdoor. Sue Clearwater was dangerous in my opinion. Ever since the imprint, my feelings for Sam have been so confusing. I just don't even understand why the hell this happened with the two of us imprinting on each other. He broke up with me years ago right before his own transformation. I wasn't going to go through this again. I just couldn't get my heart broken. I just wasn't the same girl anymore.


I sighed as I heard his voice and I bit my lip before turning to look at Sam. "What, Sam?"

"I need to know something," Sam said as he set his fork down after taking the final bite of his lasagna, his eyes softening when he looked over at me. "Why are you so afraid of us being together? I mean, we both imprinted on each other, and that definitely must mean something."

Oh God! Why was he asking me that question now of all times? Didn't he understand what he did to me? I was so broken and he's acting like we had a normal breakup, when in fact we didn't even have that. He had been the first boy I had ever loved. Who was I kidding myself? I still loved Sam, but no one needed to know that. When I shifted into a wolf, I made sure to keep my 'Sam thoughts' to a limit.

"Are you seriously asking me that?" I asked him with a raised eyebrow as I got to my feet, gathering up the plates in the kitchen. "You broke my heart, Sam, and you are the last person I would ever want to get involved with. I don't want this life with you. It's bad enough that I'm a member of your pack…"

"Leah," Sam sighed as he followed me, carrying the other plates that I didn't grab, setting them down in the sink. "I never ever intended on hurting you. I just wanted to protect you from me since I was angry all the time. You know what a loose canon I was back then. It pains me that we're not together. Don't you feel it?"

Of course I felt the pull and the pain of not even being with him. I loved Sam more than anything in the entire world. The only two people that knew of my feelings were Jacob and Bella, and they were both as stubborn as anything. I just didn't like the imprint factor, which basically told me who I was supposed to be with. I was told that I wouldn't be able to imprint or have children. Since I could imprint, did that mean that I would be able to have the family that I've always wanted as a child?

"Sam, it really doesn't matter what I feel," I told him as I bit down on my lower lip, shaking my head as I slid my hands in the soapy water to wash the pile of dishes from dinner. "You act like you didn't hurt me and I just don't even understand you anymore. We just can't do –"

Sam moved behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders, and he leaned in close where I could feel his breath against my neck.

"Leah, I do understand. I know that we can't pick up where we left off," Sam whispered into my ear, turning me around at the same time. He turned off the faucet for the water and he pushed my chin up to look at him, discovering the tears that had begn to fall. "Oh, Leah."

I stepped away from Sam, trying to be strong. But when Sam's thumbs came across my face to wipe away those tears, a shaky breath left my lips. This was the hardest thing ever and I hated this mess that Sam and I had both made. I never thought it could be this painful, but it is.

"C'mon," Sam began as he took hold of both of my hands in his, looking into my dark eyes, and he gave me a small smile. "I know this has to be bugging you. I am not asking to start where we were last time in our relationship, but we could go out on one date."

I frowned at that word. "Date" seemed so cliché to me and I bit my lip. I wasn't even sure if this was a good idea. I did know that this imprint would be the death of me. Ever since Sam and I had imprinted on one another, it was the most excruciating pain when we were apart. We had this connection. Whenever one of us got hurt, we could feel it, and it was the most intense feeling I've ever felt. I fell down once when I came back to La Push and Sam was by my side in less then five minutes. Jacob thought that it was so amusing and I rolled my eyes.

"Sam, I-"

"Leah, please," Sam sighed as he looked at me and he took a step back, the pain written across both our faces from the closeness. "I love you so much, and it's going to kill me if I don't get this chance. You're my world. Leah Clearwater, please give me this chance to make it up to you…"

I grumbled as I looked at Sam and I inhaled a deep breath. Sam was so serious about the two of us going on a date, but I wasn't so sure if this was a good idea. Then again, it was just one date.

"Fine… one date, Sam, and that's all," I stated with a firm nod of my head. "If you mess up, that's it, Sam. I am not joking, either…"

When I saw the huge smile on his face, his face literally glowed, and I felt myself blushing from how happy he looked that I agreed to go on a date with him. I just hoped that this was not a bad idea. Hopefully, going on a date with Sam was not a total mistake, either.